Reviewed on September 24, 2021

Hi Leo,

The driver was great. On time and very helpful. He also had good local knowledge as I had some time before going to the airport so we stopped at two local sigthseeing destinations. All in all, I am very happy with the arrangement


Date of Experience: September 22, 2021
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Leo



Reviewed on May 6, 2021

Hi Rita, thanks.

We enjoyed the trip very much. Jiabang Rice Terraces were fantastic though. Probably the best place we have been in China.

Date of Experience: May 2, 2021
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Rita



Reviewed on December 30, 2020

Hi Riley,

Both the driver and guide were perfect. would recommend them. the villages were really nice especially Dali. hotel were nice. however the itinerary could have been a bit less touristic and more authentic. trip was good but would have been even better if more adventurous (sleeping in remote villages for example). thanks for asking. have a great day

Date of Experience: December 25, 2020
Trip Type: Traveled as Solo
Tour Customized by: Riley



Reviewed on December 30, 2020

Hello Tracy

Yes it was very nice. Both driver and guide were very nice and helpful

Date of Experience: December 29, 2020
Trip Type: Traveled as Solo
Tour Customized by: Tracy
Dr. Vincent

Dr. Vincent


Reviewed on December 12, 2019

Dear Riley,

I agree to allow my answers and comments below regarding our China travels arranged by our Tour Operator Ms Riley Guo be put on your website.

1.Did your travel consultant of our company quickly reply to your E-mails and were they patient enough to answer your questions?

- Yes, Ms Riley Guo assisted me in planning our entire tour from beginning to end (from Kunming to Beijing) months before our trip, patiently guided me through every aspect of our journey making good suggestions and provided alternates.

- She always replied to my email inquiries promptly, answering all questions I had for her.  She is extremely patient and courteous throughout the "developmental" stages of our planning.

2.Do you have any comments concerning your tour arrangements?

- The tour arrangements were exactly as planned, with the only exception when we encountered a problem where the original plan had to be modified, see answers to Q 4 below.  The Tour Operator handled our problem in a timely fashion to our great satisfaction, in face above my expectations. When we encountered other minor problems during our tour, we received prompt attention and assistance from Ms. Guo promptly via WeChat and phone calls, often outside of regular office hours.  

3.Are you willing to recommend our service to anyone who also may have an interest to visit China?

- Definitely "Yes".  I have no hesitation of recommending your services to anyone interested.

4.What is your general opinion of us?

My opinion regarding:

- Advice and guidance provided in planning stage: Excellent!

- Ms Riley Guo our Tour Operator: Very knowledgeable, paid attention to details.

- Cost: I found your cost very reasonable and easily affordable.

- Efficiency: You run an efficient operation.

- Accuracy: Ms. Guo's suggestions and plans were accurate.

- Honesty: My travel team and I are particularly impressed by the honesty and integrity of your approach to business and in treating your customers when problems do arise.  I will cite the following Two Examples:

(1)  When Ms Guo made a minor error in our planning, she offered to take $100USD off from our final fees.  When I found out that the fee reduction would come out of her commission I was so impressed with her honesty I declined to accept the fee reduction.  I would suspect many operators would not even inform the client of such errors.

(2) You were not able to book the high speed train ride for us from Yichang to Beijing after the Yangtze River Cruise.  Instead your company put us on a flight for that, and you arranged for a guided day tour of Yichang while waiting for flight time at NO EXTRA costs to us.  It was a surprise and pleasant tour.  

5.Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?

- I think you are already proving a reliable and trustworthy service to your clients as experienced by me and my travel companions.

- The fact that Ms Guo has such a superb command of written English would no doubt be an invaluable asset to your company in helping non-Chinese speaking clients from overseas who want to explore China.

Date of Experience: November 4, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Couples
Tour Customized by: Riley
Stella Wu

Stella Wu


Reviewed on October 3, 2019

Hi Vivien

Our group of four would like to thank you for the fascinating Sichuan and Guizhou trip arrangements. The weather was good during this time of the year. The guides and drivers were all very professional. We especially like Mr Billy 張 of Guizhou. He was very dedicated to his job and so knowledgeable. The driver 王師傅was very nice too. Hotels were satisfactory considering the cost and environment. Will consider to pay more to upgrade accommodations in the future. 

You will hear from us pretty soon regarding future travel plans in China.

Thanks again for your wonderful service and sincerity!


Date of Experience: September 15, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Vivien
Margaret Keyes

Margaret Keyes


Reviewed on August 28, 2019

Mr. Li,

We had a wonderful experience with our tour guide Vikki and Driver, Mr. Wu. She was very knowledgeable, professional and personable. She took us to some great restaurants and we enjoyed the cuisine of China in a most delightful way. She was considerate with allowing us time to engage with all aspects of of our interests, and we loved that she was not taking us to just shop! 

Mr. Wu made us feel comfortable and safe in his vehicle, he was courteous to open doors and cooled the car down after long stays in the sun. 

It is very difficult to say what was our best trip, we loved so much about it.

On the last day we visited a tea house in the village with the walls. It was nestled in the midst of the village and Vikki summed our trip up while we were there, giving us historical perspective and cultural perspectives of our sites. In reminiscing about the trip I would have to say my favorite thing was the “short-skirt” Miao were most hospitable and their food was very good, but truly every aspect of our visit was a delight. We hope to visit again to “Discover China” we really feel like we went beyond the tourists scene to really get a glimpse into the beauty and wonder of China.

Thank you very much!

Date of Experience: August 20, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Jack

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