Trains to Huangshan - Schedule, Distance, Duration & Price 2024/2025

At present, there are over 50 trains running to or passing through Huangshan from several major tourist cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Xian, Guangzhou, etc. Most of these trains are high speed bullet trains. Taking a high speed train, travelers can not only experience the efficient and comfort transfer but also get a fantastic view on the road. Check the schedule of the main trains to Huangshan:

Route Train Type Distance Duration Frequency (per day) Price (RMB)
Beijing South - Huangshan North G 883km 5.5 ~ 6.5h 8 548.5 ~ 1732.5
Shanghai Hongqiao - Huangshan North  G 662km 4 ~ 4.5h 2 304.5 ~ 948.5
Hangzhou East - Huangshan North G 503km 3.5h 2 231 ~ 729
Xiamen North - Huangshan North G 747km 4.5h 7 315 ~ 982
Xian North - Huangshan North G 1,497km 8h 1 66.5 ~ 2098
Hefei South - Huangshan North G/D 25km 1.5~2h 21 140.5~504.5
Zhengzhou East - Huangshan North G 974km 5.5h 2 442 ~ 1395.5
Guangzhou South - Huangshan North G 1,452km 7h 1 646 ~ 1229.5
Wuhan - Huangshan D 519km 4.5h 1 172.5 ~ 275.5
Jinan / Jinan West - Huangshan North G 477km 3.5~5.5h 10 395 ~ 1251


Beijing to Huangshan High Speed Train

As the old and present capital of China, Beijing is always regarded as the first station for China. After a cultural exploration in Beijing, it is amazing to embrace the natural beauty of Yellow Mountain. Beijing South Railway Station operates 8 daily high speed trains to Huangshan North Railway Station usually. The fastest train takes only about 5.5 hours.

Train No. Dep. Time Arr. Time Duration Price (RMB)
Second Class Seat Frist Class Seat Business Class Seat
G265 07:45 14:13 6h 28m 548.5 924 1732.5
G355 08:40 15:31 6h 51m 548.5 924 1732.5
G27 09:45 15:18 5h 33m 548.5 924 1732.5
G323 10:10 17:12 6h 42m 548.5 924 1732.5
G301 10:30 17:12 6h 47m 548.5 924 1732.5
G325 12:05 18:21 6h 16m 548.5 924 1732.5
G303 12:30 19:04 6h 34m 548.5 924 1732.5
G351 15:30 16:40 6h 40m 548.5 924 1732.5

Shanghai to Huangshan High Speed Train

Shanghai is another popular starting point of a China tour since it can be reached by many international flights. There are 2 daily high speed trains from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Huangshan North Railway Station via Hangzhou. You are able to travel to Huangshan from Shanghai within 4.5 hours.

Train No. Dep. Time Arr. Time Duration Price (RMB)
Second Class Seat Frist Class Seat Business Class Seat
G1509 08:42 13:15 4h 22m 304 505.5 948.5
G1510 18:07 22:15 4h 8m 304 505.5 948.5

Hangzhou to Huangshan High Speed Train

With a short distance of 503km, traveling between Hangzhou and Huangshan by bullet train is a good idea as well. The 2 high speed trains from Shanghai to Huangshan also stop in Hangzhou East Railway Station, so you can transfer to Huangshan after you Hangzhou tour as well.

Train No. Dep. Time Arr. Time Duration Price (RMB)
Second Class Seat Frist Class Seat Business Class Seat
G1509 09:49 13:15 3h 26m 231 388.5 729
G1510 19:13 22:15 3h 2m 231 388.5 729

Xiamen to Huangshan High Speed Train

Xiamen Wuyishan Huangshan High Speed Rail offering various landforms and landscapes view, is one of the top 8 most beautiful high speed rails. As a result, taking a high speed train to Huangshan North Railway Station from Xiamen North Railway Station will be a worth-trying trip.

Train No. Dep. Time Arr. Time Duration Price (RMB)
Second Class Seat Frist Class Seat Business Class Seat
G322 07:19 11:46 4h 27m 315 525 982
G242 07:45 12:00 4h 15m 315 525 982
G324 08:57 13:22 4h 25m 315 525 982
G356 10:59 15:17 4h 18m 315 525 982
G1602 12:40 16:54 4h 14m 315 525 982
G1670 14:52 19:24 4h 32m 315 525 982
G1612 15:00 19:38 4h 38m 315 525 982


Note: All the train information above the tables is for reference only. The accurate schedule and price might change in different seasons. Please feel free to contact us to double check

High Speed Train Tips

How to Book, Alter and Cancel a Ticket

There are many ways to book a train ticket, including booking online, booking with a travel agency, booking at the ticket offices in China’s Railway Stations, etc. For foreign travelers, you are suggested to book with travel agency so you won’t meet with the language barrier. A ticket can be altered at appointed counters in railway station to an earlier or later train. It is also available to cancel your ticket before the scheduled departure time. However, you might be charged with service fee. Check details>

How to Collect a Ticket

You need to good the Collecting Window of the railway station or the ticket agency to collect your ticket. If you want to collect your ticket in the departure day, we suggest you get to the rail way station 2-3 hours early. ItHow to Read a Ticket is best to collect your tickets as early as possible during the peak seasons (like in Spring Festival, Chinese National Day). Check details>

How to Read a Ticket

From the train tickets, travelers could see the departure time, departure and arrival train stations, train number, carriage number, seat class/number, passport number & passenger’s name, boarding gate, prices etc. Please pay specially attention to the departure How to Board & Disembark a Trainstation and make sure which one you should go. Check details>

How to Board & Disembark a Train

Before boarding a right train, you have several steps to follow: 1) Prepare your documents well (passport, visa); 2) Get to the right train station in advance 3) collect train tickets; 4) Read your train ticket; 5) Pass the security control; 6) Security check & luggage check; 7) Find right waiting room; 8) Cross the ticket checking gate; 9) Get to the right platform; 10) Get on your train. After you get off your train, your ticket will be check again to leave the station. Check details>

Baggage Allowance

Traveling with a train, each passenger is permitted to take baggage in certain amount, weight and volume. Besides, some items are prohibited to be carried to the railway stations and the trains, like weapons, knives, live animals, etc. Check details>

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