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Hi Tracy, 

As everything in life my trip to China came to end. It was great, so many things I saw. I feel I have been in China for a year. I had very good time. 

You were great and made everything to go smooth. Well organised. 

Thanks for everything. I will try to write very good review soon and of course recommend you to other. And I hope I will have chance to cone back again and see many other things. 

Thanks for everything again and all the best in work and future.

Kostadin‚ Australia‚ October 28, 2019

Hi Rita,

Yes, it’s was cold but after seeing Jiuzhaigou the lifetime experience is definitely worth it!  Maybe we are just lucky in that day of visit rather than the snowing day just the day before at Huanglong.

Jason is a great guide.

China Travel Photos

Lifetime Experience in Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong

Peter‚ Malaysia‚ October 28, 2019

Hi Tracy

I am good. Back in Singapore, safe and sound. Hope everything is well with you too. Please see my feedback below.

"I would like to thank Tracy for arranging this private tour for us. We have very limited time and would like to see as much as Zhangjiajie as we can. We are delighted that you helped us to make it happen. We are able to see key areas of the magnificent park and get enough rest at the cosy hotels, with the help of our personal guide, Kevin and driver. Thank you all for the good job!"


Lynica‚ Singapore‚ October 28, 2019

Hi Jack,

Sorry I meant to message you but I’ve been suffering a bit from jet lag! My whole family had a wonderful holiday. Every tour guide was lovely and we thoroughly enjoyed every experience. Thank you so much for everything you did to make it such an amazing holiday! I will be leaving an excellent Trip Advisor review shortly. Also thank you for the note and gift we received in Chengdu it was very kind of you and we all loved them. Thank you again for everything.

Kind regards, 

Faye‚ UK‚ October 28, 2019

Good morning Riley,

We are still enjoying China, fly Shanghai to Australia today.

The C. Glory was exceptional in all areas, food, cabin/balcony, all good and weather great, so lucky...!!!

English information and cruise staff first class. Alan entertainment officer so friendly along with river guide.


Neil‚ Australia‚ October 28, 2019

Wonder 你好!我们已經在機場等候登機了! 此次旅遊一切順利!导游很热情尽則,天氣也好!謝謝你的安排!

Yolante‚ Taiwan, China‚ October 28, 2019

Hi, Jack, that what I want to put on Trip Advisor, please read and let me know if it is something you expected.  Also if you can advise me what was that place in Xi’an I am writing about I will put it there.

10 days semi-private tour

10 days tour with the group of 6 friends was totally amazing, it was perfect combination of physical activity, information to process and just moments to enjoy.  Out of all included and optional activities I want to highlight just two special moments in Xi’an and show on the Li River in Yangshuo.

Whith basically all-time rain our visit to Xi’an was bright, interesting and full of surprises thanks to our wonderful guide Timo.  It started late in the evening when we arrived in the city and was taken to…I don’t remember name of that place, but it was a long street filled with lights, decoration, different activities, lots of people, some in traditional cloths and etc.  And the next day, after seeing the Terracotta warriors, City wall and other place of interests there was another surprise for us. One person in our group had a birthday and what he got as a gift from our tour company was creative, unique and above our best dreams (don’t want to go into details in case somebody else wants to celebrate birthday in Xi’an).  The only thing I regret about is we did not tip our wonderful guide enough. Tip recommendation was at the very end of our confirmation letter and none of us bothered to read it to the end until the mid of the tour.  We used our best judgment, and as it turned out it was not that good, he deserved much better. 

And show in Yanhshuo – I have no words to describe it, have never seen anything like that before, definitely worth seeing it even under the rain (theater does not have a roof).

So many great picture, so much great moments to remember!

Margarita‚ USA‚ October 27, 2019

Hi Ashley! 

We have now completed our China tour with you and are sailing away on the ship. So I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for an AMAZING trip!!!  You were such a pleasure to deal with and super responsive to all my questions and requests.  And then your tour partners stepped up to deliver on all the promises you made. We were taken care of every step of the way!!! We couldn’t have imagined getting better service!

There were so many little extra touches that your team gave us that took your service from beyond great to outstanding but here are a few examples:

- When we were dropped at our hotel in Beijing Fong Fong came up to our room with us to make sure that everything was in order and we didn’t need anything.

- Fong Fong and Mr Lee went out of their way and found us a Subway restaurant so we could grab a submarine sandwich to eat on the train.

- Fong Fong stayed with us at the train station until we got on our train and had our luggage stowed. She even took me to a different part of the train station in search of a western toilet for me.

- I wasn’t feeling great in Xi’an and Vivian made sure I drank lots of water, found comfortable places for me to sit and rest when needed and automatically found elevators and shorter routes to help me see everything with as little effort as possible.

- Vivian also stayed with us until we were on the train, which was a very different experience than some other fellow travelers who used a different tour company and were just dropped at the front doors of the train station

- Gila and Zhang adjusted their plans to take us to the Opera in the evening.  This was a BIG ask given that we only decided to do this the day of (because I hadn’t been feeling well and wasn’t sure if I’d be up to it) and then they had to then be back in the morning at 5:30 to take us to the airport.

- When we were dropped back at the hotel after the Opera Gila came in with us and made arrangements with the hotel to have a “to go” breakfast ready for us in the morning.

- Gila stayed with us at the airport and helped us navigate through the check in process and the payment for our extra piece of luggage.  This was invaluable for us as I’m not sure, with the language barrier, if we would have been able to sort all this out.

I will definitely complete your evaluation and send it to you when I get home.  I will also go online and post my extremely positive review of your company. However, I did want to let you know how pleased we are and how grateful we are to you and the team for an amazing adventure! 

P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful gifts. We LOVE them!!

Cheryl‚ Canada‚ October 27, 2019

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