Weihai: Witness of Sino-Japanese War

Located 80 kilometers east of Yantai City, with 1.20 hour driving, Weihai city is in this northeastern of Shandong Peninsula, near the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea in the north. It was a coast fishing village and called Shiluo in Han Dynasty. Weihai is better known for the Weihaiwei Battle of the Sino-Japanese War in 1894. Though this war was a crushing defeat in Chinese history, this history and the patriotic soldiers, like Dingruchang were needed to remember. The Liugong Island is such a historical site to visit.

Weihai City Map

Top Things to Do in Weihai

Liugong Island is the most representative place to look back the history of Weihai. And the origin of this Island is quite interesting told with 2 versions: dated back to 220 AD in end of the Eastern Han dynasty, the royal family named Liu escaped here to avoid being murdered and started a new life, so it was called Liugong Island; The second version is a legend said there was an old man lived in island, named Liu. He always helped people when they had trouble in the sea with his wife. In order to memorize him, this island was called Liugong Island. There are statues of Liugong and Liumu on this island.

Facing Yellow Sea, Liugong Island is in the mouth of Weihai Bay, with 20 minutes by ferry ship from Weihan Tourist dock in downtown. With high cliff in the north and lower in the south, the coastline of Liugong Island is 14.95 km long, covering an area of 3.15 square kilometers. It has a reputation of “the Unsinkable battleship”. Also with kinds of dense trees and pleasant weather, it has another name-fairy isle on the sea. You can easily spend a day exploring the history, as well as the nature beauty of the island. There are three main theme scenic spots to see:

Liugong Island

Cruise port on Liugong Island

Liugong Island Expo Park known as the encyclopaedia of Liugong Island collects many relics to present the island’s history and culture. Wanghai Tower built in Tang Dynasty has 4 floors, containing many craft masterpieces and a great place to catch sea views. The Bronze water jean with 3 meters long and 4.5 meters high, decorated with fly dragon in the body, is another highlight of this expo.

Liugong Island Expo Park

Liugong Island Expo Park

Sino-Japanese War Museum is an educational museum to focus on the Sino-Japanese War in 1894, which was a tragic defeat for China. Through the form of artifacts, photographs, wax, sand table, models and film exhibition, this museum recreates the features of the Beiyang Navy and the Sino-Japanese War vividly. Now the museum has a large collection of precious relics of this War including, two giant undersea water guns, only remaining in the world, each weighing more than 20 tons.

Sino-Japanese War Museum

Water Gun in Sino-Japanese War Museum

Liugong Island National Forest Park gathers natural view and historical sites, which includes stone tablet of Beiyang Navy, kinds of fort barbettes, statue of Liugong and the wild Sika deer is everywhere. Walking in the dense wood park and have a sweeping view of the island scenery, how comfortable it is.

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