How to Get to & Around Wudangshan 2024

Well-known as the World Cultural Heritage, Wudang Mountain is a quite famous Taoist mountain in China where Wudang Kung Fu - Tai Chi originated. Whether you will travel to Wudangshan for beautiful natural scenery in this National Geopark, or experience local Chinese Taoism culture and learn Tai Chi from professional Taoist masters, catching the following detailed transportation guide helps you better plan your Wudang Mountain travel.

Wudang Mountain Location: Near Wudang Rd, Danjiangkou City, Shiyan City, Northwest Hubei Province, China.

Get to /away Wudang Mountain

By Flight

Owe to the operation of Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport since 2016, tourists can choose the best convenient way - fly to Wudang Mountain directly within a couple of hours from major Chinese domestic cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Kunming, Xiamen and etc.. Then take advantage of handy pick up service of China Discovery or take a taxi to the Wudang Mountain for about 40mins’ driving. Likewise, after finishing Taoist journey in Wudang Mountain, tourists can take the non-stop round-trip flight off Wudang Mountain to continue your China Discovery in other destinations.

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Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport (IATA: WDS)

Located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, Wudang Mountain was officially put into use for domestic tourism in 2016. It is about 15km from east Shiyan City and 30km from west Wudang Mountain Scenic Area. As a feeder-line civil airport for short distance flying within 800 ~ 1500km, the airport is well-connected with major tourist cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Xiamen, Kunming) and other destinations (Guangxi, Wuhan, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang of Hebei, Dalian, Lanzhou) in China though regular direct flights. Currently, there are four daily fast airport express line runs between Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport and Wudang Mountain Scenic Area for nearly 50mins.

Fixed airport express line timetable:

Shiyan Wudang MountainAirport - Wudang Mountain Scenic Area: departs at 09:30/13:30/17:30/21:00

Wudang Mountain Scenic Area - Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport: departs at 07:30/11:00/15:00/19:00

Wudang Mountain Airlines

Wudang Mountain Airlines

Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport

Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport

Major Flights Schedule of Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport

Route Duration Airline Company Frequency Arr. & Dep. Flight Type
Beijing-Wudangshan 2hrs10mins China United Airlines-KN5829 Every Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 07:50-10:00 Direct Flight
4hrs20mins Air China-CA1385 Every Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 18:15-20:35
Shanghai-Wudangshan 2hrs40mins Spring Airlines-9C8723 Daily 10:10-12:50
Guangzhou-Wudangshan 2hrs10mins China United Airlines-KN5830 Every Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 17:15-19:25
Xian-Wudangshan 1h5mins Loong Air-GJ8860 Daily 17:35-18:40
Hangzhou-Wudangshan 4hrs15mins Loong Air-GJ8859 Daily 18:20-20:35
Chongqing-Wudangshan 1h15mins China Express-G52909 Daily 16:10-17:25
Xiamen-Wudangshan 2hrs05mins Xiamen Air-MF8327 Every Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 07:00-09:05


Tip: Flights frequency and flying duration are subject to change.

By Train

Wudang Mountain is also linked with many Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Chongqing, Hangzhou and etc.) through two railway stations - Wudang Mountain Railway Station and Shiyan Railway Station near Wudang Mountain Scenic Area. Once exit from train station, tourists can take a cheap local public bus or taxi to Wudang Mountain. The most recommended way is use our pick up service to get there fast and convenient.

Wudangshan West Railway Station is a newly built high speed railway station. Being much closer to Wudang Mountain than Shiyan Railway Station, Wudang Mountain Wudangshan West is only about 12km to Wudang Mountain, approximately drive for 20mins. It usually receives high speed trains from Wuhan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, etc.

Shiyan Railway Station is located in Shiyan City, northwest of Shiyan Airport. It is about 35km driving distance to Wudang Mountain Scenic Area. Totally there are 80 trains runs between Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xian,Chengdu, Hangzhou, etc and Shiyan Railway Station, covering most K-series Fast Train, few T-series Express Train and rare D-series Bullet Train.

Supposing that you will travel to Wudang Mountain from Hubei Province, you can choose from about 14 trains starting from Wuhan, Hankou and Wuchang in Hubei every day, including the four daily Bullet Trains. Duration of Bullet Train between Hubei and Wudang Mountain varies with different trains, ranging from 3hrs 38mins to 4hrs 27mins.

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Shiyan Railway Station

Shiyan Railway Station

Shiyan Railway Station to Wudang Mountain

Shiyan Railway to Wudangshan

Bullet Trains from Hubei to Wudang Mountain

Route Duration Train No. Frequency First Class Seat (RMB) Second Class Seat (RMB)
Wuhan-Shiyan 4hrs27min D5216 Daily 179 149
Hankou-Shiyan 3hrs50mins D5211 168 141
3hrs38mins D5285 168 141
Wuchang-Shiyan 4hrs2mins D5206 173 144

By Long-distance Bus

The three bus stations in Shiyan City, Shiyan Highway Bus Station (location: Kaixuan Avenue, Zhangwan District), Shiyan Sanyan Bus Station(No.1 South Renmn Rd, Maojian District) and Shiyan South Bus Station (also named Liuyan Bus Station - located in No.6 Chezhan Rd, Maojian District and near the Shiyan Railway Station) mainly offers coaches around Shiyan City and to cities within Hubei Province and cross-province buses to Luoyang, Kaifeng, Anyang in Henan and Xian, Pingyao, Changsha, Guilin, Datong and more. As a budget choice, Xian-Wudang bus costs about 129RMB for nearly 4hrs.

Xi'an-Shiyan Coach Bus

Xi'an-Shiyan Coach Bus

Get around Wudangshan

By Bus

After walk out of Shiyan Railway Station, tourists can take local tourist bus (15RMB) to Wudang Mountain within 30mins, or take the cheap local intercity public bus No.202 (4RMB per person) to Wudang Mountain, which departs every 15mins and drive for 70mins. Passengers who exit from Wudang Mountain Railway Station can also take bus NO.202 (4RMB) and No.204 (2RMB) to Wudang Mountain via 20mins’ drive.

By Taxi

Whatever station you exit from in Shiyan, same to the airport, you can easily find a taxi to take you to Wudang Mountain. And taxi from Shiyan Railway Station to Wudang Mountain costs around 100RMB by about 45mins’ driving, while it takes about 20mins from Wudang Mountain Railway Station. Ordinary local ordinary taxi fare starts at 7RMB and charges 1.6RMB for each extra kilometer, and new-type specialized taxi starts at 5RMB (within 1.5km) and charges 2RMB at a distance of 2~5 km, 3RMB between 5~10km.

Shiyan Taxis

Shiyan Taxis

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How to say thank you for helping us, travellers
Thank you for your comprehensive post on what kind of transportation is currently available for travel ing to Wudangshan. I spent almost 2 days figuring out how to do it. The most expensive is by flying in from Shanghai or Xian. The smoothest, easiest and cheapest method is by slow pow Ktrain. Depart SHA Shanghai at 13:40, arrive next day in Wudangshan. Take the bus you mention to go up Wudang mountain. But even a softsleeper train is not a 100% convincing OK-trip for spoiltrotten seniors, :)
I can fly in from Xian but there is no flight Xian to Shiyan nor Wudangshan. There is speedtrain from Shanghai to Wuhan, but cannot find sameday connecting speedtrain from Wuhan to Shiyan nor Wudangshan. By posting your comprehensive train and some flight schedules from several cities, I got a way to ensure my own 'research' on transportation to Wudangshan is correct.

I like to thank you for your big help. But everytime I click on your website 'Like it', I got prompted to log into Facebook. I like Facebook but I don't want to have an account with Facebook nor any other social media. Maybe your engineers could figure out a way for travellers like me how to thank you for answering our 1001 questions about traveling in China?
2018-07-18 22:30
Dear Mei,

Thanks for your affirmation. It is our great honor to help you make a smooth and pleasant trip. China Discovery aims to provide practical travel information to all friends (both our customers and independent travelers) who want to travel in China. Besides, we’ll keep constructing our website and make it more comprehensive and user-friendly.

If you have any questions, we are always at your service.
By bus 203 from Wudangshan railway station to Wudangshan National Park
After I get off at last bus stop of bus 203, I will walk following sign to go to Tourist buy tickets for a 3-4 days sightseeeing on Wudangshan. Could the representatives help me if I don't speak English? I want to buy entry tickets to temples, tourbus tickets for different sightseeing, cable card (roundtrip). Can I charge them all to a credit card? What else should I get for my Do It Yourself Wudangshan trip? Thanks.
2018-07-17 06:34
Dear Mei,

Thanks for your question. In the ticket center, the staff in the scenic area can speak only Chinese Mandarin usually. You can show these words “景区门票+观光车车票+往返索道票” to the staff and then they can give you the entry tickets, bus tickets and tickets for roundtrip cable car. Credit card can’t be used for purchasing ticket, so you need to bring enough cash with you. Besides, you are suggested to buy a Wudangshan map to make your trip easier.

Wish you a nice trip!
Train from Beijing to Wudang Mountain Railway Station
Hello, I was wondering if I could take a fast train from Beijing to Wudang Mountain Railway Station and if so, how long will the journey be?
2018-07-04 07:41
Dear Andreea,

Thanks for your question. I’m sorry to tell you that there is no direct high speed train from Beijing to Wudangshan Railway Station. There are some normal trains available to transfer from Beijing to Shiyan (十堰) and the trip takes at least 16 hours. To save your time, you can take a high speed train to Wuhan (武汉) or Hankou (汉口) and then take another high speed train to Shiyan. The whole train journey will take about 10 hours. Shiyan Railway Station operates frequent trains to Wudangshan Railway Station which take only about 20 minutes. Or you can take a bus from Shiyan Railway Station to Wudang Mountain or Shiyan City directly.
Besides, you can choose a 2 hours’ nonstop flight from Beijing Capital International Airport from Wudangshan Airport.

Wish you have a nice trip!
Train from Shanghai to Wudangshan
Thank you Jean for answering me for answering me
I have another question, is it possible to buy the four soft bed sleeper in one compartment if we are only 2 to occupied it.
2018-04-13 22:19
Hi Linda,

Thanks for your question again. Ticket-booking is ID-based. Providing information of four passports, you are able to book four tickets. At present, it's unavailable to choose seat while booking tickets online. If you book the tickets in the trains stations or ticket agencies, you can ask the conductor to offer you four sleepers in one compartment.

Good Luck!
Shanghai to Wudangsh
Good day, We are arriving in Shanghai on the 26 off April and we have to be Wudangshang by the 30of April. We try to book a ticket flight with ctrip, but my friend is 72 years holds and it won’t accept the reservation because she is over 70.
So we considering taking the train. All the trains take 22 to 24 hours. We would like to know if we stay in the same train all the way or do we have to change trains
Thank you for your help
2018-04-13 17:11
Dear Linda,

Thanks for your question. There are three daily trains from Shanghai to Wudangshan, two from Shanghai South Railway Station and one from Shanghai Railway Station. Booking any one of the three trains, you can stay in the same train. Since it is a long journey with one night in the train, you are suggested to choose a soft sleeper which is a settled with soft bedding to ensure a more comfortable trip, especially for your 72 years old friend. Book as soon as possible, because the tickets of soft sleepers on April 30 are tense now .

Wish you have a nice time in Wudangshan!
From Xian to Wudangshan by air_
Dear Team,

I want to travel from Xi'an to Shiyan by airplane. The date is 2 May (evening time if possible)
I have looked everywhere but I cannot find good information...

Can you please help me? :/

2018-04-01 15:19
Dear Mery,

Thanks for your question. There is a daily nonstop flight from Xian Xianyang Airport to Wudangshan Airport operated by Loong Air. It departs at 19:25 and arrives at 20:30 with duration of 1 hour and 5 minutes. You may check the detailed information or book one flight at If you need a private tour, feel free to contact us.

Wish you a nice journey!
Taxi or bus at Wudangshan Railway Station at night
If I arrive Wudanshang railway station around 9pm, is there any taxi or bus waiting tourists?
2017-08-28 01:54
Dear Milin,

Thanks for your question. I’m sorry to tell that there aren’t any available buses starting from or passing through Wudangshan Railway Station after 8:30pm at present. It is also not easy to call a taxi there. Only some unlicensed private car offers pick-up service and the fee is unfixed. If you plan to accommodate in Wudangshan Town, I suggest you book an earlier train to Wudangshan Railway Station. If you accommodate in Shiyan City, you can take a train to Shiyan Railway Station instead. Shiyan Railway Station is a much bigger station with more convenient transportation to the city area.
how much and how long is taxi?
would it be worth it to catch a taxi from shiyan to wudang main gate? how long would this take? and average cost? would it be cheaper to catch the train to shiyan, then to wudang station, then a taxi to the main gate? any help would be great thanks
2017-05-21 23:33
Dear Mathew,

Thanks for your question. A taxi to Wudang Gate from Shiyan Railwa Station cost about 30 minutes/100 CNY. Of course you can take a train to Wudangshan from Shiyan City. The costs are very low - hard seat 8 CNY; hard sleeper 54 CNY. The gate of Wudangshan is only 1km from the railway station. You can walk there or take a taxi.
Bus ticket Xian to Wudangshan same day?
Hello, I am foreigner and will arrive in Xian airport October 8. Can I buy bus ticket same day to get to Wudangshan, or should I try to buy the ticket from Hong Kong before my travel dates?
2016-09-12 22:52
Hi Thordis Hardardottir,

Thanks for your message. We have checked the latest bus tickets information from Xian to Wudangshan. There is only one fixed ticket you can book ahead (10 days in advance) online is at 09:00 from Xian Sanfuwan Bus Station, about 37 kilometers from Xian Xianyang Airport which takes around 50 minutes for the transfer. This bus station may offer other schedules but not fixed which depends on the number of passengers at that time.

Besides, there are another options: 1. you can take train (08:35~16:17) from Xian Train Station to Wudangshan Train Station; 2. you can take flight (19:50~20:45) from Xian Xianyang Airport to Wudangshan Airport directly.

We don't know your exact arrival time in Xian on October 8, so the above information are collected for your reference. We hope this may help you!

Best Regards,

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