19 China Trips of Vijay’s People - Spreading around Family & Friends of Wonder’s Good Service

-- Story of Vijay's 10 Trips Around China & 9 More China Trips Recommended to His Family & Friends

Vijay’s 10 China Trips by China Discovery

Our world is extremely huge and it is said that the probability of one person meeting another is one in a ten million. However, to meet a new person in my work, the probability will be much lower. This time, I would like to tell you the story of Vijay from India, who has lived in Guangzhou and traveled to China for up to 10 times with my service from 2014 to 2017 and discovered the highlights of landscape, culture, history, ethnic minorities, food and so on in the east, west, south and north in the vast country.

Beijing & Xian (1st and 3rd China Trip)

Our story began from receiving the first email from Vijay in the middle of March, 2014 for a family trip to Beijing and Xian in late July:

Hi, We are a family of 11 people. We want: ……. I also want Peking Duck dinner in Beijing. In Xian, I want to include the Tang dynasty show, the famous Flatbread in Mutton Soup (lunch), the famous dumpling place (lunch of the other day). …… The package should include lunch every day: 8 people non-vegetarian and 3 vegetarian. And dinner in the package for Peking Duck in Xian and dinner during the Tang dynasty show. ……. Thanks and regards, Vijay

I noted all the common and special needs of Vijay to start helping his first China trip to Beijing and Xian and never thought that was just the beginning of our long story covering 2014 to 2017 at the very beginning.

I designed an 8-day Beijing Xian Trip based on his needs and also with my experience on the transportation, guide, food, attractions, etc. to let them enjoy all the best essences of those two great ancient capital cities, without missing of the Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and what they want to eat. And after the trip, Vijah told me, “We had a wonderful vacation and overall, your arrangements were great - thank you :-)

China Trip - Beijing

Highlights in Beijing (Forbidden City, Great Wall, Beijing Roast Duck)

During the several trip customizations for Vijay, I found his in fond of Xian very much and really, because he even visited Xian for the second time to savor its historic and cultural charm in late December of 2014, no more than half year from the first visit in July. “Hope you are doing well. We will have another family vacation planned, for two days in Xian, with my sister and family.” And this time, he enjoyed 3 days with other 5 family members from India and America. I think Vijay is a person love sharing, since he would like to share the impressive Xian to more dear family and friends to enjoy the same wonderful things having feeling in his life.

China Trip - Xian

Highlights in Xian (Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Flatbread in Mutton Soup)

Yunnan (2nd China Trip)

Not even before the starting of the first trip, Vijay emailed me again for the second trip in September and October in 2014:

Hi Wonder,
As I said earlier, I will be planning several family vacations in China in the next couple years. So if I find an agent who is professional and gives fair quotations, I will go ahead and book.
I have been happy with the way you have worked with me on the July vacation :-)
There are three family vacations we are looking for:
1. End Sep-early Oct 2014 (7 days)
2. CNY 2015 (2nd half of Feb) (7-9 days)
3. 1st week May (5-7 days)
Two of the three vacations are likely to be in China
Top priorities we have are:
1. Yunnan: Kunming, Lijiang, Dali, Shangri La, Xishuangbanna
2. Guilin and around
3. Hainan, especially Sanya

After many discussions according to the feasibility and better weather condition for sightseeing, I suggested them to visit Yunnan for the second trip. During the 8 days discovering the colorful Yunnan, Vijay and his other 5 family members enjoyed their great time in Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, and Kunming before flying back to Guangzhou. Based on years of experience and knowledge, I arranged our local guide and driver to take them all to visit Dali Ancient Town and Erhai Lake in Dali, Stone Forest and Dragon Gate in Kunming, Lijiang Ancient Town and Black Dragon Pond in Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge on the way in Shangri-La, and Pudacuo National Park as well as Sumtseling Monastery in the mysterious land in Zhongdian (Shangri-La), and also other diverse sites in those top four destinations in Yunnan Province. And after the vacation, Vijay told me through email:

“We really enjoyed the Yunnan province vacation :-) Overall the arrangements were very good: hotels, guides, itinerary were all good - thank you! We were blessed with glorious weather. In terms of places, Shangri-la and Lijiang are easily the top two. We may repeat these two places in the future!”

I like Yunnan very much as well, and having the chance to customize a trip for Vijay to discover the wonderful and beautiful place in southwest China, I really feel very happy and memorable!

China Trip - Yunnan

Beautiful Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La in Yunnan

Guilin (4th & 8th China Trips)

Vijay decided to spend a luxury family vacation to Guilin near Guangzhou this time in early July and sent me an email on early March in 2015:

“Hope you had a good CNY :-)
I am planning a short family vacation in Yangzhou, near Guilin, July 3-6. We will be seven of us - five adults, two children. We will leave from Guangzhou and return home at the end of the vacation.
Could you please give me a good itinerary? This should include travel, stay, sightseeing etc. Please note that I want a luxurious vacation, not a cheap one.”

It was really good to hear from Vijay again just after our Chinese New Year holiday! Guilin is well-known for its splendid first-class landscape under heaven, and I was also excited to help Vijay plan his family trip to catch all the scenic bests in this heavenly fairyland.

In the first discovery in Guilin, Vijay and his other 7 family members visited the best highlights in the downtown, namely the lifelike Elephant Trunk Hill and the fabulous and miracle Reed Flute Cave. Li River cruise is the must-do part in a Guilin visit, and Vijay also enjoyed that to see the hundred-mile picturesque view down to Yangshuo County, where they had very fun time with the idyllic countryside view and peaceful life style there. Plus, our guide took them to enjoy the more beautiful Yulong River and the interesting Moon Hill as well Bit Banyan Tree at local Ten-mile Gallery. Their 3-day vacation ended with the sightseeing visit at Xianggong Hill for the panorama of Li River and its rolling Karst hills.

After the trip to Guilin, Vijay shared his experience of the highlights in Guilin and Yangshuo:

“Yes, we were very disappointed that the show and bamboo rafting were cancelled due to weather. Thanks for the prompt refund. We hope to have another chance to be in Yangshuo to do these two activities. We did enjoy the cruise from Guilin to Yangzhuo and the cave.”

China Trip - Guilin

Landscapes in Guilin

Beautiful sceneries deserve enjoyment more than once. For the visiting of Vijay’s brother in law to Guangzhou, Vijay decided to travel to Guilin again with his family members together from July 31st to August 4th in 2017. For this time, they finally planned a 5-day Guilin trip and before cruising down to Yangshuo from Guilin, they added one day to Longsheng and admired the spectacular Longji Rice Terraces at Pingan Village and saw those minority women with very long hairs. After the enjoyable hiking on the terraced field, they visited Yangshuo County to see what Vijay has seen in his first discovery and also the Stone City for cool view.

China Trip - Guilin

Pingan Rice Terraces in Longsheng, Guilin

Zhangjiejie (5th China Trip)

The unreal scene in the big movie Avatar is truly impressive around the globe, and Zhangjiajie boasting the prototype of the Hallelujah Mountain inspiring the world is attractive for nearly everybody favoring natural wonders. And for the first trip in 2016, Vijay said he would like to enjoy their family vacation in the mysterious Zhangjiajie:

Hi Wonder,
Hope you had a good break.
I am planning a family vacation in Zhangjiajie soon. This time it would be only four of us - my wife, children and me. We plan to leave Guangzhou on March 26 (Saturday) and return on March 30 (Wednesday).
Could you please chalk out an itinerary?
Thanks and regards,

This time, the family of four spent 5 days in this mountain city in Hunan Province. They had a deep discovery of Wulingyuan National Forest Park, including hiking at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park top and down, finding the Prototype of Hallelujah Mountain at Yuanjiajie, and also meeting the amazing forest of pillar peak at Tianzi Mountain. Moreover, before their leaving day, Vijay spent a half day at Tianmen Mountain. They experienced the very long cable car to the mountain top and took the challenge to walk on the glass skywalks, etc. Besides, they visited Tujia Folk Custom Park to enjoy the culture and architecture of local Tujia people.

China Trip - Zhangjiajie

Wulingyuan National Forest Park in Zhangjiajie

China Trip - Zhangjiajie

Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie

I was curious about how Vijay and his family have enjoyed the Zhangjiajie trip, and he replied me their real enjoyment and likeness of this scenic destination:

Hi Wonder,
I am now in xxx, another break before we get back to Guangzhou.
We really enjoyed Zhangjiajie. You planned very well; this time we didn't face any issues with flights.
Chris, the guide was excellent; we wrote it in his feedback but could you please also let him know?
One suggestion is that you include the "Fairy Fox" show in the itinerary - it is superb.
Have a great weekend.

Jiuzhai Valley & Ruoergai (6th China Trip)

In fact, before the inquiry of the Zhangjiajie Trip, Vijay has already sent me in January, 2016 the email about planning a family vacation to Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan for the trip in July.

Happy New Year!
We are planning a family vacation in July to visit Jiuzhaigou. We will be eight people - six adults and two children (11 and 5 at the time of the vacation).

They were a group of 8 from India and Sweden, with adults and children. During the 5 days in western Sichuan Province, my hometown, they admired the fairyland sightseeing at the paradise of Jiuzhai Valley to see its colorful valleys, lakes, waterfalls, forests, and so forth. Also, our guide and driver escorted them to Ruoergai Grassland with most spectacular view of flowers and sheep on the vast highland grassland. Moreover, before their departure, they visited the lovely Five-Color Ponds, Huanglong Temple, etc. at the famous Huanglong National Park.

Although I did not traveled to Jiuzhai Valley with them, I can feel their excitement and deep enjoyment at those three large and fabulous places not far from Chengdu.

China Trip - Jiuzhai Valley

Fairland Jiuzhai Valley near Chengdu

China Trip - Huanglong National Park

Five-Color Ponds at Huanglong National Park near Chengdu

Harbin (7th China Trip)

Followed in late May of 2016, Vijay told me that they were planning a trip to enjoy the Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin:

“Hope you are doing well.
Two families, Anita's and ours are planning to have a short trip to Harbin to enjoy the ice festival. Yes, we know it would be very cold and we will be prepared for it.
Could you please create a draft itinerary with flights, day by day plan and with some options in terms of hotels and room types?
Thanks and regards”

Harbin, the wonderland of ice and snow. I have helped many travelers plan their Harbin trips many times and I myself never been there, so I am really longing to discover that city very much and for a long time. The final four members including Vijay spent 3 days in that beautiful world, when and where they visited the symbolic St. Sophia Church and Zhongyang Pedestrian Street for the Russian exotic flavor of Harbin city. But the most unforgettable part was the day hours at Sun Island Scenic Resort to see thousands of excellent ice and snow sculptures, and also the night time at Ice and Snow World to immerse into the colorful and unbelievable world with ice lanterns and sculptures. Besides that, they also went to see the Siberian Tigers, watched performances at Harbin Pole Aquarium to treat their children, etc. to draw a great ending of their exploration of that wonderful northeastern city in China.

While I was happy for their great time for fun, Vijay said through his email:

“The Harbin trip was excellent - the experience as great, the hotel was great, connected rooms as needed, Notte is a very good guide and a very decent person, the food was superb - thank you!”

China Trip - Harbin

Exotic Flavor and Ice & Snow Festival in Harbin

Xinjiang (9th China Trip)

Vijay changed to discover some wider places this time. And in January, 2017, he sent me the new inquiry to Xinjiang:

“Hi Wonder,
We are planning a vacation during the National Holidays - this time, we will be four of us only (my wife and our two children with me) and we want to visit Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.
Could you please share an itinerary for nine days……? We would like to see the variety of the beautiful area and early October seems to be the best season to visit. We have time so no need to rush; once you have a great itinerary, please let me know. If you could respond by the end of the week with the draft itinerary, then that would be fine.
Thanks and regards,

Xinjiang is really large and has various appealing sceneries, buildings, local bazaars, people and stories to tell its exotic feature. Totally 10 days, they discovered Urumqi, Turpan, Kashgar, and Tashkorgan. And at the beginning, they visited Xinjiang Regional Museum and Red Hill to know the brief of Urumqi City, the provincial capital of Xinjiang, and know the history as well as culture of whole autonomous region. Besides, I arranged the must-go Heaven Lake (Tianchi Lake) on their Day 3 with a boat cruising experience to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful mountains, plants, flowers, lake reflections of that holy lake for Xinjiang people. Followed on the two days, Vijay and his family went to Turpan with a 3 hours’ driving from Urumqi, to see all top highlights, such as the Karez System famous for its brilliant irrigation system, Jiaohe Ancient City left from Chechi State more than 2,000 years ago, 44-meter high Islamic styled Emin Minaret, Flaming Mountain like a flaming fire, Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves with many outstanding wall paintings with different themes, etc.

China Trip - Xinjiang

Heaven Lake near Urumqi in Xinjiang

China Trip - Turpan

Highlights in Turpan, Xinjiang

After the days in Turpan, they transferred to Kashgar and visited the best sites there, inclyding the Karakul Lake, Id Kah Mosque, Old Town of Kashgar City filmed in the movie, Abakh Khoja Tomb, Heavenly Gate, etc. and also many interesting and representative bazaars, etc.

China Trip - Kashgar

Highlights in Kashgar

Just after they finished the Xinjiang trip in October, Vijay told me that they enjoyed the vacation and were planning another trip to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou:

“Hi Wonder,
Hope you had a good break :-)
We all really enjoyed our vacation in Xinjiang. Thank you for all the arrangements!
Now, I want to plan another vacation in China:
April 1 to 8, 2018
Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou
Could you please make an itinerary, starting with a morning flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai and ending with a return to Guangzhou one of the places, to reach home in the afternoon? This time, your focus should be on sightseeing, hotels, car, driver and guide and finally, train tickets.
Thanks and regards,

Shanghai, Hangzhou & Suzhou (10th China Trip)

Jiangnan (the southern part of Yangtze River) is a romantic and great place to sightseeing and vacation. For Vijay, I planned this trip to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou into 10 days for them to savor the development and poetic charm of the essential Yangtze River Delta in that region.

They enjoyed 4 days first in Shanghai. As they landed in Shanghai at Pudong Airport, they experienced the 8-minute high-tech Maglev Train there to Longyang Road with the highest speed of 430km/h to first feel the fast pace and modern aspect of Shanghai. The No.1 attraction - The Bund was enjoyed in the afternoon together with the stroll along Nanjing Road to see the historic international architectures left on the west bank of Huangpu River, and where they also appreciated the skyline of Lujiangzui on the other side. Besides, Vijay and her family members also enjoyed other 2 days to see all bests in the downtown, including Shanghai Museum with countless outstanding historic and cultural collections, Yuyuan Garden in traditional Chinese garden styles, Shanghai World Finance Center with the awesome view for a panoramic Shanghai, Era-Intersection of Time Show at night, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center to see the past, present and future planning of the big city, Xintiandi, Fuxing Park and Tianzifang for the admiration of old Shanghai houses with some interesting walks. Apart from that, the couple took their children to Shanghai Disney Resort and had a wonderful full day there to find their favored Cartoon characters and enjoyed the simple childlike innocence.

China Trip - Shanghai

Top Places to Go in Shanghai

As the saying goes, “Above there is the heaven and below are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Vijay’s family also had an extensional visit to Suzhou and Hangzhou near Shanghai to feel the heavenly like beauty of those two typical Jiangnan cities.

During their 2 days in Suzhou, they strolled in the top classic Suzhou Gardens, including Lingering Garden, Humble Administrator’s Garden and Tiger Hill to see a lot of exquisite halls, gardens, windows, pavilions, eaves, etc. to feel the high aesthetics of people in ancient China. Also, our guide and driver took them to visit Shantang Street that is the local most famous ancient street preserving many old houses along the river path in central Suzhou.

China Trip - Suzhou

Elegant Places in Suzhou near Shanghai

And after some other sightseeing in Suzhou, Vijay transferred to Hangzhou by a high speed train.

They first went to West Lake and cruised around to feel the idyllic and romantic atmosphere there and enjoy the stunning view on the lake and surrounding. They traveled like most other Hangzhou visitors to visit Lingyin Temple together with West Lake to see closely the grand Buddhist temple clusters and those more than 1,000 year old Buddhist carvings at Feilai Peak. And at that evening, I arranged the popular Impression West Lake for their entertainment, which is designed by Yimou Zhang successfully with the West Lake and surrounding mountains being the real landscape background.

China Trip - Hangzhou

Heavenly Views in and around Hangzhou

After the visiting in downtown Hangzhou, they went to Thousand Island Lake to enjoy the quieter and more pleasant suburb view with 2 hours’ driving from Hangzhou city. Furthermore, before their departure day, Vijay and his family visited Wuzhen, the internationally famous water town to see the featured water town with ancient dwellings and crossed floating rivers in south of Yangtze River.

After the more than one week visiting in the eastern part in China, Vijay’s family flied back to Guangzhou.

China Trip - Wuzhen

Wuzhen Water Town

I feel truly happy and lucky to help Vijay plan his 10 trips to various destinations in China, from the south to north and from west to east. More than that, satisfied with my professional service to him, Vijay also introduced me to many of his family members and friends to help them enjoy a memorable China trip.

9 China Trips Recommended by Vijay to His Family and Friends

Vijay has many family members and friends living in different countries and regions around the world. They showed their interest in China and would like to visit this vast country which Vijay is also fond of very much. After Vijay has known the planning of their China trips, he would send E-introduction emails to me for a professional planning.

“Hi Wonder,
My uncle…… and his family of four (all adults) are planning a vacation in China. They will first spend a few days in Guangzhou with us, then travel to Beijing and Xian.
Please develop an itinerary covering the two cities. They will depart Guangzhou on ……, travel by the high speed train between the two cities and end the tour with a flight to Hong Kong …... The order of the two cities is open at this time……


“A friend of xxxxx's is keen to visit Shanrgi-La this October. We have suggested to him to add Lijiang in the itinerary. Could you please provide your services to him and his family? xxxxx lives in Singapore.”


“I am e-introducing you with xxxxx and xxxxx, close friends; they live in Guangzhou. They are keen to have a trip to Guilin and Yangshou with their family. Could you please help and provide them great service?”


“Hope you had a good break and wish you a great year!
A good friend, xxxxx is keen to visit the Yunnan province with his family. He will write to you on the dates, the number of people, where his focus will be in the trip etc. Could please create a good itinerary for him based on his requirements? Please ensure that you don't miss anything important, e.g. Impressions Lijiang VIP seats to be reserved etc. Thanks.”


“A good friend, xxxxx is planning to visit China in June next year with some of her family members. She would like to spend some time with us in Guangzhou, then visit Beijing, Xian and Juizhaigou. Could please help her with a suitable itinerary based on her needs - type of hotel, total days she has etc.? Thanks.”

Besides, after Vijay’s friend felt satisfied with my suggestions and services, she also recommended me to her friends:

“Hello Wonder,
I am very happy to introduce you to a very good friend on mine, Suki who is based in Shanghai and is looking for a travel agent.
I have also sent you a separate mail on a trip to Xi'an. Look forward to hearing from you.


Some of Vijay’s people might have limited time, so they planned 2-3 days to unveil the profound and brilliant culture and history in Beijing or Xian. Some people really enjoyed their 10 days in Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La to explore the colorful Yunnan Vijay has explored. Also, some people visited my hometown Chengdu and took a high speed train to Chongqing for a downstream Yangtze River cruise to sail along the amazing natural sceneries, Three Gorges, places of interests, great dam project, etc. for about 6 days in total. And some people spent their 5 days entirely on the upstream Yangtze cruise with the luxury experience on Century Paragon. Besides, some of Vijay’s people having a longer vacation also had much fun from Beijing to Luoyang, to Xian to learn more about the cultural treasures in China, following with Jiuzhaigou Valley, Chengdu city leisure, Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei, Dujiangyan Irrigation System, and adorable giant pandas to see a fantastic Sichuan Province. Furthermore, some other people decided to depart from Guangzhou to admire the beautiful Guilin and Yanshuo with more discoveries of the highlights in Chengdu and surrounding world heritages, Xian and Beijing for a memorable 13 day China trip.

China Trip - Yangtze River

Kuimen Gate at Yangtze River Three Gorges

China Trip - Chengdu

Mount Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha near Chengdu

After their vacation with family and friends, they also shared me their feelings during the trips.

“HI Wonder,
Here are some thoughts:
1. I was quite happy about the service. I will definitely recommend it to friends.
2. Both the driver and the guide were very professional and good. I would love to tour with them again.
3. On the tour: I think we could have made the hutong tour section a bit smaller or given the option to replace it with something else.
Personally, I would like to visit Beijing again to see the Great Wall, the mausoleum of Chairman Mao and the National Museum.
Hope that answers your questions.


“Dear Wonder,
Thank you very much for the very well organized trip. We left Beijing today - and we are very happy with our holiday. We are also very happy with your services - including all the hotel and train/flight bookings.
All the guides were very helpful: Echo, Jenny, Kimi, Mr. Liu and Tom. Jason and driver picked us up and dropped us back at Beijing. If you want, I can send you specific feedback for each guide.
We are very happy to recommend your services to our friends if they are interested to visit China.
best regards,


Nearly 20 trips for Vijay and his dear family members and friends. That is one of the big feasts of an important record of my career life, not only because I have helped many of the same related group people fulfill their exploration of my country, but also because it enables me to make more friends with people from various countries to know the diversity of the enormous world, although we did not see each other face to face due to the limited time during the trip. And also, that long experience is also a precious one to let me learn more about the short part of my service and management of the whole trip, such as the dining habit and needs of people from different countries, high quality of every part, etc. I also would like to show my big thanks to Vijay and every one of his family members and friends to say out what I did great and what I can make bigger progress. It is beyond a concept of work to communicate about the trip customization and planning of every step with that group of kind and loving people. I am looking forward to hearing from Vijay and his people about their good life, and also glad to have the chance to help them see and feel more diverse beauty in China in the future!

Hi, I'm Wonder, Vijay’s travel consultant. Are you interested in his 10 trips to China? Please feel free to contact me for more details of his travel such as trip itinerary, accommodation or other arrangements. If you want to take a similar trip or customize your own China tour, just e-mail me. It's my pleasure to invite you to our country and join us in appreciating this charming land.

Travel Consultant
E-mail me now!
Travel Consultant

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