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Customize Sichuian Tour 2021

Customize Your Own Sichuan Tours

with our Sichuan travel experts

Having no idea how to organize your tour in Sichuan? We are ready to help. Whether it be that you are seeking for a personal stay with the Giant Pandas, or that you want to marvel at the stunning waterscape in Jiuzhaigou, or that you are seeking for an enjoyable hiking, we can always take you on a journey of your own which can be tailor-made according to your time, interest and budget. Simply choose your favorite places to visit and let us know. Our dedicated Sichuan tour experts team will create the best tour plan for you ASAP. (If you want to customize a China tour, start from here >)

What you can enjoy in our tailor-made Sichuan tours:

  • - Airport meeting & greeting service;
  • - Private transfer by a comfortable, air-conditioning and no-smoking car;
  • - Professional licensed local English-speaking tour guide;
  • - Possibility to store luggage in the vehicle during the tour;
  • - Recommendation for restaurants and meals;
  • - Helpful guide on visa application policy;
  • - One-on-one free consulting;
  • - Personalized tours available.

Choose your favorite Sichuan destinations or let us know the place you want to go.

Here are some most popular Sichuan destinations listed for you to choose, with suggested travel days and recommended highlights you may not miss. While planning your multi-destination trip in Sichuan, please pay attention to your planned travel duration with the days you may need in each place.

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Chengdu (1~2 days)

Highlights: Panda Base, Wenshu Temple, Jinlin Old Street, People's Park, Sanxingdui, Hotpot...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Bipenggou (1 day)

Highlights: Alpine snow mountains, plateau lakes, virgin forest, red stones...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Daocheng (2 days)

Highlights: Sacred snow mountains, grassland, Tibetan culture, photography, hiking...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Dujiangyan (1 day)

Highlights: Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Dujiangyan Panda Base

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Danba (1 day)

Highlights: Jiaju Tibetan Village, Zhonglu Tibetan Village, seasonal flowers...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Emeishan (2 days)

Highlights: Mount Emei, Golden Summit, Wannian Temple, Cloud Sea, hiking...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Hailuogou (1 day)

Highlights: glaciers, Mount Gongga view, hot spring...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022

Highlights: Jianmenguan Pass, Cuiyun Corridor, Huangze Temple, Three Kingdoms Culture...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Jiuzhaigou (2 days)

Highlights: Nuorilang Waterfall, Fiver-color Pool, Five-flower Lake, Long Lake...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Leshan (1 day)

Highlights: Leshan Giant Buddha, Jiayang Steam Train, Luocheng Ancient Town, food...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Langzhong (1 day)

Highlights: Langzhong Ancient Town, ancient Examination House, Fengshui Culture...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Mount Siguniang (2~3 days)

Highlights: Haizi Valley, Changping Valley, Shuangqiao Valley, show peaks, hiking...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Ruoergai (2~3 days)

Highlights: Ruoergai Prairie, Huahu Lake, The First Band of Yellow River, Langmsu...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Tagong (1 day)

Highlights: Tagong Grassland, Tagong Monastery, Yala Mountain view, Tibetan culture...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Xiling Snow Mountain (2 days)

Highlights: Snow mountains, ice and snow activities, resorts, hot spring...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Ya'an (1~2 days)

Highlights: Bifengxia, Ya'an Panda Base, Mengding Mountain, tea culture...

Customize Sichuan Tour 2021/2022
Yibin (2 days)

Highlights: Shunan Bamboo Forest, Xiwen Stone Forest, Hanging Coffins...

Customize Sichuan Tour
Zigong (1~2 days)

Highlights: Zigong Dinosaur Museum, Lantern Festival, salt culture...

Sichuan Destinations You Have Chosen :


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Sichuan Destinations You Have Chosen:


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