Things to do in Jingdezhen

As the world-famed Porcelain Capital of China, Jingdezhen has a 1700-year history of porcelain making and a rich cultural heritage.

Most of Jingdezhen’s tourist attractions have a link to the ceramic. Dig the profound porcelain culture in Ancient Kiln and Folk Customs Museum and Hutian Ancient Kiln Site, learn some history in Porcelain Museum, wander along the Ancient Porcelain Street, visit the creative market or even make pottery in porcelain art village…It is all about CHINA. You come, you learn and you experience!

Besides, Jingdezhen also provides access to nearby popular tourist areas such as Mount Lu, Huangshan and Wuyuan. Go and discover now!

Jingdezhen Attraction Map

Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln and Folk Customs Museum

No.1: Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln and Folk Customs Museum

Type: Landmarks/ Points of Interest

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln and Folk Customs Museum is the best place in Jingdezhen where you could appreciate the profound porcelain history and culture. It could be called a “living” museum - part museum (including Jingdezhen Ceramic Historical Museum), part workshop and part demonstration base.

In this huge site, visit the ancient kilns of past dynasties like Jingdezhen kiln of Qing Dynasty, Gourd kiln of Ming Dynasty, Steamed bun kiln of Yuan Dynasty, Dragon Kiln of Song Dynasty; see porcelain masters at work and they will let you have a go; appreciate musical performances by ceramic instrument on water stage; view ceramics tablet gallery; wander leisurely in the beautiful gardens, temples; you could even buy the beautiful ceramics as you like.

Hutian Ancient Kiln Site

No.2: Hutian Ancient Kiln Site

Type: Cultural Relics

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

Hutian Ancient Porcelain Kiln is the largest kiln with the longest operation and most exquisite in the Song and Yuan Dynasties. This ancient site preserves numerous relics from the time of the Five Dynasties to Ming Dynasty, providing evidence of the important evolution of ceramic crafts over 700 year period.

With an area of 400,000 square meters, relics of the Five Dynasties Period scatter in the east part of the village, and relics of the Song and Yuan Dynasties distributed in the south, and the Ming relics spread in an area with Pipa Mountain as its center. The remains of ancient workshops, kilns and broken porcelain objects are high values for study of the history of Chinese culture and handicraft techniques.

Jingdezhen Museum of Porcelain

No.3: Jingdezhen Museum of Porcelain

Type: Museums

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

Jingdezhen has an over 1700 years of ceramic pedigree and culture. It has the rarest and most beautiful ceramic artifacts storing in the Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum, in total 2400 works stretching over 5 dynasties on display from the Tang Dynasty down to the modern times.

There are 5 main halls detailing the history of ceramic through different dynasties, with the height of ceramic occurring during the Qing Dynasty. Interestingly color and style variations shift distinctly during each of the respective dynasties. Two halls in the museum are dedicated to exploring the history of ceramic in modern China. For those interested in Chinese history this museum is a must-see!

Longzhu Pavilion Xidi Ancient Village

No.4: Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village

Type: Ancient Village

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

Sanbao International Porcelain Art Village is nestled in the beautiful Chinese countryside areas of Jingdezhen, 6 km from Jingdezhen downtown. Created by famous ceramic artist Jackson Li, it provides the opportunity to the International arts and crafts community to explore and exchange the culture, arts and crafts of China.

Sanbao has a contemporary art museum, an outstanding, well known restaurant, ceramic workshops, artist studios, places to stay for overnight guests, a coffee bar and delightful small shop selling more traditional Chinese goods etc. It is an awesome place to explore the ceramic culture, talk with the artiest and even learn to make pottery.

Longzhu Pavilion Xidi Ancient Village

No.5: Longzhu Pavilion

Type: Cultural Relics

Recommended Length of Visit: 0.5-1 hour

Longzhu Pavilion, also called Dragon Pearl Pavilion, stands on the top of Zhushan Hill in the middle of the downtown area. The imperial court of the Ming and Qing dynasties built imperial kilns on this hill and assigned a court official to supervise the production of porcelain objects for the exclusive use of the royal family. The pavilion on the hill became a symbol of the imperial kilns and now is a landmark of Jingdezhen.

Fuliang Ancient City

No.6: Fuliang Ancient City

Type: Historic Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Fuliang Ancient City is located in the north suburb area of Jingdezhen City, 8 km away from Jingdezhen. Built in Tang Dynasty, it has a long history of more than 1800 years. This ancient city has been systematically divided into quadrants based on the Chinese Eight Diagrams theory, with a city wall that spans 20 km and stands at over 1.5 meters high.

There are two main attractions: Fuliang Ancient County Government Office and the Red Tower. Fuliang Ancient County Government Office is called “the First Magistrate’s Office in the South of the Yangtze River” where tourists could gain a deep understanding of ancient feudal Chinese court. While, the Red Tower is called “the First Tower in Jiangxi Province”, which is the symbol of the ancient city of Fuliang. It records the ups and downs of the city from all dynasties authentically, contains the wonderful legends…

Yaoli Ancient Town

No.7: Yaoli Ancient Town

Type: Historic Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Located 61 km in the northeast of Jingdezhen City, Yaoli Ancient Town is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. Built in Western Han Dynasty, Yaoli Ancient Town was the original place of raw material of porcelains in Jingdezhen City in history as well as the collecting and distributing center for teas, porcelains and rice. It is bestowed with the title of “the Original Place of the Porcelain, the Hometown of Teas and the Ocean of Forests”.

Age-old mining pits, ancient ceramic workshops, ancient kiln sites, watermills, porcelain stone, raw glaze brick…Here is a place of historic interest where you can search deep into ancient times and the seclusion.

Jiangxi Wuyuan County

No.8: Wuyuan - the most beautiful countryside

Type: Ancient Village

Distance from Jingdezhen: 80 km

Wuyuan, described as “the most beautiful of Chinese village”, has magnificent landscape dotted with strange caves, deep secluded rocks and numerous historic sites. It is like a bright pearl embedded in the Huangshan – Wuyuan – Jingdezhen – Lushan golden tour line. Spring is the best time to visit Wuyuan, as the fields are a vibrant sea of cole flowers.

There are usually three travel routes to explore essence of Wuyuan – the east route, the west route and the north route.
East Route: Likeng -> Wangkou -> Xiaoqi -> Jiangwan
West Route: Wengong Hill -> Jingshan Tea Garden -> Mandarin Ducks Lake -> Youshan Village -> Yanchun Ancient Stage
North Route: Yan Village -> Rainbow Bridge -> Longtian Tower -> Hongguan -> Likeng -> Hong Village

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