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Dear Stephanie:

Please excuse me for my late replay, but finally we got home again and I have been very busy updating everything I left for 20 days.

Dear Stephanie, All our trip was a very nice Dream Come True. Everything has been exceptional, enjoyable, and professional on the services provided by China Discovery and of course everything arranged by Yangtze River Cruises.

Every day was an exceptional experience, never imagined

Your personal were always on time and willing to serve whatever our requirements were, and always with promptitude, and excellent kind attitude.

The hole trip has been very interesting, fun, and of course a Little beat tired, but I think we did something that not many people do, knowing the many cities we just visited. At the end I think it was a very wise decision to get close to you and let you arranged all for us, because you are the specialist in China, and you have an amazing, surprising and interesting country

Stephanie we all are very thankful with you in particular, and with the staff you designed to attend us everywhere.

You were very fast answering to all our requirements, and answering all our dudes.

Something that you really don´t know about us, is that Claudia and I, we are Travel Agents, and we have a Travel Agency in Mexico City, we have a Franchise of an Aeromexico City Ticket Office, and every day we sell Airline Tickets, especially for Sky Team Airlines, mainly for Aeromexico Airlines, that flies direct from Mexico to Shanghai (PVG), AND OF COURSE BE SURE WE WILL RECOMMEND YOUR TRAVEL AGENCY TO OUR CUSTOMERS, because we are very pleased with the services you provided us.

Stephanie, thank you very much for your professional support.



Marco‚ ‚ December 8, 2016

Good day Jack,

Overall the trip at Yangtze Cruises is ok. Thanks for the arrangement.


Peter ‚ ‚ December 7, 2016

Hi Jack,

Well, here it is, just a little over a month since our amazing trip to China and Hong Kong.  We are still talking about it, people are still asking about it, and we wish we had more pictures and a journal to document our experiences.  We must remember that the next time.

We have not submitted information regarding the services provided by China Discovery during our trip.  I would like to work on that, however, I need the names of our tour guides to help my memory.  Would you please send me the first name of all our guides you provided on our tour?  I made comments for every survey that each guide gave us.  I hope they turned them in to you.  Anyway, I will wait for you to email me their names so I can respond to the survey.  Yes, if there is any comment or advice in my survey response which could be of help to your company, then please use it in your advertisement.  As for pictures, we will send them if we feel they are striking and worth publishing.

Thank you again for an awesome tour! We will be sure to use your services whenever we are in Asia.


Ellen‚ ‚ December 5, 2016

Dear Stephanie,

Yes we just reached home today. We had a great trip and just wished it was longer. 

1) My travel consultant was very professional and helpful. Was able to clear all my doubts and make arrangements suitable to our needs. 

2) Tour guide was really good. Very friendly person and comfortable to be with. Miss Smiley was able to make the tour more fun and made some adjustments to accommodate our request. She has a good knowledge and was able to explain most of the questions. 

3) I would definitely recommend this tour to my friends & family. 

Thank you


The following pictures were shared by Vignesh.



Happy time with Local People

Vignesh‚ ‚ November 22, 2016

Dear Stephanie

We had a great time, thanks, and are now home. We gave some written feedback to our guides for you & I have also answered your questions below.

1. Yes, responses were quick & all questions answered

2. Our guides' English was excellent & their knowledge of the sites good. They were on time each day & helpful when we had questions. The drivers were efficient. In Chengdu Daniel was friendly & fun to talk to, it was nice to be with a guide not far from our own age. The visit to the Buddha in Leshan could have been timed better to avoid the worst of the crowds, although we appreciate that is difficult due to the large number of visitors there. In Jiuzaigou Bob was quieter but had impeccable knowledge of the park & how to enjoy it whilst avoiding the crowds. We felt a bit awkward when he took us to the tea house at the end as we did not want to buy anything & felt pressure to do so.

3. We would recommend your company


Alice‚ ‚ November 22, 2016

Hi Stephanie,

There are answers to your questions.

  1. Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

Yes, I have no complaints about the agent, Yangtze River Cruises. Stephanie was very attentive dealing with changes to planned room bookings. The deposit and balance requested and paid smoothly.

2.  How’s the service of the tour guides during your whole tour?

The tour guides were fine. The ship guide made sure everyone knew what was happening and being in the right location at the right time. Standard of English was good. The food might be improved a little.

Would you like to recommend our company?


Extra feedback for Stephanie:

I only managed to read your very useful email on where the boat would sail from (pier 2 at Chongquin) after I returned to the UK because 'hotmail' emails get blocked by hotmail when you are away from your home. I hadn't realised.

If you have western customers booking cruises/ tours using 'hotmail' accounts, you might warn them that once they get away from their home country, they will not be able to access their accounts because of hotmail's remote access restriction.

This is no criticism of Yangtze River Cruises. You could ask people for a second email address in case their primary email address gets blocked and copy with both email addresses.You might suggest this only after they have booked but before they have left because you wouldn't want anything to stop them booking.

Kind regards,


Malcolm‚ ‚ November 5, 2016

Dear Stephanie!

I am delighted to share my impressions with you because the trip was just breath-taking!

In the attachment you will find some pictures as well

As for your questions

-yes, my consultant Stephanie is a true professional, who provided me with all necessary guidance

-my tour guide in Lhasa turned out to be a very affable and approachable young woman willing to meet all my needs

-I will definitely recommend your company to all of my friends!


The following pictures were shared by Lisa.



Lisa has an memorable journey in Tibet

Lisa‚ ‚ October 31, 2016

Greetings Ms. Stephanie,

Do you have a mailing address that I can use to send you something?  I'm just wondering. 

The trips you have arranged are wonderful! Is there a review I can give your company?  Also, I will write good reviews for TripAdvisor on the Internet. We are headed for Maijishan today.  Each day is soooooo packed full of amazement.

I'm just keeping you posted, and thanking you again for your great job.

Hope you are getting some good adventures in on weekends with your friend.

Best Wishes,


Margaret‚ ‚ October 30, 2016

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