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Zhoushan Travel

Zhoushan Travel Guide

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Zhoushan City, or called Zhoushan Archipelago (舟山群岛), lies south of the Yangtze River Estuary in the East China Sea. It is a maritime city in China's Zhejiang Province and is composed of over 1,390 islands, including its Zhoushan Main Island, which is the fourth largest island in China. Those islands in Zhoushan, accounting for one-fifth of the number of all the islands in China, facing Shanghai, Ningbo, Japan and Korea across the sea.

The unbeatable large number of islands endows Zhoushan an ideal tourist city for island vacations. You must have heard a lot about its world-renowned Ideal Buddhist Island - Putuoshan, which is one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains in China! Besides, the city also offers diverse islands of different size, both inhabited and uninhabited!

Why Visit Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China?

  • Putuoshan (Mount Putuo) - Putuoshan, of course, is a must-visit highlight in Zhoushan, especially for Buddhist believers. Here, you will not only show your worship to the Goodness of Mercy up close and get somewhat the most profound Buddhist atmosphere but also enjoy amazing island tour.
  • Countless Amazing Tourist Islets and Beaches: Besides Putuoshan Island - the Buddhist Fairyland on the Sea, Zhoushan also boasts countless other stunning islands that worthy a close visit, including Zhujiajian Island - the Hometown of Sand Sculpture, Qingbin Island - the Potala Palace on the Sea, Taohua Island - the Martial Arts Legend, Gouqi Island - the Little Greece of the East, Daishan Island - the Penglai Fairyland, etc. Each island there offers great opportunities to bask in natural beaches, hike in the wild and so forth.
  • China's First Rays of the Sun - Zhoushan is the easternmost city in China. Here, you will admire this country's first rays of sunrise. Watching the small fireball rising from the horizon juxtaposed against the dark silhouettes of the fishing boats floating on the sea is nothing less than sheer magic unfolding before your eyes!
  • China's Largest Natural Fishing Port - Shenjiamen Fishing Port, together with Bergen Port of Norway and Cayao Port of Peru, is known as the world's three largest fishing ports. There is nowhere else in China that can offer more interesting fishing experience than Shenjiamen.
  • The Seafood Capital of China: In Zhoushan, there is always a smell of ocean in the air and also its food. This city is even praised as the “Seafood Capital in China”! No matter you are a real gourmet or not, you will undoubtedly be allured by the delicious and fresh seafood provided almost every corner of the city. Some boats of locals may also become a temporary seafood restaurant!

Top Attractions in Zhoushan, Zhejiang

When it comes to Zhoushan, the first image comes to the mind is usually its sacred Mount Putuo Scenic Area, which is a holy island every Buddhist believer dreaming to visit at least once in his/her life. Apart from Putuoshan, Zhoushan also offers many other stunning islands that are top recommendations for photographers, arts and cultural youth, etc. Besides, there are historical maritime cultural sites. Here is the list of Top Things to Do in Zhoushan:



Putuoshan (普陀山), the adobe of the Goodness of Mercy (Guanyin), is rich in Buddhist culture and legends and never lack of pilgrims. There are Buddhist relics everywhere on the island. With grand temple and pagoda clusters, sandy beaches, pine groves, elegant carvings and so on, Putuoshan itself is also already a scenic. Putuoshan is located on an island without any bridge or road connecting it. Therefore, it is only accessible by ferry.

Zhujiajian Island

Zhujiajian Island

Zhujianjian Island (朱家尖) is one of the largest and the most accessible islands in Zhoushan. The airport and one of the most significant wharfs of this region, Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport and Wugongzhi Wharf, are all located on this island. In addition to its traffic convenience, Zhujiajian is also famous for its golden beaches, caves, cliffs, etc. There is also an annual International Sand Sculpture Festival held!

Dongji Island

Dongji Island

Dongji Island (东极岛) not refers a single island but a cluster of islands in Dongji Town in Zhoushan, with Miaozihu Island - where popular Chinese movie named The Continent firmed, Qingbin Island - the Potala Palace on the Sea and Dongfushan Island -the place in China that the first rays of the sun strike being the most famous. It is serene and offers a glimpse of the primitive fishing life.

Taohua Island

Taohua Island

Taohua Island (桃花岛), or called Peach Blossom Island, was very little known by the world until novels like The Return of the Condor Heroes of famous Hong Kong martial arts novelist Louis Cha Leung-yung (Jin Yong) became a big hit. In his novels, Taohua Island was portrayed as a fairyland. And actually, the real Taohua Island is indeed a fairyland that lives up to its name!

Shengsi Islands

Shengsi Islands

Shengsi Islands (嵊泗列岛) is the only national-level archipelago scenic spot in China. It is composed of over 404 islands, including 16 of them inhabited by human beings and the rest are not. The most popular islands include Gouqi Island, which is praised as the Little Greece of the East.

Dinghai Ancient City in Zhoushan

Dinghai Ancient City

Dinghai Ancient City (定海古城) is a thousand-year-old ancient city with numerous cherished relics to be visited. It is also the only ancient city about Island Culture in China. Here, visitors can stroll around its well-preserved ancient streets, alleys and temples to trace its prosperity.

Featured Activities in Zhoushan, Zhejiang

Visit Putuoshan Island in Zhoushan

Visit Putuoshan Island

A Putuoshan (Mount Putuo) tour usually ranks on the top of things to do in Zhoushan. You can stroll around its temples and caves to savor the Buddhist atmosphere there and pray for good fortune or something else to the Guanyin.

Admire the Sunrise and Sunset on Dongji Island

Admire the Sunrise and Sunset on Dongji Island

On Dongji Island, where China's easternmost island is located, you will be rewarded with the first rays of the sun lighting up the sky, sea, boats, roofs, and houses of local fishers… It is certainly a lifelong experience.

Go Hiking in Zhoushan

Go Hiking

Many Islands in Zhoushan, like Qingbin Island, offer breathtaking hiking experiences. While going ascend to the upper places of the islands, you will get broader views. It is especially beautiful and cheerful!

Enjoy Dining at Da Pai Dang in Zhoushan

Enjoy Dining at Da Pai Dang

Along the seashore of islands in Zhoushan, especially near its ports, there are many Da Pai Dang opened, where you will be treated with delicious seafood and snacks cooked with fresh and superb fishes, oysters, etc.

Go Fishing in Zhoushan

Go Fishing

You can enjoy fishing at any seashore of any island in Zhoushan. Besides, you can follow the local fishers to go fishing on their boats floating on the sea! Imagine raising the fishing rod from the sea level. What a cool experience!

Explore Uninhabited Islands in Zhoushan

Explore Uninhabited Islands

How does it feel when stepping into an island with no human beings inhabited on it at all? You will get the answers at some remote but beautiful islands in Zhoushan. Gouqi Island will then be the best pick. Here you will totally get a fairy-like world.

Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival

Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival

From every late-August to middle-October, there is an International Sand Sculpture Festival held at the beach on Zhujiajian Island. Vivid and beautiful sand sculptures, large or small, will display during then, including mermaid, etc.

Take a Side Trip to Hangzhou

Take a Side Trip to Hangzhou

Zhoushan is only 218 km and 3 hours or so to/from Hangzhou. After the visit of Zhoushan, you can extend your tour to Hangzhou to visit the world-famous West Lake and Longjing Tea Plantation and explore the history and culture of this ancient capital.

Zhoushan Weather & Best Time to Visit Zhoushan

Nanhai Guanyin in Putuoshan

Zhoushan belongs to the typical subtropical maritime monsoon climate. The weather here is featured with moist climate and plenty of sunshine and wind all year around. Sea fog is very popular in spring in Zhoushan. And in July, August and September, this region may be attracted by occasional typhoons. You are advised to check the weather forecast and ferry news in advance during then. The annual average temperature of this region is about 16.7℃, with the highest temperature falls in August and the lowest falls in January. The weather slightly differs in Zhoushan downtown and on its other offshore islands. Normally, you will feel colder on the islands, especially on their top points and by the sea. Temperature also varies greatly from morning to evening. Therefore, a coat is always suggested, even in summer.

Best Time to Visit Zhoushan

Usually, the best time to visit Zhoushan is from June to October. It is an ideal tourist destination to avoid the summer heat. Autumn marks the most pleasant climate. And late autumn and winter are the best seasons to sample delicious seafood of this region! Putuoshan is suitable to be visited all year around. However, if you want to join its grand Buddhist events, there are three specific days recommended - 19th day of the 2nd lunar month, 19th of the 6th lunar month and 19th of the 9th lunar month.

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Zhoushan Transportation: How to Get to/around Zhoushan

Zhujiajian Wharf Shenjiamen Banshengdong Wharf Shanghai to Putuoshan Ferry Zhoushan Private Car Service

How to Get to Zhoushan

Visitors can get to Zhoushan by flight, ferry, or long-distance bus. High Speed Trains are not available now, because at present there is no railway line connecting Zhoushan.

By Flight

Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport is located on Zhujiajian Island of Zhoushan City, about 18 kilometers and 0.5 h away from Zhoushan downtown on Zhoushan Main Island and 3.6 kilometers and 10 minutes away from Zhujiajian Wugongzhi Wharf (where you can ride a ferry to Putuoshan in the shortest time) by car. At present, the airport operates flights to/from about 13 cities in China, including Shanghai (1 h), Beijing (3 hrs.), Guangzhou (2 hrs.), Shenzhen (2 hrs.), etc. There is no international flight line opened.

By Ferry

Zhoushan has mazy ferry lines. Visitors can find the most frequent ferries to Zhoushan in Shanghai and Ningbo, from where you can not only ride a ferry to Zhoushan Main Island and the world-famous Putuoshan (Mount Putuo), but also some other tourist islets like Taohua Island, Shengsi Island, etc.

By Bus

Visitors can also take long-distance bus to Zhoushan Main Land and Zhujiajian Island from Shanghai (4 hrs.), Ningbo (1.5~2.5 hrs.), Hangzhou (3 hrs.), etc.

How to Travel around Zhoushan

By Taxi

On Zhoushan Main Land and Zhujiajian Island, where its downtown area and airport are located, visitors can ask a taxi to get around.

By Ferry

Most of the offshore islands in Zhoushan, including Putuoshan Island, Dongji Island and Taohua Island, can only be reached by ferry. You can find the frequent ferries at Shenjiajiamen Banshengdong Wharf (沈家门半升洞码头) and Zhujiajian Wugongzhi Wharf (朱家尖蜈蚣峙码头).

By Sightseeing Bus opened on Each Island

Once arriving at an island in Zhoushan, you can take the local bus at pointed bus stations to get around. However, except Putuoshan, the bus and bus stations are usually limited.

By Private Car

The best way to travel around an island in Zhoushan is by private car. Going with a private car, you can explore the island in an extremely free pace, without worrying about the bus schedules or something else. We China Discovery also offer such warm private car service. If you are in need, please feel free to contact us!

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Zhoushan Hotel & Where to Stay in Zhoushan

Zhoushan Hotel

The complex distribution of so many islets in Zhoushan makes it a tough work to find the best hotel to stay. Things vary according to the itinerary of your tour plan. Shenjiamen and Dinghai District in Zhoushan downtown area and Putuoshan Island have the largest amount of luxury options from 4-star to 5-star, while some small islands have larger number of cozy inns and budget homestays operated by the local fishers. Sometimes, you can even rent a camp to stay on the beach in Zhujiajian.

Where to Stay in Zhoushan

Usually, staying at a hotel in Zhoushan downtown or on Putuoshan Islandis the hottest choice . However, if you are going to explore other specific islet, you are suggested to stay overnight on the island. Miaozihu Village is the most bustling area and the best place to stay on Dongji Island.

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Zhoushan Maps

To help you have a better understanding about Zhoushan and Zhoushan Travel, Here we list you some useful English Zhoushan Maps, including Zhoushan China Map, Zhoushan Island Map, Zhoushan Zhejiang Map, Putuoshan Location Map, Putuoshan Ferry Map and Putuoshan Tourist Map, etc. You can also check Putuoshan Map to get more detailed maps.

Zhoushan China Map

Zhoushan China Map

Zhoushan Island Map

Zhoushan Island Map

Zhoushan Zhejiang Map

Zhoushan Zhejiang Map

Putuoshan Location Map

Putuoshan Location Map

Putuoshan Ferry Map

Putuoshan Ferry Map

Putuoshan Tourist Map

Putuoshan Tourist Map

Other Destinations Near Zhoushan

If you want to keep travelling after Zhoushan, there are some awesome destinations near Zhoushan for your exploration. You can pay a visit to the most developed Shanghai, beautiful lakes in Hangzhou, exquisite gardens in Suzhou, stunning Yellow Mountain, and Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing.

Zhoushan Map

Chinese Name: 舟山

Chinese Pinyin: zhōu shān

Population: 1.176 million

Language: Mandarin & Zhejiang Dialect

Tel Code: (+86) 0580

Zip Code: 316000

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

Plan Your Zhoushan Tour

Usually, Putuoshan is the major highlight of Zhoushan. Visitors normally spend 2 days around to take a classic Putuoshan Buddhist tour. If your time allows or you focus more about the island beauty and fishing life, you can also add one or two islets of Zhoushan into your tour, like Dongji Island, Gouqi Island, etc. About 1~2 days are recommended for each island tour.

No matter you are only going to visit Putuoshan or not, a Zhoushan tour usually not starts from Zhoushan itself but the nearby Shanghai, Ningbo or Hangzhou, because Zhoushan is inaccessible by international flights. A 2-day Shanghai Zhoushan Tour is the most popular. And a 4-day tour combines Zhoushan and the ideal Hangzhou is also great.

Have your preference? Please feel free to tell us your likes. We can customize a Zhoushan tour to you according to your itinerary, budget and every special need.

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