Huashan Landscape
7 Days Xian Mount Hua Zhangjiajie National Park Tour - China Discovery

Highlights: Terracotta Warriors, Mouont Hua, Zhangjiajie National Park, Zhangjiajie Glasses Bridge, Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain

Xian is famous for its long-lasting history and culture. You may want to refresh your eyes and souls after the cultural exploration in Xian. Why not travel from Xian to Zhangjiajie to enjoy the breathtaking Avatar World. Only around 2 hours are needed to take a direct flight from Xian to Zhangjiajie. During the first 4 day of this tour, you will not only visit the historical sites of Xian, such as Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, etc. first, but also go to hike Mount Hua which is known as the most precipitous in China. After Xian Huashan tour, you will take a night flight to Zhangjiajie where you will stay three full days to hike the Grand Canyon and walk the Glasses Bridge, take beautiful photos in Zhangjiajie National Park, and sightsee atop the Tianmen Mountain.

Tianzi Mountain
11 Days China Supreme Tour including Beijing Xian Zhangjiajie Shanghai

Highlights: Forbidden City, Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Zhangjiajie National Park, Zhangjiajie Glasses Bridge, Shanghai the Bund, Shanghai World Financial Center

The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors and Zhangjiajie Avatar World are usually come up one’s mind quicker than other attractions in China. YES, they are all the iconic attractions of China, and all should be on your bucket list when travelling to China. Thanks to China’s convenient and efficient transportations of high speed train and direct flights networks, you can travel easily between each city where these splendors locate in. During this tour, you will not only visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors and Zhangjiajie Avatar World, but also visit many other interesting places and have chance to experience authentic local culture and food.

Welcome to Xian - Bell Tower
2 Days Xian City Break (Hotel Pickup)

Highlights: Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Muslim Quarter(snack street)

This trip is ideal for those who have to have a brief trip in Xian, and need flight (train) pick-up and drop-off service. The itinerary is perfectly designed to cover the symbolic attractions in Xian, such as the Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and History Museum, also ensures you have a better time for arrival and departure.

Shanxi Provincial Museum
3 Days Classic Xian Tour (Flight/Train Pickup)

Highlights: Airport Pickup, Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Shaanxi History Museum

Thousands years' history left Xian a lots of history relics all of which are unique in the world. With 3 days, you can travel the best highlights of the ancient capital Xian at an enjoyable pace. In this tour, you have a flexible day for arrival, wherever you get from to Xian by flight or train, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,etc.

Mount Hua in misty days
4 Days Xian Highlights Tour with Mount Huashan Hiking

Highlights: Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Mount Huashan

Quiet down to soak in the wonderful history and culture which is given by the ancient capital city of more than 13 different dynasties. You wont' miss any of the best attractions in Xian, then take a side trip to hike the Mount Hua which is famous for having one of the world's most thrilling hiking trails, including the famous Plankroad in the Skye.

Golden Whip Brook
3 Days Zhangjiajie Natural Beauty Tour

Highlights: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Golden Whip Brook, Huangshi Village

Looking for the natural beauty tour? This 3 days Zhangjiajie Tour will lead to discover the real beauty of Zhangjiajie in the most classic way!

Huangshi Village
4 Days Zhangjiajie Tour to Yuanjiajie & Tianmen Mountain National Park

Highlights: Zhangjiajie National Park, Yuanjiajie, Tianmen Mountain

Ultimate Zhangjiajie! This 4-day Discovery Tour begins with Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and ends with Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park. You'll discover pillar-like Mountains, sunrise, lake, waterfalls, uncovering culture, tradition, religion and local folk customs park along the way.

Zhangjiajie Grand Cayon  Glass Bridge
4 Days Zhangjiajie Exciting Adventure with Glass Bridge

Highlights: Zhangjiajie National Park, Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

Zhangjiajie is a natural wonder of China, because it is the perfect combination of the idyllic beauty of Guilin, the grotesqueness of Yellow Mountain, the peril of Mount Hua and the magnificence of Mount Tai. So you can imagine how wonderful a Zhangjiajie adventure will be. This tour takes you to explore all of these features in just one go!

Recommended Longer China Vacations including Xian and Zhangjiajie2019/2020

If time allows, you are strongly recommended to plan more days to create a longer China vacation which also covers more popular destinations, such as Guilin, Xian, Tibet, Shanghai, Yangtze River, etc. Below are Top 5 recommended China vacation packages for 2019/2020! Find more China tours>>

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Zhangjiajie National Park
12 Days Wonders of China Tour (Flights + 4-star Hotels)

Beijing / Zhangjiajie / Xian / Guilin / Shanghai

If you are visiting China for the first time, you must get Beijing, Xian and Shanghai covered in your itinerary because they represent the past, today and future of China. While only cultural experience is not fun enough. You should not miss the magnificent landscape that you can only see in China. Guilin and Zhangjiajie are two of most outstanding places to enjoy the natural beauty of China.

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Surreal Avatar Views in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
13 Days China Landscape Tour including Zhangjiajie and Guilin

Beijing / Xian / Zhangjiajie / Guilin / Shanghai

When you are planning a tour in the vast Middle Kingdom, it's a great idea to combine both its classic historical destinations and spectacular scenic destinations. This is the trip strongly suggested for you on which you will discover the most important cultural destinations in China, including Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, then enjoy two magnificently stunning destinations - Guilin and Zhangjiajie. All attractions and activities are well organized to a leisure pace in a single trip.

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