How to Plan Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong National Park Hiking Tour

Jiuzhaigou Valley Hiking

Why Jiuzhaigou Valley Hiking is recommended

Jiuzhaigou hiking is the leisure walking from one attraction to another in three valleys, which is a top-class experience for both your eyes and energy. The walking pace is slow and enjoyable, because your eyes and minds always stop your steps for the breathtaking and diverse landscape. As you know, there are public buses transferring tourists from one attraction to next. To save energy and time, most tourists have chosen the bus transfer instead of walking. But to be honest, they are not wrong, but have lost many wonderful landscapes hidden along the walking trails.

Plan your Jiuzhaigou Valley hiking

As you know, Jiuzhaigou consists of three connected valleys forming the shape of the capital letter “Y”. Each valley is more than 10 km in length. So obviously it is not possible to visit all attractions of three valleys in just one day by walking. You should also know that Jiuzhaigou Valley is a closed scenic zone without any hotels inside, which means you will not be able to stay overnight in the valleys. To protect the eco-system, camping is also not allowed in the valley. Then where is the right hiking way? Don’t worry. There are beautiful boardwalk style trails zigzagging in the valleys which allow you to do some enjoyable hiking. > 4 Days Enjoyable Jiuzhaigou Walking Tour

Classic two day hiking

Day 1 – Shuzheng Valley and Zechawang Valley; hike length: 6~7 hours

Start your hiking from the gate of scenic zone. Walking further you will get into a peaceful world because many tourists choose to take bus instead of walking from gate to Nuorilang Tourist Center. Stroll leisurely at your preferred pace on the boardwalk from one attraction to next. There are more than 40 lakes and waterfalls of different sizes lying in the valley, the most famous ones including the Reed Lake, Flaming Sea, Shuzheng Lakes Group, Shuzheng Waterfall, Tiger Lake, Rhinoceros Lake and Nuorilang Waterfall. The end of Shuzheng Valley locates the famous Nuorilang Waterfall which is 270 meters wide and 24.5 meters high. You can rest awhile for lunch here.

Keep on your hiking in the afternoon in another valley – Zechawang. The highlights of this valley are Long Lake and Five-color Pond which locate at the end of the valley. To skip over the mediocre sightseeing, you can directly take a park bus to the end of Zechawang Valley, and then walk down the highlighting trails. And board a park bus back to the gate when you get tired of walking.

Day 2 – Rize Valley; hike length: 6~7 hours

Today you will explore the most beautiful valley in Jiuzhaigou – Rize Valley with your feet. The valley, about 18 km long, is famous for its tranquil and dynamic landscapes - like a mystic mirror, waterfalls with the tallest drop, virgin forest with different colors, snow mountains dominating in the sky… you can imagine how these landscapes will take your breath from their spectacular names – Mirror Sea, Pearl Beach, Five-flower Lake, Swan Lake, Panda Lake, etc. At the same time, don’t miss this rare opportunity to take some really great photography of our mother nature’s works. Still, pick a park bus to transfer back to the gate when you want to return.

Tips for Jiuzhaigou Valley hiking

  • Wear comfortably. Don’t have to wear heavy trekking boots and thick hard jackets.
  • Alpenstock is not necessary.
  • Snacks and drinks are recommended to pack some with.
  • Open Hours: 07:00-18:00 (busy-season); 08:00-18:00 (off-season)
  • The Best Time for hiking: July to October
  • Admission fees: 169 RMB for entrance; 90 for park bus


> 4 Days Enjoyable Jiuzhaigou Walking Tour

Jiuzhaigou Hiking

Nuorilang Waterfall

Jiuzhaigou Hiking

Long Lake

Jiuzhaigou Hiking

Five-flower Lake

Huanglong National Park Hiking

Generally speaking, more than 99% travelers who visited Jiuzhaigou Valley also had traveled Huanglong National Park which is only about 120 km from Jiuzhaigou Valley and has magnificent incredible calcified scenery of different shaped and colorful calcified ponds, caves, waterfalls, streams, stones, etc.

Quite similar to Jiuzhaigou Valley, Huanglong National Park is also a valley with many ponds and lakes lying along as the elevation increasing up. Broad plank roads have been constructed from the valley foot to the top areas, which create an ideal walking-and-sightseeing experience. Then how to start the hiking?

Hike length: a half day

Recommended hiking route: cable way up and hike down the valley. Huanglong Valley is not far stretching very much, but its altitude raise much higher than Jiuzhaigou Valley. The Five-color Pool at the top lies at the altitude of 3,576 meters above sea level. The lowest altitude is about 3,000 meters at the entrance to the valley.

We strongly advise you add the cableway to your hiking so that you can avoid walking the same route again, also can save energy and time because it takes about 10 hours to finish a round walking. It depends on you to choose taking cableway to the top and hiking down the valley or hiking to the top then taking cableway downhill. > 4 Days Enjoyable Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Walking Tour

Tips for Huanglong National Park hiking

  • Wear portable and warm clothes, comfortable track shoes.
  • Alpenstock is not necessary.
  • Snacks and drinks are recommended to pack some with. Bring sun cream and sunglasses to protect from strong sunlight.
  • Get fully prepared for the high altitude. Avoid strenuous walking.
  • Open Hours: 09:00 ~ 17:00.
  • The Best Time for hiking: July to October.
  • Admission fees: 170 RMB for entrance; cableway up: 80; cableway down: 40
Huanglong National Park Hiking

Beautiful calcified ponds

Huanglong National Park Hiking

Huanglong National Park

Recommended Jiuzhaigou Tours

Top 3 Jiuzhaigou tours chosen by most customers to explore Jiuzhaigou in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Nuorilang Waterfall is the most magnificent waterfall in Jiuzhaigou
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Chengdu / Huanglong / Jiuzhaigou

Five-Color Ponds in Huanglong Valley
4 Days Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Highlights Tour from Chengdu by Private Car

Chengdu / Huanglong / Jiuzhaigou / Chengdu

Five-flower Lake in Rize Valley
5 Days Chengdu Jiuzhaigou Comfortable Tour

Chengdu / Huanglong / Jiuzhaigou

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