Reviewed on September 14, 2020

Dear Wonder,

How are you? Hope you are well. You organised a very nice trip for me to Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou way back in 2014. 

You requested a review from me but I loaded to the wrong website. I came across the review today unexpectedly in my computer system and I would like to send it to you, to be used by your website. This is because I was very pleased by the trip that you organised for me. I was a lone female traveler but I still remember the lovely tour guides you found for me, especially the one at Chengdu.

I truly had a wonderful holiday and great memories.

I am now back in the UK. I certainly will use your tour service again if I ever travel to China the next time.

Take care in the pandemic.


Best wishes


( Dr Yih Siang CHEN)


6 Days/ 5 nights Chengdu/ Jiuzhai Valley Tour

I went on a 6 days / 5 nights private tour to Chengdu / Jiuzhaigou in October 2014.I spent 2 days in Chengdu and the rest in Jiuzhaigou valley.

Since it was my first trip to China and I was a single female traveller, understandably, I was initially apprehensive before the tour. However, all my initial reservations disappeared once my tour began. I have decided to go on a private tour because I could not find a group tour which can come up with the itinery that I wanted.

From the onset, it was a pleasure to deal with Wonder. He made me a detailed itinery, specific to my wishes , down to the hotels that I preferred. I must say that he has honoured and stuck to our contract throughout my tour. He also phoned my tour guides on a daily basis just to make sure the itinery went on as planned and to make sure that I was ok.He was contactable at all times and any problems were sorted out very quickly and efficiently. He was also very accommodating and was willing to make changes in my itinery at very short notice whenever possible.I have found him to be reliable and trustworthy.

The tour guides were all very professional and knowledgeable. I was very happy with them.They spoke fluent English and were very knowledgeable about the places that we visited. They took care of everything, from meeting me at the airport, check- in into hotels, arranging for meals, transport, tickets for shows and checking in for my return flights. I was impressed that they would go out of their way to make my tour comfortable, hassle free and really tried to give me a memorable hoilday. They were prepared to work till late evenings. As a matter of fact, they would wait for me while I watched some shows in the evenings and one of them was even so kind to buy me an adaptor which I had lost in a hotel.

In Chengdu, I visited the Panda Research Centre, Jinli Street,Sichuan Museum and a silk factory at my request. i was not obliged to visit any factories throughout my tour.

Then, I flew on to Jiuzhai Valley and had another 3 days of private tours; 1 day in Huanglong Park and 2 full days in Jiuzhai National Park.I was glad that I flew return to the valley because the roads up there are really winding and being prone to travel sickness , it would have been a disaster for me to be sick.

I was met by another tour guide there. I am really glad that I took a private tour because I had my personal tour guide who walked with me at my pace throughout the Jiuzhai National park. She knew all the scenic spots and pathways by heart and made sure that I did not miss any important spots.Because she knew all the places so well, we could cover most of the scenic spots on foot in detail.She would walk with me and explain every lake, waterfall and other spots. She explained in detail all about the history, myths, customs and religion of the tribes there. It was an eye opener for me.I am sure I would not be getting all these explanation if I had gone in a group tour.Most group tours tend to be rushed but I was not rushed at all. I had ample time to take all the photos that I wanted , time to have meals and some shopping for souveniers and even short rests at beautiful spots where I could linger and just soak up the magnificent natural beauty.

Jiuzhai Valley is an extraordinary , beautiful park. It is my personal opinion that 2 full days are required to do the park justice. It is difficult to rush through the scenic spots in a day especially when there are massive crowds and queues everywhere.It was worth it to pay the hefty entrance fee for 2 days. Because I had 2 full days, I could do a hike with my guide who accompanied me throughout the trails to the 3 major valleys. I came away feeling satisfied and had lots of marvellous photos to show.

I was especially pleased that on one occasion, my tour guide took me through a small path , away from the tourist crowds. We walked at our pace and saw some smaller lovely waterfalls and lakes. I did not have to jostle with the typical crowds and could take my time to take some truly picturesque photos and videos. I am convinced that if I had joined a group tour , I would not have been able to see and explore the national park as much as I did.

My advice to travellers is to go on some fitness training before the tour. You have to be prepared to do a lot of walking for this is the best way to see the best views. Taking the bus to just the best scenic spots would be cheating and would not do the park justice.The only downside of the trip was the crowds. Be prepared for massive crowds, they can get unruly at times, especially when it rains, so do bring a raincoat or umbrella.Also be prepared for the less than ideal toilet facilities. Bring lots of tissues as handwash and tissues are not provided.

Due to my excellent and friendly tour guides and Wonder's meticulous planning, I had a fabulous holiday and a great time in China. I would highly recommend Wonder Wang and his tour agency to all my friends and family. If I return to China, I would certainly go through Wonder and his agency again. So, a big thank you to Wonder and all my lovely tour guides for making my holiday a truly memorable one!

London, UK

Date of Experience: October,11, 2014
Trip Type: Traveled as Solo
Tour Customized by: Wonder



Reviewed on January 3, 2020

Dear Riley,

We just arrived in Manila. Thank you again for sending us a gift. We really appreciate it. Also, thank you for organizing our wonderful trip. This trip is one of our unforgettable and great trips. Will surely recommend you and will surely book another trip with you. Martin and Mary is very insightful and detailed in every area where we head to. They really know what to share with us. Hotels and Foods are all fit with us. Our tummies and body were happy. haha! Also the roadtrip was smooth. But the van in Chengdu gives me a little headache due to the smell of smoke inside the car quite strong. But everything is OK. Thank You again. 

Kind Regards,



Date of Experience: December,27, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Riley



Reviewed on December 27, 2019

Hi Riley,

Thanks for your email! We had a nice time at the panda enclosure. 

Our guide’s service was good at jiuzhaigou and huanglong though we did expected more walking at jiuzhaigou instead of taking the bus on and off all the time.  Tickets could be bought beforehand as well at jiuzhaigou so less waiting? But apart from that, everything was smooth sailing. Thanks!

Happy holidays!



Date of Experience: December, 9, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Friends
Tour Customized by: Riley



Reviewed on December 25, 2019

Hi Wonder,

Thank you and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

Thanks again forour smooth running of our tour. And your dedicated and responsible staff like Ruby, tour guide liu and driver luo...

Also we are impressed by Emei mountain resort.

Thank you

Mr Thong

Date of Experience: December,18, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Friends
Tour Customized by: Wonder



Reviewed on October 29, 2019

Dear Tracy,

Just reached home this morning. Yes, we do have excellent vacation with a good guide and excellent driver. Billy is a good and helpful guide, he took care of us all the time and make sure we enjoy the trip. The driver is very skillful in driving because he is local from Jiuzhaigou .

Thanks for everything and let us have a good memorial time in Huang long and Jiuzhaigou .

By the way do you handle Muslim trip to Jiuzhaigou ?

Thanks and regards

Date of Experience: October,23, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Tracy



Reviewed on October 28, 2019

Hi Rita,

Yes, it’s was cold but after seeing Jiuzhaigou the lifetime experience is definitely worth it!  Maybe we are just lucky in that day of visit rather than the snowing day just the day before at Huanglong.

Jason is a great guide.

China Travel Photos

Lifetime Experience in Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong

Date of Experience: October,22, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Friends
Tour Customized by: Rita
Vilma and Henri

Vilma and Henri


Reviewed on June 10, 2019

Hello Jack

Thank you so much for organising our tour in China. The tourists destinations, tour guides and drivers as well as the hotels your company organised for us were very very good and comfortable.  We enjoyed all the places we had been and it exceeded our expectations. 

There were only two hotels we stayed (Zhangjiajie and Aba Songpan) that did not really cater well for breakfast during our stay. However the overall experienced we had were all valuable ones.

Lijiang Show was spectacular and was the highlight of the optional shows.

Driving from Songpan to Chengdu throughout the old road was an interesting journey, thanks to our very good driver.

Once again thank you for your professionalism, your prompt reply to our emails and making our stayed in China a memorable one and easy. We really felt that during our stay there we can easily access you together with our tour guides and drivers that were assigned to us we feel very much looked after, Thank you Jack and China Discovery Tours.


Date of Experience: May,20, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Couples
Tour Customized by: Jack

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