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Warm People, Warm the World – Annual Tibet Trip for Love Sharing

-- Jack’s Wonderful Yearly Tibet Trip in China

Tibet is always so mysterious that it has attracted millions of followers around the world every year. Without stepping into this pure and neat place by yourself, you couldn’t really understand how important the faith is to the local Tibetans who have lived on the highland for thousands of years.

Jack, from USA, is one of those followers passionate about exploring this holy land.

It was in 2013 that Jack contacted with us for the first time, like most of our clients, he saw our attractive website and then started to contact us. Since then, we’ve been in contact for 6 years. Every year they’d get back to Tibet from the distant United States, and until now, they’ve visited Tibet for 6 times.

Tibet Tour

Holy and Neat Tibet Region

Wonderful Discovery of Lhasa City

Every time, Jack with his partners won’t miss the highlights of Tibet, such as Potala Palace, the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism and one of the precious World Cultural Heritage Sites and a good location where people could appreciate the panorama of the Lhasa City, Jokhang Temple that is historically over 1,300 years old and the spiritual center for Buddhists worshipping, and also Barkhor Streets where to see the unbelievable scene of multiple devoted pilgrims expressing their true and high passion to their deep-rooted belief. And during the trip in 2019, they extended to visit Dzonggyel Lhokang Park to know more about the deities living underground and in water, and to appreciate the spectacular image of Potala Palace above water. Besides, they visited Ramoche Temple near Barkhor Streets where holds the 8-year-old-like Shakyamuni statue and a rich series of characteristic Buddhist buildings combining Han and Tibetan styles to show the union and friendship of the two ethnic groups in China. And on their last two day, Jack and his partner paid a visit to Dsa Nonnenklo, which is the only nunnery in Lhasa City area and enjoys very high reputation in the whole Tibetan Buddhist land.

Drepung Manastery

Jack from USA visited Drepung Manastery in April, Tour customized by Wendy Dan

Potala Palace

Jack from USA visited Potala Palace in April, Tour customized by Wendy Dan

Exploration to Gyantse

During the several times’ visit to Tibet, Jack and his partners have covered a series of the essence of attractions in this region.

During the trip in April in 2019 (the 6th trip), Jack and his partner Joseph arranged their 3rd and 4th days in Gyantse. Within the 2 days, our local guide and driver accompanied them to Nyangchu Valley to admire the top popular and holy lake, Yamdrotso Lake, which appears really terrific with its blue water and the snow-covered mountains surrounded. Moreover, the imposing Karola Glacier of about 5560 meters above the sea was also included in their itinerary for their eye pleasant and knowledge enrichment. Furthermore, Jack and his partner have also had fun in the Palcho Monastery on the same day to see the Kubum Stupa that has a 35-meter high chorten, exquisite Buddhist architectures, and rare seen coexistence of the three schools of Tibetan Buddhism, namely the Sakya, Kadam, and Geluk schools.

And in the trip they took in 2017 (the 5th trip), our local guide Ms. Lhakdon and the driver escorted them to enjoy more top highlights in Grantse Dzong in Grantse town, one of the best preserved dzongs in Tibet region so far, and toured the Pala Manor southwest from Gyantse city. It is the only aristocratic manor kept well in Tibet. Through the explanation by our guide, Jack and his partners have had a deeper understanding of the life of the aristocratic family and their serfs as well as the Buddhist culture and history in Tibet during the past and present.

Gyantse Town

Jack from USA visited Gyantse in April, Tour customized by Wendy Dan

Gandan Monastery

Jack from USA visited Gyantse in April, Tour customized by Wendy Dan

Yamdrok Lake

Jack from USA visited Yamdrok Lake in April, Tour customized by Wendy Dan

Jack and his trip partners have visited Tibet many times, sometimes they stayed there for 4 days, sometimes 6 days, they used to stay in the same hotels with rich Tibetan flavor, and be with the same guide with complimentary service and performances on communication and care. The people they've stayed with have been more like friends to them.

Lhasa Tour

Jack and His Partners from USA visited Local Tibetan Family

Yearly Love Share Trip

For most travelers, it might be boring to visit the same place more than once or twice, but it’s definitely not true for Jack and his partners. You must wanna know why? Why did they go there every year and for so many times? Then we need to talk about the background of Jack and his partners.

Jack and his partners are from a nonprofit organization in USA, in their tours to Tibet, they found it is the right place where they could be of help. They decided to help the blind people who have trouble seeing the wonderful world and reading paper books with interesting stories and much knowledge. During their visits, they made all efforts to help the blind, especially the poor blind kids, brought them hope of life and encouraged them to meet every day with braveness, and also, they shared their strength for the printing of Braille.

Lhasa Tour

Jack and His Partners from USA Shared Love to Local People

I’m not sure how you feel after reading the story of Jack and their partners, but I’m indeed moved by their admirable benevolence. It’s really hard for many people to persist in visiting a remote place frequently, however, Jack and his team made it, and they are keeping on doing it! I believe, if more people are willing to share their love & take real actions to encourage others who are in need of help, especially those who cannot enjoy the normal abilities of us ordinary people, the world would definitely become better with more laughter and strong power of our little children.

Here below is what Jack shared with us:

June 18, 2019

“China and Tibet”

This was our 7th journey to China and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and it keeps getting better and better. In fact, this trip is ALWAYS a highlight. And what really makes this a delight is our relationship with Wendy Dan and the Tibet Discovery team. They are absolutely the best, very professional and very willing to help make our trips as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our guide was absolutely the best.

During this trip we visited all the sights in Lhasa, Karola Glacier, and Gyantse and reconnected with dear friends. Through our organization, RestoringTouch, we were able to bring many personal solar powered lights and water filters to freely distribute to people in need.

Thanks Wendy! See you next year!


Tibet Tour

Jack and His Partner Visited Palcho Monastery in Gyantze in April, 2019, Tour customized by Wendy Dan

April 22, 2016

"China Tibet trip in April"

I've used China Discovery in Chengdu for all my travels (5 times) to China and Tibet. This is an outstanding tour company with an extremely helpful and friendly staff. I’ve used Laura Tang and Wendy Dan. I couldn’t be more satisfied and will continue to use China Discovery each time I visit!

Through China Discovery we have visited Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing, Lhasa (the Potala Palace, Jokhang, Ganden, Sera and Drepung Manasteries and others places), Lake Yamdrok and Lake Namtso, Karo La Glacier, Gyantse and Shigatse. As well, our guide each time has been Ms. Lhakdon (Lhakpa Dolma), who is an extremely helpful tour guide, a joy to work with!

Visits within Lhasa are short while areas outside are all-day events. Layered clothing, water, comfortable walking shoes and a camera are a must.

I give our experience with China Discovery, our tour guide, travel, lodging, etc. the highest rating and I will highly recommend China Discovery.

Tibet Tour

Jack and His Partner Visited Tibet in April, Tour customized by Wendy Dan

Namtso Lake Tour

Amazing Scenery of Namtso Lake

September 9, 2013

"A highly recommended experience!"

Our 4-day Lhasa & Namtso Lake trip was an outstanding experience in every way! Laura from China Discovery and our Tibetan tour guides were very professional and very personal making this trip extremely smooth. We toured the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple area (my personal favorite), the Dalai Lama's Summer Palace, Drepung and Sera monasteries and watched the monks debate. We finished our tour with Namtso Lake. Awesome trip, highly recommended and definitely plan on doing this again in the future. (Miss the yak butter tea!) Jack

Chegndu Tour

Jack and His Partner Visited Our Office in Chengdu in 2017


" Hi, I'm Wendy, Jack's travel consultant. Are you interested in Jack's several well-Organized and Wonderful Visits to Tibet? Feel free to contact me, and I will be glad to tell you more stunning stories about the places they visitied. I promise I’ll offer you a fantastic China tour with my great passion, enthusiasm, patience and carefulness. If you are looking forward to a great trip in China, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here waiting for you. "

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