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Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln and Customs Museum
3 Days Jingdezhen Ceramic & Porcelain Culture Tour

Highlights: Ancient Kiln and Customs Museum, Porcelain Museum, Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village

In the Porcelain Capital of China, you’ll fully explore the history and culture about ceramics. Visit ancient kiln sites, appreciate porcelain from different times, learn how the pottery is made, talk about with the ceramic artists…you’re surely in a world of CHINA. You come, you learn and you experience.

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Wuyuan Autumn Sceneries
2 Days Wuyuan Autumn Visual Feast Tour

Highlights: Huangling Village, Likeng Village, Qiaoqi Village, Ancient Kiln and Customs Museum, Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village

Wuyuan, located in the north of Jiangxi Province, is known as "the most beautiful village in China". It draws pleasing seasonal scenery and unique local culture. When spring comes, Huangling in Wuyuan, known as one of the "four major flower seas in China", will welcome a large number of tourists and photography enthusiasts to witness the vast seas of rape flowers. While in autumn days, Wuyuan turns to a world of colors. Locals dry their crops, such as corn and hot pepper, on the roofs, which create a spectacular experience for visitors. Wuyuan is one of the best preserved places of Huizhou ancient architecture in China, known as "Ancient Architecture Museum". The Hui style buildings with white walls and black tiles also add a sense of antique flavor to Wuyuan.

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Jingdezhen Museum of Porcelain
5 Days Best Jingdezhen with Huangshan Essence Tour

Highlights: Yellow Mountain, Jingdezhen Porcelain, Hutian Ancient Kiln Site, Hongcun Ancient Village

This tour is designed for those who are interested in both nature and culture. You'll visit the loveliest Mountain in China - Yellow Mountain. And with a tour to China's Porcelain Capital Jingdezhen where you'll visit ancient kiln sites, exhibition areas, workshops and museum...

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Hutian Ancient Kiln Site
4 Days Jingdezhen Porcelain Tour with Mount Lu

Highlights: Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln and Customs Museum, Hutian Ancient Kiln Site, Lushan Mountain

The 4-day Jingdezhen and Lushan Tour will take you to visit two famous destinations of Jiangxi province – Home of China porcelain and ceramics & UNESCO World Heritage Site “Mount Lu”. This tour will not only be a sightseeing trip but also a culture baptism.

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6 Days China Mountains Tour with Classic Shanghai

Shanghai / Jiuhuashan / Huangshan

This 6-day tour perfectly combines the best highlights in international metropolis - Shanghai, beautiful Mount Huangshan and holy Mount Jihua. You will experience contrast between modernity and tradition, witness concrete human achievement, soak in natural miracles and devout spiritual power.

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