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Mount Siguniang Trekking: Top 4 Hiking Routes, Packing List & Tips

3 beautiful valleys without man-made processing and more than 52 snow-capped mountains with a challenging altitude over 5,000m, Mount Siguniang is such a fascinating trekking paradise! The trekking options there are endless! Every mountain climber will find a hiking trip in Mount Siguniang that meet his/her expectations, and enjoy the pleasure to walk in the middle of nature in a spectacular and wild atmosphere.

Are you also a nature and trekking lover? The significate Mountains and Valleys of Mount Siguniang are calling! Here we round up this amazing region's best treks for you, with useful info like best Mount Siguniang trekking routes, packing list and hiking tips included! Let’s take a look and find a trail that’s right for you!

Best Mount Siguniang Trekking Tour:

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Mount Siguniang Trekking Routes - Top 4 Trekking Routes in Mount Siguniang

Mount Siguniang, or known as Four Sisters Mountain or Siguniangshan, is mostly famed among world-wide trekkers for its four sacred and adventurous snow mountains, namely Dafeng, Erfeng, Sanfeng and Yaomeifeng. Those four mountains stand side by side, creating three beautiful natural valleys between each of them, including Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley. The amazing trekking trails just spread over the three valleys and four mountains!

From scenic day-hikes to multi-day wilderness excursions, there are more than a hundred trekking trails waiting for hikers’ steps in Mount Siguniang. And here we will introduce you the top 4 Mount Siguniang trekking routes hot-chosen by hikers who have enjoyed their trekking tour in Mount Siguniang before.

Mount Siguniang Tourist Map

Click to Enlarge Mount Siguniang Tourist Map

Top 1: Shuangqiao Valley Trekking - Most Leisurely

  • Time needed: half day or one day
  • Recommended for: everyone
  • Highlights: the most beautiful valley sceneries in Mount Siguniang, forming by crystal-like rivers, lazy animals and magnificent snow-capped mountains and forest in a distance…
  • Detailed trekking route: Siguniangshan Town (Rilong Town日隆镇/香格里拉镇) - Shuangqiao Valley Entrance Gate - Sightseeing Bus to the last stop Red Larch Forest (红杉林) - Trek back to the entrance (hop on a sightseeing bus on one of the 5 stops when you feel tired)

Shuangqiao Valley is considered as the most beautiful valley among the three valleys in Mount Siguniang Scenic Area. It is also the only one that can be visited with the help of sightseeing buses all the way. Usually, tourists prefer to ride the sightseeing bus from the entrance to the last stop, and then enjoy leisure trekking tour along Shuangqiao River back to the entrance. When they feel tired during the trekking trip, they will hop on a sightseeing bus at one of the five fixed parking spots to the next stop or get out.

Warm tip: those sightseeing buses in Shuangqiao Valley offer service between 8:00am-17:00pm. Take care of its operation hours if you need the buses’ help to get in or get out.

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Shuangqiao Valley A Corner of Shuangqiao Valley

Top 2: Changping Valley Tangbai Ancient Road Trekking - In the Footsteps of Ancient Locals

  • Time needed: one day (3 days are needed if you extend your trekking trip to Bipeng Valley)
  • Recommended for: trekkers with wild hiking experience.
  • Highlights: stepping to the deep of the most beautiful and natural forest in this area as ancient locals did, with sacred Siguniang Mountains as the backdrop and unique Tibetan temple, red stones, lakes to be explored on the way.
  • Detailed trekking route: Siguniangshan Town (Rilong Town 日隆镇/香格里拉镇) - Entrance Gate of Changping Valley - Sightseeing Bus to Lama Temple (喇嘛寺) - Trek to Ganhaizi (甘海子), Lianghekou (两河口) and Muluozi (木骡子) - Hike back to Lama Temple and ride a sightseeing bus to get out.

Changping Valley is located in the middle of three valleys, with Shuangqiao Valley to its west and Haizi Valley to its east. In Changping Valley, you could follow the Tangbai Ancient Road to the deep of the most beautiful natural forest in this area. This route was an ancient trade road that had served for centuries.

A trekking tour in Changping Valley starts from Lama Temple (喇嘛寺), which is about 7km away from the entrance gate. Ride a sightseeing bus from the entrance gate to Lama Temple needs 20 minutes around. After Lama Temple it’s a 7-kilometer-long wooden trail to Xiaganhaizi (下甘海子). Hiking from Lama Temple to Xiaganhaizi takes about 2~3 hours. And the rest trip is trekking in the forest to Muluozi (木骡子), which needs about 3~4 hours around. Make a return at Muluozi after the tour.

Warm tip: those sightseeing buses in Changping Valley will end up the service after 17:00pm. Remember to arrive at Lama Temple before 17:00pm on your return trip, or you have to walk another 7 kilometers to get out the scenic area.

Special Camping Trek from Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley

  • Time needed: at least 3 days
  • Detailed trekking route: Siguniangshan Town (Rilong Town 日隆镇/香格里拉镇) - Entrance Gate of Changping Valley - Sightseeing Bus to Lama Temple (喇嘛寺) - Trek to Ganhaizi (甘海子), Lianghekou (两河口) and Muluozi Campsite (木骡子营地) - Chazigou Campsite (叉子沟营地) - Pass (垭口) - Bipeng Valley (毕棚沟)

The Tangbai Ancient Road stretches to Bipeng Valley in Li County (理县). This full trekking route is widely treated as the one of the top 10 outdoor trekking routes in China. To finish this trip, it takes as long as 3 days, including two nights’ camping experience in the forest. And on the last morning, you are required to wake up at about 3:00am to climb over a snow mountain. This route is only recommended for experienced trekkers with very-well preparation.

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Lama Monastery, the starting point of Changping Valley Lama Monastery, the starting point of Changping Valley Hiking in Changping Valley Hiking in Changping Valley Bipeng Valley in Autumn Bipeng Valley

Top 3: Haizi Valley Trekking - Trek To Capture the Sublime Siguniang Mountains

  • Time needed: at least one day
  • Recommended for: experienced wild trekking lovers
  • Highlights: trek the wild trails to the best photography locations to capture four sacred mountains of Mount Siguniang and most beautiful lakes in this area.
  • Detailed trekking route: Haizi Valley Entrance Gate - Guozhuangping (锅庄坪) - Dajianbao (打尖包) - Laoniuyuanzi (老牛园子) - Dahaizi (大海子) - Return the same way

The scenery in Haizi Valley is not that amazing as Shuangqiao Valley. However, you could find the most beautiful lakes of this area in the deep forest of Haizi Valley. And since its unbeatable location, you could take the best pictures of all the four sacred mountains of Mount Siguniang here. The best site to shoot the mountains is considered to be the Guozhuangping (锅庄坪), which is about 3km from the entrance.

Trekking from the entrance gate to Dahaizi (大海子) needs as long as 5 hours around. If you want to finish the trekking tour in one day without camping in the forest after night falls, you should trek back to the entrance. Such a trekking tour needs about 9~10 hours. Wake up early if you want a try. And you can ride a horse for a period of time to rest your legs.

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Dahaizi in Haizi Valley Haizi Valley Trekking

Top 4: Camping Trek to Dafeng Summit and Erfeng Summit - Not Recommended

  • Time needed: at least 3 days
  • Recommended for: professional snow mountain climbers and trekkers
  • Highlights: the intrepid will be rewarded with a cheerful feeling of challenging themselves successfully.
  • Detailed trekking route: Haizi Valley Entrance Gate - Guozhuangping (锅庄坪) - Dajianbao (打尖包) - Dafeng Campsite (大峰大本营) or Erfeng Campsite (二峰大本营) - Summit of Dafeng or Erfeng - Return the same way

Getting close to the summit of Dafeng is said to be the easiest route among the four mountains. However, it is still a tough work. And the camping trekking to Erfeng can be tougher, and so for Sanfeng. There are lots of trekkers make returns in the middle of the way, because of the altitude sickness and occasional bad weather. These tough and challenging routes really are for the professional hardier trekker, with days of camping and a tolerance for serious walking and high altitude. Very few people attempt to climb Yaomei Feng, the “youngest but highest sister” of the four peaks, and even fewer have succeeded.

Summit of Dafeng Summit of Dafeng

Best Time to Trek Mount Siguniang

Autumn from late-September to November is considered to be the best time to visit and do trekking in Mount Siguniang Scenic Area. Late spring and early summer from May to July are also recommended as you will be welcomed by mountains and valleys of flourishing flowers. February and March are not recommended, because there will always be heavy snow during that period of time.

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Mount Siguniang in July Mount Siguniang Hiking with Flourishing Flowers

Where to Stay to Trek Mount Siguniang

Hotels in Siguniangshan Town (also known as Rilong Town) are the best choices for Mount Siguniang trekking tours! The town is the closest place to the entrance gates of the valleys, with a distance for about 2km to Changping Village, 2km to Haizi Valley and 6.6km to Shuangqiao Valley.

Since Mount Siguniang sits in a mountainous remote area, the facilities of most hotels there can only suite your basic needs like hot water, Wi-Fi, etc. There is no 5-star hotel for you to choose, but you can find several 4-star hotels.

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Shiguniangshan Town (Rilong Town) Shiguniangshan Town (Rilong Town)

Mount Siguniang Trekking Packing List and Tips

Mount Siguniang Trekking Packing List:

  • Your Valid Passport;
  • Professional hiking shoes and mountaineering jackets/windbreaker;
  • Cash for about CNY 200~500;
  • A light daypack;
  • Hot water bottle;
  • Trekking poles;
  • Flashlight/Headlamp;
  • Insect repellent;
  • Tissues;
  • Phone with SIM Card of China;
  • Camera;
  • Professional hiking shoes and mountaineering jackets;
  • Sun block, sunglasses;
  • Batteries;
  • Personal medications;
  • Stoves, gas canisters tent and sleeping bag (if you are going to do camping);
  • Other goods your travel consultant or guide suggested.
  • Mount Siguniang Trekking Tips:

  • Trek slowly during the trip in case you get altitude sickness;
  • Drink hot water instead of ice water;
  • Carry oxygen tanks with you, especially when you have plan to the summits of mountains;
  • Dress warm and comfortable;
  • Listen to your doctor’s advice before you go;
  • Other tips your travel consultant or guide suggested.

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How to Plan a Mount Siguniang Trekking Tour

You are suggested to have your Mount Siguniang Trekking tour according to your physical fitness and interests. Usually, tourists visit 2 of the 3 valleys in Mount Siguniang. If you prefer the natural scenery and want a leisure tour, you are suggested to visit Shuangqiao Valley and Changping Valley. For severe wild hiking lovers, you can also try Haizi Valley Trekking. Camping trekking trips from Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley and to the summit of the mountains are only recommended for professional trekkers with excellent experiences and very-well preparation.

For more details of day-by-day trip plan, you could check our most popular 4 Days Mount Siguniang Classic Hiking Tour for your reference.

Mount Siguniang Trekking Mount Siguniang Trekking

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Mount Siguniang Mount Siguniang

Recommended Mount Siguniang Tours

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