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3 Days Confucius Culture Exploration with Sidetrip to Mount Tai

Highlights: Temple of Confucius, Cemetery of Confucius, Kong Family Mansion, Mount Tai Hiking

Where to pay your respect to the siege Confucius? It is definitely Qufu, the hometown of Confucius where you can visit the Temple of Confucius, the Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion to know about the life story of Confucius and gain a deeper understanding about yourself as well as our world. Qufu is only about 1.5 hours’ driving from Mount Tai. Don’t miss out the chance to hike this most famous mountain in China. Fully-inclusive tour package with private guide, driver, hotel and sightseeing ensures you a comfortable and valuable vacation.

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Mount Tai - Wu Yue Du Zun Rock Inscription
4 Days Jinan Mount Tai Qufu Cultural Tour

Highlights: Mount Tai, Mount Tai Cable Car, Confucius Temple, Kong Family Mansion, Baotu Spring, Daming Lake, Dai Temple

There is no doubt that Shandong is one of your best choices to explore authentic Chinese culture. To find the essence of Chinese culture that has been preserved in Shandong, you must visit its three most cultural destinations which are Qufu – the birthplace of Confucius, Mount Tai – the most sacred mountain in China and Jinan, the city of springs. This 4-day classic tour takes you to travel from Jinan to Mount Tai, then to Qufu with a leisured pace. All the highlights are covered.

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2 Days Mount Tai Qufu Tour from Beijing by Bullet Train

Highlights: Mount Tai Hiking, Dai Temple, Confucius Temple, Kong Family Mansion, Confucius Cemetery

Riding a fast and comfortable high speed train for 2 hours from Beijing, you can get to two magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Mount Tai and Qufu Confucian Sites. If you have two days off or a free weekend in Beijing, please don’t hesitate to plan a trip now. Within 2 brief days, with the help of bullet train transfer, you can visit the sacred Confucius Temple also enjoy a wonderful hiking on Mount Tai, the most famous mountain in China. With our time-efficient itinerary and fully-inclusive packaged tour services, you can focus 100% on enjoying the fun of cultural exploration and natural feast.

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Dacheng Hall - Most Grandiose Building in Confucian Temple
6 Days Best of Shandong Tour

Highlights: Mount Tai, Tsingtao Brewery Museum, Laoshan Mountain, Confucian Temple, Baotu Spring, Daming Lake

What are the best highlights of Shandong? There is not only one! Shandong is an amazing land where culture and nature meet. China’s both imperial culture and folk culture are preserved very well in Shandong. They can be explored in the park and alleys of Jinan, grand halls and temples in the Temple of Confucius in Qufu and the ancient Imperial Road on Mount Tai. While in Qingdao, you can slow down your tour pace to enjoy some fresh beer, walk on a romantic beach, and hike up to a high mountain for a city panorama… Our Best of Shandong Tour takes you to enjoy all above highlights and much more beyond.

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Tsingtao Brewery Museum Building
4 Days Qingdao Qufu Mount Tai Essence Tour

Highlights: Tsingtao Brewery Museum, Xiaoyuashan Park, Qingdao No.2 Bathing Beach, Mount Tai Hiking, Confucian Temple

Qingdao, Qufu and Mount Tai are Shandong’s three most worth-visiting destinations, known as Shandong’s Golden Triangle. They represent you both the finest nature and best cultural essence of Shandong region. Start your vacation in Qingdao, the city of famous Tsingtao Bear and beautiful coastal landscape, then travel to Qufu, the hometown of the great siege Confucius, finally finish your vacation in Tai’an where the majestic Mount Tai sits. These three destinations are connected conveniently by highways and high speed rails, which ensures a comfortable and efficient vacation for you.

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Beautiful Chengshantou Scenic Area
9 Days Shandong Panorama Tour

Highlights: Mount Tai, Confucius Temple, Liugong Island, Weifang Kite Museum, Qingdao Laoshan Mountain, Zibo Ancient Qi City Relics Museum

A Shandong panorama tour can be an eye-pleasing experience of both culture and nature. It is recommended for all kinds of travelers, no matter you are seniors, couples or young people, students, etc. Shandong has played a pivotal role in the development of Chinese civilization. Qufu was the hometown of siege Confucius where the Confucianism was created, then dominated the ways how Chinese society, philosophy, government and education worked. Shandong’s Mount Tai might be the most climbed mountain in the world since it has been hiked by ancient emperors, celebrities, travelers for more than 3000 years. While in the not far east of Shandong, you can indulge yourself into leisure resorts, golden beaches, different kinds of seafood, etc. which are mainly offered in coastal cities including Qingdao, Weihai and Yantai. You cannot miss Jinan. This capital city represents you how the Chinese people live and enjoy their lives in a traditional Chinese city.

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Qufu

Amazing Different Terra Cotta Warriors
10 Days China World Heritage Tour in Northern China

Beijing / Mount Tai / Qufu / Zhengzhou / Shaolin Temple / Luoyang / Xian

Northern China used to be the heartland of ancient China where many brilliant civilizations were created. It represents the very classic part of Chinese culture, from ancient capitals, folk cities, traditional Chinese architecture to many man-made wonders like Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and heritage sites Mount Tai, the Temple of Confucius, etc. If you want to explore most authentic Chinese culture, you must travel to northern China. Among all northern destinations, Beijing, Shandong (Qufu and Mount Tai), Henan (Luoyang and Shaolin Temple) and Xian have to be on the top of your bucket list of places of Chinese culture exploration. This 10 days China tour will take you to dig deep into northern China. It covers not only more than eight heritage sites, but also presents you cultural diversity, awe-inspiring scenery and genuine interaction with local people.

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Dacheng Hall - Most Grandiose Building in Confucian Temple
6 Days Classic Beijing & Shandong Tour

Beijing / Qufu / Mount Tai

Want to experience authentic Chinese culture and trace back on Chinese profound history? Or simply want to explore the iconic sites of China? This is the tour for you. It is specially most designed for who want to have unforgettable cultural experience in China. In 6 days, you'll not only have deep exploration in ancient heart - Beijing, including Great Wall hiking, imperial architecture appreciation, local folk experience, etc., but also get a chance to find the root of Chinese culture which has been greatly influenced by Confucianism, and it was Qufu that the siege Confucius founded Confucianism. You will also visit Mount Tai which is an important part of Chinese culture especially imperial culture.

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Ancient Temple on Mount Tai
8 Days Beijing Shanghai Tour with Confucianism Exploration & Mount Tai Hiking

Beijing / Mount Tai / Qufu / Shanghai

The province Shandong is conveniently located in the middle point of Beijing Shanghai high speed rail. It is the perfect stopover for your Beijing Shanghai tour. After spending three and a half days in Beijing exploring the heritage sites and hiking the Great Wall, you can hop onto a bullet train to Qufu where the siege Confucius was born in. Only about 1 hour’s drive from Qufu locates majestic Mount Tai which is the most sacred mountain in China as well as a beautiful UNESCO Heritage Site. After 2 memorable days in Shandong, you can take another bullet train to Shanghai to enjoy its modernity and hidden tradition. What a Chinese culture tour!

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Temple of Heaven Shot by Our Customer Taylor
10 Days Beijing Shandong Tour by Bullet Train

Beijing / Jinan / Mount Tai / Qufu / Qingdao

From Beijing to Shandong by the high speed train will give you life time memory about the great history and culture of China. You will not only explore the thousand years' history, but also the great natural beauty companied with the ancient man-made wonders.

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