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China Flower Tours

Flowers Appreciation in China 2021: Where and What Flower to See

China has a vast territory, on which various flowers are planted, cultivated since very ancient times, forming a distinct floral culture. Many poems and artworks mention the flowers which convey positive messages, the authors’ sentiments, and the lovely or sacred general meanings behind the flowers. Although even in China the floral culture is so diverse with variation in different regions, there is one thing in common: the flowers are beautiful and people love admiring them. To understand the floral culture of China, there is one way to make it tangible - travel the flowering destinations.

We believe: each flower is a destination. From the most flourishing spring to the cold winter, blooming China can be seen in any season and it always satisfies your sense of beauty and curiosity for plants. Also, learning about the blooming period of your trip destination will be like the icing on the cake, adding more romance, delightful moments to your adventure in China. Here, we have listed the most popular flowers in China and the top destinations to appreciate flowers. Take your camera and get ready to start your memorable flower admiring tour with us!

What Flower Can I See: Most Beautiful Flowers in China

China is so vast and there numerous floral species to count. As Cherry blossoms, sakura is the symbol of Japanese people, Chinese people have pretty more variations of flowers to appreciate and flower festivals are held in different places, and people flood to see the flowers and receiving the gifts from nature. Most of these flowers bloom in spring, some blooms in summer, autumn, and even winter, in any season, you can encounter certain flowers. The followings are the most popular flowers in China with their blooming period and basic introductions and best places to see them.

Flower Appreciating Tips: Before appreciating flowers, you need to know if you are allergic to the flower pollen. Some flowers may contain toxic substances, please try not to pick them. Blooming flowers often attract many insects, such as bees and butterflies. Please be careful when you admire flowers and don't spray perfume that attracts bees. If you find that you have symptoms of pollen allergy, please take anti-allergy drugs in time.

Where to See Flowers: Top Places to Appreciate Flowers in China

Where are the most beautiful flowering places in China? From south to north, from west to east, China has lots of destinations to enjoy flowers all year round: in spring, apricot blossoms on great walls, cherry blossoms in Wuhan, rapeseed flower fields in Wuyuan, peach blossoms in Nyingchi, rhododendron in Guizhou; in summer, lotus flowers in Hangzhou, rhododendron in Shangri-La, Galsang flowers in Western Sichuan, lavender in Ili; in autumn, Chrysanthemum in Kaifeng, osmanthus in Guilin; in winter, plum blossoms in Nanjing, camellia and cherry blossom in Dali... There are a lot more to count. Here are the top 12 most popular flowering destinations in China. Please do not hesitate to contact our professional travel consultant to learn more about the destinations in bloom.

1. Wuyuan - Golden Sea of Rapeseed Flowers

China Flower

Wuyuan in Spring

China Flower

Golden Terraces of Rapeseed Flowers

Wuyuan is located in the northeast corner of Jiangxi Province, and it is about 120 km away from the famous Huangshan. Spring and autumn are the most beautiful seasons in Wuyuan. The beautiful rapeseed flowers light up the terraces in Wuyuan in dazzling yellow, and the rapeseed flowers of Wuyuan usually bloom from March to early April, planted on the terraced fields. Among these fields, rapeseed flowers in "Jiangling" and "Huangling" of Wuyuan are most famous. These layers of golden terraced rapeseed flowers are mingled with some pink peach blossoms, white pear blossoms, and traditional houses with white wall and black tiles of Huizhou culture, forming a beautiful idyllic rustic scene, and Wuyuan Huangling is known as one of the ten most beautiful terraces in the world.

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2. Yunnan - from "City of Spring" to the Rapeseed Flowering Luoping

China Flower

Blue Jacaranda Blossoms in Kunming

China Flower

Rapeseed Fields of Luoping

Yunnan is located in Southwest China. Due to the mild climate, flowers bloom all year-round, and it is also known as “Colorful Yunnan”. Kunming is the capital of Yunnan, nicknamed “the spring city of China”, and is also a famous flower city, with some famous large flower markets in China. Besides flower markets, in January, the plum blossom in Kunming at black dragon pond attracts many tourists. This is the second-largest plum garden in China. From February, rapeseed flowers in Luoping gradually bloom, like a golden sea. In March, pear flowers in Dali Pear Garden are in full bloom. In March, the flowers are various to see in the Yuantong mountain garden including cherry blossoms, Begonia flowers, plum blossoms, osmanthus flowers, peach flowers, apricot flowers, orchids, etc. In May, Huadian in Dali scenic area is full of flowers: camellias, azaleas, wild chrysanthemums, jackal flowers, and dragon claw flowers. By June, Shangri-La was in bloom from green pastures to the lakeside, like a sea of the red azaleas. In July and August, the lotus flowers of Puzehei, decorate the whole karst landscape beautifully. Even in December, when most flowers withered, cherry blossom in the Wuliangshan tea garden is gorgeous. The cherry valley there becomes a unique ecological tea garden, attracting many tourists and photographers at home and abroad.

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3. Beijing - Ancient Capital with Solemnity and Spring Romance

China Flower

Blooming White Mangnolia in Summer Palace

China Flower

Apricot Flowers on Badaling Great Wall

Spring and autumn are the most beautiful seasons in Beijing. In autumn, there are mountains of fall leaves in Beijing, while in spring, the solemn ancient capital, Beijing becomes more tender and beautiful with flowers. At the beginning of February, the weather was still a little cold. The plum blossoms of Xiangshan (Fragrant Hill) and Shifang Pujue temple in Beijing start to bloom. In March, the garden plants in Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven Park begin to revive, with peach, pear, and cherry blossoms blooming everywhere. In addition to blossoms in these historic sites, the cherry blossoms in Beijing's Yuyuantan Park are the most famous cherry appreciation scenic spot in Beijing; besides, the peach blossoms in the Beijing botanical garden and the large area of tulips in Zhongshan Park are also very beautiful. The flowers in Beijing are way more beyond the city area, apricot flowers in the suburbs of Beijing should not be missed. Early April is the best time to watch Beijing apricot flowers. The middle of April is usually a peak of the blooming period of apricot flowers on great walls. Badaling Great Wall is one of the best places to enjoy the blooming apricot blossom sea. The flowering period of apricot usually lasts for 10 days. With the arrival of spring rain, apricot flowers gradually disappear. But the complex climate and geographical conditions in Badaling lead to different flowering times in different areas. Take an S2 train to Badaling, along the way is full of pink apricot blossom, so the train is also known as “the train bounding for spring”.

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4. Wuhan - Best Place to See Cherry Blossom in China

China Flower

Cherry Blossoms in Wuhan University

China Flower

Cherry Blossoms by Wuhan East Lake

Wuhan in March is the most beautiful of the year. Speaking of cherry blossoms, many people will think of Japan, but the cherry blossoms in Wuhan are also beautiful. Wuhan becomes the most romantic city in March. One of the most famous blooming sites in Wuhan is the cherry blossom of Wuhan University. At Wuhan University, the best place to enjoy cherry trees is a cherry garden, which is named after cherry trees. The cherry garden is dominated by cherry blossoms. There are 6 kinds of cherry blossoms. More than 10 kinds of cherry blossoms are collected. The flowers are rich and colorful, with different branches and stems and different flowering periods. In addition to Wuhan University, the Moshan cherry garden in Wuhan East Lake covers 10000 cherry trees. The first batch of cherry blossoms planted in the garden was presented to China by former Japanese Prime Minister Kazuo Tanaka. Moshan cherry garden one of the three largest cherry gardens in the world.

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5. Nanjing - Ancient Capital with Plum Blossoms

China Flower

Beautiful Meihua Mountain in Spring

China Flower

Nanjing Jiming Temple in Spring

Plum blossom is the flower of Nanjing, and Nanjing people love it. Meihua Mountain is the most famous plum blossom scenic spot in Nanjing. Meihua Mountain is opposite the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum. It is very busy when the Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival is held every year. Plum forest in Meihua Mountain covers 230 varieties and more than 13000 plum trees, ranking first in China. Nanjing Meihua Mountain is also known as the top four plum orchards in China. The best plum season is from mid-February to March every year. Besides Meihua Mountain, Nanjing Gulin Park, Yuhuatai scenic spot Meigang, Zhongshan Botanical Garden, Xuanwu Lake Park, Mochou Lake, Gulin Park, Nanjing Agricultural University, Bailuzhou Park, Pipa Lake, and Lishui Fujiabian are all good places to enjoy the plum blossom.

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6. Nyingchi - Peach Blossoms Hugging Himalayan Snow Peaks

China Flower

Peach Blossom and Snow Peak

China Flower

Pink Peach Blossom Dotted Grassy Land

Nyingchi is located in Tibet, but its altitude is lower and its climate is similar to that of Western Sichuan. March's Nyingchi has already become a sea of flowers. The white snow-capped peaks seen in the distance are surrounded by pink peach blossoms, which look gorgeous. The pink peach blossoms are infinitely stunning in the arms of the majestic snow mountains and green high lands. The peach blossom in Nyingchi Area is plateau peach blossom. In many places, the peach blossom is in full bloom at the foot of the mountain. The annual Nyingchi Peach Blossom Culture Tourism Festival is the most famous tourism festival in Nyingchi attracting many visitors.

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7. Jinchuan - Untouched Tibetan Villages with Snow Pear Trees in Bloom

China Flower

Jinchuan Pear Blossoms

China Flower

Jinchuan Pear Blossoms in the Morning

Jinchuan County, located in the Northwest Sichuan Plateau and southwest of Aba Prefecture, is located on the eastern margin of Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Jinchuan is rich in pear flowers. Every early spring, the pear flowers in Jinchuan are like a white sea, attracting many photographers to come. The Snow Pear Festival is held every year in Jinchuan county. In March, the pear flowers are white like the snow, blooming from the high mountains to the low valleys. There are not only white pear flowers and terraces but also the Tibetan village, watchtowers, and other ethnic buildings. Besides the pear flowers in Jinchuan, the nearby Danba is also famous for its pear blossoms.

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8. Luoyang - Hometown of Chinese National Flower

China Flower

Blooming Peonies Before the Longmen Grottoes

China Flower

Luoyang Peony Festival

Luoyang, located in the west of Henan Province, is a famous ancient capital of China,known for its historical sites, like Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple. As the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, Luoyang has the reputation of "Millennium imperial capital, peony city". Luoyang's peony is particularly famous since ancient times, "the only peony is true national color, and the blooming season moves the capital", a poet once wrote. Peony, the national flower of China, is known as the "king of flowers". Peony cultivation originated in Luoyang and has a history of more than 1600 years. Its cultivation began in the Sui Dynasty, flourished in the Tang Dynasty, and became the best in the world in the Song Dynasty. Luoyang peony has huge flowers and many varieties. There are 9 color lines, 10 flower types, and more than 1000 varieties. Since 1983, Luoyang Peony Flower Fair has been held every year from April to May.

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9. Ili (Xinjiang) - Golden Sea of Rapeseed Flowers

China Flower

Apricot blossoms in Spring

China Flower

Blooming Lavenders in Summer

March to April is a good time to see apricot blossoms. Xinjiang Ili Apricot Culture Tourism Festival will be held every April. The blooming areas are mainly in four places: the surrounding areas of the Datongxiang of Pamir Plateau, Turgen township, Tuokson County in Turpan, and Daxigou of Huocheng. Among them, the most beautiful areas are Pamir and Yining. In April, the Ili Valley grassland in spring is the largest wild apricot forest in this area. There are thousands of wild apricot trees in bloom, and cattle and sheep are scattered around in this grassy land. In summer, from June to August, Ili became the sea of purple lavenders. At present, the lavender planting area of Ili has reached 95% output of the whole country. It has become the four major Lavender producing areas in the world along with Provence, Hokkaido, Russia, and the Caucasus.

10. Kaifeng - Ancient Capital Decorated with Autumn Flowers

China Flower

Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival

China Flower

Colorful Chrysanthemum Flowers

Kaifeng is a famous ancient capital of China, in Henan Province. The climate and soil conditions are very suitable for the growth of chrysanthemum, and the chrysanthemum is the city flower of Kaifeng. Chrysanthemum was planted as early as the Warring States Period. With the revival of Kaifeng in the Tang Dynasty, chrysanthemum has been widely planted and appreciated. In the Northern Song Dynasty, Kaifeng as the capital, chrysanthemum planting entered its heyday, no matter in variety and quantity or cultivation techniques, there were great breakthroughs. After thousands of years of cultivation of Chrysanthemum in Kaifeng, there are more than 1500 varieties of Chrysanthemum in Kaifeng. Since 1983, the Annual Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Exhibition has been held in Kaifeng every autumn. The Exhibition is generally from the middle of September to the middle and late November, which looks very spectacular and grand. The main venues include Longting Park, Millionual Park, Tianbo Mansion, Wansui mountain, etc. Other branch venues are the Song Yu River scenic area, Iron Tower Park, Han Garden, Daxiangguo Temple.

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11. Hangzhou - Blooming Lotus Flowers in Summer and Gentle Breeze from West Lake

China Flower

Blooming Lotus Flowers in West Lake

China Flower

West Lake in the Evening

Every season is a season for flowers. When it comes to summer, the lotus flower is the most representative one. With the arrival of June, lotus flowers in Hangzhou also are ushered in the most beautiful blooming season. Hangzhou West Lake is one of the top ten lotus resorts in China. The Lotus Festival from June to August attracts many people to visit the West Lake. During the Lotus Festival, Quyuan Fenghe and Guozhuang are the main venues of the Lotus Flowers Appreciation, and the branch venues are the botanical garden, Santan Yinyue, and tiger running the park. Among them, the most famous one is the Quyuan Fenghe. With varieties of lotus flowers, chic bridges, and pavilions, the landscape is very beautiful in summer. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunset on the West Lake. Besides the lotus of West Lake of Hangzhou, the lotus of Daming Lake in Jinan, Shandong Province is also very famous.

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12. Suzhou - Delicate Chinese Gardens in Bloom

China Flower

Lingering Garden in Spring

China Flower

Hanshan Temple in Spring

Neighboring Hangzhou and Shanghai, Suzhou is famous for its exquisite gardens and silk. Spring is the most beautiful season to visit Suzhou gardens. More than 100 gardens in Suzhou are full of vitality. The Xiangxuehai (meaning fragrant snow sea) is one of the top four gardens to enjoy plum blossoms in China. From February to late March, magnolia trees planted in the back mountain of Huqiu (Tiger Hill) are charmingly blooming, and you can also see them at gardens like a lingering garden. In March, the rapeseed flowers by the Yangcheng Lake are like golden fields. There are also thousands of kilometers’ Cherry Avenue in Xinying Lake Park by Yangcheng Lake. Besides Yangcheng Lake, there are more than 2000 cherry trees in Shangfangshan National Forest Park, and cherry blossoms are in full bloom in March and April. In April, wisteria in Suzhou Museum and Humble Administrator's garden reach its prettiest season. In May, you can enjoy many rhododendrons and peonies in Suzhou gardens.

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