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Yuelu Academy
3 Days Best Changsha Tour with Chairman Mao’s Hometown Visit

Highlights: Shaoshan, Mount Yuelu, Yuelu Academy, Orange Island Park

The 3-day Changsha tour will take you visit the hometown of Chairman Mao, Yuelu Academy and Mawangdui Han Tombs...Join this Changsha Tour, you can get all of the cultural highlights.

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Zhangjiajie Grand Cayon Glass Bridge
5 Days Changsha & Zhangjiajie Avatar Scenery Tour by Train

Highlights: Hunan Provincial Museum, Orange Island Park, Yuelu Academy, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, Yuanjiajie Avatar Mountains, Tianemn Mountain

Changsha is served as the transportation hub for travelers who are planning a tour to Zhangjiajie for Changsha has been connected with numerous flights and high speed trains. And, an enjoyable train ride takes you get into the Avatar World to immerse in the incredible scenery with over 3000 quartzite sandstone columns in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Spend 3 days in Zhangjiajie with more fantastic and thrilling experience, including hiking, photography, try the highest and longest glass bridge in the world, fully appreciate the Tianmen Mountain scenery...It will be amazing trip for you.

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Orange Beach
6 Days Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang and Changsha Tour

Highlights: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianzi Mountain, Fenghuang Ancient Town, Yuelu Academy, Orange Island Park

It is really a wonderful trip to visit Zhangjiajie together with Fenghuang Ancient Town and Changsha!! And this 6-day tour will take you to travel to those three favored places and more, let you enjoy the top highlights for a great enjoyment of the nature, ethnic minority, culture, history and so on in one go! You will discover the legendary beauty of Wulingyuan national forest park in Zhangjiajie, stroll along the quiet lanes at Fenghuang Old Town, watch very closely to the valuable cultural relics at Hunan Provincial Museum, and some meaningful hike up to the great ancient academy!

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Avatar Hallelujah Mountain at Yuanjiajie
3 Days Classic Zhangjiajie Natural Wonders Tour

Highlights: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yuanjiajie Avatar Mountain, Tianzi Mountain, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, Golden Whip stream, Huangshi Village

Caught by the fabulous photos of Zhangjiajie? This 3 Days Tour is really suitable to discover the famous Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and the exciting glass bridge in the most classic way! You will explore the stunning surreal mountain forest with thousands of towering stone peaks with verdant plantations dressings. You will walk at the top best spots including Huangshi Village, Golden Whip Stream, Yuanjiajie and Tianzi Mountain to see all its wonders of nature, no omitting the Hallelujah Mountain in Avatar, mysterious sea of clouds, floating mists, etc. Furthermore, you will walk on the thrilling World longest and highest Glass Bridge at Zhangjiajiajie Grand Canyon to challenge your braveness.

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Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge
4 Days Zhangjiajie Exciting Adventure with Glass Bridge

Highlights: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yuanjiajie Avatar Mountain, Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Yellow Dragon Cave

Zhangjiajie is a natural wonder of China, because it is the perfect combination of the idyllic beauty of Guilin, the grotesqueness of Yellow Mountain, the peril of Mount Hua and the magnificence of Mount Tai. So you can imagine how wonderful a Zhangjiajie adventure will be. This tour takes you to explore all of these features in just one go, including the screaming transparent Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, glass walkway, hanging plank road, thrilling bending mountain road, steep steps up, and so forth at the popular Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and Tianmen Mountain, and many more highlights in Zhangjiajie!

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Fenghuang Ancient Town
5 Days Amazing Zhangjiajie & Fenghuang Ancient Town Tour

Highlights: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yuanjiajie Avatar Mountains, Tianzi Mountain, Tianmen Mountain, Fenghuang Ancient Town, Tuojiang River Boat Experience

How about taking a trip with the best combination of both nature and culture? This 5-day Zhangjiajie Fenghuang tour is the best way to fully make use of your time in Zhangjiajie. You can have three full days to explore in Zhangjiajie including the most classic sites you should never miss, like Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain and Tianmen Mountain, and then take one day to enjoy a cultural break in Fenghuang Ancient Town with distinctive Miao ethnic minority culture and charming Xiangxi culture. By visiting different regions and different types of attractions in and around Zhangjiajie, you can definitely feast your eyes and mind to the most.

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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Marvellous Views
5 Days Zhangjiajie Ultimate Tour with Glass Bridge & Tianmen Mountain

Highlights: Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianmen Mountain, Yuanjiajie Avatar Mountains, Tianzi Mountain, Yellow Dragon Cave

What is your way to fully explore the World of Avatar, an imaginative place with peculiar peaks, deep canyons, beautiful waters, thick forest, and mysterious caves? Want to travel in a way less taken and challenge yourselves both in energy and height? If you say yes, this 5-day ultimate adventure tour will suit you best. It is not only including all highlights of Zhangjiajie, like Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with Hallelujah Mountain, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, as well as Tianmen Mountain, but also you should set your pulse to experience the highest and longest Glass Bridge in the world.

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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Oxygen Bar Square
4 Days Zhangjiajie Highlights Tour with Fantastic Hiking Experience

Highlights: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hike to Huangshi Village & Golden Whip Stream, Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain, Ten-mile Gallery, Tianmen Mountain

If you don’t go to Zhangjiajie you will have no idea how extraordinary this place is going to be! This 4-day tour is specially designed for travelers who want to do further hiking in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain and Tianmen Mountain. You’ll take the best hiking trails to see the most highlighting attractions all the way. Besides, different angles are designed - from the bottom of the valley to the top of the forest park, from the longest cableway to the the tallest full-exposure outdoor elevator...How fantastic it is!

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Changsha

7 Days Hunan Discovery Tour from Changsha

Changsha / Shaoshan / Zhangjiajie / Fenghuang / Zhangjiajie

This 7-day itinerary is specially designed for people who are planning a middle visit to Zhangjiajie after landing the gateway Changsha by flights or trains from other major domestic cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and so on. Have 7 memorable days from Changhsha to have a close up of Hunan Province with its highlights of nature, culture, history, and ethnic minority customs, such as the must-see thousands of strange peaks at the real “Avatar” wonderland Wulingyuan, crossing lanes and wooden houses at tranquil Fenghuang Ancient City, mysterious Mawangdui Tomb culture preserved at the provincial museum, Chaiman Mao’s great hometown at Shaoshan, etc., and finally make a nice ending at Zhangjiajie.

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