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Chinese Culture and History Tours 2023/2024

Boasting 5 thousand years of history and fascinating culture, in some ways, China is its own world. Its long history and culture have always been mysterious and drawn peoples' interest. The ancient Middle Kingdom is calling you!

Our selected list below opens a door for you into this timeless nation. You'll step into the ancient and mysterious world of Beijing and Xian; take a stroll at Pingyao's street for a glance at China's best-preserved Ming Dynasty street and folk houses; appreciate the Chinese cultural treasures - Kungfu & Panda; and marvel at the richness of the clothing, ornaments, arts, dances and festivals of the ethnic minorities.

Ancient Capitals of China

Beijing: home to wonders
Tour Pace:Leisurely
Beijing is home to some of the most stunning architectural and man-made wonders in the world, like the Imperial Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven.
Xian: ancient heart of China
Tour Pace:Leisurely
Filled with amazing historic wonders, Xian has some of the oldest and most spectacular museums and temples in China. Cycle along the ancient city wall, visit the breathtaking Terracotta Warriors, enjoy a Tang Dynasty Show…
Shanghai: the Oriental Paris
Tour Pace:Leisurely
Shanghai, regarded as the Oriental Paris, is the best place to experience East-meets-West Culture. See how ancient Chinese traditions and culture are well combined with modern Western science and fashion. Discover the developing history of this city.
China Ancient Bank Center
Pingyao Ancient Town
Tour Pace:Leisurely
Pingyao: the banking center of ancient China. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Definitely a historical area worth exploring, especially if you are interested in China history & banking.
Kungfu & Panda Culture
Kunfu & Panda
Tour Pace:Comfortable
The home of Kungfu and Pandas: these are probably the two things China is most famous for. This tour will make sure you experience both!
Ethnic Minorities & Cultures
Ethnic Minorities
Tour Pace:Comfortable
With 56 ethnic groups, China is a land filled with rich ethnic culture and diversity. Meet the people and witness their culture first hand.

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 Beijing: to explore the dynastic history & splendid culture
 Xian: the ancient heart of China
 Shanghai: the Oriental Paris
 Pingyao: the banking center of ancient China
 Kungfu Panda: Shaolin Temple & Chengdu Panda House
 China Ethnic Minorities & Cultures
Select the hot tourist destinations of China that you should never miss out on:
Beijing (Great Wall,Forbidden City) Yangtze Cruise (Three Gorges) Chengde, Summer Resort
Shanghai (the Bund, Expo) Suzhou (the Water Towns) Tibet (Lhasa, Everest)
Xian (Terracotta, City Wall) Guilin (Li River, Yangshuo) Hangzhou (West Lake)
Yunnan (Lijiang, Shangri-la) Xinjiang (Silk Road) Guizhou (Kaili, Ethnic Minority)
Yellow Mountain (Hongcun & Xidi) Chengdu (Panda) Harbin (the Ice World)
Sanya (Beach Holiday) Datong (Yungang Grottoes) Pingyao (Pingyao Ancient Town)
Luoyang (Shaolin Kungfu) Inner Mongolia

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