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Zhejiang is located in the Yangtze River Delta region along the southeast coast of China, bordering the East China Sea in the east, Fujian in the south, Anhui and Jiangxi in the west, and Shanghai and Jiangsu in the north. Zhejiang has a subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, moderate annual temperature, abundant rainfall and humid air. The annual average temperature is 15~18℃. The coldest month is January, the average temperature is 3~9℃. July is the hottest month, the average temperature is 26~29℃. In some coastal areas, the hottest month is August. May and June is the concentrated rainfall period of Zhejiang Province. The annual average rainfall is 1200~2000 mm, the annual average sunshine hours is 1710~2100 hours.

Check details information below about Zhejiang climate, the best time to visit and highlights in four different seasons to plan your Zhejiang tour in 2023.

Best Time to Visit Zhejiang, China

As one of the hottest provincial destinations in China, Zhejiang can be visited all year around. Spring and autumn are always considered as the best seasons in most areas of Zhejiang. Despite the intense heat in the plains, Summer is the best time to travel to Zhoushan islands and mountainous areas in south Zhejiang. Winter is the off-season for tourism in Zhejiang. The weather is bleak and cold. But it is the best season for hot springs. Besides, there are many festivals being held in ancient towns and villages in winter, tourists can feel the strong Chinese New Year atmosphere.

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Hangzhou Best Time to Visit

The most pleasant and popular seasons for traveling to Hangzhou are Spring and Autumn. However, no matter how the seasons and weather change, West Lake can always show her transcendent beauty to visitors.

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Putuoshan Best Time to Visit

Spring, summer and autumn are all good for sightseeing in Putuoshan. July to September are the best months for island vacation. For those who are devoted Buddhists and are looking forward to attending some important Buddhist events, you are recommended to visit Putuo Mountain on the 19th day of the 2nd lunar month, 19th of the 6th lunar month and 19th of the 9th lunar month.

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Ningbo Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Ningbo for pleasant weather is Spring and Autumn. You may visit some famous Zen temples, learn more about local history by visiting museums and rent a car to visit the hometown of Mr. Chiang and splendid Xuedou Mountain...

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Zhdejiang Weather - Hangzhou

Cruising on West Lake

Zhejiang Weather - Putuoshan

Grand Huiji Temple in Putuoshan

Zhejiang Weather - Ningbo

Tianyi Pavilion in Ningbo

Average Zhejiang Temperature by Month

MonthRecommended RateMax Temp.Min Temp.

Zhejiang Seasons to Go

Zhejiang Spring - March, April and May

Spring starts in March and is rainy with changeable weather. The average temperature is about 13 ~ 18 °C. Spring is a warm and flowers-blooming season. It’s the perfect time for outing activities such as hiking, riding and boat cruising. The warm spring breeze, bright sunshine shining on the earth, everything has a life, forming a beautiful landscape south of Yangtze River.

Seasonal Activities in Zhejiang Spring

1. In March, the temperature rises and everything comes back to life in Hangzhou. It is the most beautiful time of the year for wandering around the Su Causeway and Bai Causeway at West Lake to see the peach flower blossoms and willow trees putting forth new bunds on river banks. The middle and late March is the best time for peaking Longjing tea. Tea lovers should not miss it.

2. Visit Putuoshan in March, you may come across one of the most important Buddhist Temple Fairs here. Therefore, it is a good time for devout believers to feel and experience the grandeur of the Buddhist kingdom.

3. With mild breeze, sprouting grass, twittering birds and an eyeful of flower clusters, April is a good time to go for an outing. The sacrificial ceremony is held at Kuaijishan, Dayuling scenic area in Luxun’s hometown Shaoxing, and the Lanting Scenic Area will also hold an International Calligraphy Festival every April. During that time, tourist can enjoy the calligraphy works of ancient and contemporary calligraphers.

4. A trip to Wenzhou and Lishui in southern Zhejiang in late spring would be an enjoyable experience. Whether you are strolling in ancient villages and admiring ancient corridor bridges, boating on Nanxi River, or hiking among the green hills of Yandang Mountain or terraced fields in Yunhe County, will all give you a feeling of losing in a stunning picture.

What to Wear in Spring

Light sweaters and long sleeves are enough. And remember to bring a light coat with you because the early morning hours and night hours may be a little bit cold. There are frequent spring rains from March to April, therefore umbrellas are a must when visiting Zhejiang during spring.

Hot Zhejiang Spring Tour:

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► 2 Days Putuoshan Buddhism Tour

Zhejiang Spring - Seasons to Go

Dawn at the Su Causeway in Spring

Zhejiang Spring - Seasons to Go

Cangqiao Street Block, Shaoxing

Zhejiang Spring - Seasons to Go

Stunning Cloud Sea of Yunhe Rice Terrace

Zhejiang Summer - June, July and August

Summer, from June to August (sometimes the summer heat will last till early September) is long, hot, rainy and humid. The average temperature is about 24 ~ 28 °C. The plum rain season is from the end of June to early July and in late summer, typhoons occur with a high frequency, bringing heavy rains.

Seasonal Activities in Zhejiang Summer

1. In early summer, Hangzhou city center is a little hot and humid, but the suburbs and Qiandao Lake are good places to go. Around the Dragon Boat Festival, Xixi National Wetland holds dragon boat races. The scale of boat racing can be ranked in the top in whole China. Rent a car to the cool Qiandaohu town, Qiandao Lake will play a comfortable summer prelude for you.

2. Head to the seaside is certainly one of the best choices as the temperature gets higher and higher. Zhoushan, Wenzhou and Ningbo, located on the eastern coast of Zhejiang Province, are the first choices for island tours. You can take a tent and camp on Nanlu Island in Wenzhou. Enjoy the blue ocean after a starry night on the beach. Or take a speedboat to Dongji Island in Zhoushan. Facing the sea breeze and enjoying the most brilliant sunrise and sunset.

3. In midsummer, the mountainous areas in the north and south of Zhejiang Province are the most popular tourist destinations, including luxurious and romantic Moganshan, one of the top 10 mountains in China - Yandang Mountain, no summer and year-round misty waves - Tiantai Mountain and natural green oxygen bar - Anji Bamboo Sea, etc.

What to Wear in Summer

Summer is hot in Zhejiang, you can just put on your T-shirt, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun's rays. Bring bug sprays while you are planning to visit places around the water, such as West Lake, water towns in Zhejiang, and Qiandao Lake, etc. Summer is also the rainy season in Zhejiang. Remember to take rain gear!

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2 Days Moganshan Relaxing Vacation Tour

► 2 Days Anji Bamboo Sightseeing & Adventure Tour

Zhejiang Summer - Seasons to Go

Overlook from Huangshanjian Peak (Qiandao Lake)

Zhejiang Summer - Seasons to Go

Dongji Island Sunset

Zhejiang Summer - Seasons to Go


Zhejiang Autumn - September, October and November

Autumn is generally dry, warm and sunny in Zhejiang. The average temperature is around 16 ~ 21 °C.Much like spring, autumn is also a good time for you to travel all over Zhejiang and soak up the picturesque scenery of mountains and rivers.

Seasonal Activities in Zhejiang Autumn

1. Osmanthus fragrance in early autumn. Choose a sunny non-weekend day to visit West Lake, Lingyin Temple and Manjuelong Scenic Area and enjoy the intoxicating fragrance quietly.

2. In late autumn, the boisterous Wuzhen and Xitang become quieter than before. The mist rising from the water towns in the early morning is also the magic moment to feel the charm of southeast China.

3. Every year, on the eighteenth day of the right lunar month (around Mid-Autumn Day), it is the best time to see the marvelous spectacle Qiantang River Tidal Bore. Yanguan Ancient Town in Jiaxing and Liuhe Pagoda in Hangzhou are two best places to appreciate the magnificent river tidal bore.

4. Autumn, when the heat recedes and the rain drops, is the best time for backpacking. Head to western Zhejiang to explore the thousand-year-old Anhui-Hangzhou Ancient Road, pass through the east and west Tianmu Mountains to enjoy the beauty and arduousness of the mountainous area at the junction of Zhejiang and Anhui, tramp across Xiegong Path where the great poet Li Bai walked and enjoyed the autumn scenery of Tianmu Mountain and Tiantai Mountain.

What to Wear in Autumn

Long-sleeved shirts, thin sweaters, long pants and light jackets or coats are the best choices. Wearing comfortable walking shoes if you are planning to go hiking or visit famous water towns.

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3 Days Best Hangzhou Tour with Wuzhen Water Town

Zhejiang Autumn - Seasons to Go

Liuhe Listening to the Wave Sound

Zhejiang Autumn - Seasons to Go

Osmanthus Flower Sea at Manjuelong Village

Zhejiang Autumn - Seasons to Go

Charming Xitang

Zhejiang Winter - December, January and February

Zhejiang winter is cold, there is less rainfall and low humidity in the air. The average temperature is about 3 ~ 9 °C. There may be cold waves, high wind, dense fog and snow in winter. Hot spring, strong festival atmosphere, and typical winter scenery are highlights in winter.

Seasonal Activities in Zhejiang Winter

1. Winter is the best time to travel to destinations that are culturally and architecturally oriented. Head to Taishun and Qingyuan in southern-most Zhejiang province and discover the beauty of wooden corridor bridges with a hundred years of history. Digging the 7000 years of Ningbo by visiting Hemudu Site Museums, Tianyi Pavilion, Old Bund, Chiang’s Former Residence and Ningbo Museum.

2. The anticipated snow scenery and festivals’ celebrations may help tourists ward off the winter blues, the scenery of “Lingering Snow over the Broken Bridge (断桥残雪)” is the dream of many photography lovers. In winter, the temperature in mountainous areas is lower than that in the plain. Visit the Yunhe Terraces in Lishui and the Mingao Terraces in Nanxi River basin. Tourists may have the opportunity to encounter the beautiful scenery of the snow-covered terraces. The blossoming winter-sweets on Gushan and Chaoshan Mountain are also unmissable highlights in winter.

3. As winter softens into spring and at the beginning of the New Year, it is a time for family reunion. The traditional folk customs, which have been indifferent in cities, are still continued in the villages and towns. The bell ringing at Jingci Temple on New Year's Eve, the hundred banquet in Taishun, the lantern fair in Haining and the bench dragon performance in Dongyang are all full of local characteristics.

What to Wear in Winter

Since most places are not equipped with heating systems, the city suffers from the cold, therefore tourists who are planning to visit Zhejiang in winter are recommended to wear thick sweaters and warm clothes. Also, you can bring down jackets.

Hot Zhejiang Winter Tour:

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6 Days Zhejiang Highlights Tour from Hangzhou

Zhejiang Winter - Seasons to Go

Rulong Corridor Bridge (Qingyuan)

Zhejiang Winter - Seasons to Go

Lingering Snow over the Broken Bridge

Zhejiang Winter - Seasons to Go

Dongyang Bench Dragon Performance

How to Plan a Zhejiang Tour

Places to Visit in Zhejiang: Hangzhou, Putuoshan, Wuzhen, Ningbo, Anji, Moganshan...

How to Get to Zhejiang: International flights to Hangzhou or Ningbo, domestic flights to Hangzhou, Ningbo, high speed trains to Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Yiwu, Wenzhou, etc., or ferry to Ningbo, Zhoushan, Putuoshan, etc.

Best Time to Visit Zhejiang: all year around

Zhejiang Province abundant with amazing lakes, water towns, mountains, temples, islands, rivers, etc. making it an ideal tourist destination like a poetic painting! Usually, Hangzhou, Putuoshan, Ningbo and the elegant water towns in Jiaxing like Wuzhen and Xitang are the most popular places to visit in Zhejiang, and it takes about 5~7 day to savor all those highlights. A 3-4 days Hangzhou & Wuzhen tour is very popular. Also, some visitors also spend 1~2 days to other attractive places like Huzhou with refreshing Moganshan resort and Anji adventure, Zhoushan with beautiful islets, Yiwu - Yiwu International Trading Market and Hengdian as Hollywood in China, Shaoxing - Lu Xun's Hometown, etc.

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☛ 6 Days Zhejiang Highlights Tour from Hangzhou

☛ 2 Days Putuoshan Buddhism Tour

As Zhejiang is very close to Shanghai, Suzhou and Huangshan, plenty of visitors prefer a richer extension trip to those destinations before or after Zhejiang discovery. And the 5 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Tour is the favorite one for international travelers!

☛ 5 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Highlights Tour

☛ 9 Days East China & Mt. Huang Tour by High Speed Train

If time allows, we also highly recommend you extend your Zhejiang tour to more wonderful destinations in China to savor more highlights in one go, like Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, Yangtze River, Zhangjiajie, etc. If you have any idea or other places to visit, please feel free to contact us to help plan or customize your personal Zhejiang Tour in 2023/2024!

Hangzhou West Lake Hangzhou West Lake Mount Putuo (Putuoshan) Mount Putuo (Putuoshan)
Wuzhen Water Town Our Customer at Wuzhen Water Town in 2017

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"This last night in Hangzhou led us to explore a different side of West Lake, vastly changing our erstwhile bland impression of the famed tourist site…" - shared by CS from Singapore (Read her entire travel story: Delightful Journey to Poetic Jiangnan Area)

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Wuzhen Water Town Our Customers Visiting Hangzhou Feilai Peak in 2019

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