How to Get to & around Changsha

Get to/away Changsha

By Air

Huanghua International Airport

Located in the Huanghua Town, Changsha County, Huanghua Airport is 22 kilometers away from the downtown area with about 30 minutes’ transfer. Not only is it the fifth biggest airport of China, but also the largest one in Hunan Province, as well as the airline hub of middle China. There are many flights connecting with Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Taipei and other 47 major domestic cities. Flights also bound for Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok, New York, London and some other international cities.

Transfer Tips: The shuttle buses in the airport are not only available for the downtown, but also for other cities such as Yueyang, Zhuzhou, Xiangtang, Yiyang and Changde at fixed hour.

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Changsha Huanghua Airport

Changsha Huanghua Airport

By Train

Changsha plays an important role in transportation around China, connecting Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and Shanghai-Kunming Railway. There are two railway stations in Changsha, one is Changsha Railway Station and the other is Changsha South Railway Station. From the railway stations, you could go traveling from Changsha to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Shenyang, Wuhan, Zhenzhou, Fuzhou, Nanning, Jinan and other cities.

Changsha Railway Station
Changsha Railway Station is located in the downtown area, east end of Wuyi Road. Visitors could take the nice trains T1/2 and Z17/18 from Changsha to Beijing. Every day, there is bullet train from departing from Shanghai South Railway Station and arriving in Changsha in 8 hours. For those who want to visit Fenghuang Ancient Town, you could take trains from Changsha Railway Station to Jishou and then transfer to Fenghuang Cheng by bus.

Changsha South Railway Station
It is the station for high speed trains, serving the trains running along the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed railway. The train only takes about 1.5 hours running to Wuhan, and about 2~2.5 hours to Guangzhou from this city. Located in Lituo County, Yuhua District, Changsha South Railway Station is about 9.5 kilometers away from the downtown area.

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Changsha Train Station

Changsha Train Station

By Ship

Changsha is known as “a city of mountains and waters”. The main River Xiang River flows through Changsha, joining Dongting Lake and Yangtze River. For the convenient watercourse, people can travel from Changsha to Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities. Besides, the ships also could take visitors from Changsha Passenger Ship Transportation Center to Yiyang, Changdem Xiangtan, Yueyang etc.

Get to Changsha by Ship

Get to Changsha by Ship

Get around Changsha

By Long-distance Bus

Usually, there are five big long-distance bus stations in Changsha. There are Changsha South Bus Station, Changsha East Bus Station, Changsha West South Station and North Bus Station and Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Passenger Station. And if you are going to Shaoshan, Huaminglou, Hengshan Mountain or Zhangjiajie, you can take bus from Changsha, too.

Changsha South Bus Station
Located in No. 811 Zhongyi Yi Road, it bounds for cities in the central or south Hunan and leaving southward for the neighbouring cities.

Changsha West Bus Station
Located in the Wangchengpo, Yuelu District, it mainly bounds for western Hunan and leaving eastward for the neighbouring cities.

Changsha East Bus Station
Located in the No. 1 Yuanda Road, it bound for northeastern Hunan, Hubei, and Jiangxi.

Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Passenger Station
The bus runs every ten minutes in the morning from Changsha to Xiangtan and Zhuzhou.

Changsha Long-distance Coach

Changsha Long-distance Coach

By Taxi

In the daytime, the starting price is 6 Yuan within 2 kilometers, after 2 kilometers, additional 1.8 Yuan for one kilometer. In the evening, from 21:00 to 05:00, after 5 kilometres, he starting price is 7 yuan (including 2 kilometres), after 2 kilometres, additional 2.16 yuan for one kilometer.

Taxi in Changsha

Taxi in Changsha

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