Changping Valley of Mount Siguniang National Park

For most travelers who come to Mount Siguniang, the best and most common way to appreciate the beauty of “the Alps of the East” is exploring its three valleys by hiking. Mount Siguniang is composed of Four Girls Mountains (with altitudes at 5355 meters, 5454 meters, 5664 meters, and 6250 meters) and three breathtaking valleys - Shuangqiao Valley (双桥沟), Changping Valley (长坪沟) and Haizi Valley (海子沟).

Among them, Changping Valley is a mature valley for sightseeing designed with sightseeing bus, plank road, hiking trail, and horse riding. Changping Valley, with a total length of 29 kilometers, is located in the middle of three valleys (Shuangqiao Valley to the west and Haizi Valley to the east) which forms the nearest valley to catch the gorgeous appearance of Mount Siguniang. Besides, Changping Valley is the paradise for outdoor enthusiasts for it is the base camp of Mount Sanguniang and Mount Yaomei. Furthermore, Changping Valley offers more wild experience with an in-depth hiking to Bipenggpou Valley in Lixian County. What are you waiting for? Come and unlock the mysterious veil of Mount Siguniang - the Queen of Sichuan’s Peaks!

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What to See in Changping Valley

Covering an area of 100 square meters, Changping Valley has 21 tourist spots along this 29-kilometer valley. Entering into this kingdom of plants, you’ll not only be fully amazed by its primitive beautiful natural landscape, but also be touched by the miraculous legends and unique cultures of Rgyalrong Tibetan.

Changping Valley can be divided into three parts - scenery along the plank road, end of plank road to Muluozi (木骡子), and Muluozi - Chazigou - north end of the valley.

Recommended Attractions along the Plank Road

Lama Monastery (喇嘛寺, altitude: 3450 meters): Built in 15th century, this monastery is the Tibetan-style monastery which belongs to the Gelug Sect. This temple was very prosperous in history and the monks were up to 1000. Lama Monastery is located at the starting point of hiking that you won’t miss to feel its holiness and solemnity. The colorful prayer flags blow in the wind in the quiet plateau valley surrounded by magnificent mountains.

Withered-Tree Beach (枯树滩, altitude: 3470 meters): This area is a wild riverbed with clear waters and numerous tall withered-tree pointing to sky. Stop for a while to enjoy the sturdy beauty and look afar for the snow-capped peaks. It was said that this place was the battleground of Morre Dora and Baron. When Morre Dora was burned by the magical mirror and escaped, then the trees got in the neck and withered. They were reputed as “Traditional Chinese Painting Tree”, and “Three-dimensional Bonsai”.

Recommended Attractions from End of Plank Road to Muluozi

Sea Buckthorn Forest (沙棘林): This area has kept the primitive living condition of sea buckthron trees. Influenced by tall arbor trees, the sea buckthron trees look shorter and more gentle. It is called “the King of Vitamin C”.

Upper Dry Sea & Lower Dry Sea (上下甘海子): These two sea were abundant with water once and they were dried up when the river changed its waterway. Now, it become the wetland for flocks and herds. For Mount Siguniang hikers, the Upper Dry Sea and Lower Dry Sea are the important base camps for challenging Mount Sanguniang and Mount Yaomei.

Red Stone Beach (红石阵): According to the legend, when Baron changed into the peaks, the four sisters were so sad and tears dried and blood came out of their eyes and ran onto the rock. You can catch a magnificent scene at this place - snow-capped Four Sister Mountains, glacier, white clouds, blue sky, red stone...all into one peaceful image.

Muluozi (木骡子, altitude: 3670 meters): Located at the north side of Mount Siguniang, Muluozi is regarded as the ending point for most regular hikers. This place is vast grassland offering rest stop. Here, you can enjoy alpine meadow, wetland, redwood scenery...If you want to trek further to the end of Changping Valley, you need to hire a guide or join in outdoor club.

Changping Valley of Mount Siguniang Lama Monastery, the starting point of Changping Valley
Changping Valley of Mount Siguniang Muluozi with gorgeous alpine view
Mount Siguniang Tourist Map Click to Enlarge Mount Siguniang Tourist Map

Best Way to Explore Changping Valley

Hiking (Light or Medium Challenge, Recommended for Most Travelers)

In order to feel the amazing beauty of Mount Siguniang Scenic Area, the best way and most recommended way is by hiking. The classic hiking is composed with two parts - hiking along the plank road and hiking from the end of plank road to Muluozi.

The first section of hiking is on a plank walkway with steps, easy to walk, just little ascends or decends. Along this way, you can see monastery, waterfalls, deep valleys, withered-tree beach and so on. This hiking distance is about 7 kilometers. The hiking along the plank road back and forth needs around 4 hours in total.

After that the hiking gets more closer to nature, it was not always easy to keep your shoes dry since you will hike on the mud road. It is recommended to bring walking boots if you want to hike a longer distance. This section is evolved with forests, meadow, grassland, red stone, and different alpine plants. The whole distance is about 15 kilometers. The whole hiking from Lama Monastery to Muluozi and getting back needs 8 hours in total.

Changping Valley of Mount Siguniang Changping Valley

Travelers should spend one full day exploring Changping Valley by hiking. You can choose how long you can finish the hiking based on your real physical condition at that time. Learn more about Mount Siguniang Hiking & Best Routes, Maps >>

>> 4 Days Mount Siguniang Classic Hiking Tour

In-depth Hiking from Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley

The rest hiking from Muluozi to the end of Changping Valley is about 14 kilometers. This section is chosen by travelers who go with outdoor clubs or an experienced local guide. Trekking from Changping Valley through Bifeng Valley is called “One of the Top 10 Hiking Trails in China”. To go further, it needs another two days from Muluozi to trek through Bipeng Valley. On the first day, you can go like Muluozi - Shuidaba - Chazigou Base Camp (about 6-7 hours’ hiking). On the second day, you can continue for hiking Chazigou - Sankeshu - Panyang Lake - Yueliangwan - Lixian County (about 10 hours’ hiking). It is not recommended for regular travelers.

Horse Riding (Energy-Saving, Comfortable Pace & Reasonable Cost)

If your physical condition limits, it is recommended to take horse riding along this long valley. Horses can be hired at Lama Monastery. Prices vary with different sections, usually around 100-350 Yuan/person. Please set the price before hopping on the horse.

Sections Estimated Time Needed
Lama Monastery - Withered-Tree Beach about 2 hours
Withered-Tree Beach - Dragon Cave about 0.5 hour
Dragon Cave - Sea Buckthorn Forest about 0.5 hour
Sea Buckthorn Forest - Upper Dry Sea & Lower Dry Sea about 1 hour
Upper Dry Sea & Lower Dry Sea - Lianghekou about 1 hour
Lianghekou - Muluozi about 1 hour

(Note: the above time listed is the estimated time in normal condition. It may change slightly based on the real situation.)

Best Time to Visit Changping Valley of Mount Siguniang

The suitable period to come to Mount Siguniang and Changping Valley is from late May to July (June is the best), and from September to November (September to October is the best). In May and June, Mount Siguniang is going to wake up from the cold, long winter. Wild flowers are going to blossom into the valleys at different altitudes. It looks very fantastic during this time. The temperature is around 10 ℃-20 ℃ which is very comfortable to hike along Changping Valley.

From September to November, the leaves and grasses are going to change their colors - red, golden, green, white, gray adding radiance and beauty to each other. The scenery is indeed charming. The temperature during this time is around 5℃-15 ℃. It is very suitable for hiking, photography and other activities.

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Changping Valley of Mount Siguniang Beautiful Autumn Scene of Changping Valley

Tickets & Opening Hours

Tickets: The entrance ticket for Changping Valley is 70 Yuan/person in peak seasons (Apr. 1-Nov. 30) and 50 Yuan/person in low seasons (Dec.1 - next Mar. 31). The sightseeing bus costs another 20 Yuan/person which serves travelers between entrance and Lama Monastery with 7-kilometer drive (about 15 minutes for sightseeing bus).

Opening Hours: Changping Valley opens all year round.
(1) From Apr. 1 to Nov. 30, it opens during 07:00-17:00 ; the ticket selling time is during 07:00-15:30 (travelers are not allowed to get into the valley after 15:30). The sightseeing buses run during 07:20-17:30.
(2) From Dec.1 to next Mar. 31, it opens during 07:30-17:00, and the ticket selling time is during 07:30-15:00 (travelers are not allowed to get into the valley after 15:00). The sightseeing buses run during 07:30-17:00.

How to Get to Changping Valley from Chengdu?

The distance between Chengdu (the capital city of Sichuan Province with convenient transportation) and Changping Valley of Mount Siguniang is about 205 kilometers. The most popular way to get from Chengdu to Mount Siguniang is by private car, taking about 4-5 hours’ driving. If you travel independently, you can take coach or long distance bus at Chadianzi Bus Station (茶店子车站) with 3 coaches (depart in the morning) running from Chengdu to Xiaojin County that you can stop at Siguniangshan Town (previously called Rilong Town). After arriving at Siguniangshan Town, you only need to transfer another 2 kilometers from the town to the entrance of Changping Valley. You can either by car or walking. The whole transfer needs about 5 hours in total.

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Chengdu to Mount Siguniang Map Click to Enlarge Chengdu to Mount Siguniang Map

Important Travel Tips & Notes for Changping Valley

Sightseeing Bus

Sightseeing bus is available between the entrance and Lama Monastery which is about 7 kilometers. For most travelers will buy the ticket to save energy in order to spend more time in Changping Valley. No sightseeing bus is available between Lama Monastery and Muluozi. If you want to explore this section in an easy way, it is recommended to take horse riding which is interesting and energy saving.

4 Hours’ Hiking V.S. 8 Hours’ Hiking

The distance is about 15 kilometers from Lama Monastery to Muluozi which needs about 8 hours for hiking. The distance from Lama Monastery to the end of plank road is about 7 kilometers which takes about 4 hours for hiking. The 4-hour hiking is easy to accomplish for most travelers. And the 8-hour hiking is a little challenge for some travelers. No matter which section you want to choose, just feel free to let us know.

Packing Tips for Changping Valley Hiking

Comfortable walking boots, middle-sized backpack (20 L), trekking pole, outdoor jacket, fleece jackets, underwear, sun glasses, umbrella, several pairs of socks, bataclave, sunblocking cream, enough snacks and food, some cash, vacuum cup, warm water, camera, backup battery, celephone, power bank, anti high altitude drugs, etc.

Restaurant & Eating

It is highly recommended to take enough food and warm water with you. There is no restaurant in this valley and only 3 snack stands with limited foods to charge yourselves. Don’t drink cold water.

Keep Warm & Have a Good Sleep

The altitudes range from 3200 meters to 3760 meters. Keeping warm is the first thing when do the hiking along Changping Valley. And also important is that travelers should have good sleep the night before hiking. In this way, you will fight against high altitude sickness.

Don’t Do Hiking in Following Condition

Travelers who are lack of energy, have hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart disease, are not suggested to visit Mount Siguniang and Shuangqiao Valley. It is recommended to do light activities in Chengdu downtown and around.


The camping site is at Muluozi, on the foot of Mount Siguniang. Travelers need to apply a permit from Changping Valley Outdoor Management Center (in tourist center in town). If you want to camp, adequate equipment is needed for the temperature drops sharply at night.

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Differences among Three Valleys & How to Plan the Tour

Since there are three valleys with different features, it’s time to figure out which valley to choose based on your time, cost, interests and energy.

Valley Location Length Style Scenery Suggested Time
Shuangqiao Valley left one 34.8 km sightseeing bus; easy to explore the whole valley most beautiful landscape with three forest belts. Can not see Mount Siguniang peaks directly half day or 1 day
Changping Valley middle one 29 km hiking, horse riding; paradise for regular hikers; finish two-thirds of the valley can catch Mount Siguniang view clearly; typical highland scenery 1 day
Haizi Valley right one 19.2 km horse riding; tough hiking experience offers the best location to shoot Mount Siguniang scenery 1 day

Spending 2 to 3 days touring Mount Siguniang is the common choice. Most travelers will come from Chengdu to Siguniangshan by car with us, taking about 4-5 hours. Then the following two days is the exploration about two of the three valleys. You can choose among Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley and then combine two into the itinerary.

Itinerary A: Mount Siguniang Admiration Plus Relaxing Sightseeing

You can first explore Changping Valley either by hiking or horse riding. And on the next day, visit Shuangqiao Valley by sightseeing bus.

>> 3 Days Mount Siguniang Beauty Tour with Leisure Experience

Itinerary B: Mount Siguniang Admiration Plus Tough Hiking Experience

Combining Changping Valley and Haizi Valley into one trip will be tough for some hikers. Both Changping Valley and Haizi Valley need hike by yourselves. Instead, you can hire a horse to save energy.

>> 4 Days Mount Siguniang Classic Hiking Tour

Itinerary C: Mount Siguniang Admiration Plus Gorgeous Alpine Scenery

Choosing Shuangqiao Valley and Haizi Valley is another way to experience both the most beautiful highland scenery in a leisure pace and challenge yourselves to hike the tough horse trail in Haizi Valley. It brings you huge contrast and the best Mount Siguniang scenery.

Itinerary D: Three Valleys Plus Mount Siguniang Admiration

If you plan 3 days to explore all of the three valleys, yes, you can do this. Visit Shuangqiao Valley first, then Changping Valley and the last Haizi Valley. From the easy one to the tough one, you can finish the hiking trip in 3 days.

>> 4 Days Mount Siguniang In-depth Tour with Wolong Panda Visiting

Please feel free to tell us your likes and which itinerary you are interested in. Contact Us now.

Shuangqiao Valley of Mount Siguniang Haizi Valley, the Right Valley of Mount Siguniang
Shuangqiao Valley of Mount Siguniang Shuangqiao Valley, the Left Valley of Mount Siguniang

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