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Golden Palace
3 Days Wudang Mountain Highlights Tour

Highlights: Wudang Museum, Golden Palace, Nanyan Temple, Purple Clouds Palace

With a history over 1000 years, Wudang Mountain is the No.1 Taoist Mountain in China, as well as the Cradle of Tai Chi and the Taoist martial arts. Taoist culture has originated on Wudang since the East Han Dynasty (25-220 AD) and some existing Taoist buildings could be traced back the 7th century. In 3 days, you'll enter the a world of mystery and Taoism.

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Wudang Mountain Tai Chi Learning
3 Days Wudang Mountain Taoism Tour with Tai Chi Learning

Highlights: Wudang Mountain, Tai Chi Learning Course, Golden Palace, Nanyan Temple, Purple Clouds Palace

This 3-day Wudang Taoism tour takes you not only have an in depth Tao exploration by visiting the Wudang Museums, Taoist palaces and temples, but also take an interesting Tai Chi course to experience the amazing Kung Fu personally. You’ll spend some time with some of the most respected Taoist masters and they will teach you how to attain the perfect balance within yourself and nature. As you practice these new skills, you feel more alive than you have ever felt.

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Wudang Kung fu
5 Days Wuhan & Wudangshan Tour by High Speed Train

Highlights: Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum, Wudang Mountain, Golden Palace, Nanyan Temple, Purple Clouds Palace

This tour is specially designed for travelers who want to explore Wudang Taoist Mountain from the most convenient city - Wuhan, connecting each other by 4-hour high speed train. In 5 days, you’ll enjoy the awesome and memorable visit in City of Rivers and Cradle of Tai Chi.

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Yellow Crane Tower
9 Days Best of Hubei Tour from Wuhan

Highlights: Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum, Wudang Mountain, Jingzhou Ancient City,Yichang Museum, Shennongjia

Have you even thought to tour all highlights of Hubei province in one go? This 9-day best Hubei Tour is just you are looking for. Covering Wuhan city, Wudang Taoist Mountain, Jingzhou Chu Culture and Shennongjia Forest Zone, you can fully appreciate the delicate beauty of Hubei.

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Yellow Crane Tower
2 Days Essential Wuhan City Tour

Highlights: Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum, Guiyuan Temple

Wuhan is rich in culture and history. The 2-day essential tour takes you to explore the highlights in Wuhan city such as Yellow Crane Tower, Heptachord Terrace, Hubei Provincial Museum...

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Wudangshan

Purple Clouds Palace
5 Days Ancient Xian & Wudang Mountain Tour

Xian / Wudang Mountain

This tour gives the great cultural feast with a combination of over 3000 years history and Taoist culture as well as Tai Chi. In Xian, you will enter into a living classroom to witness brilliant Chinese culture by visiting Terracotta Warriors, Xian Ancient City Wall and Shaanxi History Museum. With one-hour flight to Wudangshan, you’ll get back to nature and spend your short days in Wudang Mountain experiencing amazing Kung Fu and digging out how profound Taoism is.

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Three Gorges
10 Days Wuhan, Wudangshan, Yichang Yangtze Cruise Tour

Wuhan / Wudang Mountain / Wuhan / Yichang / Three Gorges / Chongqing

This tour contains the only World Heritage site in Hubei Provice-Wudang Mountain, and the classic Yangtze River Cruise from Yichang to Chongqing. You can also know Wuhan's history and culture by visiting Hubei Provincial Museum etc.

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