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Wuyishan (Wuyi Mountain) is located in the southwest of Fujian Province, which belongs to a humid subtropical monsoon climate zone. Wuyi mountain has four distinct seasons, mild and humid in climate. The annual average temperature is about 18℃, with the lowest average monthly temperature is about 8℃ (January) and the highest average monthly temperature is about 29℃ (July). The annual average sunshine hours is about 1,630 hour. Wuyi Mountain has the highest rainfall in Fujian province, often concentrates from March to June every year, the annual precipitation is above 2000 mm.

Best Time to Visit Wuyi Mountain, Wuyishan, Fujian

Besides typhoon days and cold snap in winter, Wuyi Mountain is suitable to visit all year around. However, spring, summer and autumn are the best times to visit Wuyi Mountain. Spring is the traditional peak season for tourism in Wuyi Mountain. From April and May, it's time to make tea. The fragrance of tea is everywhere in the Big Red Robe Scenic Area. Although the temperature might be a little bit high in summer, it is the season when everything grows luxuriantly and the scenery in Wuyi Mountain reaches the best. If you don't like crowds, visit Wuyishan in autumn. With light winds, clear skies and pleasant sunny weather, taking a bamboo raft sailing on Jiuqu Stream can save you from the hustle and bustle of a big city. In winter, even the natural scenery might not be as splendid as spring and summer, but there are also many thousand-year-old cultural and historical sites, like Wuyi Palace, Ruins of Minyue King City and Xiamei Village for you to appreciate. Moreover, the ticket price of Wuyishan Pass in winter (December to next February) would also be lower than the peak season (March to November).

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Average Wuyishan Temperature by Month

Month Recommended Rate Max Temp. Min Temp.
Jan. °C °C
Feb. °C °C
Mar. °C °C
Apr. °C °C
May. °C °C
Jun. °C °C
Jul. °C °C
Aug. °C °C
Sep. °C °C
Oct. °C °C
Nov. °C °C
Dec. °C °C

Wuyishan Seasons to Go

The subtropical climate in Wuyi Mountain means that this region experiences warm spring and comfortable autumn, hot summer and mild winter.

Wuyishan in Spring (March, April, May)

Temperature: 14~24℃

Spring of Wuyi Mountain is from March to May, which is the best tourist season. Flowers begin to bloom, everything is full of infinite vitality. Occasionally there will be a cold snap occurring in late spring. Pay attention to real-time weather forecast;

The annual average temperature in spring varies from 14℃ in March to 24℃ in May. The average daytime temperature is about 24℃ and the average night time temperature is about 15℃. Rainfall rises steadily from 200mm in March to 250mm in May. In a year, the relative humidity in spring and early summer is greater. It’s the best time to appreciate the cloud wonders

What to Wear in Wuyishan Spring

Light sweater, long sleeves, thin jeans and thin coats are enough. There is more precipitation in spring and summer, so remember to bring rain gear with you. You are recommended to wear a pair of anti-skid shoes.

Wuyi Mountain Spring Activities

(1) Take a stroll at the most exquisite and beautiful Yangu Huaxiang Hiking Trail (岩骨花香漫游道) in Dahongpao Scenic Area (大红袍) and enjoy the fragrance of tea by wandering around the terraced tea field;

(2) Visit Tianyou Peak (天游峰) in the morning. The scenery would be better if it just rained. If lucky, you may have a chance to see the enchanting scene of fog-shrouded Yunwo (云窝) under Jiasun Peak;

(3) Appreciate cloud wonders by climbing on the top of Tianyou Peak, Dawang Peak and Sanyang Peak;

(4) In the spring, pears, peaches, plums and apricots blossom all over the mountain from bright red paled to white. At that moment stepping into Taoyuan Cave (桃源洞), you may wonder whether you are walking into a perfect Arcadia on the Earth;

(5) Take a bamboo raft down the Jiuqu Stream (九曲溪), and enjoy various shapes of mountain peaks. Feel the water flows quickly, splashing and mountains passing by..

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Cloud Wonders - Yunwo

Cloud Wonders - Yunwo

Cloud Wonders - Yunwo

Cloud Nest

Dahongpao Scenic Area in Spring

Dahongpao Scenic Area in Spring

Wuyi Mountain Weather in March

  • Temperature: 14°C
  • High Temperature: 18°C
  • Low Temperature: 10°C
  • Rainfall: 198 mm
  • Wuyi Mountain Weather in April

  • Temperature: 19°C
  • High Temperature: 24°C
  • Low Temperature: 15°C
  • Rainfall: 234 mm
  • Wuyi Mountain Weather in May

  • Temperature: 23°C
  • High Temperature: 28°C
  • Low Temperature: 19°C
  • Rainfall: 253 mm
  • Wuyishan in Summer (June, July, August)

    Temperature: 26~29℃

    In Summer from June to August, there are many thunderstorms with high temperature and seldom typhoon days, but it is the season with the most luxurious plant covered. The temperature of the nature reserve and the scenic spots with higher altitude is obviously lower than that of the urban area, which are cool and pleasant and a good place for summer vacation.

    The average temperature reached the highest in July, about 29℃. The average temperature in the daytime is about 32℃ and down to 23℃ at night. Average monthly rainfall in June is the highest of the year with about 450mm, even more than precipitation in July and August adding together.

    What to Wear in Wuyishan Summer

    Wear any summer clothes, like shorts, shirts and skirts. Umbrella, sun cream and insect spray are also needed.

    Wuyi Mountain Summer Activities

    (1) Drift along Jiuqu Stream (九曲溪) and you may find over 3750-year-old boat coffins hung on the cliff while passing by Daznag Peak, Banyun Yan and Dawang Peak.

    (2) Climb to the top of Tianyou Peak (天游峰) , appreciate the panoramic scenery of Jiuqu Stream surrounding Wuyi Mountain. Then go downhill and stay for a while in Taoyuan Temple (桃源道观), taste delicious vegetarian food there.

    (3) Don’t miss the magnificent Water Curtain Cave (水帘洞) in summer, you can enjoy a waterfall flying down, and two cliff springs pouring like flying dragons.

    (4) (4)You may also go further to the Wuyishan Grand Canyon Ecological Park, visit the nationally rare Qinglong Waterfall (青龙大瀑布) and immerse yourself into the irresistible charm of nature.

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    Rafting on the Nine Bend Stream in Summer

    Watch Excellent Show of Impression Da Hong Pao

    Excellent Show of Impression Da Hong Pao

    Qinglong Waterfall

    Qinglong Waterfall in Summer

    Wuyi Mountain Weather in June

  • Temperature: 26°C
  • High Temperature: 30°C
  • Low Temperature: 22°C
  • Rainfall: 451 mm
  • Wuyi Mountain Weather in July

  • Temperature: 29°C
  • High Temperature: 34°C
  • Low Temperature: 24°C
  • Rainfall: 198 mm
  • Wuyi Mountain Weather in August

  • Temperature: 28°C
  • High Temperature: 33°C
  • Low Temperature: 24°C
  • Rainfall: 152 mm
  • Wuyishan in Autumn (September, October, November)

    Temperature: 16~26℃

    Autumn from September to November has the most comfortable weather, the sun is shining and the air is crisp and clear. Sometimes, because of the high temperature there will be overheat days, however autumn is still the best season for hiking and mountain climbing.

    The average monthly temperature ranges from 16℃ to 26℃ in Autumn. It’s also the season with the lowest rainfall, only 196mm in total.

    What to Wear in Wuyishan Autumn

    T-shirts and jeans are enough for daytime, you can add a sweater, fleece, thin jacket or overcoat during night. Sun-protective clothes or products are also recommended.

    Wuyi Mountain Autumn Activities

    (1) Drink Wuyishan Rock Tea and feel the lingering charm of Zen under the autumn Sun and between the extraordinary landscape in Dahongpao Scenic Area (大红袍景区).

    (2) Hike through the steep way up to Tiger Roaring Peak (虎啸岩), listen to the wind wuthering, then continue to hike to Yixiantian (一线天) and meet supernatural white bats there.

    (3) Autumn, with a comfortable temperature, is a good season to ascend a height, look far in a distance and cultivate your sentiment. Tianyou Peak, the No.1 Peak in Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area, is a must for visitors.

    Hottest Wuyi Mountain Autumn Tours: ✔ 5 Days Xiamen, Nanjing Tulou & Mount Wuyi Discovery Tour

    The Steep Way up to Tiger Roaring Peak

    The Steep Way up to Tiger Roaring Peak

    Drink a Cup of Da Hong Pao in Autumn

    Wuyi Mountain Sunrise in Autumn

    Wuyi Mountain Weather in September

  • Temperature: 26°C
  • High Temperature: 31°C
  • Low Temperature: 21°C
  • Rainfall: 73 mm
  • Wuyi Mountain Weather in October

  • Temperature: 21°C
  • High Temperature: 27°C
  • Low Temperature: 16°C
  • Rainfall: 50 mm
  • Wuyi Mountain Weather in November

  • Temperature: 16°C
  • High Temperature: 21°C
  • Low Temperature: 11°C
  • Rainfall: 73 mm
  • Wuyishan in Winter (December, January, February)

    Temperature: 9~11℃

    Winter from December to next February is the season with the least precipitation all year round. Winter and early spring are not too cold, the temperature is mostly above 0℃, snowfall frequency is very rare.

    The average temperature in winter is about 10℃. Even in the coldest day, the temperature rarely drops below Zero. The highest peak in the scenic area is Sanyang Peak, 717.7 meters above sea level, therefore there is no much difference in temperature between the top and bottom. The average highest temperature in the daytime is about 15℃ and about 6℃ during nighttime.

    What to Wear in Wuyishan Winter

    Warm sweaters, jeans and thin overcoats are recommended. However, if you are planning to visit Huxiao Cliff, wear a thick overcoat or add gloves, scarf to keep warm against the chill wind.

    Wuyi Mountain Winter Activities

    (1) Visit Wuyi Palace (武夷宫) after getting off from the Jiuqu Stream Bamboo raft, you can still admire its original magnificent look from the newly built palace. Then take a stroll at the archaistic Street will bring you back to the Song Dynasty;

    (2) Explore human landscape by visiting the Ziyang Academy (紫阳书院) where Zhu Xi lectured for 10 years, Liu Yong Memorial Hall and the top famous Buddhist temple in Wuyi Mountain - Yongle Tianxin Zen Temple (永乐天心禅寺);

    (3) Trace the history of Minyue culture and Han Dynasty through visiting Palace Ruins of Minyue King City and Ancient Yue Folk Custom Village;

    (4) Appreciate ancient dwellings and walls from the Sui Dynasty at Xiamei Village, walk on the stone paved old streets to see the remaining relics.

    Hottest Wuyi Mountain Winter Tours: ✔  4 Days Highlight Wuyi Mountain Tour with Xiamei Village

    Wuyi Palace

    Wuyi Palace

    Ancient Han City

    Ancient Han City

    Xiamei Village in Winter

    Xiamei Village in Winter

    Wuyi Mountain Weather in December

  • Temperature: 11°C
  • High Temperature: 16°C
  • Low Temperature: 6°C
  • Rainfall: 57 mm
  • Wuyi Mountain Weather in January

  • Temperature: 9°C
  • High Temperature: 13°C
  • Low Temperature: 5°C
  • Rainfall: 86 mm
  • Wuyi Mountain Weather in February

  • Temperature: 10°C
  • High Temperature: 15°C
  • Low Temperature: 6°C
  • Rainfall: 101 mm
  • How to Plan a Wuyishan Tour?

    A Wuyi Mountain Tour is full of cultural charm, natural beauty and adventures hiking and bamboo rafting experiences. Besides, it is a great chance to sample one of the best kinds of tea and admire one of the best real landscape shows in China! Usually, tourists spend 2~3 days to explore the highlights of Wuyi Mountain.

    2 Days in Wuyi Mountain (Top Recommended)

    A 2-day Wuyi Mountain tour includes 2 whole days in Wuyi Mountain. During the two days you will explore almost all the major attractions of Wuyi Mountain, including Tianyou Peak, Nine Bend Stream, Wuyi Palace, Big Red Robe Scenic Area, Impression Da Hong Pao Show, and Water Curtain Cave. If your time allows, you can also add Tiger Roaring Rock and One Thread of Sky in to your trip.

    3 Days in Wuyi Mountain

    If you arrive at Wuyishan City late or have more time left, you are suggested to spend one day more in Wuyishan. In addition to the above highlights included for the 2-day tour, you can also go to Xiamei Village to admire the ancient dwellings.

    >> 3 Days Classic Wuyi Mountain Tour

    Travel Wuyishan with More Wonders in Fujian & China

    Wuyi Mountain is only a small part of the Fujian. This coastal province is also proud of wonderful Gulangyu Island, sacred Fujian Tulou clusters, picturesque Xiapu Mudflat, etc. One day in Xiamen, including a half-day Gulangyu Island Tour, is very popular. Xiamen is a paradise for sea foods and offers some of the best costal scenery in China. Spending about 1~2 days more to visit Fujian Tulou is also highly recommended. These gigantic earthen buildings will introduce you another kind of dwelling in the world and also some of the legends and history of Hakka people. For photography enthusiasts, Xiapu Mudflat should be on your travel list. It will take you 2 more days or so. Have more days in Fujian? Take another 1~2 days to Fuzhou, the capital of this region, is also a good idea!

    >> 5 Days Xiamen, Nanjing Tulou & Mount Wuyi Discovery Tour

    Since Wuyi Mountain is only 1~1.5 hours away from Huangshan by high speed train, you may also interested in taking these two of the best mountains in China in one go! Such a Huangshan Wuyishan Tour needs about 4~6 days.

    Customize Your Wuyi Mountain Tour

    Have your own preferences? Want more China’s surprises into your trip? Please feel free to tell us your interests, and let us customize you a perfect China tour!

    Nine Bend Stream Bamboo Rafting Nine Bend Stream Bamboo Rafting
    Mysterious Panorama of Tianyou Peak Mysterious Panorama of Tianyou Peak
    China Private Tour Our Customers in Fujian Tulou
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    Travel Wuyishan with China Discovery

    Still feel trouble about choosing the best hotel to stay and best visiting route to follow? Travel with us China Discovery, and let us help you! We have professional local travel guide, who will accompany you all the way and introduce you the scenery, history and culture of this region. Besides, our local driver will escort you from the airport/railway station/hotel to Wuyi Mountain directly. Therefore, you can have a hassle-free experience there!

    The tour can be customized according to your budget, interests, group size, and every special need. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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    Top 3 Wuyishan tours chosen by most customers to explore Wuyishan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary,or tailor your own trip now with us.

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