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Dear Catherine,

Please accept my apologies in forwarding you a late big THANK YOU for yours and China Discovery thoughtfulness.  I received the gift yesterday through another of my friends Rose and Sharon, who will both be on tour with you in October or November.  Karen does not live near me, so she passed it on to her neighbor, Sharon. .  Mr. and Mrs. Ghia who was also in the group  lives across the street from us.  They also told me the service and tours were excellent and will be referring their friends to you.

Mr. and Mrs. Low, Mr. and Mrs. Lai and Mr. and Mrs. Lu are all so excited about their upcoming trip in the fall. We are all good friends and we have shared many of our China photos with them, from scenery to food! I’m sure they will love their itinerary, hotels and tour guides.  ALL the tour guides you provided were knowledgable and the best.  They also listened to our needs and preference which made our trip exceptional.  I certainly appreciate the care you and China Discovery have given to all of our friends.

Yes, the gift was lovely and so beautiful, representing your Sichuan area embroidery. The gift had a lot of meaning!  I wish we had a chance to meet with you too, but maybe the next time when I am in China for another tour!

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness,



Susan‚ ‚ July 16, 2018

Hi Leo,

Sorry for the late reply. I was quite busy at work after returning from my vacation.

My tour in China was quite good and enjoyable.   All the guides spoke good English and were quite knowledgeable in the different areas that we visited.  The drivers were on time and professional.  The transit between the 3 cities went quite smoothly with no issues.

The hotels were clean and located relatively close to the attractions.   The Peony hotel in Luoyang was quite nice, however, I found it to be a bit warm in the evening.  It seems it was not possible to adjust the temperature in the room; only adjust the fan speed.  Aside from this issue, everything else was fine.

Overall it was a nice and enjoyable trip!

Best Regards,


Michael‚ ‚ July 14, 2018

Hi Vivien,

We had a fantastic holiday and would totally recommend China as a destination and your company as the travel agent.

We’re both really busy catching up on work at the moment, but if you can give me a couple of weeks we’ll sort out some photos and let you know our thoughts on the trip.



Stephanie‚ ‚ July 13, 2018

Thanks Lily,

Thank you for your gifts very thoughtful



Steven‚ ‚ July 13, 2018


Below is my opinion of our tours in China :

It’s blast and nice to have this trip in China !

First, the arrangement from China Discovery Tour was very efficient and Lily did an awesome job to pre-arrange a wheelchair for my injured foot. All was done exactly as the tour’s description, and no skipping or reschedule.

Tour guides in Beijing and Shanghai are knowledgeable, especially the one in Shanghai (Maria) who did an awesome job and was very caring , greatly appreciated.

We have no complaint about this trip as all was managed well.



Jessica‚ ‚ July 13, 2018

Hi Lily,

We received our passports. We arrived here in Chongqing. Everything went very smoothly. Please send our sincerest thanks to everyone who helped. It is greatly appreciated.

We understand the flooding situation and will be picked up at 2:50 Friday to be transported to a bus to take us to the Cruise ship. Thank you for all your work, not only for us, but for all those who also had to have their schedules redone.


Stan‚ ‚ July 12, 2018

Hi Wing,

We arrived home( Bunbury) at 2am on Wednesday, tired but fulfilled.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you and your company for the professional way in which this tour was successfully managed.

Even though it was a very comprehensive and full on tour, the places and sites we saw were all stunning and amazing.

Each and every tour guide was very professional and conscientious to our needs.

They were all very caring and knowledgeable in their own way. We could not fault them at all.

In hindsight, the only suggestion I could make is that because it’s a full on tour, there’s not much downtime, time to relax between places. This is particularly evident with some of the late arrivals we had to the hotels. We got to one hotel from the 7.55 pm flight from Guilin at about 12.30 am, then up for about 8ish to be picked up. That bit was very demanding.

I think maybe sacrificing some places or sites for some free time might have been an option, or arriving earlier to some places to rest up would have been helpful.

Saying all that, I appreciate that you are trying to cram in as much as possible.

The breakfast and lunches were all very nice, some certainly better than others, I can’t recall which ones needed to improve however.

All the hotels were very comfortable and nice, I would however like to mention that the location at the Sunrise on the Bund in Shanghai was a beautiful hotel but was in a bad location in terms of no restaurants close by, and we required taxis to go basically anywhere. I think you should offer your next load of guests a different hotel.

All in all, the trip was fantastic, and we would have no hesitation in recommending your company to other people, and I am more than happy to be used as a reference if you would like.

Definitely bonus points to you for phoning during our tour, that was a very personal touch that was greatly appreciated.

Please thank each and every one of your tour guides and drivers, they all did an exceptional job, and we rewarded them all with the advised tips.

Please take care and keep up the good work.


Andy‚ ‚ July 12, 2018


Everything on the trip went absolutely perfect - no issues with hotels, trains, planes or the guides. Ruby in particular was great. Thanks for putting together a great trip


Randy‚ ‚ July 13, 2018

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