Elmira and Nick

Elmira and Nick

Reviewed on March 31, 2020

Dear Wing!

We are very glad that everything is OK with you and hope all your colleagues and families are healthy!

Thank you so much for your kind attention and very useful information, which will be shared with our relatives and friends. 

We are OK but at the moment we are in self-isolation at home because of the quarantine measures and looking forward to coming back to normal life.

Keep safe and healthy.

Have a nice day,

Elmira and Nick

Date of Experience: December,10, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Couples
Tour Customized by: Wing


Reviewed on March 18, 2020

My very Dear Wing Zeng,

I very often thought to You in the last months…but I was afraid to write to You. So now I AM VERY HAPPY TO HEAR AGAIN FROM YOU !!!

How do You do? Are You well? And Your Dears, and Your Family are all well?

What all You Chinese People did in this period  is something heroic …and now that You are almost free from the virus, and You almost won this terrible

battleou already and immediately started to help us: THANK YOU, You are GREAT ! !

Thank You as well for Your attachment, now I will forward it to all the people I know, and we all will follow Your advices.

Here in Italy we are in a very bad time, specially in the North of Italy : we Italian are a strange Nation : most of us are following strictly the advices of the Goverment,

and stay home in order to avoid the contagion, but someone goes around the streets like nothing happened….

Well, let’s look to the future, hoping to see it!

Grazie, mia Cara Amica Cinese,

I and my Family just love You and Your People.


Date of Experience: April,25, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Wing
Wai Nam

Wai Nam


Reviewed on December 10, 2019

Thank you Wonder for everything.

The tour arrangements are great. As always, you are very prompt and patient with all our queries. I am a repeat customer so this concretely shows much more than what words will ever mean. I have already recommended you to one of my associate. I am planning for the trip next year and you will hear from me soon enough. Keep in touch!

Date of Experience: November,20, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Couples
Tour Customized by: Wonder


Australia & Malaysia

Reviewed on November 21, 2019

Hi Johnson,

Hope this email find you well. 

My family and I have returned to Sydney after 6 weeks of travelling! I want to thank you for arranging our 25 days China tour which we have really enjoyed. The itinerary was good although a bit tiring! 

China was amazing and your service in organizing and trouble shooting while we were there was greatly appreciated.

On reflection, we realized the highlights during our tours were the cities where we had a good guide and driver.

FYI the guides in SuZhou (Sarah), Guilin (Summer), Kunming (Jessie) and Lijiang ( Susan) and Chengdu (Jane) were all amazing. Their English and knowledge were very good. They made these cities/ places come alive for us.

Alan in Hangzhou took us to the best restaurant and ordered the best lunch we had in 25 days. Again a memorable city for us

On the flip side, Dali which was a beautiful city but we did not enjoy mostly because our guide ( Shirley) does not speak English well. We could not understand her narrative or explanation most of the time. The guide in Wuhan ( Jennifer) was very unhelpful, was on her phone most of the time unless we asked her questions. For e.g. The highlight of Wuhan to us was the yellow crane tower but she did not even bother to walk up with us  ( and gave us 20 min to go up and come down) As we all could not read Chinese , it made all the beautiful artworks, poems and historical significance a complete loss to us! At the Eastlake, again a beautiful area she rushed us in and out because she said we did not have enough time but we ended finishing the day around 4 ! As you know she also ignore us during lunch so I had to send you the complaint myself! So Wuhan to use was the least enjoyable day.

For your reference, I think you have to ensure the guides you provide to any group you organize speak good English and are experience and helpful.

Overall, I think it was a great tour and your service is excellent from start to finish. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and hope to organize a Silk Road tour with you  in the near future !

Thanks again



Date of Experience: October,22, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Johnson



Reviewed on November 19, 2019

Hi Wing Zeng,

Yes, everything is fine. The itinerary was well organised despite we only have 5 days 4 nights to spend in both Shangri-La and Lijiang. The tour guides are knowledgeable and helpful. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.



Date of Experience: November,13, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Business
Tour Customized by: Wing


Reviewed on October 25, 2019

Hello Vivien,

First ...many thanks to my amazing travel consultant Vivien Li. Actually this was my third times joint her arrangements’ tour , she always available to help us during times of trouble and attentive to our demands. I applaud her for her quickness in finding routes and alternative destination. She also are quick to respond & responsibly, if there is a problem or anything that inconvience us as a grouble.

I would like to also say that despite our large group size of 20 people and the majority of them are eldery tourist Vivian aptly provided them with access to convinient wheelchairs as well as arranging the easiest possible routes for the eldery. I commend Vivian for her great job because our group is difficult to manage and she made our trip enjoyable and convinient.

We also like to thank you Moon (Kunming) and Nyama (Shangrila) our tour guides for helping the tour going smoothly and make it less stressful for our tour members. Thank you for the clear and concise explanation of the landmark and famous place of the tours. We also like to thank you to Mr. Deng our driver who take us safely to our destination despite the difficult terrain also his friendly & helpful attitude. 

Finally I would say that this tour is great and beautiful. It worth your every penny to go to Yangtze River cruise, Zhang Jia Jie and also Kunming , Dali , Lijiang & Shangrila.

Date of Experience: October,16, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Vivien
Robert Cervero

Robert Cervero


Reviewed on October 11, 2019

Hi Wonder: 

We enjoyed our tour of Yunnan.  For the most part, things went fine and our tour guides/drivers were quite good. 

My responses to questions are below:

1.     Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Yes.  Very prompt an informative responses to email inquiries. 

2.     How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?

The guides were good, some better than others. 

3.     Would you like to recommend our company? Because of the high elevation, the tour guide in Shangrila should have recommended purchasing supplemental oxygen before the hike; we only discovered it was possible to buy oxygen when we were on the hike and saw many others had oxygen canisters.  Also recommend booking non-Chinese tourists like ourselves in hotels suitable to foreigners; some of the hotels were not well suited for foreigners because the staff did not speak English and there were no international TV stations.  Lastly, we recommend the tour guides ask us for lunch preferences and let us choose meals among a menu of options; several times the tour guides ordered our food and we did not like what was ordered.

Thanks for your help with organizing our enjoyable and memorable tour of Yunnan province.

Kind regards,

Date of Experience: October, 3, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as
Tour Customized by: Wonder


Hong Kong, China

Reviewed on August 29, 2019

Hi Wendy,

I'm so sorry for the very late reply, I’ve been very busy after my vacations to back up everything.

We had a wonderful Yunnan tours. All went smoothly and you did a wonderful job!

The guides were extremely helpful, quickly adjusted our itinerary to fit our requirements, have a lot of passion and knowledge for their cities. A special thank you to all of the guides: Cherry, LEE, Sophie and the 3 professional and courteous drivers. They were friendly, nice, really welcoming, very attention and very patient to us.

The hotels were very nice located for us in Dali and Lijiang.

We're very satisfied with our experience with China Discovery and would certainly recommend your company to our friends and family.

Best Regards.

Date of Experience: August,20, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Wendy


Taiwan, China

Reviewed on July 2, 2019

Dear Rita,

I just back to Taipei this week, it was good with the tour in Kunming & Dongchuan. 

The Driver and Tour Guide are both excellent.

But the hotel in Dongchuan is there any better standard hotel?

I don't think it's qualified for Westerners.

Thank you for the arrangements.

Date of Experience: June,18, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Rita
Vilma and Henri

Vilma and Henri


Reviewed on June 10, 2019

Hello Jack

Thank you so much for organising our tour in China. The tourists destinations, tour guides and drivers as well as the hotels your company organised for us were very very good and comfortable.  We enjoyed all the places we had been and it exceeded our expectations. 

There were only two hotels we stayed (Zhangjiajie and Aba Songpan) that did not really cater well for breakfast during our stay. However the overall experienced we had were all valuable ones.

Lijiang Show was spectacular and was the highlight of the optional shows.

Driving from Songpan to Chengdu throughout the old road was an interesting journey, thanks to our very good driver.

Once again thank you for your professionalism, your prompt reply to our emails and making our stayed in China a memorable one and easy. We really felt that during our stay there we can easily access you together with our tour guides and drivers that were assigned to us we feel very much looked after, Thank you Jack and China Discovery Tours.


Date of Experience: May,20, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Couples
Tour Customized by: Jack


Reviewed on May 23, 2019

Hi Wonder,

I am sorry I have been a little delayed in sending this feedback. It took us several days to get all the grass cut in the garden and to check that everything was still O.K. The plants in the greenhouse have grown a lot!

Anyway I will begin with the guides, who we thought were all very helpful and also interesting people to talk to. Their English was excellent and they provided exceptionally tasty lunches. Michael and I agreed that the food in Yunnan was much better than we had on the first trip. Some of it was a bit spicy, but I loved all the fresh fruit and variety of vegetables. Both drivers were good, but the one in Kunming was really impressive and very friendly as well.

Cherry was a lovely woman, whose company we really enjoyed. We had many conversations on all sorts of topics. She was very informative with a great sense of humour. She was very conscientious and we always had great confidence in her. Her English was clear and easy to understand. We came to think of her more as a very friendly and pleasant travelling companion rather than a guide. The day we shared on Jiaozi Mountain was very special and one I will never forget. I didn't get her email, but would very much like to write to her direct.

Frank's interest and enthusiasm for plants was obvious. He had even named his two daughters, Camelia and Azalea. Frank made great efforts to ensure we saw as many plants as possible on our walk on Cangshan Mountain. He was also able to provide a perspective on the Bai Community. Again he was friendly and interesting company.

Evan was a very kind and thoughtful man and we really appreciated the efforts he made on our behalf.  He was informative but also concerned to focus on our interests. I liked Evan and had considerable respect for what he had achieved.

Tenzen was another interesting character and he also was concerned to try and ensure we saw the azaleas and rhododendrons that were in flower. The highlight of our day with him was definitely the walk around Shudu Lake. The Tibetan lunch was a novel experience and I actually liked the Yak butter tea.

The hotels were all of a very high standard in terms of facilities and décor.

The Mengjiang in Kunming had a lovely courtyard just outside our room which was a comfortable place to sit in the evening. Michael very much liked the breakfasts (pre-ordered from a picture menu) but I found them rather too much and would have preferred a more conventional buffet style. None of the staff spoke English and given the potential for confusion over breakfast this was an issue. I think their menus needed to contain information in English as to what the different options actually included.

The Oness Resort in Yuanyang was set in a pleasant garden with modern but tasteful décor. The breakfast was very good although Cherry did have to help us choose the evening meal as the menu was only in Chinese.

The Jianshui Hanlinyuan Hotel was set in the most beautiful gardens. The room was gorgeous and it was quite the most perfect hotel in terms of accommodation. I will send you photos of the gardens later. They were exquisite. Strangely the breakfast was rather limited and disappointing, but I was less bothered about that than Michael.

The Dali Yunxi Hotel was a much more modest establishment, but still very comfortable with all the facilities you needed. The roof-top terrace was just outside our room and was a restful place to retreat from all the bustle of Dali. The hotel was run by extremely friendly people who served the option of a Western style breakfast of muesli, fruit and yoghourt, a welcome treat as far as I was concerned.

The Jan Bo Xuan in Lijiang was probably our favourite place to stay. It did have a very tastefully furnished and comfortable room looking out on to a pretty courtyard garden. The staff could not have been more helpful and the breakfasts were tasty. The hotel itself was set in the old town of Lijiang which was incredibly picturesque. Lijiang reminded me very much of Suzhou.

The E-outfitting Hotel in Shangri-La was the strangest place we visited. The accommodation was of a high standard with attractive rooms and the bathroom was fine. The roof terrace was a lovely place to sit and enjoy the evening sun. However the organisation of the hotel was very peculiar. It is on three sites and they didn't know which building we were in when we arrived, and so we walked round the old streets for some minutes before they finally worked out where we were. We were then told breakfast would be on a different site but someone would show us in the morning, which they did. Breakfast itself was alright rather than good.

In terms of places visited. I will group them in terms of how much we liked them.

Jiaozi Mountain was my favourite place. It was exactly as I had hoped to see the flowers. I know they were rhododendrons and not azaleas but that did not matter. They are very similar and often get confused. I am still sorting the photos out from the day and a little disappointed that they do not do justice to the magical beauty of the place. I can't understand why the people from Kunming only visit it in the winter. Cherry was really  surprised by how lovely it all was and said she would be recommending it to her tour company, as well as visiting it again herself with a friend in a few weeks. I think Westerners would love this place if it was promoted more.

The rice terraces in Yuanyang were Michael's favourite place. We both thought the day we spent walking with Cherry through the rice fields was delightful. Again I found it strange that the Chinese are more taken with the place in the winter, simply because of the reflections on the water. But I think the beauty of the place is in the abundant life and all the wonderful fresh green. We were less bothered about the sunset and sunrise, but just enjoyed being in such verdant countryside.

The next group of places are ones which we also really liked but didn't rank as favourites.

I have already said that walking around Cangshan Moutain with Frank, and Shudu Lake with Tenzen were memorable experiences. Michael is not very good with heights, but didn't mind the chair-lift to get us to the higher level of Cangshan, which then meant we could walk on the level. Again we were impressed with China's ability to process large numbers of people visiting rural beauty spots without spoiling the natural environment.

We were very pleased with the visit to Ziu Shan Park in Tonghai. Cherry said she had never been there before and the staff on the gate said they hadn't had Westerners before. Cherry was again surprised at how beautiful the place was and will be recommending it to her tour company. I do have some good photos which I will send you. The Temples are set in beautiful courtyard gardens, but it is all surrounded by wooded hillside so that it all feels very natural. Again I think more Western visitors could be encouraged to visit especially as it breaks the journey to the rice terraces.

The Joseph Rock Museum in Yuhu Village was a very evocative place. I loved looking up at Jade Dragon Mountain and longed to go up there, but realised that would have been difficult.

We also very much liked the Confucian Temple and the Zhu Family Garden, the temple was interesting as a contrast to the other religious temples we visited. We found Tuanshan Village fascinating and it was encouraging to see the old buildings being restored. The Botanical Gardens in Kunming and the first bend of the Yangtze provided wonderful sights. Lijiang was probably our favourite town with all its pretty rivers and streets with their profusion of flowers.

In the third group are the places that we were quite happy to visit, but didn't rate as highly as the others. Erhai Lake was beautiful but I could see Frank's point that it's real beauty was when you could see the mountains clearly behind the lake, which was more likely in winter. For us the mountains remained in a misty haze. The Three Pagodas were impressive, but it was a little like Black Dragon Pool, in that it seemed more like a rather busy, but still very nice park. The Songzalin Monastery certainly did give a very good insight into Buddhism in China, but our interest in religious practices is limited. The Dongba Cultural Museum was interesting, but what really caught our eye were the gorgeous orchids in one of the courtyards. I guess we are just really enthusiastic about plants. We didn't bother with the Ethnic Minorities Museum as it wasn't something that was a priority and we had already learned a lot about the minorities during our trip. It was preferable to have a more relaxed morning on our last day.

The disappointment for me was Tiger Leaping Gorge although Michael liked it more than me. There is so much construction going on in the whole area with the new road and rail link between Lijiang and Shangri La, not to mention all the new hotels going up, that it all feels like a large building site. Also Tenzen said that as they were putting a new elevator in to take people down to the gorge, it was not possible to walk very far along the gorge at the moment. It did feel like we walked a very long way down and then only a few metres along the gorge before walking all the way up again.

But apart from Tiger Leaping Gorge everything else was really amazing and we had a wonderful trip thanks to all your careful organisation. As before the connections and travel arrangements worked very efficiently. We only wish public transport in the UK worked as well.

It is going to take me a little while to sort out the photos. I only have a little camera and as I have said the quality of the photos is not as good as I'd hoped. We have some family visitors this week-end and so I don't expect to be able to do much work on the photos until next week, but will try and sort out the best ones for you.  I assume you have plenty of pictures of the well known sights and it will be Xiu Shan Park and Jiaozi that you might be most interested in.

Thanks again Wonder for a memorable trip and as I said in my previous email I am very keen on the idea of helping to develop an interest here in the UK in Chinese garden tours.


Date of Experience: May,12, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Wonder



Reviewed on May 18, 2019

Hi Wonder

I am back in the UK on Saturday afternoon. I couldn't use my email while in China as Hotmail were blocking me as a security precaution after I had been hacked a couple of weeks ago by someone in Nigeria.

Anyway this is just to let you know that we had a truly memorable holiday and the trip to Jiaozi Mountain was amazing, with the whole mountainside covered in a glorious profusion of rhododendrons which are very like azaleas, only bigger. The scenery was breath-taking. It really was the highlight of the trip and Cherry and the driver were delightful company on what was a perfect day.

I am still quite jet-lagged so will write more in a day or two, with more detailed feedback. All the guides were great, as were the hotels. I have lots and lots of photos to sort out but will send you the best ones for you to use in your publicity.

Thank you again Wonder for all the trouble you have taken in organising another fantastic holiday for us. I have some ideas which I would like to share with you about whether we could maybe work together in the future to try and look at how a tour could be put together and marketed in the UK and Europe, highlighting Chinese gardens and the Chinese landscape. I would be happy to do some research at this end but I really do think there could be interest amongst people in the UK for such a tour. Anyway it is just an idea at the moment and it would be fun to develop something like that with you. 

Regards from a very tired but happy Elizabeth

Date of Experience: May, 7, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Wonder

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