Haizi Valley in Mount Siguniang National Park

Which way do you expect to explore Mount Siguniang - the Alps of the East? Mount Siguniang National Park is a large scenic area composed of Four Girls Mountains and three well-known valleys. Mount Siguniang is reputed as “the Queen of Sichuan’s Peaks” that attracts numerous travelers, hikers and climbers to witness its true beauty every year.

If you want a relaxing way to enjoy gorgeous alpine sceneries, you can choose Shuangqiao Valley; if you want to explore the most primitive scenery or try to climb up to Mount Daguniang or Mount Erguniang, Haizi Valley is the best choice. It got its name “Hai Zi” for this scenic area has over 10 alpine lakes, beautiful and magnificent. With a full length of 19.2 kilometers, Haizi Valley is located at the right side of the three valleys, Shuangqiao Valley and Changping Valley to the west. Since the Four Girls Mountains are situated between Changping Valley and Haizi Valley that Haizi Valley offers the best angle to photograph Mount Siguniang. How about coming to Haizi Valley to challenge yourselves for the high altitude scenery and mountains to unlock the mysterious veil of Mount Siguniang? Now go.

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Haizi Valley Attractions & Highlights

Haizi Valley Scenic Area is with a length of 19.2 meters and an area of 126.45 square meters, which is larger than Changping Valley in size. This valley is less developed, offering the most original landscape, can only be reached by hiking or horse riding. Haizi Valley is divided into two sections, the first section is featured in alpine meadow, gorge, rivers and waterfalls, and the second section is featured in alpine lakes and offers hiking trail reaching Dafeng Peak and Mount Erfeng Peak.

Guozhuangping (锅庄坪): Located not far from the entrance, Guozhuangping is the best location to photograph Mount Siguniang. The scene in front of your eyes will be - clear blue sky, then snow-capped beautiful Mount Siguniang peaks, green vast meadows in the middle and blooming wild flowers and roaming cattle and sheep.

Chaoshanping (朝山坪): With an altitude of 3670 meters, Chaoshanping is surrounded by numerous polar trees and fir. A legend goes that the four girls in order to prevent the flood they turned into the magnificent mountains on the fourth day of the fifth lunar month. To in memory of the four girls, the locals and believers will go on a pilgrimage to worship the mountains on this day.

Niuyuanzi (牛院子): This is a great place to graze cattle and sheep for locals. Now, it is the camping site for travelers to stay overnight to capture nice scenery.

Dahaizi (大海子): With an altitude of 3800 meters, Dahaizi is the largest lake of Haizi Valley. This distance from the entrance to Dahaizi is about 14 kilometers. It needs about 5 hours’ by hiking. So, Dahaizi is another popular camping site to spend the night in the valley. From Dahaizi, you can go further to climb Mount Daguniang or Erguniang.

Huahaizi (花海子): The altitude of Huahaizi is about 3830 meters. Its beauty can be compared with Five-color Pond in Huanglong National Park. This swampy lake looks very colorful and beautiful when sun shining upon it. A legend goes that when the flood came again, the Sanguniang threw into the water and prevented the water with the colorful flowers in her hands. Huahaizi is like a precious diamond shining gorgeously.

Mount Siguniang Tourist Map Click to Enlarge Mount Siguniang Tourist Map
Haizi Valley of Mount Siguniang Enjoy View from Guozhuang Ping
Haizi Valley of Mount Siguniang Dahaizi Scenery

Hiking & Horse Riding in Haizi Valley

Hiking (6-9 Hours Hiking, Physical Demanding)

Hiking in Haizi Valley is a challenge thing both for your physical condition and mind. The road at present is mud road that usually used by horse. If weather is fine, you can try hiking along the way from the entrance to Dahaizi (12 kilometers) or Huahaizi (14 kilometers) and then get back via the same route. The hiking between entrance and Dahaizi needs about 6 hours. And the hiking between entrance and Huahaizi needs about 9 hours. For travelers who are lack of energy, you can stop at Chaoshanping to explore the most essence part. This route needs about 3 hours.

Climb from Haizi Valley to Dafeng Peak:

It takes two days to climb up to Dafeng Peak. On the first day, you need to hike along the beautiful Haizi Valley and and reach Defeng Peak base camp at last. The altitude of the base camp is at 4300 meters. On the second day, try your best to climb up the snow-capped Dafeng Peak and get back. (Note: This hiking needs professional outdoor guide and equipment. It is not recommended to regular hikers.)

Climb from Haizi Valley to Erfeng Peak:

You need to plan 3 days to climb up Erfeng Peak. On the first day, you will hike along Haizi Valley through Guozhuangping and reach Dahaizi to camp. The hiking needs about 5 hours. On the second day, you’ll hike from Dahaizi Camp to Erfeng Base Camp (altitude: 4200 meters). This whole distance is about 6 kilometers and needs about 3 hours. Have a good rest today. On the third day, you will move from Erfeng Base Camp and climb up to Erfeng Peak (7 km). Get back to Siguniangshan Town. The whole distance today is 30 kilometers and takes about 10 hours. If your energy permits, you can make this hiking for 2 days. (Note: This hiking needs professional outdoor guide and equipment. It is not recommended to regular hikers.)

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Haizi Valley of Mount Siguniang Hiking in Haizi Valley
Haizi Valley of Mount Siguniang Ride a Horse to Visit Haizi Valley

Horse Riding (Energy-saving Way & Reasonable Cost)

Riding on horseback to explore Haizi Valley is another common choice for many travelers. You can save a lot of energy and time instead of hiking. The horse can take you to Dahaizi and get back in one day. Horses can be hired at the entrance of the Haizi Valley.

Sections Estimated Time Needed
Entrance - Guozhuangping about 40 minutes
Guozhuangping - Chaoshanping about 20 minutes
Chaoshanping - Dajianbao about 2 hours
Entrance - Dahaizi about 4 hours
Dahaizi - Huahaizi about 0.5 hour
Huahaizi - Glacier (end of the valley) about 4 hours

(Note: the above time listed is the estimated time in normal condition. It may change slightly based on the real situation.)

Best Time to Visit Haizi Valley of Mount Siguniang

The suitable period to come to Mount Siguniang and Hazi Valley is from late May to July (June is the best), and from September to November (September to October is the best). In May and June, Mount Siguniang is going to wake up from the cold, long winter. Wild flowers are going to blossom into the valleys at different altitudes. It looks very fantastic during this time. The temperature is around 10 ℃-20 ℃ which is very comfortable to hike along Haizi Valley. From September to November, the leaves and grasses are going to change their colors - red, golden, green, white, gray adding radiance and beauty to each other. The scenery is indeed charming. The temperature during this time is around 5℃-15 ℃. It is very suitable for hiking, photography and other activities.

Haizi Valley of Mount Siguniang Haizi Valley in Summer

Tickets & Opening Hours

Tickets: The entrance ticket of Haizi Valley is 60 Yuan/person in peak seasons (Apr. 1-Nov. 30) and 40 Yuan/person in low seasons (Dec.1 - next Mar. 31).

Opening Hours: Haizi Valley opens all year round. (1) From Apr. 1 to Nov. 30, it opens during 07:30-16:00. (2) From Dec.1 to next Mar. 31, it opens during 08:00-15:30.

How to Get to Haizi Valley from Chengdu?

The distance between Chengdu (the capital city of Sichuan Province with convenient transportation) and Haizi Valley of Mount Siguniang is about 203 kilometers. The most popular way to get from Chengdu to Mount Siguniang is by private car, taking about 4-5 hours’ driving. If you travel independently, you can take coach or long distance bus at Chadianzi Bus Station (茶店子车站) with 3 coaches (depart in the morning) running from Chengdu to Xiaojin County that you can stop at Siguniangshan Town (previously called Rilong Town). After arriving at Siguniangshan Town, you only need to transfer 2 kilometers from the town to the entrance of Haizi Valley, and you can get there either by car or walking; The whole transfer needs about 4-5 hours.

Chengdu to Mount Siguniang Map Click to Enlarge Chengdu to Mount Siguniang Map

Important Travel Tips & Notes for Haizi Valley

No Sightseeing Bus

Sightseeing bus is unavailable in Haizi Valley at present. All travelers can only visit there either by hiking or riding a horse.

Packing List for Hiking

For regular travelers who only spend one day in Haizi Valley, you can prepare the following items. Comfortable walking boots, middle-sized backpack (20 L), trekking pole, outdoor jacket, fleece jackets, underwear, sun glasses, umbrella, several pairs of socks, bataclave, sun-blocking cream, enough snacks and food, some cash, vacuum cup, warm water, camera, backup battery, cellphone, power bank, anti high altitude drugs, etc.

Restaurant & Eating

It is highly recommended to bring Enough high-energy food and warm water. There is no restaurant in the valley. Siguniangshan Town is located close to Haizi Valley and there are some restaurants for dining. Markets and shops can be seen here that you can buy some snacks. Bring enough food to Haizi Valley.

Keep Warm & Have a Good Sleep

The altitudes range from 3200 meters to 4200 meters. Keeping warm is the first thing when do the hiking along Haizi Valley. What's also important is that travelers should have good sleep the night before hiking. In this way, you will fight against high altitude sickness.

Don’t Do Hiking in the Following Condition

Travelers who are lack of energy, have hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart disease, are not suggested to visit Mount Siguniang and Shuangqiao Valley. It is recommended to do light activities in Chengdu downtown and around.


The camping sites are at Dahaizi and Niuyuanzi. Travelers need to apply a permit from Haizi Valley Outdoor Management Center (in tourist center in town). If you want to camp, adequate equipment is needed for the temperature drops sharply at night.

Differences among Three Valleys & How to Plan the Tour

Since there are three valleys with different features, it’s time to figure out which valley to choose based on your time, cost, interests and energy.

Valley Location Length Style Scenery Suggested Time
Shuangqiao Valley left one 34.8 km sightseeing bus; easy to explore the whole valley most beautiful landscape with three forest belts. Can not see Mount Siguniang peaks directly half day or 1 day
Changping Valley middle one 29 km hiking, horse riding; paradise for regular hikers; finish two-thirds of the valley can catch Mount Siguniang view clearly; typical highland scenery 1 day
Haizi Valley right one 19.2 km horse riding; tough hiking experience offers the best location to shoot Mount Siguniang scenery 1 day

Spending 2 to 3 days touring Mount Siguniang is the common choice. Most travelers will come from Chengdu to Siguniangshan by car with us, taking about 4-5 hours. Then the following two days is the exploration about two of the three valleys. You can choose among Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley and then combine two into the itinerary.

Itinerary A: Mount Siguniang Admiration Plus Relaxing Sightseeing

You can first explore Changping Valley either by hiking or horse riding. And on the next day, visit Shuangqiao Valley by sightseeing bus.

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Itinerary B: Mount Siguniang Admiration Plus Tough Hiking Experience

Combining Changping Valley and Haizi Valley into one trip will be tough for some hikers. Both Changping Valley and Haizi Valley need hike by yourselves. Instead, you can hire a horse to save energy.

>> 4 Days Mount Siguniang Classic Hiking Tour

Itinerary C: Mount Siguniang Admiration Plus Gorgeous Alpine Scenery

Choosing Shuangqiao Valley and Haizi Valley is another way to experience both the most beautiful highland scenery in a leisure pace and challenge yourselves to hike the tough horse trail in Haizi Valley. It brings you huge contrast and the best Mount Siguniang scenery.

Itinerary D: Three Valleys Plus Mount Siguniang Admiration

If you plan 3 days to explore all of the three valleys, yes, you can do this. Visit Shuangqiao Valley first, then Changping Valley and the last Haizi Valley. From the easy one to the tough one, you can finish the hiking trip in 3 days.

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Please feel free to tell us your likes and which itinerary you are interested in. Contact Us now.

Shuangqiao Valley Shuangqiao Valley - the left valley
Changping Valley Changping Valley - the middle valley

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