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China Snow Tours

China Snow Tours - Best Snow Trips in China 2022/2023

Winter comes, snow beckons!

The low temperatures should not stop you from the happiness of traveling during the winter months. Across the vast China, abundant types of fabulous snow views are put on show on time from the end of the year and the next beginning, just to preserve the dreamy splendors of each beautiful destinations in the “slower” winter. From jubilant and grand festival with an enormous number of outstanding sculpture masterpieces of ice and snow, unreal white and silver mountains dressed up like a queen by snow, to happy ski resorts for the exciting and cool skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, etc., well-known forests and lakes changed more solemn in white, pieces of glittering and translucent snowflakes overlapping on the trees, and more, both ski lovers and non-skiers will spend their own terrific happy and unforgettable memories during this winter on this land.

You can check our best China snow tours to appreciate the most representative snow sightseeing, ski to the most and enjoy more winter activities for an easy trip plan. Also, you can get more inspiration from our hot tour packages of popular China snow destinations to discover more and in a local way. Besides, we also list the very useful travel tips for a snow trip vacation in China to give answer to all your questions.

If you have any other ideas about plan your own China snow tour or need any help, please contact us at any time, and our professional travel expert are always here to help you with your trip planning. Moreover, all our tour packages can be customized based on your interests, physical conditions, group size, travel date and more other special needs! If you need a tailor-made China snow tour in this winter, please tell us directly to give the best start of your China snow vacation!

We China Discovery is an experienced local travel agency specialized in providing reliable and valuable tour packages and services and customization travel service for global travelers. Having received 1,530+ good reviews on Tripadvisor and 3,110+ favorable customer reviews so that you can 100% rely on our tour services and trust that we can help you get a wonderful winter trip with lots of ski fun no matter you are traveling solo, with family or friends! Travel with us and play to the best!

    Why choose China Discovery for your China Snow Tour?

  • Discover under the skin- Our popular trip itineraries taking you to catch the best snow scenery of the sites and discover the highlights in the authentic way to get close to local culture and winter life pace.
  • Flexible arrangement for personal needs- Flexible itinerary to enjoy the top must-sees of the popular destinations and can be easily adjusted according to your personal interests and needs, just for your own travel experience and memories.
  • Valuable & worry-free trip package - Valuable tour packages covering travel consultant service, tour guide introduction, private transfer, top tourist spots, accommodation, food, insurance, etc. at a great price with a great experience without any worry.

Popular China Snow Destination Tours

As temperature drops, China boasts a lot of fascinating places to admire the beauty of snow with various kinds and shapes. In the northern China, you visit Harbin to enjoy the jubilant atmosphere around the Ice and Snow World, visit Jilin to appreciate the famous magic rime scenery with ski happiness, visit Beijing to see Forbidden City and Great Wall all covered by white snow for distinct charm, visit Changbaishan to see the fabulous volcanic lake and play high at the international ski resort, etc. While in southern China, you will meet the unbeatable unreal snow spectacle at Jiuzhai Valley, soak in the poetic Chinese ink painting view at Yellow Mountain, feel the holy Buddhist culture at Mount Emei, etc. Besides, Xiling Snow Mountain, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang, and more destinations are also appealing and full of joy for your exploration. Check the following top tour packages of the popular winter snow destinations in China to start your plan and discovery!

  • Harbin
  • Jilin
  • Jiuzhaigou
  • Beijing
  • Huangshan
  • Emeishan
  • Xiling Snow Mountain
  • Changbaishan
  • Xinjiang
  • Tibet
  • Inner Mongolia
Why spend your snow tour in Harbin?

Joyous Ice & Snow World!

Every winter from the end of late December to the next late February, Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is holding to show the alluring sculptures of ice and snow for a big visual feast. Besides, you can enjoy skiing, ice lantern exhibition and numerous snow activities in the “Snow Paradise”.

  • Location: Northeast China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: -24°C  ~ -13°C 
  • Type: Snow, Ice and Snow Festival, Nature, Ski
  • Best Places to Go: Harbin Ice & Snow World, Sun Island, Yabuli Ski Resort, China Snow Town
  • Recommended Trip Length: 3-6 days
Yabuli Ski Resort

5 Days Harbin Tour with Yabuli Ski Resort

Spend two days having great fun of skiing in the best ski resort in China. You won't miss Harbin Ice and Snow Festival as well.

Price from Request

China Snow Valley Winter Hiking

6 Days Harbin Tour with Winter Hiking to China Snow Town

Celebrate a distinct winter holiday on the incredible charming Harbin Ice and Snow Festival after a challenging but worthy hiking in the primative and peaceful snowy Yangcao Mountain from China Snow Valley to China Snow Town!

Price from Request

Why spend your snow tour in Jilin?

Dreamy Rime Spectacle & Beidahu Ski Stretching

Jilin, having held the international rime ice and snow festival for over 20 years, is the dreamy wonderland to totally immerse into the fairyland rime sightseeing at famous Rime Island every winter from November to the next February. Besides, the outstanding and famed Beidahu once holding the Asia Olympic Games is quite favored by ski enthusiasts to enjoy the winter sports fun.

  • Location: Northeast China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: -12°C
  • Type: Snow, Ice and Snow Festival, Nature, Ski
  • Best Places to Go: Rime Island, Beidahu Ski Resort, Beishan Park, Songhua Lake
  • Recommended Trip Length: 3-5 days
Wusong Island Rime

4 Day Harbin Ice & Snow Festival with Jilin Wusong IslandTour

The fantastic winter ice trip to explore wonderful Harbin Ice and Snow Festival and mysterious Jilin Wusong Island rime scenery for visual and mind joy!

Price from Request

Beidahu Ski Resort Skiing

5 Days Club Med Beidahu Ski Tour with Jilin Wusong Island

Enjoy 5 joyous days with 3-nights' valuable all-inclusive stay at luxury Club Med Beidahu with ultimate happy time skiing, snowboarding and playing on the charming and advanced Beidahu Ski Resort. Plus a dreamy visual feast at famous Jilin Wusong Island for winter fairyland apprecation!

Price from Request

Why spend your snow tour in Jiuzhaigou?

Incredibly Beautiful Fairyland on Earth for China Best Water Landscape

Jiuzhai Valley in northwest Sichuan is the best nature highlight of this province and the most gorgeous waterscape in the world. In winter season, the snow-covered dense forests, peaceful blue and green lakes with icy belt, frozen waterfall, just like an ice and snow wonderland for fairies in reality!

  • Location: Southwest China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: -1°C ~ 7°C
  • Type: Nature, Forest, Snow
  • Best Places to Go: Long Lake, Five Color Pond, Shuzheng Valley, Nuorilang Waterfall, Huanglong National Park
  • Recommended Trip Length: 3-4 days
Nuorilang Waterfall is the most magnificent waterfall in Jiuzhaigou

3 Days Classic Jiuzhaigou Tour

There is an old saying that once you visited Jiuzhaigou, there is no need for you to see any other waterscape. Jiuzhaigou and its neighbor Huanglong grant you a memorable experience of nature wonder of wondrous water world.

Price from $330

Five-flower Lake in Rize Valley

5 Days Classic Jiuzhaigou Tour

If you're always keen on exploring the heavenly beauty and digging fantastic culture, this is the best trip for you. Explore the two most popular tourist destinations in Sichuan - Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou on this air-land combo tour.

Price from $760

Why spend your snow tour in Beijing?

Travel Back To The Noble Ancient Royal Capital of Ming & Qing Era

Beijing as the top famous ancient city in China preserves abundant royal sites and heritages to feel the magnificence and royal charm of the empires’ noble family, including the famous Forbidden City and Great Wall. Especially when it snows, the splendid ancient architectures change quite solemn with the authentic Ming and Qing dynasties cultural charm for your savory!

  • Location: North China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: -15°C
  • Type: Culture, History, Snow, Ski
  • Best Places to Go: Zhangjiakou Ski Resort, Chongli Ski Resort, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Temple Heaven
  • Recommended Trip Length: 4-6 days
Mutianyu great wall

3 Days Visa-free Beijing Essential

Apply to Beijing Transit Visa Free Policy, including airport pick and drop off. You will make best discovery of top best cultural and historical highlights of Beijing Capital City without missing the hiking experience on Great Wall!

Price from $300

Mutianyu Great Wall in Winter (photoed by our client Alex)

6 Days Beijing & Harbin Stunning Winter Tour

This 6-day tour is specially designed for who want to explore the "Ice and Snow World" from Beijing. Transfer by flight.

Price from Request

Why spend your snow tour in Huangshan?

Roam at Wonderland Mountain in Traditional Chinese Ink Painting

The well-known Yellow Mountain with magnificent winter scenery of many granite peaks and pines dressed by the white snow into an incredible poetic world in the traditional Chinese ink painting with peaceful and elegant beauty. Lots of people life to visit the Huangshan in winter for the fascinating sightseeing and fewer crowds. Also, the “hot spring experience” after the mountain visiting is a quite nice combo.

  • Location: East China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: -5°C ~ 5°C
  • Type: Nature, Culture, Hiking, Snow
  • Best Places to Go: Yellow Mountain, Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages, Tunxi Old Street
  • Recommended Trip Length: 3~4 days
Jenny's group from Vietnam - Yellow Mountain Sunrise, Huangshan, Anhui

3 Days Huangshan Highlights Leisure Tour

Suits all kinds of travelers, especially family with kids, seniors and those who need to hike in a leisure way. Explore the best highlights of the Back Mountain, West Sea Grand Canyon and Bright Top area in 2 full days.

Price from $369

Hongcun Village in Winter

4 Days Best Huangshan Hongcun & Xidi Tour

You will have a leisure tour on Huangshan Mountain to admire its archetypal granite peaks, twisted pines, beautiful cloud sea and fabulous sunrise and visit two remarkable ancient villages - Hongcun and Xidi which are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Price from $509

Why spend your snow tour in Emeishan?

Hear the Echos at Famous Holy Buddhist Peak with Awesome Snow View

Mount Emei is one of the “Four Great Buddhist Mountains in China” with rich Buddhist culture for long history and pleasant sightseeing for a scenic hiking. This holy mountain also boasts charming winter snow scenery from the belt to the summit, including the forest, cloud sea, snow-capped Buddhist architectures and statues, etc. With the azure sky being the backdrop, the shining Golden Summit Buddhist statue looks really sacred and respectful. Furthermore, you can enjoy some fun time at the ski resort and hot spring resorts.

  • Location: Southwest China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: -5°C ~ 2°C
  • Type: Nature, Culture, Buddhism, Hiking, Snow, Skiing
  • Best Places to Go: Golden Summit, Huazang Temple, Leodongping, Qingyin Pavilion
  • Recommended Trip Length: 1-2 days
Look up at Leshan Giant Buddha from its foot stage

4 Days Classic Leshan Buddha & Mount Emei Tour from Chengdu

A great tour of a visual feast to explore two magnificent World Heritage Sites around Chengdu - Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei in a leisure way, also visit the adorable Giant Pandas in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Price from $538

The multi-faced golden statue (48m) of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva at Golden Summit

7 Days Sichuan Discovery Tour

This is the best tour of Sichuan's BESTS, strongly recommended for the first-timers, best deal for normal travelers, families with kids, seniors and couples. Stunning scenery, treasured culture, turbulent history.

Price from $1120

Why spend your snow tour in Xiling Snow Mountain?

Diving on Popular Ski Resort in South China

For ski lovers in south China, Xiling Snow Mountain is probably the best and largest ski resort for them. Only 2 hours’ drive from Chengdu City, Xiling Snow Mountain welcome an enormous number of ski lovers and snow fans to get close to the exciting nature gift in winter. Taking the cable car up to the mountain gives you the outstanding white forest scenery.

  • Location: Southwest China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: -5°C ~ 2°C
  • Type: Nature, Hiking, Snow, Skiing
  • Best Places to Go: Xiling Ski Resort, Riyueping
  • Recommended Trip Length: 1-2 days
Xiling Snow Mountain

2 Days Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Tour

This 2-day tour is the most classic Xiling Snow Mountain trip for you to indulge into the exciting skiing and various types of entertainments on ice and snow at Southern China's largest alpine skii resort for a wonderful winter trip by driving from Chengdu!

Price from $313

Xiling Snow Mountain Cable Car

4 Days Chengdu & Xiling Snow Mountain with Anren Ancient Town

This popular 4-day itinerary takes you to enjoy skiing at the best winter destination in South China - Xiling Ski Resort, with relaxing exploration of essences in leisure Chengdu and historic Anren Ancient Town!

Price from $540

Why spend your snow tour in Changbaishan?

Explore Mysterious Changbai Mountain lakes and Forests with Professional Ski Experience

Changbai Mountain is one of the 10 Most Famous Mountains in China and has fascinating snow scenery with snow-capped mountain and valley as well as peaceful Heavenly Lake like a hidden fairyland paradise. Plus, Changbaishan Mountain Ski Resorts including the famous Wanda Changbaishan Ski Resort is the wonderland for ski lovers every winter.

  • Location: Northeast China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: -17°C ~ -5°C
  • Type: Snow, Nature, Ski
  • Best Places to Go: Changbai Mountain, Changbai Waterfall, Valley Forest, Mojie Scenic Area
  • Recommended Trip Length: 3-5 days
Wonderful Skiing Experience

5 Days Changbaishan Winter Tour

Taking this tour allows you to enjoy an unbelievable winter holiday - both sightseeing and activities involved. Changbai Mountain covered in thick snow shows great scenic beauty and lots of interesting activities such as skiing, winter fishing, winter rafting, etc. really ignite your holiday.

Price from Request

Changbai Mountain Heavenly Lake Summer View (West Slope)

6 Days Harbin, China Snow Town & Changbai Mountain Tour

Enjoy a visual feast of snow, snow forest, ice lake in Snow Town and Changbai Mountain, also take part in the magnificent Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin city.

Price from Request

Why spend your snow tour in Xinjiang?

Nice Melody of Fabulous Nature with Exotic Xinjiang minorities languages

Xinjiang turns into a fantastic dream place with heart-melting snow sightseeing around Altai mountain range, Hemu Village and famous Kanas. Silvers trees dressed by white snow form the distinct beautiful forest contracting the azure sky backdrop for a grand visual feast. The white roofed cottages dotted at the village give you the rich ideal serenity for mental release. Just indulge into the wonderland after your joyous skiing around Altay or Urumqi! Please contact us to customize a ski tour to Xinjiang based on your own interests and needs!

  • Location: Northwest China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: -15°C in north Xinjiang
  • Type: Nature, Culture, Snow, Photography, Ski
  • Best Places to Go: Heavenly Lake, Hemu Village, Kanas Lake
  • Recommended Trip Length: 4-12 days
Aluring Heavenly Lake scenery in autumn day

5 Days Urumqi Discovery to Turpan and Heavenly Lake

By travelling Urumqi with the Heavenly Lake and Turpan, you are rewarded a comprehensive exploration of ancient Silk Road sites, history and culture of the whole Xinjiang region and joys of spectacular natural beauty.

Price from Request

Morning mist in Hemu Village in Autumn

9 Days Kanas Lake Fairyland Tour from Urumqi

You will not only explore Kanas fully, but also get rewarded by many other natural wonders, such as jaw-dropping canyons, colorful Yardang landform, wild animal reserve, etc. Drive in and out by two different routes so that all your time and efforts won’t be wasted.

Price from Request

Why spend your snow tour in Tibet?

Sublime Holy Land Splendors & Blessing from the Everest

Tibet is always beautiful throughout the year. But in winter, snowfalls change the clothes of the soaring mountains, monasteries, villages, roads, etc. into pure white, adding more holy attraction for a quiet Tibet. However, the frequent sunshine in Lhasa will not make you feel so cold in the daytime. Besides, there is usually a discount on tickets, transportation, etc. For traveling in Tibet in winter. So do not miss saving more!

  • Location: Southwest China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: -13.7°C ~ 5.1°C
  • Type: Nature, Culture, Buddhism, Snow
  • Best Places to Go: Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery, The Everest, Yamdro Lake, Carola Glacier
  • Recommended Trip Length: 3-5 days
Mount Everest

8 Days Classic Mount Everest Tour from Lhasa

"No Tibet tour is complete without visiting Mount Everest"! This tour will help you realize that dream and discover from Lhasa, travels via the cities of Gyantse and Shigatse, to Mount Everest, and then back to Lhasa.

Price from $1,324

Why spend your snow tour in Inner Mongolia?

Peaceful Snow Scenery & Border Culture at the Hidden Nomadic Wonderland

Inner Mongolia is also attractive in winter as the Great Kinghan forest and Arxan Mountain all puts on the clean white snow coats for a visual satisfaction. And the lakes get more peaceful with the blue and white reflection. Wandering around the birch forest with reindeer, exotic Russian flavored villages, winding river, snow-covered grassland, etc. is a so special wonderful experience.

  • Location: Northern China (Cold-weather Place)
  • Winter Average Temperature: 21°C~-4.5°C in Hulunbuir
  • Type: Nature, Culture, Snow, Photography
  • Best Places to Go: Arxan Mountain, Ergun Russian villages, Moerdaoga National Forest Park
  • Recommended Trip Length: 5-9 days
Golden Wulanbutong Grassland in September

4 Days Bashang Grassland Unparalleled Landscape Tour

In-depth exploration of the natural wonders of Bashan Grasslands for 2 days. Spend some leisure time visiting Chengde Mountain Resort. Worry-free holiday without worrying about guide, hotel, transfer, food, etc.

Price from Request

Stunning Heavenly Lake

9 Days Hulunbuir In-depth Tour with Arshan UNESCO Global Geopark

This 9-day Hulunbuir & Arxan Tour includes an in-depth visit of Hulunbuir City to visit Hulunbuir Grassland, Ergun Wetland, etc. and a 3-day Arxan UNESCO Global Geopark discovery!

Price from Request

Useful Tips for Your China Snow Tour

To help you plan your trip easier and enjoy a better China snow trip, we here list up some very useful tips, including the weather, wearing, packing, accommodating, etc. Check all at below to know everything clearly!

In China, snowfall usually begins in December and lasts to the next February or early March. Northern China area would have a snow-covered period from early December to the next early or middle March, like Harbin, Jilin, Changbaishan, etc. But in Southern China, snow-covered period is shorter and usually from December to February, such as Western Sichuan, Huangshan, Emeishan, and so forth.

No matter where you go, you are highly suggested to wear in layers. In Northeast China region such as Harbin, Jilin, Changbaishan, etc., you are suggested to wear sweaters, long underwear, windproof or down jacket, anti-slip snow boots, warm hats, scarves, and all the other necessary thermal clothing. Long underwear, long pants, fleeces, down jacket and warm hat are also recommended for places in North and Northwest China like Beijing, etc. And for Southwest China and East China snow destinations like Huangshan, Jiuzhaigou, Emeishan, a heavy base layer, long jeans, sweaters, warm hats, anti-slip warm shoes, scarves plus a windproof jacket or down jacket are usually enough.

Warm clothing as listed above. Besides, moisture cream, sunblock, lipsticks, make-up, sunglasses (goggles if you want to ski), camera, mobile phone, chargers, a vacuum cup, etc. are better to add to your packing list. Prepare some medication like painkillers in any case in the low temperature regions.

There are various accommodation types around the top snow destinations in China. And for the top popular tourist sites like Changbaishan, Jiuzhai Valley, Mount Emei, Beidahu Ski Resort, Yabuli Ski Resort, Yellow Mountain, Harbin Ice & Snow World, etc., there are usually some luxury hotels or 5-star international brand chain hotels for your advanced staying experience. Besides, comfort hotels and budget choices are also available for your consideration. However, in some remote snow tourist areas like Kanas, Tibet, etc., the accommodation may be limited but still provide basic facilities.

1) Keep yourself warm by drinking hot water and supply some energetic food like chocolates, energy bars, nuts, etc. 2) Try to wear a pair of warm and comfortable anti-slip shoes, particularly when visiting mountain areas like Yellow Mountain, Jiuzhai Valley, Changbai Mountain, Mount Emei, etc. 3) Keep your camera and mobile phone warm to reduce power consumption or even power off.

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