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Hi Stephanie,

How are you?

Remember us?  Apologies for not replying sooner.

We had a wonderful tour & have now settled back home.

After our China tour we traveled to Hong Kong & returned via Vietnam.

In response to your questions:-

As our consultant, you were able to answer our requirements with patience & with speed.

All tour guides were patient with us & very knowledgeable in their area.

Tashi in Lhasa was particularly informative & a terrific guide for us.

We already have some friends asking how we organised our tour & will definitely refer them to you.

Some extra comments...

We had a flight from Lhasa to Xian which had 1 stopover. We think most tourists want direct flights & flights that arrive at the destination at a reasonable hour for check in & dinner at the new hotel.

We had been given a late flight Shanghai to Guilin which was also delayed by 2 hours that made arrival about 8.30 - 9pm. at the hotel. It is also making a late night for the guide who was there to collect us at the airport.

In this case for Guilin, our flight departure to Hong Kong was also delayed by about 5 hours. Therefore we did not see Guilin from the aircraft flying in or out. We arrived at our HK hotel at 1am. Next morning. Not your fault but just to emphasize that it is best to plan earlier flights if possible just in case.

Anyway, we had some marvelous experiences & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Sometimes difficult to make contact outside of China without the Google internet. It may be best to give well in advance warning for tourists to arrange an alternative email address.

Thank you so much for your organizing. We could not have done it without you.

All the best.


Kevin & Jannette

Kevin & Jannette‚ ‚ May 17 2017

Dear Johnson,

Thank you very much for everything. The tour was amazing. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Here is the evaluation:

1.    Is your travel consultant of our company fast enough to answer your E-mail and patient enough to answer your questions?

The travel consultant always replied promptly to all my questions, offering lots of details.

2.    How do you comment your tour arrangements?

The arrangements for the tours were excellent. I encountered no problems of any kind during the tours. The organizers paid attention to every detail, so my wife and I could enjoy the sightseeing without any headache.

3.    Are you willing to recommend our service to your people who also have an interest to visit China?

I will certainly recommend you to everyone. Your professionalism truly deserves it.

4.  Your general opinion on us?

You are a very detail-oriented team of professional workers dedicated to what you do best.

5.    Do you have any suggestions on improving our services?

Given the high degree of professionalism that you have displayed, I truly believe that there is nothing that could be improved at this time. Congratulations!

6.    Can we use your comments of our service, the photos or other images that you took on the tour for our websites, brochures, marketing and publicity? If yes, could you please send us some of your photos by E-mail?

You can use my comments, but please don't publish my e-mail. Thank you once again for everything!



Robert‚ ‚ May 17 2017

Hi Vivien,

Xi'An sights were great. Seeing the Terracotta warriors was another big item from our bucket list. Just a note, guide was good but his or her attitude needs improvement!

Guilin / Yangshuo were very good as well even though we were unfortunate to have a rainy day during the river cruise. Guide Jennifer / Menjia was outstanding same as Ivory in Beijing. Jenifer is very knowledgeable and she went out of her way to meet our demands. Thank you.

Thanks for names and contacts for Kunming and Lijiang.



Francesco‚ ‚ May 17 2017

Hi Vivien,

Sorry for such a late reply, but I did want to let you know that the trip went very well.

It was very interesting and all flowed pretty smoothly.

For me the highlights were the Great Wall, the Terracotta warriors, Lhasa, and Chengdu. All of which were so interesting, I think Susan has already mentioned we didn't enjoy Guilin and the cruise so much and perhaps a shorter time in that area may have been better.

I would particularly like to mention the guide in Chengdu, Eben and the guide in Lhasa, Jamien (not sure of spelling) who were both delightful and made our stays in those areas really good.

Hope these comments are helpful.



Merryn‚ ‚ May 16 2017

Hi Stephanie,

I really enjoyed the visit, both of the guides were great!

Thanks again for the help,


Terry‚ ‚ May 16 2017

Dear Ms. Vivian Li,

Sorry for taking so long, but I'd be delighted to give you some feedback.

The tour was very well organized. The cabins were in good condition and quite spacy. Even if one didn't want to go out it gave a comfortable feeling. The room-service was excellent. Mind you, we didn't see much of the room-service but we felt their presenz. Always clean and fresh. We enjoyed the self-service buffett because it meant you only get what you really wanted and how much you wanted. The service in the restaurant was excellent. Quick and friendly. As we travelled as a mixed family (chin - engl) which weren't able to speak each others language, we appreciated the occassionally help (translating) of the servants in the restaurant on deck 6 (especially Daisy and Abby). The rest of the crew was also very helpful and friendly.

Do to the low water level, going from and on bord was a challenge (especially for any handicaped people). The lift was a great help for my wife, but - why does it have to end on deck 5 when the cabin was on deck 6 :-)  For reasons unknown I took part on all excursions, which was very exhausting at times. 1000 steps or more up and down to the pagoda, temple and so - but it was worth every step. As I said, a very well organized and planned tour and excursions.

Even if the excursions were timed, one never had the feeling to be in a hurry. It seemed there was, even in a tight time shedule, always time to rest in between.

With other words, I would always recommend this particular river cruise.

For the photo's, well - I'll take the time and find you some. I'll send them on a seperate email.

Best regards


The following picture was shared by Rolf.

Yangtze River Cruise

God's Peak along Yangtze River

Yangtze River Cruise

Scenery of Shennv Stream

Yangtze River Cruise

Overlook View from Shibaozhai Pagoda

Rolf ‚ ‚ May 16 2017


1.    Answering questions and emails – yes our travel consultant – Jack Li was prompt in responding to our questions and requests while planning the trip to visit Guilin, Longsheng, Sanjiang and Yangshuo. He was also available on the phone when we needed to get to talk to him quickly and that was reassuring to know that there were no problems with the trip as planned.

2.    Comments on the tour arrangements – Jack Li was responsive to our requests and interests, he was able to make adjustments to the itinerary and gave realistic price quotes for our consideration.  Then he gave updates on the planned itinerary which made things clearer for us. Any changes needed was quickly made to accommodate our requests. He has done a very good job in planning out the itinerary – the tour covered quite long distances at times, especially to Longsheng and then to Sanjiang. But the trip was really special – a once in a life-time visit. The driver and guide also provided excellent services that made the journey interestingly worthwhile and comfortable.

3.    Willingness to recommend your service to others who have an interest to visit China – Yes, absolutely! We have already recommended “China Discovery” to our friends who had expressed interest to visit China – and have recommended going on a private tour arrangement is the best!

4.    General opinion on your company – Great job done by all concerned – information on our itinerary was shared by Jack Li to the local guide (Kennedy), who was excellent and did a wonderful job in taking great care of us throughout the 6 days. The driver was also most helpful and his even temperament and cheerful attitude each day started the day well. We couldn’t have wished for a better team! Thank you!

That’s all – and thank you for arranging such a memorable tour for us! We may contact you all again for any future trip to China. Yes, you ay use our comments of your service and any photos that we may provide.

From: Stephen and Yolanda Chong


Toronto‚ Canada‚ May 15 2017

Dear Wing Zeng

We are now back in Sweden after our trip to Tibet. We are very satisfied and the tour was wonderful. Thank you for all your help.

Best regards

Johan Wingborg

Johan‚ ‚ May 15 2017

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