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Dear Olivia,

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed my trip, and Paul was excellent it suited my needs for the time, I filled in a form at the time of leaving, with Paul he was very helpful.

Henna Ahmad

Henna Ahmad‚ British‚ June 18, 2014

Dear Ian,

I enclose our comments regarding the tour you organised for us. Many thanks for all your help and best wishes to you for your continued success!

Warm regards


Fiona‚ British‚ June 17, 2014

Hi Laura,

On behalf of the four of us we would like to thank you very much for organising a well-planned and memorable trip to the Yunan Province of China, Tibet and Nepal.

We believe that at all times the communication was very good, particularly in the early stages of planning our trip. Your understanding of our requirements to have some flexibility within the tour was great. With our many emails back and forth we did form a special bond which we appreciated and knew when the time came we could make payment with confidence and have the knowledge that our tour was well planned and would run as smoothly as possible.

Over all the guides and the drivers organised were all very polite, all had an incredible knowledge of their regions and religions, all had a very good understanding of English and were outstanding drivers under some very difficult conditions. The trip we undertook was never going to be glamorous or have the wow factors of other parts of China, we wanted to see how the Chinese people live both in the city and in the country, we wanted to know how the people of Tibet manage their lives under some very difficult circumstances, combining their beliefs, their attitudes to life, the difficulties of when they look at the outside world and their acceptance/tolerance of China on a day to day basis. Our guides were not critical but gave us a well balanced view. For that we thank them.

Thank you very much Laura.

On behalf of

Graeme & Lynda Pearson & Ross & Di Wilson

(The following photos are shared by Graeme, Lynda, Ross & Di Wilson)

Tour in EBC

Tour in Tibet

Graeme & Lynda, Ross & Di Wilson‚ ‚ June 16, 2014

Hi Ian,

Thanks a lot for the tour arrangement. I really enjoyed them, especially the Chinese Join In tour (Changsha-ZhangJiaJie) tour. I met a lot of great people and friends in that group, including the old man next to me in the Tianmen Mountain's picture that I sent you. He is 75, which is twice my age, but made it to the top almost as fast as me :). China is a very beautiful country with a lot of great people (including you). I hope I can spend more time there. There are still a lot to explore. Like mentioned before, I would like to go back again, and we will hopefully meet then. 

Keep in touch.


(The following photo is shared by Chong)

Tour in Zhangjiajie

Chong‚ Malaysia‚ June 15, 2014

Hi Ian,

I have had an awesome trip in China, and partly it is due to your service that make things easier for me.

I do know that I can save money by doing all these and the tours by myself especially due to the fact that I can speak and read Chinese, but if I have to choose again, I will undoubtedly still utilize your service. Your tour guides are very professional and knowledgeable, I learned a great deal from them. For all of the tours (3 in totals), I have enough time to do what I want, and not have to deal with any of the "shopping trap" (tours that include time to shop and talk to sellers that never "let go").


(The following photos are shared by Chong)

Tour in Guilin

Tour in Dunhuang

Chong‚ Malaysia‚ June 13, 2014

Dear Isabel,

Sorry, but coming home from a trip means that there is always a lot of work waiting for you!

We had a wonderful trip, the weather was perfect, the Hotels en flights were good organized. Our guides were helpful and perfect on time.

Our friends traveling with us were very positive also.


(The following photos are shared by Hans)

Cycling on Xian Ancient Wall

Tour Grottoes in Lanzhou

Hans‚ ‚ June 13, 2014

Hi Tiger,

Thank you we are safely in our HK hotel.

China adventure was fantastic we enjoyed every part we visited and the local guides were all very helpful and caring.

We will send photos when we arrive home in UK at end of June.

I was disappointed that I missed speaking with you in Guilin but the telephone and Wifi in our room was not working

We are now relaxing a little in Hong Kong reliving our memorable visit to your beautiful country.

We will recommend your service to our friends.

Kindest regards

Brenda & Gordon

Brenda & Gordon‚ UK‚ June 12, 2014

Hi Wonder,

I'm sorry for my late reply.  We just got back to the United States yesterday.  We were in the Philippines for a few days after leaving China.  In summary the arrangements that you made worked perfectly!

1. The train from Wuhan to Zhangjiajie via Yichang was no problem.  Both trains had all of us together and we were quite comfortable.
2. Vivian met us at Zhangjiajie and was an excellent tour guide.  Her English is good and vocabulary and understanding excellent.
3. The Pullman Hotel was very nice.
4. Tours were very good and we saw a good variety of the Zhangjiajie Park.
5. The overnight train to Guangzhou in a soft sleeper was nice. We had all four of us in a single compartment that was comfortable and as promised.
6. We made our way to Hong Kong from Guangzhou with no problem at all. 

Thank you very much for making these arrangements.  If I want another trip in China outside of the big cities I will not hesitate to contact you. How difficult is it to take the train from Beijing (or Shanghai) to Lhasa, Tibet?  Is it difficult to get travel permits for Tibet if I am not with a tour group. I would like to see more of the remote parts of China since I travel to the big cities Guangzhou/Shanghai/Wuhan/Beijing several times a year.

David Small

David Small ‚ United States‚ June 12, 2014

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