Things to do on Wudang Mountain

Situated in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, Wudang Mountain Scenic Area is one of China’s key national scenic spots. It has the reputation of being the most sacred mountain of Chinese Taoism and the place where internal martial arts originated.

Tourists can visit Wudang Mountain not only for the magnificent natural scenery surrounding the Golden Palace, but just as importantly for a better appreciation of Taoist Culture and the Wudang Martial Arts through participation in those featured activities.

In addition, the nearby Shennongjia Nature Reserve, a nature paradise full of high mountains, rare animal, and the source of Shennong Stream, is only 210 km away and worth a visit.

Wudangshan Attraction Map

Wudang Mountain

No. 1: Wudang Mountain

Type: World Heritage Site, Scenic/ Historic Mountain

Site: Wudang Mountain Scenic Area, Hubei Province

With an elevation of 1612 meters, Wudang Mountain, also known as Tai he mountain, which contains 72 peaks, 36 sheer cliffs, 24 streams and more natural scenic spots. It was the place where Zhenwu Emperor became Taoist immortal so Wudang Mountain is regarded as the holy Taoist Mountain, which attracts tourists to pray for peace and blessing.

 Golden Palace

No.2: Golden Palace

Site: One Spot of Wudang Mountain Scenic Area

Situated in the summit, Golden Palace is the symbol of Wudang Mountain, also called Golden Summit. Built in Ming Dynasty, with 5.5 meters high and 4.4 meters wide, this typical Taoist building is claimed to be the most copper used in China, like the doors, beams, tiles and the inside statues and carved dragons are decorated with gold dust, which are quite exquisite and magnificent.

Purple Clouds Palace

No.3 Purple Clouds Palace

Site: One Spot of Wudang Mountain Scenic Area

Purple Clouds Palace also called Zixiaogong in Chinese is located in the northeast of Mountain, with 7.5 km away from the Prince Slope. Built in Ming Dynasty (1413), it is one of the intact Taoist temples on Wudang Mountain, including spots of Dragon hall, Purple Clouds hall and 6 other places, each of them has some legend story told by guide to help you understand more Chinese Culture. Besides, you can see many female and male Taoist priests to do their exercise and practice.

Note: You need to pay another 15 rmb to visit Purple Clouds Palace for this place is managed by Taoist Association Office.

Nanyan Temple

No.4 Nanyan Temple(South Cliff Temple)

Site: One Spot of Wudang Mountain Scenic Area

Built along the cliff and facing south, this place is called South Cliff Temple which is the most beautiful site of 36 sheer cliffs. Nanyan Temple was rebuilt in Ming Dynasty in 1413 after a big fire in the end of Yuan Dynasty, now there are about 40 kinds of temples, like hanging in the cliff from a distance. With stunning scenery around, this place is a good location to see sunrise and clouds.

Prince Slope

No.5: Prince Slope (Fuzhenguan)

Site: One Spot of Wudang Mountain Scenic Area

As the first scenic spot to arrive, Prince Slope is the crossing center of this “Y” letter shaped Wudang Mountain Scenic Areas. After that you can choose the left side to Qiongtai (about 18 km), the start point of cableway or the right to Nanyan (about 15 km). Built at 60 degrees steep of Wudang Mountain, Prince Slope is the classic ancient architecture. It was said the prince once studied here, so this place is hot for tourist to pray for their children’s study.

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