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Hi Wendy,

Yes I'm back in New Zealand. I have been sharing my experiences with my family, friends and colleagues. They are all very interested in China.

Please find my answers below:

Here below are the questions for you:

1. Yes, both Rita and Wendy have been amazing!

Rita was involved in organizing my itinerary. She answered my queries and provided clear options. She was very professional and friendly. I felt confident with the arrangements and excited to begin my adventures through the tour.

Wendy took over my booking as Rita happily became a mother. Wendy received many emails from me before and during my time in china. She was fantastic to communicate with. She replied very quickly and with clear information. I have been very happy with the service provided by both Wendy and Rita!

2.Yes, The itinerary created was a very good variety of cultural, nature, city and entertainment!

3. Yes, for a foreigner's perception. We like to use app for our scheduling or even online services via a mobile or computer. Email is good, but I imagine your service would be even better than western systems if you offered your clients a portal that provided them the itinerary.

The system could be updated 24x7 allowing you, the tour guide and the client to know all the details. Example. If a tour guide changes. You can update the app information and send a notification to the client without having to try call the client or wait for email.

I think this would be amazing. Even more advance than the western apps.

Thank you Rita.

Thank you thank you thank you Wendy.

You have made me very happy. I had a fantastic time! I will certainly contact you to arrange my next trip to China!

Kindest regards


Lloyd‚ New Zealand‚ March 16, 2017

Dear Wonder,

Just a quick note to THANK YOU very much for the excellent trip you had organised for us. And for booking us with Lisa, the best tour guide ever!!!! :-)

We have just loved your beautiful country, and enjoyed every minute of the week spent there!!! :-)

I have written a review to TripAdvisor, but am not really sure that it is the right place to post it, as the only thing I could find when searching China Discovery on TripAdvisor was “China Discovery - Day Tour”, referring to the Panda Base in Chengdu.

Therefore, I am copying my review to this email.  Please feel free to publish it wherever this might be useful for you, or please send me the links if you want me to publish it myself.

I can also add pictures if you wish. Just tell me if I should send them to you, or publish them myself in the links you would provide.

Once again, thank you for everything!  We will definitely contact you again if we are coming back to China!


I don't write reviews very often.  However, this time, I really felt the need to do so.

We decided to travel to China with our 5 children, knowing nothing about the country.  I read a lot, came across many different reviews and contacted approx. 10 travel agents to help us with the planning of our trip. 

China Discovery came out as the perfect solution.

From Day1, China Discovery met all our expectations.  Not only were they extremely fast in answering all our request (all emails answered within 24 hrs), but they also understood our needs perfectly and came with suggestions that proved during our trip to be excellent.

Let us also mention the flexibility of China Discovery, who adapts to your wishes.  You can book parts of your trip, only some of the hotels or restaurants...  You really decide what you wish and China Discovery adapts to your desires.  From there, they design the tour and pick ups to have the most convenient itinerary based on your choices.

Wonder Wang, our contact for the trip preparation, is 100% reliable, clear, concise and of excellent advice.  He also speaks a perfect English, which is always easy and convenient...

Lisa, our tour guide during our stay, was the sweetest person ever.  She supervised everything for us, in a way that we had never experienced before.  (She took care of the check in of our flights and of our hotels, even though these hotels had not been booked via China Discovery.  She was on the phone until midnight one day, because one of our kid had lost his camera, and she wanted to make sure it had not been found by an employee upon closing time.  These things clearly didn't fall into the list of things she was supposed to do for us. ) 

She assisted us in a non-touristic way, and in a perfect understanding of the western expectations.  (Very good advice for ordering food in restaurants, for example, or for the places to avoid for shopping...)

Last thing to mention: we had a domestic flight postponed (not the responsibility of China Discovery), leading to the cancellation of an activity in our planning.  The next day, our guide, Lisa, was refunding us in cash money without even having been requested by us.

You understood my point: China Discovery is strongly to be recommended!!!! 

Kindest regards,


Larissa‚ ‚ March 15, 2017

Dear Stephanie,

I am very happy with the itinerary you made. You were very helpful and I had quite fast answers to my emails.

All guides were very good and flexible. The only thing I could say to have a better service is: I am not a native English speaker so sometimes guides were talking very fast and I could not understand everything. So my advice is to tell guides to try to speak slowly.

Of course I would recommend your company, your service, and all guides I had. I am so happy after my trip in China. And maybe in the next years I will use your services again ;-)

If you need anything else just ask me.

Thank you

Kind regards


The following pictures were shared by Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was impressed by the architecture of the Temple of Heaven

Rodriguez had a good time in Three Gorges

Rodriguez‚ ‚ March 13, 2017

Hi Catherine,

Thank you so far for a great trip! Our guide in chengdu is wonderful!! Johnny in Xian was exceptional!! Kevin in Beijing was also good. We are happy with the hotels and the flexibility of the guides and customizing for us! One more city but I want to thank you ahead of time.



Jean‚ ‚ March 10, 2017

Dear Wonder,

We enjoyed Chengdu very much . I hope to return this Spring.

It was so helpful to have pick-up and return to the airport. The air tickets worked out very well.

There are some issues I would like to confidentially alert you to- so I will call you personally when I return to China next week.

Thank you again for all the arrangements you made.


Meghan‚ ‚ February 21, 2017

Hi Wonder,

Thank you for the email. Good of you refund, much appreciated!

The Harbin trip was excellent - the experience as great, the hotel was great, connected rooms as needed, Notte is a very good guide and a very decent person, the food was superb - thank you!



Vijay‚ ‚ January 24, 2017

Hi Wonder

We had a very good time with our tour on Saturday.



Scott‚ ‚ January 9, 2017

Hi Vivien,

We really enjoyed our China trip and are very happy with your service. Here are the answers to your questions.

1. Yes very much so. Vivien was very quick to respond to our questions ( even in weekends!)

2. All our tour guides were very good. Their English was excellent, they were always on time, flexible to meet our wishes and very knowledgeable. Having said that, Kevin in Beijing was our favorite.

3. We would definitely recommend your company to our friends.

Thanks again for the great service you provided.

Kind regards

Sandy and Ron

Sandy and Ron‚ ‚ March 6, 2017

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