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Dear Rita,

Thank you for your email.

We arrived safely last week after our wonderful tour in China.
I want to thank you for the perfect organization that made our tour smooth and pleasant at all times. Even when the weather prevented us from going to Mt. Hua, you were very fast to come up with an alternative plan, and also thanks to the tips of our guide we still had a great time in Xian. In Yangtze river, although we were the only English speaking travelers, we had always someone guiding us and translating everything and we really felt welcome. And in Beijing and Chengdu our guides were tireless in sharing interesting stories about the places, and making sure we got the most out of our tour.
We are strongly recommending China as a great place to visit, and your services to any friend wishing to visit China.

  1. Your service regarding the tour arrangement was effective and kind. You had a fast and clear communication during the process of organizing the tour; showed good flexibility regarding the arrangements; overall the organization was perfect, everything was well organized as planned, so we could really have a smooth and hassle free tour.
  2. Definitively yes. We are already recommending you to our friends, shall they wish to visit China. 
  3. Our overall opinion is clearly positive. It would have been a challenge for us to travel to China by ourselves, and with your organization and our local guides we had a wonderful experience. We could enjoy a smooth and well-planned tour, but still we had the opportunity to get to know and be close to the local culture.
  4. Our suggestion is that you keep the good work, taking care of your customers so that they can enjoy and take the most out of their tour. And if we come back to China, we will probably be interested in doing some more hiking, and it would be great if you can also arrange tours fully dedicated for a complete hiking experience.
  5.  Kindly find enclosed some photos, you are welcome to share them if you want.

All the best to you and Happy New Year!

Ana Mónica

(The following photos were shared by Ana)

Yangtze Cruise Tour

Ana and her family visited Shibaozhai Pagoda along Yangtze River

Yangtze Cruise Tour

Ana visited Shibaozhai Pagoda along Yangtze River

Ana‚ Portugal‚ Feb.11, 2016

Hello Rita, 

Thank you for sending a follow up email. I've been back from China for one week now and have been very busy at work, so I haven't had time to write to you.

I'd be happy to answer your questions and give you feedback on our tour experience. Below are my answers to your questions.

We had no problems at all with the arrangements of our Tibet tour. The guide and driver were always on time and never late. The itinerary went as planned and we had no problems on the road.

Hope this feedback is helpful for you, and thanks again for everything!


Michael‚ ‚ Jan.31, 2016

Hi Wonder,

Thank you for your email, apologies for the late reply.. We are finally home!

10 days in China & 9 Days in Vietnam, absolutely incredible!

I would just like to say a huge thank you from both Tyson and I for all of your help in organising such a great tour for us! We had such an amazing time, met so many great people and saw so many interesting things. We really cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts and patience with booking this tour, you have been more than efficient.

Every tour guide we had were extremely helpful, friendly and spoke great English.

We have both spoke highly and recommended you/your company to all of our friends & family.

Once again, a huge thank you for everything and I look forward to speaking to you again in the near future.

Take Care

Kind Regards,


Tyson & Emma

Tyson & Emma‚ ‚ Jan.28, 2016

Hi Ian,

The arrangement was nice, very organised as we got transport and went to the places on time. We managed to fit everything we wanted to do on each day. 

Thank you Ian for planning this trip, it was very enjoyable and we shall never forget it :)


Brenda‚ ‚ Jan.26, 2016

Hi Ian,

i am good. Today arrived in Indonesia and tomorrow ready to work earn money for traveling again hehehe.

i really like our arrangement. It is not too hasty from one spot to another but it wasn't really enough also because the all the cities i visit have many more attraction other than the major spot than what i read and it always changing. i would really like to come back again and enjoy another experience even at the same spot.

we have a really great text book like tour guide who can explain in great depth of details regarding the spots. she seems to worry too much and a bit tense. probably she wants to make sure to provide a great services for us but her knowledge about the tourism spot are amazing (this is not a complaint, just a judge of character). we cannot remember half of what she explained about the history regarding the spot we went to but sometimes there are some stories about the spots that is interesting for us. i really have to give our big thanks to her and the driver for our great trip.

i am really happy with your service. me and my friends really enjoy our time in China

i am still eager to go to china around spring or autumn season because frankly there is not much to see in winter. I would be very happy to use your service again.


Christian Tumewu

Christian Tumewu‚ Indonesia‚ Jan.22, 2016

Hi Bertina,

It was really good the moment we spent with Annie!!

Everything was well organise the driver and the guide wore great. The breakfast and lunch were good also!

Thanks for take care of us!



Miguel‚ Portugal‚ Jan.21, 2016

Hi Ian,

I am sorry for only replying now. I had been busy ever since the new year!

The tour was well organized and it was perfectly scheduled, there were no unnecessary delays and the tour guide and bus driver were all very kind and attentive to our needs. the tour well-organized and price is reasonable. You are very patient and is very much willing to answer all of my queries and accommodate several revisions and changes in the quotation and travel request. The hotels were all very good and the tour guide and bus driver were helpful in recommending restaurants! we had a great time!

Thanks again Ian, I will get in touch again in case we want to visit other places! Maybe we'll come to Chengdu and then to Jiuzhaigou soon!

Kind regards,


Ailea‚ Philippines‚ Jan.19, 2016

Hi Bertina,

How are you?

First, I'd like to thank you and your team to help us in our tours in China. We really enjoyed them. Your team was brilliant. And then, we just had returned to South Korea this week. After leaving China, we traveled to Australia. During the week, I´ll post comments about your experience in China.

Best regards,


Marco‚ South Korea ‚ Jan.17, 2016

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