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Wenshu Temple
2 Days Classic Tea Culture Tour with Giant Panda Visit

Highlights: Chengdu Panda Base, Mengding Mountain, Renmin Park

There’s no better place to experience the entire tea-making process than at the origin of tea itself – China! On your private tour of Mt Mengding (Mengdingshan) from Chengdu, a local farmer will teach you the whole process of making tea, from harvesting to brewing. While in Chengdu, you'll enjoy tea in temple, parks, teahouse like a local do!

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Recommended Bifengxia Panda Base Volunteer Tours

Feed Panda Personally at Bifengxia
2 Days Inspiring Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Volunteer Experience

Chengdu / Ya'an / Chengdu

Do you know that the giant panda are officially classified as endangered animal species? Have you ever thought about taking care and protecting them by your own contribution? Now, here is the chance offered by Bifengxia Panda Base in Ya’an city. During the 2 days inspiring panda volunteer experience tour, you will help the staff to look after pandas and know more about the adorable bear pandas.

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Enjoy Time as A Panda Volunteer
3 Days Bifengxia Panda Volunteer Tour with Ya’an Essence

Chengdu / Ya'an / Chengdu

Start the memorable Ya’an tour from Chengdu! In 3 days, you’ll explore the top 3 highlights of Ya’an: Bifengxia Panda, Shangli Ancient Town and Mengding Mountain. During the short stay, you’ll even join the panda volunteer program to take the endangered Giant Pandas.

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Bifengxia Volunteers Making Panda Cakes
4 Days In-depth Bifengxia Panda Volunteer with Chengdu Charm

Chengdu / Bifengxia Panda Base / Chengdu

Bravo! Bifengxia Panda Base in Ya’an city has specially designed the 3-day panda volunteer program for panda lovers worldwide. Now it’s your turn to join in this 4 days tour to get close to pandas and make your dream of taking care of them personally come true. Moreover, you will have extra chance to appreciate the must-see highlights in downtown Chengdu.

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Volunteer in Bifengxia Panda Base
5 Days Panda Volunteer Tour at Bifengxia Panda Base

Chengdu / Bifengxia Panda Base / Chengdu

Take this 5 days panda volunteer tour to watch giant pandas in their real home city named Ya’an near Chengdu and join the unforgettable and honorable 3 days volunteer program to know how to save these endangered animals bestowed by our “mother nature”, which is a sparkling shining point in your life record. Besides, we will spare some time to take you to the must-visit Wuhou Temple and Jinli Ancient City to savor the profound culture of Chengdu. Come on!

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Panda Volenteering Work
5 Days Bifengxia Panda Volunteer Program with Chengdu Tour

Chengdu / Bifengxia / Chengdu

This 5 days panda tour with Chengdu will take you to see the real highlights in Chengdu to explore its thousands-of-year long history, wonderful culture and leisure feature well-known domestically. Also, we will arrange some great time for you to get close to the giant pandas and offer you chances to do respectful contribution to help protect the endangered pandas by joining to be a volunteer in Bifengxia Panda Base. This go will be your unforgettable memory in your lifetime!

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