Reviewed on January 19, 2020

Hi Vivien,

Arrived in Yangon!  We had a great trip in China.  Thanks for everything!!!

Date of Experience: January, 7, 2020
Trip Type: Traveled as Couples
Tour Customized by: Vivien



Reviewed on December 17, 2019

Dear Wonder,

Yes, Wonder was very helpful the entire time from start to finish. Maggie was really great. We had a good time and she was very attentive to things we wanted to see, do, questions we had. 



Date of Experience: December,10, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Couples
Tour Customized by: Wonder



Reviewed on December 13, 2019

Hello Riley, 

Thanks for reaching out, I can certainly share some feedback with you.

Transportation Services: Overall transportation services were good quality, the size, type of vehicle and driver were good and that's the kind of service I was expecting. Really appreciate your fast response when we needed to arrange transportation services from one day to another. Having you as a WeChat contact made the difference. The most important thing was that every single time the driver and vehicle was on time and with a printed sign with my name on it. I appreciate you having my flight information and taking care of times, arrival information etc. This worry-free experience is very important to me. The only not so positive thing to share was maybe not related to you or the driver but the two times we were picked up at the airport we had a long walk to reach the vehicle. When you are traveling with large group of people, many kids and a lot of lugagge this is difficult.

Tour in Shanghai: I have nothing but positive things to say about the guide. Her knowledge about the places we visited were amazing she had a vast amount of information to share, every single detail about the places we visited she mastered the details and we as a tourist value this a lot. I appreciate that you understood my VIP request travel to the river. When we get there we had a special place on the boat that made the difference. My people were pleased with this. Please recognize the work the guide did that day, working with a large group of latin american people including kids is difficult I admit but she was so kind and professional that I admire her. Even when we were in the bus driving to our destination she was sharing so many facts about Shanghai that we gladly received.

Happy to share this feedback to you and I hope you find it useful

Manuel Torres

Date of Experience: November,27, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Riley



Reviewed on December 04, 2019

Hi Echo,

Just wanted to thank you for an amazing trip to China. We LOVED it! The itinerary we planned was perfect, the hotels were fantastic and really 5 star! The food was terrific, we ate everything. We were also so happy to find our parents villages.  

What really made our trip was the fantastic guides we had in all our locations! We learned so much from them not only about the sights we saw but also what their lives were like.  Please send my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Jack (Guangzhou), Shannon (Chengdu), Timo (Xian) and Mark (Beijing).

Our drivers were also wonderful and on time every where we went. My only concern was the driver at Chengdu.  He was very tired driving us back from Leshan and I caught him a couple of times closing his eyes.  That was a bit scary.  

I would definitely give you and China Discovery 5 stars! Our only complaint (more of a surprise) was the difficulty in getting our Shanghai Disney tickets, but in the end it all worked out. I have included some photos for you. I will be recommending you and your agency to all my friends.

Thanks again for a wonderful trip!


Alanna Wong

Date of Experience: November, 6, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Couples
Tour Customized by: Echo



Reviewed on November 19, 2019

Hi Wing Zeng,

Thanks for the bus arrangement, everything went very smoothly. I've attached some photos of our day in Longjiang.

For your questionnaire: 

1. The Hong Kong Inline Hockey Team was very happy with their private escort service to and from the hockey rink during their visit to Shunde to compete in the Greater Bay Inline Hockey League. Highly recommended.

2. Our travel arrangements were catered specifically for our sports team; the willingness to completely accommodate our schedule was much appreciated!

3. Yes, for future group travels, I will be contacting China Discovery.



Date of Experience: November, 8, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Business
Tour Customized by: Wing



Reviewed on October 7, 2019

Hi Wendy,

Thanks. We all got back home safely in one whole piece!.

We are happy to provide, please see our feedback as follow:

I will do the “Trip Advisor” later.

We are happy to provide you our group photo so that you can published into your website:

Please let me know if you need any further information

On behalf of our group, I thank you once again for your dedicated effort so that we have a great holiday in China

  1. How was your tour with us in China?

Overall, our tour was good but hard to choose which part of the tour was the best. Below are our daily tour activities:

Zhangjiajie is our first destination:

On day 1, local guide, Carol was helpful, punctual and spoke English well. Her local knowledge was handy where she took us on the shortcut up to "1-step from Heaven" which saved us a couple of hours walking time. That was our 20km walk day!

On day 2, when we did the “Bailong Elevator”, and “10-li Gallery - 十里畫廊” was probably a bit disappointing cos Carol didn't give us much info on some of the sights or the significance of them (if there was any significance). may be too noisy traveling in the cable car.

On day 3, very handy to have Carol organise for tickets to the evening show for “Mei Li Xiang Xi - 魅力湘西, which was pretty good show can’t miss.

On day 4, This is a 2 days visit to “Fenghuang old town” was good, Carol was able to show us best vantage point to take photos of an old town at night. Carol is also flexible enough to make arrangement for us to visit the “Hibiscus town - 芙蓉镇” on our way back from FengHuang.   

Last day – day 6 in Zhangjiajie, Carol was good in chasing down our outstanding train tickets from Zhangjiajie to Yichang and saw us off at the train station. So, overall, Carol was very good, in our opinion, but probably could have given us a bit more background info and historical significance of the places we visited.

We enjoy the Yangtze river cruise very much. The friendly crew members, the foods and the entertainments are excellent. The state room is roomy and clean. This is exceeded our expectation

Chongqing is our 2nd destination:

On day 1,  a day tour to “Dazu  Grotto - 大足”,  the local guide Alex, he certainly seemed to have more clued up on his subject         re: the Dazu Grotto and the Beishan Rock Carvings. Alex’s English was pretty good.

On day 2, a day tour to visit the “Wulong Karst Scenic Area -武隆 & Furong Cave - 芙蓉洞”was great. It features the rare geological wonder  - three natural karst stone bridges. Both Wulong and the Furong Caves are highly recommended.

Alex did his best to ensure we saw both places.

Guangzhou is our 3rd(last) destination:

Our last day tour is to visit – “Windows of the World”  in Shenzhen. The local guide was Maggie. She spoke the best English. No real requirement for a guide as we were only going to Shenzhen. The miniature park which combines history relics nature wonders and culture together was good. Cos of time restraints, the CBD - shopping centre that we went to was probably really just to kill time, certainly not a lot that we were interested in, but that could just have been us.

Have said that, Maggie did a fantastic job for us. She is doing her best to resolve our transportation issues. She organised a van to pick up us for the airport at 04:45am from our hotel. The van is able to carry 6 of us and 6 large luggage. Maggie, also organised a private car tour for me to visit my hometown in Chongbian, xinhu.  The total price is cheap and the service is great.

Moreover, Maggie did recommend us a fantastic restaurant for us to have dinner at (this is the best meal we have since we arrived China), no one will forget that meal we had at the 1 Michelin star restaurant, nor the “Bor-lor bao - 菠蘿包”Many thanks to Maggie!

  2. Are you satisfied with the tour we arranged for you?

Yes. We are happy with the services provided. Our travel consultant Wendy Dan is a response person, she communicates with us frequently and make sure our requirements are met. She also contacts us thru email while we are on our journey to ensure we are problem free.  The quotations provided are clear & reasonable, the payment instructions are clear. Having said that, since we have chosen our destinations, I guess so, it was a lot easier for Wendy to make arrangement, provide local guide and van/driver based on  our choose destinations.

Overall, we are happy with the services arranged.  Because it was a lot easier to get to the faraway places with the organised driver and guide, rather than we have to organise it ourselves at the risk of being ripped off, or given a bum steer like that driver in Guangzhou (after getting off the airport shuttle bus) who said that he could take all of us in the one car, with the suitcases, only to find out that he couldn’t do it!    

 3. Do you have any suggestions on improving our services ?

Well done. Only suggestion may be, ensure the local guide has a bit more background information and historical knowledge on the sights that we are visiting.

China Travel Photos


Date of Experience: September,18, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Wendy
Mun W.C.

Mun W.C.


Reviewed on September 16, 2019

Hi Rita,

Yes, it was a great trip :) 

We had enjoyed ourselves very much!



China Travel Photos

Guangdong Food, Sightseeing, and Kungfu

Date of Experience: January, 1, 1970
Trip Type: Traveled as Friends
Tour Customized by: Rita



Reviewed on August 29, 2019

Dear Catherine 

Yes, back at work now.

Our time in Guangzhou was excellent. Jack and the driver did a great job. In particular, Jack’s knowledge enhanced the museum visits. He also went the extra mile to help us get our train tickets to Hong Kong. This would have been very challenging without him.

We thought the hotel was the best for our visits to China, so far. You may wish to point out to British and Irish visitors that the hotel is close to the Happy Monk British pub and Paddy Field Irish pub.

Joe may wish to add his thoughts.

Thank you for organising yet another great trip to China.

Best wishes

Date of Experience: August,20, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Catherine



Reviewed on August 20, 2019

Dear Lyn,



South west China






All were spectacular

Shirley was patient to teach me even Chinese

She took me to an ancient 400 years old legacy house

I could pick up enough Chinese words and culture

I could learn about Mio Tang and Druam minority tribes 

It was heavenly


I am longing for my next visit to China

Date of Experience: August,12, 2019
Trip Type: Traveled as Families
Tour Customized by: Lyn

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