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Dear Wonder,

Here below are answers to your questions:

  1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?
  2. The consultant has been very prompt in his response in good English and providing details of itinerary. He was very prompt in making changes in itinerary when we mentioned what we would like to see. He was also very accommodating for us to book our own accommodation in Xian. He was very upfront in mentioning the cost of hotel rooms. He is one of the best consultants we have worked with.

  3. How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?
  4. The tour guides in Xian and Luoyang are good in English. They were puncture, patient and professional with our requests. We visited all the places as outlined in the itinerary with good timing for each site.  The quides were courteous. We are very happy with them.

  5. The drivers were courteous and professional. We felt comfortable with them,

However, in a few cases, the choice of vegetarian restaurants and the dishes can be improved. We understand that the vegetarian choices are limited in Xian and Luoyang but extra effort would have been much appreciated. Another area they can improve on is the explanation of the tour site. We observed that the Chinese language tour guides for local tours were very thorough in their explanation.

In conclusion, we will be glad to engage China Discovery in our next trip to China.



Tan‚ ‚ November 7, 2017

Hi Wendy! 

Here are some notes for you:

Xian tour with Timo – He was excellent, his English was great and he was extremely knowledgeable, we would highly recommend him to others

Beijing tour with Echo – She was very good, her English was very good, she was knowledgeable and extremely flexible working with us as one of our sons was sick, she even helped us get medicine for him, we would definitely recommend her to others; Echo got us to the airport so early the ticket counter wasn’t open so we had to wait for an hour and she stayed with us until she knew we could go through security; if our son wasn’t sick I would have been disappointed that we didn’t have the extra time to tour the city longer but since he was sick I was glad that we were at the airport early and that she did stay with us.



Margaret‚ ‚ November 6, 2017

Hi Stephanie,

Everything was perfect! Ivy got us everywhere with limited wait and the area was so beautiful and the Panda's so cute!

Only comment is to let people know they can buy drinks at their own cost during lunch as that was a bit lost in translation but dis get resolved.

Highly recommend the tour!


Astrid‚ ‚ November 6, 2017

Dear Jack ,

Apologies for delayed response !

Many thanks for organising such a fantastic trip .

We had a wonderful time .

I will be recommending China discovery to my friends

Thank you



Jyoti‚ ‚ November 6, 2017

Hi Tracy,

We arrived back today. Everything went smoothly and we enjoyed the whole trip. I would definitely recommend you and your company to my friends.Zhangjaijie was especially beautiful. David our guide was fantastic. He was knowlegable and fun to be around and so was our guide Lucia in Xian. Eben was friendly and very accomodating to our particular wishes in Chengdu. My Huashan was a hard walk but worth it. So glad we did it. Thank you for all your patience and assistance in preparing our itinerary.




Linda‚ ‚ November 4, 2017

Dear Jack,

We are now back in Australia and I have been working for the past week and they have been long days because the work has continued to grow whilst we have been away.

Max and I did have a look at the response form but I feel I need to put everything down in our own words.

First – I have no hesitation in recommending yourself and China Discoveries for anyone venturing to China.  Given the itinerary was difficult and quite long, the planning between the two of us went quite well.  You responded quickly and if there was a break of a few days you explained the reason why. You also explained clearly if there were changes because of outside influences.

Your tour guides and drivers where always there to pick us up, no matter what the time.  They always have the right information with them and made us feel welcome.  They assisted us and made sure we were comfortable. 

Victor did stand out he is very very good. Made what could have been a very disappointing few days (because of the weather) very enjoyable and we saw everything we could.  The other guides in all cases were of a very good quality and enjoyable to spent time with, which is really important for us.  They were very good guides and nice people with it.  Our drivers did varied a bit from very good to average, but all very helpful and generally made us feel safe, which is more than I can say for the ones in Vietnam.  Personally I would not like to navigate the traffic they do.

The one thing I would alter is the day tour to the Great Wall, if we were doing it again I would do the private tour, the guide in that case was a average.  Felt he wanted us on the bus, up the wall and out of his way.  Max was quite unwell and certainly not able to climb the wall and we stressed this several times.  He still insisted we climb the wall result was we did two towers then came back down.  It would have been much easier if we had going up the cable car and walked around and came back down.  Will say he did come back down after half an hour and see where we were, had a chat and went back towards to buses.  Feel that a private guide would have picked Max’s problem that up and discussed it with us and gave us some alternatives.

The train cabin arrangement worked out well and I would recommend anyone travelling on the fast trains for any substantial distance to buy the extra beds in the cabin and especially for the long trips.  We still met people on the train and had some lovely conversations.

Tip here for people, if they are doing an overnight journey, take your own food if possible, it is fun and the selection of food can be very hit and miss in some of the dining cars. Some were good, but generally easier to do your own.  Bullet trains are great.  Did enjoy the train trips, showed us much of the countryside, the open plains, the industry and much more, gave us a better sense of China and its vastness.  Plane travel does not give you that sense of space.  This was particularly on the Lhasa/Chengdu and the Mongolia to Beijing trips plus it is good relaxation time

Having our own cabin meant we could spread out and relax and not worry about the difficulties of making conversation.  Having said the couple who eventually shared the cabin with us from Beijing to Datong were lovely.  The first lady refused to share the cabin with us.  He was a teacher and taught us to count and say a few key words which made a difference and cause much laughter through out the trip. 

Your choice of hotel in Yangshuo was superb, and a lovely surprise, we could have stayed there several days, the meals were great, the accommodation fantastic, and the village really really interesting and the people very friendly, loved it.

The visa issue was a bit unfortunate, we should have picked it up that it was wrong.  Because I had asked for 60 days with two entries, they automatically gave us two 30 day visas.  Don’t understand why they structured it that way when we send them the itinerary which was very clear that we would need at least 32 days after coming in from Mongolia.  It also confused a number of officials who kept looking through the passport for different information.

Probably something to watch when dealing with Australians.  But it could be pretty unique to us because our visa had to be issued from Canberra ( our National capital), most other provinces you can get Chinese visas issued through the providence capital.  Anyway thanks for your prompt action in relation to getting us to Hong Kong and on to Hanoi.

Mongolia was great, would suggest anyone going there also books a day trip out to other national parks.  We did when we go there and it was great and complimented the trip booked.  Loved the country side.

The itinerary worked well and having the spare days was fantastic gave us time to rest and explore at our own pace. Tibet was interesting, surprising in some cases and the trip to the Lake really interesting.  Glad you suggested that it be a day trip, the accommodation looked pretty basic and may have been unsuitable for us.

Again many thanks and have no hesitation in advising any couple who are going to China to use your services.

Thank you again for your effort to make our holiday very special.


Sharyn and Max


Sharyn and Max‚ Australia‚ November 3, 2017

Hi Johnson,

I'm sorry for the delay.

  1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?
  2. Yes, excellent!, both of you excellent, my Travel agent that was with me at the tour was amazing, kind, the best!

  3. How do you comment your tour arrangements?
  4.  Excellent, everything on time.

  5. Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China?
  6.  Of course, you provide me with an excellent service, I'm really really happy.

  7. Your general opinion on us?
  8.  Serious, kind, very professional.

  9. Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?
  10.  Maybe time with pandas can be longer but I don't think it depends on you.

  11. Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail?
  12.  Yes, of course.



Mara‚ ‚ November 3, 2017

Hi Jack,

We are home safe from our amazing trip to China. I just want to thank you for the outstanding way you organized EVERY little detail of our trip. We did not have one stressful moment throughout the entire time we were traveling. The tour guides and drivers were always on time and very informative, supportive and understanding of our personal needs and curiosity about China and her history. They also shared a good sense of humour with us.

All of the accommodation was fantastic and the food was yummy, a little too much for us to eat, if anything.

Your attention to detail  again was outstanding especially with our trip to Tibet and the organisation of the permit for Tibet.

We were so pleased to be able to meet you in person during our holiday. We have been recommending you and China Discovery to anyone who will listen. Thank you for helping us tick off another one of the items on our bucket list. I'm sure we will meet again in the future. Take care.

Kerrie and Geoff


Kerrie and Geoff ‚ ‚ November 3, 2017

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