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4 Days Mount Siguniang Classic Hiking Tour

Classic Hiking at the Eastern Alps

Mount Siguniang, about 205 kilometers from Chengdu, can be reached within 4-5 hours, making it an accessible paradise for hiking. Mount Siguniang, in Chinese means Mountain of Four Girls, is composed of four neighboring snow peaks over 5,300 meters high arraying in a straight line within short 3.5km. Yaomei Peak (6,250 meters) is the second highest mountain in Sichuan, and known as the Queen of All Sichuan Mountains. And Yaomei Peak is being praised as the “Eastern Alps” for its breathtaking beauty.

There are three beautiful alpine valleys lying at the foot of Mount Siguniang - Shuangqiao Valley in the west, Changping Valley in the middle and Haizi Valley in the east. If we say the four snow peaks are the dream destinations for trekkers who want to experience serious challenging climbing, then the three valleys are the paradise for all the people who want to enjoy the fun and joy of hiking or walking which is enjoyable at moderate pace and full of opportunities to explore nature landscape.

This 4-day Mount Siguniang hiking tour starts from Chengdu and ends in Chengdu and covers two amazing valleys - Changping Valley and Haizi Valley where you can best enjoy the beauty of Mount Siguniang peaks. China Discovery is local based in Chengdu, Sichuan, and you can feel free to take the tour with us at the best price and fully enjoy the fun of hiking. Go!

  • Type : Private Tour
  • Tour Code : CD-MSHT-04
  • Price : from $612
    1. 1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one double-bed room in 4-star hotel and traveling in low seasons;
    2. 2. This price is subject to change according your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate.
  • Theme : Nature / Hiking
  • Physical Demands :


  • Enjoy a leisure tour to Dujiangyan Irrigation System before heading to Mount Siguniang. Marvel at the incredible design of this engineering feat constructed around 256 BC.
  • Seize the precious chance to catch the panoramic view of Mount Siguniang and see clearly the snow-capped Four Girls Mountain standing elegantly in a row above the sea of clouds;
  • Spend one full day hiking in Changping Valley and you’ll not only be fully amazed by its primitive beautiful natural landscape, but also be touched by the miraculous legends and unique cultures of Rgyalrong Tibetan.
  • Take another full day to hike in Haizi Valley which is wilder and more primitive than Changping Valley. Stand at the best location to shoot the Mount Siguniang in distance. Your best memory will be here!
Itinerary Day by Day (Can Be Customized)
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Day 1 Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Siguniangshan Town (L)

Drive to Mount Siguniang, and Visit Dujiangyan Irrigation System on the Way

After breakfast, your driver and guide will pick you up at your hotel in Chengdu downtown. The following journey will be a scenic driving from Chengdu to Mount Siguniang, about 205 kilometers away. To enrich your experience on the way, you’ll pay a visit to Dujiangyan Irrigation System, a 2000 year-old living world heritage and ecological engineering feat. The system is still working to irrigate Chengdu Plain and it’s the real reason why Chengdu is called “the Land of Abundance”. Visit the three main parts of Dujiangyan Irrigation System including Yuzui Bypass Dike, Feishayan Floodgate, Baopingkou Diversion Passage, and be amazed by the wisdom of ancient Chinese.

After the visiting, continue your driving to leave the flat Chengdu Plain and travel onwards and upwards through the sea of clouds of Balang Mountain (altitude: 4,532 meters) where you can also enjoy breathtaking view of the snow-capped Mount Siguniang in distance. After that, you’ll arrive in Siguniangshan Town (altitude: 3,200 meters). Have a good rest and stay overnight in this town. 

  • Dujiangyan Irrigation System Dujiangyan Irrigation System
  • Balang Mountain Sea of Clouds Balang Mountain Sea of Clouds

Day 2 Siguniangshan Town - Changping Valley - Siguniangshan Town (B)

Enjoy Full-day Hiking trip in Changping Valley in Mount Siguniang National Park

After breakfast, begin your interesting hiking along Changping Valley, located in the middle of three valleys and being the nearest valley to catch the gorgeous appearance of Mount Siguniang. With 29-kilometer long, Changping Valley is a mature valley designed with sightseeing bus, plank road, hiking trail and horse riding.

Walk several hundred meters from your hotel to the tourist center of Changping Valley, then take a sightseeing bus to Lama Temple (5km), a Tibetan-style monastery which belongs to the Gelug Sect. This is the starting point of your today’s hiking. The following hiking is composed of two parts - hiking on the plank road and hiking from the ending of the plank road to Muluozi. In the first part, you will see solemn monastery, waterfalls, deep valleys, ancient withered trees standing in lakes; and in the second part, you’ll walk through wild forests, follow the walking trails along the clear streams to chase some landscape you have never seen - sea buckthorn forest, red stones arrayed by nature, peaks like camel, mushrooms, pure plateau lakes reflecting the giant peaks, flocks and herds leisurely wandering, snow-capped Four Girls Mountains, magnificent glacier…you will return to Lama Temple after reaching Muluozi. The whole hiking needs about 8 hours. Last, take a sightseeing bus to go out.

Important Travel Tips: 1) The scenic area also provides horse for transferring luggage and riding in case you get tired of walking; 2) You can decide how long you want to hike based on your physical condition at that time; 3) Altitude changing: the altitudes range from 3,200 meters to 3,670 meters along the way. Try to avoid strenuous activity to prevent from possible high altitude sickness. 4) You’d better bring sun cream, sun glasses to protect yourself from strong sunlight; 5) There is no any restaurant in the valley, so you have to bring some food and drinks with you. 

  • Lama Monastery at Changping Valley Lama Monastery at Changping Valley
  • Changping Valley in Autumn Changping Valley in Autumn
  • Changping Valley Muluozi in Autumn Changping Valley Muluozi in Autumn

Day 3 Siguniangshan Town - Haizi Valley - Siguniangshan Town (B)

Enjoy Full-day Hiking trip in Haizi Valley in Mount Siguniang National Park

Today after breakfast, you are going to take an adventurous hiking to Haizi Valley, the right one of the three valleys. Compared with Changping Valley, Haizi Valley is wilder, more mysterious and primitive. And so far there is no any road constructed for vehicle, which makes it less crowded and the whole scenic area is in good protection. Haizi, in Chinese means lakes and ponds. As its name implies, Haizi Valley has more than 10 beautiful plateau lakes and ponds scattered among wild forests, meadows, flowers, green mountains, giant snow peaks…

Haizi Valley is with a length of 19.2 meters and you’ll hike a part of the valley. Your hiking is composed of two sections. The first half of Haizi Valley hiking features in walking on plateau meadows and having the most magnificent views of Mount Siguniang - dominating snow peaks under clear blue sky, cloud sea, flag clouds... Stop for a while at Chaoshanping which is the best location to photograph Mount Siguniang. The scene will be like - clear blue sky, then snow-capped beautiful Mount Siguniang peaks, green vast meadows in the middle and blooming wild flowers and roaming cattle and sheep in front of your eyes. The second half of Haizi Valley hiking lets you revel in the best photographic works shot by best photographers in the world - lakes which mostly are wide and large, and surrounded by high mountains with diverse sceneries of different colors. The pure water reflects all the scenery clearly in the lake like mirrors... You will stop at Dahaizi Lake and return back to Siguniangshan Town. The whole hiking today takes about 8-9 hours. 

Important Travel Tips: 1) Hiking condition: the hiking trail is also the riding track and road is muddy and in poor condition sometimes. 2) Instead of hiking, you can rent a horse at the entrance to transfer luggage and ride to save more energy and time. 3) Altitude Changing: the altitudes range from 3,200 meters to 3,800 meters along the hiking. You’d better avoid strenuous activity to prevent from possible high altitude sickness. 

  • Haizi Valley in Autumn Haizi Valley in Autumn
  • Dahaizi Lake at Haizi Valley Dahaizi Lake at Haizi Valley
  • Mount Siguniang View from Haizi Valley Mount Siguniang View from Haizi Valley

Day 4 Siguniangshan Town - Chengdu (B)

Drive back to Chengdu and Get Panorama of Mount Siguniang at Maobiliang Ridge

Walk up in the peaceful morning in Siguniangshan Town. After breakfast, you will be transferred back to Chengdu. On route, stop at Maobiliang Ridge (Bridge of Cat’ Nose) which is about 7 kilometers from Siguniangshan Town. Stand at the top best location to enjoy the panorama of Mount Siguniang. 

Say goodbye to the Queen Mountain and keep driving to Chengdu. After arrival, you’ll be escorted to your hotel in Chengdu downtown area or be taken to the airport / railway station to catch your flight or train to next destination. 

  • Mount Siguniang Appearance from Maobiliang Mount Siguniang Appearance from Maobiliang

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+2 days Chengdu City Break & Giant Panda Visit

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During this trip, your tour guide will company you to explore the top recommended attractions in Chengdu one by one to experience its authentic culture and history. First of all, take an exciting visit to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Then move to Renmin Park to enjoy a cup of traditional Chinese tea in the Renmin Park; Learn about Buddhism culture in Wenshu Temple; Experience traditional Chengdu life in Jinli Old Street...

Mama and Baby of Panda

The quotation for this trip is from $612 Per Person

1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one standard double-bed room in 4-star hotel and traveling with our private tour in low seasons.
2. This price is subject to change according your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities in your itinerary and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate. If you want a lower price, you can get more people to join you, or use economy class hotels.
3. This price is only valid to March 31, 2021.
4. Reference exchange rate of USD 1= RMB 6.95. The final quote is based on current exchange rate. It may change according to the currency fluctuation, while the RMB quotation will be remained the same.

What's included?

  • Professional licensed English-speaking guide;
  • Admission tickets for all attractions listed in the itinerary;
  • Accommodation as listed in the itinerary (4-star standard);
  • Necessary vehicle transfers as listed in the itinerary;
  • Luggage Transfers: between airports (railway station) and hotels;
  • All meals as listed(“B” for Chinese and Western breakfast buffet in your hotel; “L” for Chinese Lunch in local restaurant; “D” for Chinese dinner in local restaurant.);
  • Accident insurance;
  • Our service charge, including tour planning, handling, operational and communication charges.

What's excluded?

  • China visa;
  • Personal expenses;
  • Accommodation not listed in the itinerary;
  • Single Room Supplement;
  • Tourist sites which are not listed in the itinerary;
  • Recommended optional activities;
  • Excess Baggage Charges;
  • Optional tips to guides, drivers, etc.

Check What our Customers Say...

Hi Jack,

My trip with China discovery was outstanding! It was the first time I have ever used a travel agency and I would definitely use them again. Very easy to organise the trip with lots of flexibility.  Everything that they promised to do was done. The tour guides were excellent - very knowledgeable and again willing to adapt based on personal interests. I went to Guilin and Zhangjiajie - both destinations were stunning - lots of variety packed into the both parts of the trip. I had an amazing trip and would recommend to anyone who likes the outdoors!

EM - 2020.09.16‚ UK, September 16, 2020

Dear Wonder,

How are you? Hope you are well. You organised a very nice trip for me to Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou way back in 2014. 

You requested a review from me but I loaded to the wrong website. I came across the review today unexpectedly in my computer system and I would like to send it to you, to be used by your website. This is because I was very pleased by the trip that you organised for me. I was a lone female traveler but I still remember the lovely tour guides you found for me, especially the one at Chengdu.

I truly had a wonderful holiday and great memories.

I am now back in the UK. I certainly will use your tour service again if I ever travel to China the next time.

Take care in the pandemic.


Best wishes


( Dr Yih Siang CHEN)


6 Days/ 5 nights Chengdu/ Jiuzhai Valley Tour

I went on a 6 days / 5 nights private tour to Chengdu / Jiuzhaigou in October 2014.I spent 2 days in Chengdu and the rest in Jiuzhaigou valley.

Since it was my first trip to China and I was a single female traveller, understandably, I was initially apprehensive before the tour. However, all my initial reservations disappeared once my tour began. I have decided to go on a private tour because I could not find a group tour which can come up with the itinery that I wanted.

From the onset, it was a pleasure to deal with Wonder. He made me a detailed itinery, specific to my wishes , down to the hotels that I preferred. I must say that he has honoured and stuck to our contract throughout my tour. He also phoned my tour guides on a daily basis just to make sure the itinery went on as planned and to make sure that I was ok.He was contactable at all times and any problems were sorted out very quickly and efficiently. He was also very accommodating and was willing to make changes in my itinery at very short notice whenever possible.I have found him to be reliable and trustworthy.

The tour guides were all very professional and knowledgeable. I was very happy with them.They spoke fluent English and were very knowledgeable about the places that we visited. They took care of everything, from meeting me at the airport, check- in into hotels, arranging for meals, transport, tickets for shows and checking in for my return flights. I was impressed that they would go out of their way to make my tour comfortable, hassle free and really tried to give me a memorable hoilday. They were prepared to work till late evenings. As a matter of fact, they would wait for me while I watched some shows in the evenings and one of them was even so kind to buy me an adaptor which I had lost in a hotel.

In Chengdu, I visited the Panda Research Centre, Jinli Street,Sichuan Museum and a silk factory at my request. i was not obliged to visit any factories throughout my tour.

Then, I flew on to Jiuzhai Valley and had another 3 days of private tours; 1 day in Huanglong Park and 2 full days in Jiuzhai National Park.I was glad that I flew return to the valley because the roads up there are really winding and being prone to travel sickness , it would have been a disaster for me to be sick.

I was met by another tour guide there. I am really glad that I took a private tour because I had my personal tour guide who walked with me at my pace throughout the Jiuzhai National park. She knew all the scenic spots and pathways by heart and made sure that I did not miss any important spots.Because she knew all the places so well, we could cover most of the scenic spots on foot in detail.She would walk with me and explain every lake, waterfall and other spots. She explained in detail all about the history, myths, customs and religion of the tribes there. It was an eye opener for me.I am sure I would not be getting all these explanation if I had gone in a group tour.Most group tours tend to be rushed but I was not rushed at all. I had ample time to take all the photos that I wanted , time to have meals and some shopping for souveniers and even short rests at beautiful spots where I could linger and just soak up the magnificent natural beauty.

Jiuzhai Valley is an extraordinary , beautiful park. It is my personal opinion that 2 full days are required to do the park justice. It is difficult to rush through the scenic spots in a day especially when there are massive crowds and queues everywhere.It was worth it to pay the hefty entrance fee for 2 days. Because I had 2 full days, I could do a hike with my guide who accompanied me throughout the trails to the 3 major valleys. I came away feeling satisfied and had lots of marvellous photos to show.

I was especially pleased that on one occasion, my tour guide took me through a small path , away from the tourist crowds. We walked at our pace and saw some smaller lovely waterfalls and lakes. I did not have to jostle with the typical crowds and could take my time to take some truly picturesque photos and videos. I am convinced that if I had joined a group tour , I would not have been able to see and explore the national park as much as I did.

My advice to travellers is to go on some fitness training before the tour. You have to be prepared to do a lot of walking for this is the best way to see the best views. Taking the bus to just the best scenic spots would be cheating and would not do the park justice.The only downside of the trip was the crowds. Be prepared for massive crowds, they can get unruly at times, especially when it rains, so do bring a raincoat or umbrella.Also be prepared for the less than ideal toilet facilities. Bring lots of tissues as handwash and tissues are not provided.

Due to my excellent and friendly tour guides and Wonder's meticulous planning, I had a fabulous holiday and a great time in China. I would highly recommend Wonder Wang and his tour agency to all my friends and family. If I return to China, I would certainly go through Wonder and his agency again. So, a big thank you to Wonder and all my lovely tour guides for making my holiday a truly memorable one!

London, UK

CHEN - 2020.09.14‚ Malaysia, September 14, 2020

Hello Wonder!

Thank you so much for reaching out again!  And I was just about to write . As of yesterday afternoon, Mark and I finally received final confirmation that we will be allowed to take our leave, so now we can finally book our trip from 17 - 24 October!!  As soon as I send this email, I will look into the flights.  I will let you know if/when they are booked. 

Also, we were wondering: would it be possible to pay via our American Credit Card this time?  I know we normally do we-chat, but due to the amount this time (bigger/longer trip), it is easier for us to use credit-card.  We understand that there is a credit card fee. . .could you provide us with the final amount (including the fee)?  

Also, I think Mark and I would really enjoy the boutique hotels you chose for us.  Could we verify that those hotels are still available for our trip?  

And of course: I have really enjoyed working with you.  You provide excellent customer service and we believe the quality of the trips are wonderful.  My colleagues loved the trip to Zhangjiajie and I have told many of my colleagues about you/your company. 

Last question: would you recommend anywhere over the Christmas holiday to New Years (01 January)? 

Thank you, Wonder!


Look forward to hearing from you, 


Keena - 2020.09.10‚ USA, September 10, 2020

Hi Jack,

We really enjoyed our trip. Thanks!

Fresh air, beautiful mountains….

We were very out of breath in Shangrila, though, so next time, we will get the oxygen.

Our tour guides were very good.

Leeway struggled a little with his English, but we did fine.

Alice had excellent English, and so did Peter.

We are probably tough people to tour around, since we have already been to a lot of temples, so we already have heard a lot of the things that they want to tell us.

So, we tried to ask questions about other things.

We are not standard travelers, but much more experienced. 

I think that because we can speak some Mandarin, we are a little bit more independent than other people that they have had to help.

We loved the Indigo Hotel on Lake Erhai.

Opening the curtains in our room every morning and being able to look out at the lake was fabulous!

They also had a very good breakfast.

And, we enjoyed walking by the lake, down to the bridge and hiking up the mountain behind the hotel.

We had no air conditioning in the Songstam Hotel in LiJiang, and at the Shangrila Hotel, and so our rooms were very hot!

So, we had some trouble sleeping.

I think if you are there in the Winter time, it is probably fine, but the weather for us was warm outside, so we struggled with the temperature in the room.

We might ask for some help to get a fan for our rooms next time.

All of the Ancient Cities.

We probably would have like a little more time to explore those.

The BaXi and NiXi Ancient towns were beautiful, and it was wonderful to walk the streets there, and the learn about the 3000 year old pottery in NiXi.

We also loved seeing traditional Tibetan houses and trying the butter tea and cakes.

Our driver, Mr. Gu, was very nice and funny.

Thanks for a lovely vacation.


Kind regards,


Robin - 2020.09.10‚ USA, September 10, 2020

Hi Tracy,

The Upper Yubeng village hotel was a little rough. Beds were hard as a rock. Maybe provide options at different cost points for that next time. Otherwise no other considerations. Was great.

Dan - 2020.09.09‚ USA, September 9, 2020
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Here are recent candid photos of this China trip

  • Dujiangyan Irrigation System Dujiangyan Irrigation System
  • Balang Mountain Sea of Clouds Balang Mountain Sea of Clouds
  • Lama Monastery at Changping Valley Lama Monastery at Changping Valley
  • Changping Valley in Autumn Changping Valley in Autumn
  • Changping Valley Muluozi in Autumn Changping Valley Muluozi in Autumn
  • Haizi Valley in Autumn Haizi Valley in Autumn
  • Dahaizi Lake at Haizi Valley Dahaizi Lake at Haizi Valley
  • Mount Siguniang View from Haizi Valley Mount Siguniang View from Haizi Valley
  • Mount Siguniang Appearance from Maobiliang Mount Siguniang Appearance from Maobiliang

Most Important Mount Siguniang Travel Notes

1. Best Time to Visit Mount Siguniang

Mount Siguniang can be visited all the year round. While, the best and most recommended period is from Late May to July (June is the best), and from September to November (October to early November is the best). In May and June, Mount Siguniang is going to wake up from the cold, long winter. Wild flowers are going to blossom into the valleys at different altitudes. It looks very fantastic during this time. The temperature is around 10 ℃-20 ℃ which is very comfortable to hike in the valleys. From September to November, the leaves and grasses are going to change their colors - red, golden, green, white, gray adding radiance and beauty to each other. The scenery is indeed charming. The temperature during this time is around 5℃-15 ℃. It is very suitable for hiking, photography and other activities. However, it is better to avoid traveling during the National Holiday (usually October 1st-7th) to avoid too many visitors.

2. Road Condition between Chengdu and Mount Siguniang

There are about 3 ways from Chengdu to Siguniangshan Town, and most people choose to go via Dujiangyan, Yinxiu, Wolong, Balang Mountain, etc. Road condition varies from different parts. The section from Dujiangyan to Yinxiu has narrow curving and some steep road with not very good condition, and traffic jams occur sometimes but usually within 1 hour. From Yinxiu to Balangshan, it is cement road with fewer cars. Altitude rises from 1,000m to 2,000m with nice views. And from Balangshan to Sigunaingshan Town, altitude can rise to 4532m and people may have altitude sickness. Besides, there are a few twisty paths, slopes with fog, which needs careful driving. But the special view of sea of clouds, meadows, snow peaks, and yaks will release your uncomfortable.

3. Features of Three Valleys & How to Choose the Valley
Valley Location Length Style Scenery Suggested Time
Shuangqiao Valley left one 34.8 km sightseeing bus; easy to explore the whole valley most beautiful landscape with three forest belts. Can not see Mount Siguniang peaks directly Half day or 1 day
Changping Valley middle one 29 km hiking, horse riding; paradise for regular hikers; finish two-thirds of the valley can catch Mount Siguniang view clearly; typical highland scenery 1 day
Haizi Valley right one 19.2 km horse riding; tough hiking experience offers the best location to shoot Mount Siguniang scenery 1 day

If you are interested in hiking, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley are the best choices. If you want to appreciate natural beauty of Mount Siguniang in leisure pace, then Shuangqiao Valley and Changping Valley are the choices.

4. Hiking Tips & Packing List

Don’t Do Hiking in Following Condition: The altitudes for the exploration range from 3200 meters to 4000 meters. Travelers who are lack of physical strength, have hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart disease, are not suggested to visit Mount Siguniang and Shuangqiao Valley. It is recommended to do relaxing activities in Chengdu downtown and around.

Packing List: For travelers who will spend one or two days in the valleys, you can prepare the following items. Comfortable walking boots, middle-sized backpack, trekking pole, outdoor jacket, fleece jackets, underwear, sun glasses, bataclave, sun-blocking cream, rainproof, enough snacks and food, some cash, vacuum cup, warm water, camera, backup battery, cellphone, power bank, anti high altitude drugs, etc.

Mount Siguniang Climbing: It will be dangerous and a big challenge for travelers who try to climb Dafeng, Erfeng, Sanfeng or Yaomei Peak. It requires professional guides, equipment and very good physical condition. For regular travelers, you are suggested not to do so.

5. Extend Your Tour on Western Sichuan Small Tourist Loop

Mount Siguniang is on the Western Sichuan Small Tourist Loop. It is a good idea to cover Mount Siguang and other stunning destinations on the loop, such as Dujiangyan (1 day visiting), Wolong (half day visiting), Danba (1 day visiting), Bamei (half day visiting), Tagong (half day visiting), Xinduqiao (less than half day visiting), Kangding (1 or 2 days visiting). The whole loop tour usually takes about 7 days. If you want to extend your Mount Siguniang tour, you are highly recommended to do the tour.

6. Customize Your Trip with Local-based China Discovery

We China Discovery based in Chengdu, Sichuan have rich experience for providing Mount Siguniang tour arrangement and customization service for global visitors. Our professional travel expert will also help you sincerely to design your Mount Siguniang tour if you are interested in extending to more stunning destinations in Sichuan or other domestic destinations in China. We will show you the terrific sightseeing, culture, history and more highlights of the whole Sichuan and all places during your memorable trip!

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