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7 Days Amazing Northeast China Winter Tour with Changbai Mountain & Wusong Island

In-depth Northeast China Winter Tour with All Highlighting Attractions


This is the in-depth Northeast China WINTER Tour taking you to different amazing destinations in Heilongjiang and Jilin Province!

The 7-day trip starts from Harbin, the Ice City of China, where you can attend the spectacular annual world Ice and Snow Festival to appreciate thousands of innovative artistic sculptures and immerse into an amazing fairytale world. Spend wonderful time at China Snow Town, the no.1 snow town in China, a magical place with snow can reach up to 2 meters. Try lots of fun activities here and satisfy your imagination about snow. A scenic driving will take you to Jingpo Lake, the largest alpine lava barrier lake in China. You can enjoy live dive performance off the Diaoshuilou Waterfall cliff and the rare Ice Fishing scene. Move to Changbai Mountain, one of the 10 Most Famous Mountains in China. What makes it stand out among countless beautiful mountains in China is its unique and spectacular volcanic landform. Reach up 2189 meters to Heavenly Lake for a breathtaking panoramic view of the emerald lake and listen to to story of Tianchi Monster. Your tour will end in Jilin City - a fascinating place with trees branches covered in rime and snow on Wusong Island. Jilin’s Rime is known as one of “China’s Four Natural Wonders” which would be the highlight of your winter trip.

With many stunning attractions designed in the time-saving way, the 7 days will be the amazing vacation in the NORTHEAST CHINA to enjoy the winter to the fullest!

Basic Trip Information

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  1. 1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one double-bed room in a 4-star hotel and traveling in low seasons;
  2. 2. This price is subject to change according to your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate.
Travel Route:
Harbin / China Snow Town / Jingpo Lake / Dunhua / Changbai Mountain / Jilin
Travel Length:
7 Days and 6 Nights
Tour Code:
Group Size:
You, your family, friends or group
Any day you want

Full Itinerary Day by day

Day 1 Harbin Arrival

Ni Hao! Welcome to Harbin, the Capital of Heilongjiang Province, which is well known as the "Ice City" in China. Your local guide will meet you at the arrival hall of airport / railway station. Then you will be escorted to your hotel in a private vehicle. The rest of today is on your own to explore this city.

Arrival Ideas:

Harbin Taiping International Airport is 41 km’s driving distance from downtown area. It has flights from Beijing (2 hrs), Dalian (1.5 hrs), Qingdao (2 hrs), Jinan (2 hrs), Xian (3 hrs), Shanghai (3 hrs), Chengdu (3.5-4 hrs), Ordos (2.5 hrs), Hangzhou (3 hrs), Guangzhou (4-4.5 hrs), Xiamen (4-4.5hrs), Wuhan (3-3.5 hrs), Sanya (5 hrs) and more destinations in China, and more international cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Moscow, Phuket Island, etc. While Harbin West Railway Station has high speed trains linking Harbin with Beijing (7~8 hrs), Changchun (1 hr), Shenyang (2.5~3 hrs), Dalian (4~5 hrs), Jilin (2-3 hrs), Tianjin (6.5 hrs), etc.

Evening Ideas (Explore on your Own):

In this evening, you can go to Zhaolin Park to appreciate the largest scale of outdoor ice lantern fair in the world. Complimented as “the non-repetitive fairy tales”, Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern Show is one of the three exhibitions that make up the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. Spend 1-2 hours to enjoy all the colorful ice lanterns and ice sculptures. (Important Note: It is held every year from January 5th to the end of February. It is suggested to visit after 18:00 when all the lights turning on.)

Ice City - Harbin Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern
Day 2 Harbin (B, L)

Today, after breakfast, your guide and driver will meet you at your hotel. You’ll first visit Sophia Square to admire the holy appearance of the St. Sophia Cathedral from 1907. This must-visit site is a typical Byzantine architecture with a large green dome and was once the largest Orthodox Church in the Far East. The cathedral is the symbolic architecture in Harbin and at present is used as Harbin Architectural Art Gallery and displays some souvenirs. Then, you’ll visit the nearby exotic Zhongyang Pedestrian Street from 1900. Stroll along this 1,400 meters long historic street to appreciate the 71 precious buildings in different styles with long history, including Renaissance, Baroque, etc. (The Stalin Park is very close to the pedestrian, so if you are interested and time permits, you could walk there to admire the Russian architectures and enjoy many creative artistic sculptures.)

After that, continue your fabulous enjoyment to the Sun Island Scenic Resort, which is a major venue to hold the International Snow Sculpture Art Expo on Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in winter. Walk into this vast pure lovely fairyland of 60,000 square meters and meet the incredible “white visual storm”. Have a close look at the thousands of excellent large-scaled artistic snow sculptures of landscape, cartoon, figures, buildings, etc., which will make you wow at the outstanding talent of the craftsmen who inject life into the cold snow. With so amazing backdrop, you just can’t help taking some great photos to record the nice moment (You are highly advised to wear sunglasses to visit the Snow Sculpture Art Fair since the glary from sunshine on the snow is really intense.)

Then, be escorted to the nearby Siberian Tiger Park, the largest breeding center in the world for endangered Siberian Tigers that. Over 1,300 purebred Siberian Tigers are raised there. You’ll not only pay a safe walk to observe different kinds of tigers (Siberian Tigers, White Tigers, White Lion, Leopard, Liger, etc.), but also take a tourist bus with wire-mesh protection through the park to closely see the tigers and lions and take some photos.

After dinner, you will head to the incredible gorgeous Ice and Snow World, the highlights of annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. Start your freedom stroll in the dazzling magical world of ice where to appreciate over 2,000 pieces of sculptures of ice and snow including pagodas, towers, famous world architectures, landscapes, and so forth dyed with romantic colorful LED lights, which can easily make you want to stay longer in such an “Ice Wonderland in Harbin”. Besides the sightseeing, if you would like to enjoy the festive atmosphere to the fullest, you can choose to have fun with the world longest sliding, or other winter activities on ice, such as ice maze, ice climbing, skating, etc.

Note: 1) Please wear enough layers of proper clothes and warm shoes to keep you away from the freeze especially when you want to stay here longer to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 2) An indoor Ice and Snow Paradise with smaller scale is built in the scenic area of the Ice and Snow World, and tourists could also enjoy the ice and snow there as well when the festival ends. 3) There may be long queues in front of some hot activity items in the Ice and Snow World during traditional Chinese Lunar New Year and weekends, and you could visit there during other dates to avoid crowds. 

Snow Sculptures in Sun Island Gorgeous Ice and Snow World Holy St. Sophia Cathidral Yong’s group from Malaysia - Siberian Tiger Park Kayla Williams's group - Zhongyang Pedestrian Street
Day 3 Harbin - China Snow Town (B)

In this morning after breakfast, your guide will pick you up at your hotel. Then, you’ll be driven 5~6 hours to China Snow Town, the No.1 China Snow Town located in Shuangfeng Wood Farm in Mudanjiang City, about 280 kilometers from Harbin. On route, you’ll enjoy the beautiful snow scene in the winter wonderland - bright sunshine, clear sky, fresh air, endless snow-capped land, primitive wooden houses…

After arrival, take a short rest in your hotel and then reach up the viewing deck to capture a panoramic view of the amazing China Snow Town, a dreamlike paradise. Later, enjoy a leisure walk along the 500-meter-long Xueyun Avenue with all wooden houses hanging with red lanterns and if you like, try some local snacks at this lively street. Have fun at Snow Town Photography Ground where you can play with snow, bringing you a happy childhood memory. Later, continue your adventure to Dream Home which is a famous site to shoot some Chinese TV series and movies. Take photos and know the real life of the loggers. Walk around the snow town at your own pace, you can enjoy amazing snowscape and experience the lifestyle of snow town people. When the night falls, enjoy charming night view.

Please Note:

1. Weather Condition & What to Wear: The weather is extremely cold in China Snow Town and the temperature is around -15 ℃ to -35 ℃ during November to February. Take enough warm clothes, shoes, windcap, and gloves with you. And sunglasses, sunblocking scream, antifreeze, high-calorie snacks are also needed.

2. Snow Activities to Enjoy more Fun: Many exciting snow activities are provided in this town. If you are interested, you can try skiing, snowmobiling, dog-drawn sled, horse-drawn sled, etc. You need to pay extra fee for each activity.

3. Photography Tips: If you like photography, you can go to Dream Home to shoot the snow mushrooms, performance of Errenzhuan and take photos of sunset and panoramic view of the whole white world. Remember to bring the cold-proofing and warm your camera.

4. Best Location for Night View: Night scene is the essence of China Snow Town. There are three best locations to appreciate night view - Dream Home, Xueyue Avenue and Fairytale World Plank Road.

China Snow Town Sled Dogs China Snow Town China Snow Town Amazing Night View
Day 4 China Snow Town - Jingpo Lake - Dunhua City (B, L)

In this morning, cherish the time to enjoy the snow scenery and fun activities at China Snow Town. After the happy moment at this beautiful town, your guide and driver will escort you to Jingpo Lake with 3-3.5 hours’ driving (about 188 kilometers). Jingpo Lake, literally meaning “Mirror Lake” and reputed as “West Lake in the North”, is the largest alpine lava barrier lake in China and the second largest in the world. It was created by volcanic eruptions as magmatic rocks blocked the flow of the Mudanjiang River. The length of the lake from north to south is 45 km and the widest distance between east and west is only 6 km. In winter time, its crystal clear pools, frozen waterfalls, dense forests and volcanic landform will create a spectacular scroll. Upon arrival, there are three must-do things which would be the highlight of your today’s trip. You will first pay a visit to Diaoshuilou Waterfall flowing through limestone cliffs before cascading 20 meters into Heilong (Black Dragon) Pool. Enjoy the cliff dive performance by Di Huanran who is a 60-year-old men on 36 years of cliff diving and broke world record in 2008. Walk around Heilong Pool and appreciate the beautiful rime hanging on the trees. Move to witness the amazing Ice Fishing scene which is held from December to March. The Worshiping Ceremony is held on January 6 every year that you can not only participate in ice fishing activities, but also taste authentic local fish dishes.

After the tour, drive to Dunhua City (about 135 km with 1.5-2 hours’ driving) for accommodation.

China Snow Town Winter Activities Dive Performance off Diaoshuilou Waterfall at Jingpo Lake
Day 5 Dunhua City - Changbai Mountain - Erdaobaihe Town (B, L)

After breakfast, your guide and driver will pick you up at the hotel. Have 3-hour scenic driving for 180 kilometers to Changbai Mountain. Also known as Ever White Mountain in Chinese and Changbaek-sanjulgi in Korean, Changbai Mountain range forms the border between the Chinese provinces of Liaoning and Jilin and North Korea. It is one of the top ten famous mountains in China, where the top of the mountain is covered with snow all the year round. It is a dormant volcano boasting rare animals, lush forests, clear lakes and bubbling hot springs. The most beautiful of the lakes is Tian Chi (Heavenly Lake), the deepest alpine lake in China. Changbai Mountain is divided into four slopes - North, South, West and East (within the territory of North Korea). The most recommended part is visiting the Northern Slope which has the most attractions and is easily access to Heavenly Lake. Take the sightseeing bus and vehicle directly reaching up to Heavenly Lake which is at 2189 meters above the sea level. This lake has been recognized as the highest volcanic lake in the world by Guinness Book of Records. With white clouds and blue sky, Heavenly Lake surrounded by 16 peaks is like a jade in the sky. Catch the rare time to enjoy unbelievable panoramic view of this beautiful lake. After that, get down for for further sightseeing and enjoy different winter views. You will head to Changbai Waterfall with its water melted from Heavenly Lake at a height of 68 meters, making the longest volcanic waterfall in the world. Overlook the grand waterfall at the viewing deck that you can see two strands just like two huge flying dragons above the ground. Get back to Small Heavenly Lake hidden in the primitive birch forest where ou can enjoy some walking along the river. Move to Green Deep Pool which is reputed as “Little Jiuzhai Valley in Northeast China” with emerald water and small waterfalls falling from the cliff - very elegant. The last spot is Valley Forest. When the volcano erupted, the volcano cone broke and collapsed, forming a valley of 50 meters deep and about 3,000 meters long from north to south. There are tall ancient trees and huge rocks at the bottom of the valley, making it a natural oxygen bar. Take a short walk in the primitive forest. After that, take the sightseeing bus to get down the mountain.

After the tour, you will be taken to the hotel in Erdaobaihe Town. Have a good rest tonight.

Warm Tips:

Weather Condition & What to Wear: The weather is extremely cold in Changbai Mountain and the temperature is around -15 ℃ to -30 ℃ during November to February. Take take all your warm gears, like cotton trousers, thermal underwear, down jacket, fleece gloves, wool hat, thermal underwear, etc.

Changbai Mountain Heavenly Lake Winter View Changbai Mountain Panoramic View in Winter Changbai Mountain Winter Hiking Changbai Mountain Heavenly Lake Summer View (West Slope)
Day 6 Erdaobaihe Town - Jilin City (B, L)

After breakfast, your guide and driver will take you to Changbai Korean Folk Village located about 3.5 km in the east of Changbai County. This ethnic village is situated at the Southern Slope of Changbai Mountain and at the source of the Yalu River. The Korean group is one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized in China. Buildings in the village fully present the traditional customs and styles of the Korean ethnic group. Enjoy a relaxing walk in the village and have a look at its Memorial Archway, the Magpie Bridge, Bronze Bull, waterwheel, rare stone garden, square, cultural wall, and scenic walls, etc. Without stepping on the territory of North Korea, you can fully enjoy Korean ethnic culture in this folk village.

After the tour, be escorted to Jilin City which needs about 6 hours’ driving for 433 kilometers. Upon arrival, your guide will help you check in your hotel. If your energy permits, go for a relaxing visit to Beishan Park. Known as the “sacred ground for nine dragons”, Beishan Park has a history of over 300 years, with well blending of traditional Chinese culture including Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and folk culture. Watch local kids and adults playing happily ice skating, skiing, etc. on the large square to feel the sports atmosphere in winter. Walk up along the steps to breathe the fresh cool air and climb up to octagonal Lanyue Pavilion to have a panorama of Jilin city dressed in white and silver like a snow beauty!

Jilin Beishan Park in Winter Changbai Korean Folk Village
Day 7 Jilin City - Wusong Island - Jilin Departure (B, L)

You will get up early today! After your breakfast at the hotel, your guide and driver will meet you at the hotel and then drive about 1.5 hour to visit Wusong Island (Rime Island for its beautiful rime scenery). With the best type of rimes with outstanding thickness, density and structure, much more beautiful than those in the rest of China, Wusong Island is the best place to see the natural miracle of rimes in the whole country.

Walk to say hello to the sunrise of the day. As the sun rises, more radiance sends out to to change the sky into golden, orange, pink, rose, purple, etc., and the mists over the water rise gradually to make the outline of the trees partly hidden and partly visible, which is a superb dreamy visual feast of this winter! Press your shutter as free to record such gorgeous natural masterpiece. Then, after the sky gets bluer, walk around the snow covered path, along the water and under the trees to admire the white and silver rimes decorating like the special winter jade flowers on the new dressing from winter. Enjoy your romantic dating with the fabulous sightseeing and take more amazing photos! (Best Time for Wusong Island rime photography: rimes usually occur from December to middle February in winter, and January is the month with more frequent rime days. As rimes drops after noon hours, 07:00-11:30 is the best time for shooting the rimes and the sunrise of the day with 10:00-11:30 being the best time for rimes with blue sky.)

After the tour, your guide and driver will escort you to the airport or train station for your flight / train to next destination or home. Service ends!

Wusong Island Sunrise Rime Scenery at Jilin Wusong Island

Recommended Add-on Options

+3 more days to explore the imperial city of China - Beijing

Beijing, the 'forbidden' city, now is open to the world!

As the capital city of China for more than eight-hundred years, Beijing possesses rich cultural deposits of China. You will need at least 3 days to explore its best highlights. Here is the plan - Day 1 is for you to visit the imperial historical sites, including Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace; Day 2 is to hike the magnificent Great Wall while Day 3 is for you to have a half-day visiting of the Temple of Heaven,local Hutongs, and depart from the city.

The Forbidden City Overall View from Jingshan Park

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