Recommended Mount Siguniang Tour Packages with Other Destinations in Sichuan

Mount Siguniang is situated on the Western Sichuan Small Tourist Loop, well linking with Danba, Tagong Grassland, Xinduqiao, Kangding, Hailuogou Glacier Park and other eye-catching attractions. It is a good idea to extend your trip longer, taking about 6~8 days. Besides the destinations on Western Sichuan, you are highly recommended to cover the hot destinations such as Jiuzhaigou Valley, Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei, Dujiangyan Panda Base and Mount Qingcheng... Also, you are welcomed to travel beyond Sichuan to other hot destinations of China. Discover China with us!  

Xinduqiao Scenic Driving Road in Autumn
7 Days Western Sichuan Small Loop Tour

Chengdu / Dujiangyan / Mount Siguniang / Danba / Tagong / Xinduqiao / Hailuogou / Chengdu

  • Discover Mount Siguniang graceful appearance from the best location and enjoy the classic scenic hiking routes at its scenic valleys;
  • Walk amongst Jiaju and Suopo Tibetan villages in Danba to closely see their exquisite dwelling houses in beautiful forest;
  • Have great fun at Tagong Grassland to visit inspiring Tagong Monastery, overlook Yala Snow Mountain and enjoy horse riding and other activities on grassland;
  • Have your personal admiration of the famous ideal alpine countryside view under dreamy natural lights at the favored road to Xinduqiao;
  • Explore the world-class large scaled marine time glacier and verdant virgin forest at Hailuogou Glacier Park.
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    Changping Valley Muluozi in Autumn
    8 Day Diverse Sichuan Exploration Tour

    Chengdu / Mount Siguniang / Danba / Tagong / Xinduqiao / Leshan / Emei / Chengdu

    This 8-day itinerary is the best combo for you to savor the wonderful diversity of scenery and culture essences in vast Sichuan. You will not only have great fun in Western Sichuan to explore the beautiful alpine sightseeing of lakes, mountains, valleys, grassland, villages, Tibetan monasteries, etc. at Mount Siguniang, Danba, Xinduqiao, Tagong, etc. by car driving, but also, make a worthy visit to the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage splendors at Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei to see the quite different Sichuan basin natural views from down to top and enjoy the Chinese Buddhist culture with sacred visit to different temple sites and the must-go Golden Summit with relaxing hiking and cruising experience!

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    Xinduqiao Town Countryside Scenery in Autumn
    6 Days Western Sichuan Autumn Sightseeing Tour

    Chengdu / Wolong / Mount Siguniang / Danba / Tagong / Xinduqiao / Kangding / Chengdu

    This tour takes you to discover all top beautiful destinations in Western Sichuan in their best beautiful period, including Mount Siguniang National Park, Xinduqiao, Danba, Tagong, Kangding, etc.! You will not only see the colorful forests, meadows and lakes with far admiration of the holy Sichuan mountain “queen”, but also enjoy a nice morning to take famous photos of Xinduqiao’s idyllic rural landscape matching postcards. Besides, you will walk at enchanting Jiaju Suopo villages to have the impressive panorama of hundreds of white houses and ancient towers appearing in the colorful forests mountain. Moreover, you will spend relaxing hours on the enormous grassland, stunning alpine lakes, etc., appreciate top snow peaks, close up to precious giant pandas in the captive base, and so on to impress you an unforgettable memory of the core Western Sichuan dyed into golden yellow and more brilliant Autumn colors!

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    View from Shenxianbao Viewing Platform
    8 Days Sichuan Spring Tour with Flowers Appreciation

    Chengdu / Siguniangshan / Jinchuan / Danba / Tagong / Xinduqiao / Leshan / Chengdu

    Spring is the ideal time to visit China! What are your favored destinations to catch the beauty in SPRING? What is your style to fully feel the vitality of spring? Sichuan Province, praised as the Land of Abundance, is no doubt one of the best regions with many stunning destinations to be visited in spring. So we’ve specially designed Sichuan Spring tour making you catch the best of spring in Sichuan! This 8-day tour takes you get into the most beautiful village in China with pear flowers blooming all over the Tibetan-styled village, as well attend the Jinchuan Snow Pear Festival to immerse into the sea of flowers, and of course, you won’t miss the special experience with Jiayang Steam Train to travel through golden rape flowers before marveling at the largest stone Buddha in the world.

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