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Hi Johnson,

I'm very sorry for the delay in replying to you - work has been very busy since the trip! I have provided some responses to your questions below:

1. Is Your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions? Yes, Johnson always replied very promptly and with great information.

2.  How do you comment your tour arrangements? All of the hotels we stayed in were great. Due to the way the tours in the 3 locations were planned, we were able to see all of the key places we wanted to across our trip. The only issue we had with arrangements was the transfer between Xian and Beijing, where there was no clear meeting point for waiting for the tour guide. There was also no time allowed for us to go to the hotel for quick freshen up and food after a 5 hour train journey, which would have made an improvement. I would like to make a special mention of one of our tour guides, who was exceptional and that was Timo in Xian. He was friendly, knowledgeable and made us feel very at ease across the visit; he was also great with my young son and understanding of the groups needs - I would personally recommend him to others visiting the area.

3.  Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China? Yes, I have already recommended you to one friend, who booked a tour to Beijing recently. I will continue to recommend you to others.

4.  Your general opinion on us? Great service, quality tours and for a really competitive price; I will definitely use your company again.

Kind Regards


Sarah‚ ‚ May 11 2017

Dear Mr. Wonder,

Thank you, we are already back home. We can tell you, that we were very satisfied with the all trip and you can use our evaluation also on your website as a reference.

Already during organizing of our trip you had all the time very fast response, usually you answered already the same day and this was also important reason why at beginning I decided to go with China discovery ( at beginning I contacted 3 travel agencies). All guides had offer us promised and expected service, especially we would like to thank and praise Mrs. Ellen (from Huangshan) and Mr. Kennedy (from Gullian), who really put personal signature on the tour. The tour was excellent combination of cities (Shanghai, Beijing), nature (yellow mountains, cruise on Li river, bicycling around Yangshuo), history ( Tuxi, Hongcun and Xidi, Teracota warriors, China great wall...) and cultural events ( we enjoyed acrobatic show Era in Shangai, local show near Hot spring/ Yellow mountains and in Yangshuo). If we will visit China again, we will go for sure with China Discovery and we will recommend China discovery with pleasure also to others, who plan visit to China.



Barbara‚ ‚ May 11 2017

Hi Wing,

We want to thank you for our planning our wonderful trip to China. We came back this morning after a very looping night. All four of us really enjoyed our trip. I will write a lot more to you in the next few days but now I have to take a little nap. We were awake all night plus the flight.

9 days is kind of a silly way to see China. Such a big place and so much to see. We all agreed that we will come for more and we want to do it with you planning it.

I think that you said that you would send me a few pics of you. I hope that you will.


Steve‚ ‚ May 10 2017

Hello Wonder,

We enjoy the cruise but it's a shame that you don't provide a light meal the first day, registered between 18 and 20h1/2. The captain diner was a mistake, poor service, cold food... petty because the waiters where very friendly.

The visit of the dam is a shdow of a visit, too far away, no seen on the spot and the pseudo entry through the visiter center is a jocke.

Days 2 and 3 were a good experience, nice scenary, nice people.

Best regards.


Jacques‚ ‚ May 9 2017

Hi Jack,

The cruise was fine.  The room was very nice and clean.  The people who worked onboard were very nice and attentive.  Unfortunately I had to see the doctor onboard, but he was wonderful.  All of us were happy with the cruise.

Susan Ingram

Susan‚ ‚ May 8 2017

Dear Lyn,

Thank you for your email.

It was indeed a memorable holiday for us, which I would say everything went well according to plan.

Thank you for your kind assistance and arrangements for this holiday, and yes I would certainly recommend you to my friends if they do intend to tour China.

Best regards


Eddie‚ ‚ May 5 2017

Dear Tracy,

Hope all is good at your side.

It was a great day thank you. Now I'm back home to egypt.

Here you go the answers.

1) Yes travel consultant was fast and helpful

2) The tour guide was great, very helpful, making sure I'm enjoying the day, explaining details, taking lots of photos

3) Yes will recommend the company

Many thanks,


Nazly‚ ‚ May 2 2017

Hi Stephanie,

1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your email and patient enough to answer your questions?

Stephanie was very easy to work with.  She helped us arrange the itinerary and made good recommendations regarding the activities, shows and sites.  She was very responsive and quick to answer our questions.  We changed the itinerary several times throughout the pre-trip planning and she was always accommodating. We would highly recommend working with Stephanie.

2. How was the service of the tour guides during the whole tour:

-Randy (Beijing):  Randy was very good.  We really liked how attentive he was to our needs and made sure we were always well taken care of.  He was always on time and stayed close throughout our stay in Beijing.  When we had lunch, he always checked in with us during the meal to insure we had enough to eat and drink.  He had good command of English and was very knowledgeable about all of the sites.  Randy had a vibrant personality and the kids think very highly of Randy as well.  Randy exuded interest and passion in his tours.

-Johnny (Xian):  Johnny was a good tour guide.  He was very knowledgeable and provided a lot of information and spoke very good English.  Johnny was very accommodating and flexible.

-Jennifer (Guilin/Yangshou):   Jennifer was very knowledgeable and spoke excellent English.  She provided a wealth of information about the sites and the general area.  However, we found that Jennifer was not always attentive.  She would often stop and talk to other tour guides or tourists and we often had to stop and wait for her.  This happened multiple times where we lost her briefly.  While visiting West Street, we actually lost her and had to split up to look for her.  We ended up having to borrow a shop owner's phone to contact her only to find that she had gone ahead without waiting for us.  We also had issue with a recommendation she made at the Reed Flute Cave as well.  She had indicated that the walk to the entrance was "half-way up the mountain" and highly recommended that we take the shuttle train for $70 yuan per person ($35 each way).  Thinking that it would save us time, we paid the 280 yuan and this turned out to be a huge waste of money.  The train was extremely slow and not much faster than some pedestrians who walked there. She also recommended a couple of other side tours that would have cost us additional money that we chose not to go on after the experience with the train.  Lastly, when I got injured she was again not as attentive as we would have hoped.  After registering at the hospital, they directed us to wait for the doctor on the second floor.  Initially, she gave us the impression that she did not want to accompany us which was a concern given that we didn't speak Mandarin. She did eventually come and assist with the translation and was helpful.  The driver on the other hand was very concerned about my wellbeing and showed much urgency and care.  On another note, due to the injury, we did not go on the bike ride in the countryside or watch the night show as you know.

-Jessica (Shanghai):   Jessica was a very good tour guide.  She was always very prompt and very attentive.  She was always working to keep us on time and coordinating with the driver to insure we kept on schedule.  She had a sweet personality and good understanding of the sites.  She recommended good restaurants to eat at.  She was very flexible with our scheduling and she always showed concern that we were having a good time.

3.  Would you like to recommend working with our company?

Yes, we would highly recommend China Discovery to others.  We had a wonderful time and saw so many more sites than if we went without a tour.  The entire trip was well organized and comprehensive.  The trip was easy to arrange and we were very well taken care of overall. We would not hesitate to use China Discovery again. 

Thank you

Calvin and Family

Calvin and Family‚ ‚ May 1 2017

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