How to Get to Wutaishan (Mount Wutai) from Beijing

Known as one of the top gateway cities to China with the magnificent Great Walls, Beijing is usually the first stop for a China tour. After your cultural exploration in Beijing, Mount Wutai is an excellent side trip destination to escape from the urban life and embrace the green nature. It is also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage property famous for sacred Buddhist culture. What’s the fastest and most convenient way to get from Beijing to Mount Wutai? Detailed Beijing to Mount Wutai transportation guide below helps you get the perfect way to go.

How far is Mount Wutai from Beijing?

Beijing Location: Beijing, the capital city of China, is located in North China, neighboring Tianjin to the east and southeast and surrounded by Hebei Province in other sides.

Mount Wutai Location: This famous and sacred Buddhist mountain lies in Taihuai Town, Wutai County, Xinzhou City, north-central Shanxi Province. Mount Wutai is also called Mt Wutai, Wutaishan or Wutai Mountain.

Beijing to Mount Wutai Distance: Mount Wutai lies about 350 km southwest of Beijing with an estimated driving of 4.5 hours.

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Beijing to Wutaishan

Beijing to Wutaishan (Mount Wutai) Transportation Map

Get to Mount Wutai from Beijing by Bus – Most Recommended

Bus Time: about 5 hours

Departure & Arrival Station: Beijing Liuliqiao Bus Station - Wutaishan Bus Station

Taking a bus from Beijing to Mount Wutai is the most convenient way recommended for tourists. Because the bus takes 5 hours, much shorter than taking a flight or train and it brings you go to Mount Wutai directly without extra transfer.

Every day, there are 2 buses departing from Beijing Liuliqiao Bus Station to Wutaishan Bus Station in Taihuai Town, the tourist base at the foot of Mount Wutai. The driving distance is about 360 km. You can accommodate in Taihuai Town and tour the core of Mount Wutai with a huge temple complex, including Wuye Temple, Tayuan Temple, Xiantong Temple, Dailuoding Temple, Pusading Temple,etc.

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Tips: 1.) Beijing Liuliqiao Bus Station is located outside the Third Ring Road West Section, about 11 km, 30 minutes’ driving from Beijing city center (Tian’anmen Square). 2.) Wutaishan Bus Station is just 1.5 km close to Wuye Temple within 20 minutes’ walking; 2 km from Tayuan Temple; 1 km from Shuxiang Temple; 2 km from Xiantong Temple, etc.

Beijing to Wutaishan Bus

Beijing Liuliqiao Bus Station

Beijing to Wutaishan Bus

Wutaishan Bus Station in Taihuai Town

Get to Mount Wutai from Beijing by Flight

Step 1: Beijing to Xinzhou Wutaishan Airport

Currently, there are no non-stop flights flying from Beijing to Wutaishan, but some connecting flights with transfer in Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou. Every day, Beijing has 6 to 7 connecting flights departing from Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) and Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) to Xinzhou Wutaishan Airport (WUT). The midway transit can be 2 hours to 20 hours long.

Step 2: Xinzhou Wutaishan Airport to Mount Wutai

After arrival by flight, you still need drive 2 hours (nearly 110 km) to Taihuai Town. Your Wutaishan tour will usually start from Taihuai Town.

Beijing to Wutaishan Bus

Xinzhou Wutaishan Airport is Located about 1 hour's drive to Taihuai Town, Mount Wutai

Some Beijing to Wutaishan Connecting Flights Schedules:

Flight Route Departure Airport Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Airlines
Beijing-Hangzhou-Wutaishan Beijing Capital International Airport 06:20 13:15 about 7 hours Shanghai Airlines+Loong Airlines
Beijing-Hangzhou-Wutaishan Beijing Capital International Airport 06:35 13:15 about 7 hours Air China+Loong Airlines
Beijing-Shanghai-Wutaishan Beijing Daxing International Airport 08:20 15:45 about 7.5 hours China Eastern Airlines+Shanghai Airlines
Beijing-Nanjing-Wutaishan Beijing Daxing International Airport 10:55 20:05 about 11 hours China Eastern Airlines+Juneyao Airlines

Note: The above flight schedules are listed for reference only and are subject to change by the airlines.

Plan B for Air Travelers to Mount Wutai:

Tourists can also fly from Beijing to Taiyuan first and then transfer from Taiyuan to Mount Wutai by train or direct bus.

1. Take Flight from Beijing to Taiyuan: There are over 5 non-stop flights taking off from Beijing between about 07:00 to 22:30 every day. The flight time is around 1.5 hours.

2. Get from Taiyuan to Mount Wutai:

By Bus: You can take bus at Taiyuan East Bus Station Taiyuan Railway Station to get to Taihuai Town directly. It takes about 3.5 hours to 4 hours by bus.

By Train: You can take high speed train (about 30 minutes) from Taiyuan South Railway Station to Xinzhou West Railway Station, and take 2.5 hours’ driving to Taihuai Town. Normal train from Taiyuan Railway Station to Wutaishan Railway Station (the nearest train station to Mount Wutai) is not recommended, because the train ride takes 3.5 hours to 5.5 hours and 1.5 hours’ transfer is needed to Taihuai Town from the Wutaishan Railway Station.

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Beijing to Wutaishan Bus

Taiyuan East Bus Station

Get to Mount Wutai from Beijing by Train

By High Speed Train:

Route: Beijing West Railway Station - Xinzhou West Railway Station - Mount Wutai

Duration: 6.5 hours ~ 7.5 hours

There is 1 daily high speed bullet train departing from Beijing West Railway Station to Xinzhou West Railway Station. The train leaves at every afternoon and get to Xinzhou at night, with a total duration of nearly 4 hours. Mount Wutai is located about 150 km from Xinzhou West Railway Station. After arrival, you need another 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours to get to Mount Wutai.

By Normal Train:

Route: Beijing Railway Station - Wutaishan Railway Station - Mount Wutai

Duration: about 8 hours ~ 8.5 hours

Beijing Railway Station in Beijing sends 1 to 2 normal trains to Wutaishan Railway Station every day. They are both overnight trains, costing 6.5 hours to 7 hours. One departs from Beijing at around 17:00 and arrives at midnight, while another leaves at about 22:30 and gets to Wutaishan Railway Station at about 04:30 next morning. It takes extra 1.5 hours to get to Mount Wutai from Wutaishan Railway Station by driving.

Note: In view of the choice of trains available, long train hours and additional transfer, taking a train from Beijing to Mount Wutai is quite inconvenient and time-costing.

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Beijing to Wutaishan Train

Xinzhou West Railway Station

Beijing to Wutaishan Train

Wutaishan Railway Station

How to Plan Your Mount Wutai Tour

How to Get to Mount Wutai: You can get there by flights from Shanghai (2.5hrs), Chengdu (2.5hrs), Hangzhou (2hrs), etc. or travel to Mount Wutai from Datong, Pingyao, and Taiyuan by driving.

Best Time to Visit Mount Wutai - May to September: Bring your extra layers and umbrella/raincoat always.

A classic Mount Wutai tour usually starts from Taihuai Town, the tourist center of the entire scenic area, then takes a day to visit the most important temples of Mount Wutai, such as Xiantong Temple, Pusa Ding Temple, Tayuan Temple, etc. which are conveniently located around Taihuai Town. If you are Buddhists, you can take the Xiao Chaotai (Small Kora) to Dailuo Ding Temple if you are short on time, or go to the high-altitude Five Terraces to worship Manjusri Bodhisattvas on the five peaks of Mount Wutai – East Terrace, North Terrace, Central Terrace, West Terrace and South Terrace, which usually costs two full days. If you prefer a hiking tour, you can find some amazing high plateau hiking trails among the Five Terraces. Below are most recommended Mount Wutai tours:

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Mount Wutai is usually visited with other famous destinations in Shanxi Province, such as Pingyao Ancient City and Wang’s Family Compound in Pingyao, Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Temple in Datong, Jinci Temple in Taiyuan and Hukou Waterfall in southern Shanxi. Below are the most recommended Shanxi tours:

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If your time allows, it’s strongly recommended to visit Mount Wutai with other sacred Buddhist sites in China, such as Mount Emei, Mount Putuo, Shaolin Temple, etc. If you want to explore more Chinese culture, you can also extend your tour to Xian, Beijing, Luoyang, Chengdu, etc. Below are some recommended China tours for you:

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Mount Wutai, Nourished by Profound Buddhist Culture Mount Wutai, Nourished by Profound Buddhist Culture

Recommended Wutaishan Tours

Top 3 Wutaishan tours chosen by most customers to explore Wutaishan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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