• Top 4 Mount Wutai Tours
Peaceful Scenery of Mount Wutai
6 Day Datong Pingyao Tour Plus Wutaishan Visit

Highlights: Yungang Grottoes, Hanging Temple, Yingxian Wooden Pagoda, Mount Wutai, Jinci Temple, Qiao's Family Compound, Pingyao Ancient City

Datong - Pingyao - Wutaishan is the Golden Triangle of Shanxi Province. Your Shanxi tour is not complete without any one of them. This 6 Days Tour takes you to explore 3 magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites - from the man-made wonder Yungang Grottoes in Datong to the Ancient City of Pingyao via the Sacred Mount Wutai (Wutaishan), as well as many unexpected sights, such as Hanging Temple, Yingxian Wooden Pagoda, etc. in just one go. You will be taken good care of by a considerate tour guide and a private car throughout your holiday. Hotels, food, tickets are all included in the valuable tour package.

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3 Days Mount Wutai Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Highlights: Xiantong Temple, Tayuan Temple, Pusa Ding Temple, Five Terraces

This is the classic Buddhist pilgrimage tour to Mount Wutai, UNESCO World Heritage Site which has been a sacred Buddhist site for both Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism since the 5th century. During this 3 Days Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour, you will have plenty of opportunities to worship the Lord Buddha and master Manjusri Bodhisattva as you will not only visit the most iconic temples, but also take the famous Da Chaotai (Big Kora) to the sacred and beautiful Five Terraces.

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Mount Wutai Trekkers
3 Days Mount Wutai Trekking Tour (Suspended)

Highlights: Wutaishan Scenic Area, Mount Wutai Trekking to Five Peaks

Mount Wutai or Wutaishan is not only one of the holiest Buddhist sites in the Buddhist world, but also an ideal place for hiking. Stepping on this promising land with about 3000 meters elevation to enjoy a one-of-a-kind hiking that combines strong Buddhist culture with picturesque plateau scenery, which you cannot find in elsewhere. This 3 Days Mount Wutai Trekking tour takes you to hike the most beautiful Five Terraces. You will be led by a professional hiking guide with a moderate pace.

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Xiantong Temple in Mount Wutai
2 Days Classic Mount Wutai Tour

Highlights: Xiantong Temple, Shuxiang Temple, Dailuo Ding Temple, Foguang Temple

Mount Wutai is attractive to both Buddhists and regular tourists. For Buddhists, it is respected as the global center for Buddhist Manjusri worship that every pilgrim should visit once in a lifetime. For regular tourist, it is the ideal place to explore Buddhist culture, and trace the clue how the Buddhist developed in China. The natural landscape around the Buddhist temples is also spectacular. This 2 Days Classic Mount Wutai Tour takes you to explore the very essence of Mount Wutai in a leisure way. It is private, and can be tailor-made to meet your personal needs. Hotels, airport (train station) pick up, transfer and guide are all included.

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Mount Wutai

Monks of Tibetan Buddhism in Pusa Ding Temple
4 Days Datong Wutaishan Discovery Tour

Datong / Wutaishan

Datong and Wutaishan (or Mount Wutai) are only about 200km (124.27 mi) from each other. They are both proud of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and both related to Buddhist culture. During this 4 Days Datong Wutaishan Tour, you will be grateful to such intact cultural sites survived in our modern society, also be pleased by charming scenery of Mount Wutai. You will transfer by a private vehicle throughout the tour, and also be taken care well of by a local tour guide.

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Hukou Waterfall (Shanxi Side)
7 Days Shanxi Diversity Tour including Hukou Waterfall

Datong / Wutaishan / Pingyiao / Hukou Waterfall

Shanxi is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. It is one of the best places to explore authentic Chinese culture which is quite different from what you experience in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, also a great place to marvel at natural wonders especially the mighty Yellow River, the 5th longest river in the world. Our 7 Days Shanxi Tour takes you to explore the spectacular diversity of Shanxi from the ancient Buddhist grottoes to hanging temples, royal palaces to ancient folk city, plateau mountain to breathtaking waterfall. Enjoy private and considerate tour services with the best local price!

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Tayuan Temple of Mount Wutai
8 Days Ancient Beijing & Shanxi Culture Tour

Beijing / Datong / Wutaishan / Pingyao

Home to plenty of historical heritage sites, both Beijing and Datong, Pingyao and Wutaishan in Shanxi province will give you a deep impression about culture and history of China, from glorious ancient imperial culture in Beijing to grand Buddhist sacred mountain and sites to the prosperous ancient Pingyao. If you have already visited Beijing, you can skip the itinerary in Beijing.

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