Jingdezhen Accommodation: Best Places to Stay & Hotels in Jingdezhen 2024

Jingdezhen is a prefecture-level city in Jiangxi. Though offering fewer hotels than big cities, Jingdezhen owns different types of hotels varying from 5-star to 3-star. The quantity of 5-star hotels is not much, but there are various economical hotels, thematic hotels, and homestays.

It is not expensive to live in Jingdezhen even in the downtown area. Tourists can usually find desirable hotels to stay according to their needs and budgets.

It should be noted that facilities in hotels may differ one from another. If you want to be free from the trouble of choosing hotels, do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer worry-free tour packages in Jingdezhen for you, taking care of details including accommodation, transfer, itinerary, tickets, etc.

Most Popular Accommodation Area in Jingdezhen

According to the transportation and distribution of attractions, Jingdezhen can be roughly divided into 5 major areas to stay in hotels, including downtown Jingdezhen (People’s Square area), Fuliang Ancient Town area, Museum area, Taoxichuan Creative art area, and Jingdezhen North Railway Station area. Tourists can choose hotels according to facilities and which attractions they want to visit first to decide where to stay.

Most Popular Jingdezhen Tours: 3 Days Jingdezhen Vibrant Porcelain Culture Tour / 5 Days Best Jingdezhen with Huangshan Essence Tour

Jingdezhen Accommodation Map Jingdezhen Accommodation Map (Zoom in to enlarge map)

1. Downtown Jingdezhen (People’s Square area): The Railway Station and Imperial Kiln Museum lie in the downtown area. Tourists have a wide range of choices in the downtown area, ranging from 5-star hotels to economical hotels. Homestay is also a good place to have a stay. However, it will be a little noisy to live in the downtown area.

2. Fuliang Ancient Town area: Living in the Fuliang Ancient Town area, you can immerse in the tranquil scenic spot and totally relax. It is a suburban area of Jingdezhen but still has a lot of accommodations because of its tourist sources. Tourists can choose different thematic homestays as they like, such as blue and white porcelain, tea culture, ceramic art, or historical culture.

3. Museum area: If you want to visit more special museums first, the museum area is suitable for you since Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum and Ancient Kiln and Customs Museum are awaiting your exploration nearby. Most hotels in this area are well-equipped. Five-star hotels are available for tourists to choose from.

4. Taoxichuan Ceramic Art area: Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue and Sanbao International Ceramic Art Village are must-see attractions in this area. There are a lot of thematic Chinese-style hotels. Tourists who want to have a unique experience of living in a ceramic-style hotel can choose this area.

5. Jingdezhen North Railway Station area: The number and variety of hotels in this area are not very much. Tourists can choose economical hotels if they are too tired for the train travel.

Top Recommended Hotels in Jingdezhen

We here list some hotels with favorable locations and good reputations for your reference. If you need more suggestions, please contact us and our travel consultant will try best to meet your request.

Most Recommended Hotels in Museum Area:

The Museum Area is the most recommended accommodation in Jingdezhen. Compared to the hotels in the downtown area, the hotels in this area are better equipped with modern amenities, and most of them are newly built or renovated. With an excellent location near the attractions, it can conveniently save energy and time for tourists.

Zijing Hotel Jingdezhen 紫晶宾馆★★★★★

Breakfast: Western & Chinese

Address: No.9 Zijing Road, Changnan Avenue, Changjiang District, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China 江西省景德镇昌江区昌南大道紫晶路9号

Surrounding: ingdezhen China Ceramics Museum (0.8 km / 4 min drive / 12 min walk); Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln and Custom Museum (3 km / 7 min drive)

Room Type: Queen-size Bed Room, Queen-size Bed Room with Mountain View, Business Double Room, Double Room with Mountain View, Deluxe Suite

Opened in 2008 and renovated in 2019, Zijing Hotel Jingdezhen is a garden-style hotel. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and waters like a pearl in Jingdezhen. Totally, there are 443 guestrooms. Rooms and bathrooms are very spacious and well-appointed with modern amenities, including WIFI, automatic curtains, LCD TV, etc. Rooms are cleaned every time guests leave their rooms. Dining and conference facilities are excellent. This hotel also provides fitness rooms, swimming pools, coffee shops, book rooms, etc. for entertainment. The meeting room is available for business. It is an excellent hotel in a lovely area.

Zijing Hotel Exterior Zijing Hotel (Exterior) Zijing Double Room Zijing Double Room

Kaimenzi Grand Hotel Jingdezhen 开门子大酒店 ★★★★

Breakfast: Western & Chinese

Address: No.1055 Cidu Avenue, Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China 江西省景德镇昌江区瓷都大道1055号

Surrounding: Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln and Custom Museum (0.4 km / 6 min walk); China Ceramics Museum (4 km / 11 min drive)

Room Type: Single Room, Business Queen-sized Bed Room, Deluxe Queen-sized Bed Room, Business Suite, Deluxe Suite, Family Room

Kaimenzi Grand Hotel Jingdezhen is a four-star business hotel that is decorated in a commercial style. Located in the important traffic intersection and adjoining Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln and Custom Museum, it’s another landmark in Jingdezhen. It’s very convenient for tourists to get around nearby attractions.

This hotel was built in 2003 and renovated in 2020. Adopt the foreign management mode, the hotel provides the guests with 171 guestrooms which are well decorated and equipped with internet access. Free WIFI is available in public areas. Behind the hotel, tourists can experience projects such as springs, sweat streaming, sauna, foot massage, and other service.

Kaimenzi Hotel Exterior Kaimenzi Hotel Exterior Kaimenzi Single Room Kaimenzi Single Room

Most Recommended Hotels in Downtown Jingdezhen:

With convenient transportation, a short distance to attractions, and cost-effective hotels, downtown Jingdezhen is also a good choice for tourists. However, most hotels are economical hotels with old-fashioned amenities. We select one newly-built hotel for your reference.

Atour Hotel, Jingdezhen 景德镇人民广场浙江路亚朵酒店★★★★

Breakfast: Western & Chinese

Address: No.3-5 Zhejiang Road, Zhushan District, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China 江西省景德镇珠山区浙江路3-5号

Surrounding: Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum (2.5 km / 8 min drive)

Room Type: Queen-sized Bed Room, Deluxe Queen-sized Bed Room, Double Room, Deluxe Double Room, Deluxe Family Room, Business Suite

Atour Hotel was newly built in 2023 with 128 guestrooms. Located at Zhejiang Road of People’s Square, it is easy to travel to the Imperial Kiln Museum, Taoxichuan, and other ceramic shopping markets. Atour Hotel is a modern and romantic hotel in the downtown area. It not only provides robotic waiters but also is equipped with laundry rooms, book rooms, gyms, etc. You can even experience the pottery-making project in the hotel.

Atour Hotel (Exterior) Atour Hotel (Exterior)

Most Recommended Hotels in Fuliang Ancient Town Area:

If tourists want to experience a tranquil life in Jingdezhen, Fuliang Ancient Town is unmissable. Located in the suburban area of Jingdezhen, it still owns some reputable hotels. We selected one modern hotel and one thematic hotel for your reference.

Hampton by Hilton Jingdezhen 景德镇浮梁希尔顿欢朋酒店 ★★★★

Breakfast: Western & Chinese

Address: No.122 Chaoyang East Road, Fuliang County, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China 江西景德镇浮梁县朝阳东路122号

Surrounding: Fuliang Ancient Town (4km / 8 min drive)

Room Type: Queen-sized Bed Room, Executive Queen-sized Bed Room, Double Room, Executive Double Room, Family Room

Hampton by Hilton Jingdezhen was opened in 2022 with 132 guestrooms. The surroundings are nice and beautiful because Tianbao Park and Sanxian Lake Park are not far from the hotel.

It is equipped with comfortable guestrooms, multifunctional meeting rooms, gyms, parking lots, and authentic restaurants. The style of the hotel is modern and simple. Tourists can enjoy the robotic waiter service.

Hampton by Hilton (Exterior) Hampton by Hilton (Exterior)

Mingfangyuan Art Hotel 名坊园艺术酒店 ★★★

Breakfast: Chinese

Address: No.18 Mingfangyuan, Changnan New District, Fuliang County, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China 江西省景德镇浮梁昌南新区名坊园18号

Surrounding:Fuliang Ancient Town (8km / 16 min drive)

Room Type: Queen-sized Bed Room, Queen-sized Bed Room with Elegant View, Double Room, Double Room with Elegant View, Deluxe Suite with the Quintessence of Chinese Culture

Mingfangyuan Art Hotel was opened in 2017 with 41 guestrooms. It is not only equipped with tea house, coffee shop, chess and cards room for entertainment, but also provides ceramic show and porcelain experience center, making it an ideal place for tourists to learn about Jingdezhen and porcelain culture.

The architecture is built with folk characteristics, blending modernity and tradition harmoniously.

Mingyuanfang Art Hotel Exterior Mingyuanfang Art Hotel Exterior

Recommended Jingdezhen Tours

Top 3 Jingdezhen tours chosen by most customers to explore Jingdezhen in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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