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Top 9 Zhejiang Destinations | Best Places to Visit in Zhejiang, China

Water towns there filled with waterside pavilions and long bridges, mountain villages scattered have idyllic and exquisite scenery, and the East China Sea is only separated by a few mountains. The ancient and modern of Zhejiang are just a stone's throw away. A swaying boat will take you back to the south of the Yangtze River in the poems of the Tang and Song dynasties.

Are you thinking of visiting Zhejiang and wondering where to go in Zhejiang? Or maybe you are looking for inspiration for the top Zhejiang province cities and places to visit? Read on and keep scrolling!

Zhejiang Destinations - Map

Top Zhejiang Destinations Location Map

Let’s explore the Top 9 Zhejiang Destinations together:


Hangzhou - Heaven-like West Lake & Peaceful Longjing Tea Plantations

Zhejiang Destinations - Hangzhou City

Hangzhou West Lake

Zhejiang Destinations - Hangzhou City

Longjing Tea Plantation

West Lake makes Hangzhou enjoy all the pampers and famous all over the world. However, if you think the “Heaven on Earth” Hangzhou (杭州) only has one highlight, that is a big mistake. Hangzhou boasts mountains, springs, lakes, bridges, pagodas and temples. Besides the “Ten Views of the West Lake” , Hangzhou offers much more for you to taste: Visit the oldest Lingyin Temple and retreat your soul, stroll into Dragon Well Tea Plantation to see how tea is planted, wander around the historical block Hefang Street to enjoy local culture and food, have a fantastic view of Qiantang River on the top of Six Harmonies Pagoda

If you still have enough time, the natural oxygen bar - Xixi National Wetland Park, Qiandao Lake which is made up of thousands of islets, Tianmu Mountain and Anhui-Hangzhou Ancient Road around Hangzhou or in the West Zhejiang area are all good places for a weekend outing.

  • Location: middle-north part of Zhejiang, China;
  • Highlights: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Dragon Well Tea Plantation, Hefang Street, Xixi National Wetland Park, Qiandao Lake…
  • Best Time to Visit: spring and autumn
  • Recommended Trip Length: 2~3 days

Putuoshan - "Buddha Kingdom of the Sea and Sky" & Stunning Island Scenery

Zhejiang Destinations - Putuoshan

Putuo Mountain

Zhejiang Destinations - Putuoshan

Zhoushan Islands

Mount Putuo is the abode of the Goddess of Mercy and is reputed as the "Buddha Kingdom of the Sea and Sky". It’s one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains (Mount Putuo, Mount Emei, Mount Jiuhua, Mount Wutai) in China. The Statue of Avalokitesvara is a landmark and the highest Bodhisattva statue in the East China Sea. Besides, the three grand temples: Puji Temple, Fayu Temple and Huiji Temple are unmissable for devout believers, and the Not-willing-to-leave Guanyin Temple has the most legendary story of Mount Putuo, which is definitely also worth paying a visit.

Apart from Putuoshan, Zhoushan (舟山) also offers many other stunning islands that are top recommendations for travelers and photographers, such as the largest and the most accessible Zhujiajian Island, famous Dongji, Taohua and Shengsi Island, etc. Besides, there are historical maritime cultural sites like Dinghai Ancient City. As Zhoushan is the easternmost city in China, you may enjoy China’s first rays of the Sun, visit the largest natural fishing port and try the freshest sea food.

  • Location: east part of Zhejiang on the East China Sea; about 252km from Hangzhou and 105km from Ningbo
  • Highlights: Puji Temple, Fayu Temple, Huiji Temple, Statue of Standing Nanhai Guanyin, Zhujiajian Island, Dongji Island…
  • Best Time to Visit: April to November
  • Recommended Trip Length: 2 days

Jiaxing - The Representative Water Town City (Wuzhen and Xitang)

Zhejiang Destinations - Jiaxing City

Wuzhen Water Town

Zhejiang Destinations - Jiaxing City

Xitang Water Town

If you have to choose a city that can best represent the south of the Yangtze River, it must be Jiaxing (嘉兴), Zhejiang. There are six top ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River, two of which are in Jiaxing. Known as the front cover of China's water town, Wuzhen, as far as the eye can see, has white walls, green tiles and stone paths. Numerous black-awning boats floating on the running river beneath small bridges and with black-awning boats. The best way to tour Wuzhen is to stay one night in the ancient town and experience its unique guest morning tea. Xitang, an hour away from Wuzhen, is a gathering place for Hanfu fans. Wearing traditional Han clothing and walking through the corridor bridges and ancient alleys, visitors would feel like traveling back a thousand years.

Besides the two major water towns, Jiaxing city, which is famous for “Zongzi (a kind of traditional Chinese food eaten on the Dragon Boat Festival)”, has been the “land of fish and rice” and the “city of silk” since ancient times. South Lake used to be the place where Qianlong had go to during his six visits to the south of the Yangtze River. The "Red Boat" on the Lake is one of the important revolutionary sites in the modern history of China. Visitors may also head south to Haining to see the grand Qiantang River Tidal Bore at Yanguan Ancient Town.

  • Location: northeast part of Zhejiang, China; about 90km from Hangzhou
  • Highlights: Wuzhen Water Town, Xitang Water Town, Jiaxing South Lake, Yuehe Historic District, Yanguan Ancient Town…
  • Best Time to Visit: spring and autumn
  • Recommended Trip Length: 1-2 days

Ningbo - Profound History, Culture and Hometown of Chiang Kai-shek

Zhejiang Destinations - Ningbo City

Tianyi Pavilion

Zhejiang Destinations - Ningbo City

Xikou Xuedou Scenic Area

As the meeting point of China's Grand Canal and Maritime Silk Road, one of the five largest trading ports in history, and with a more than 7000-year-old history, Ningbo (宁波) is a city with a prosperous economy and a rich culture. Ningbo originated in Hemudu culture, so visitors may start their trip from the Hemudu Cultural Relics Museum. Then visit the atmosphere of literature at the oldest existing private library in Asia - the Tianyi Pavilion. Don’t miss the magnificent architecture of Ningbo Museum and Ningbo Art Museum designed by Wangshu. Wandering around Ningbo Moon Lake during the daytime and enjoying the splendid night scenery of Ningbo at the Old Bund.

Furthermore, the hometown of Chiang Kai-shek - Xikou Town is one of the main reasons why people come to Ningbo. Visiting Chiang's Former Residence, you can have a general understanding of the history of the Chiang family and the life trace of Chiang Kai-shek. Then you may continue your trip to one of Chiang’s favorite resorts - Xuedou Mountain. For those who have more time and are interested in Buddhist culture. Don’t miss famous Buddhist temples nearby, such as the well-preserved timber architecture - Baoguo Temple, the only temple named after the Indian King Asoka - Asoka Temple and one of the top Zen temples - Tiantong Temple.

  • Location: neast part of Zhejiang, China; about 161km from Hangzhou
  • Highlights: Tianyi Pavilion, Xikou Town (Chiang's Former Residence, Xuedou Mountain), Old Bund, Ningbo Museum, Dongqian Lake, Asoka Temple…
  • Best Time to Visit: spring and autumn
  • Recommended Trip Length: 2 days

Shaoxing - The City with the Strongest Humanistic Atmosphere in Zhejiang

Zhejiang Destinations - Shaoxing City

Lu Xun's Hometown

Zhejiang Destinations - Shaoxing City

Cangqiao Street Block

When you come to Shaoxing (绍兴), the first place you can't miss is Lu Xun's Hometown. Take a look at the famous jujube tree and another jujube tree in the backyard, and then walk from the Baicao Garden to the Sanwei Study Room, and savor the classic prose in reality. Once you're out of the scenic area, there are countless historic districts in Shaoxing Old City that are worth exploring, among which Cangqiao Street Block is the top recommended one. The commercial atmosphere is not heavy, tourists can have a cup of yellow wine and order a dish of fennel beans in old restaurants. After a few rounds, board a black-awning boat at will, and the price is more affordable than in the scenic spot. Find an old inn transformed by Taimen when the sun goes down, here you can best experience the authentic life of Shaoxing locals. Shen Garden holds the famous "Shen Garden Night Performance” at 8 p.m. every day, you can end the perfect day with the Yue operas that Lu Xun listened to when he was a child.

For those who are interested in calligraphy. You may take another day to visit the Orchid Pavilion Scenic Area (兰亭) where the calligrapher Wang Xizhi of the Eastern Jin Dynasty wrote "the first script" - The Orchid Pavilion and felt the poetry of floating wine cups along the winding water.

  • Location: northeast part of Zhejiang, China; about 60km from Hangzhou
  • Highlights: Lu Xun’s Hometown, Shaoxing East Lake, Shen Garden, Orchid Pavilion, Cangqiao Street Block, Anchang Ancient Town…
  • Best Time to Visit: spring and autumn
  • Recommended Trip Length: 1-2 days

Huzhou - Nanxun is Not Difficult to Find & The 7-Star Resorts in Moganshan

Zhejiang Destinations - Huzhou City

Nanxun Old Town

Zhejiang Destinations - Huzhou City

Anji County

Dai Biaoyuan, a great poet of the Yuan Dynasty, once wrote a poem about Huzhou. The last two lines of the poem read, "I have traveled across all the beautiful land south of the Yangtze River, and the most suitable place to stay is still Huzhou." Even today, the sentence is still timeless. When it comes to stunning scenery, Huzhou (湖州) may not be better than other places in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, but it is certainly a particularly liveable city. Although the villas along Taihu Lake are often ridiculed as "seven-star hotels", which seem to be giving Huzhou the title of "local tyrant", the aroma of books in Huzhou cannot be covered up. It is the birthplace of Huzhou calligraphy brush pen and tea culture, as well as the hometown of countless literati and poets throughout the ages. Besides, Huzhou is also an important transit place to Moganshan, Anji and Nanxun.

Visit "the land of poetry and books" and appreciate ancient mansions that combine Chinese and western architecture style at Nanxun Old Town, which is also the most pristine water town in Zhejiang. Escape summer heat at one of the four top summer resorts - Moganshan, which is also being praised as the “Cool World”. Or get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to Anji Bamboo Sea. Breathing the long-lost fresh air, lush bamboo everywhere. The stream gurgles underfoot, the wind rustling, birds singing and insects chirping, which will make people feel very relaxed and comfortable.

  • Location: north part of Zhejiang, China; about 88km from Hangzhou
  • Highlights: Nanxun Old Town, Moganshan, Anji China Bamboo Sea, Taihu Lake Resort, North Zhejiang Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Clothing Street Historic and Cultural District…
  • Best Time to Visit:spring, summer and autumn
  • Recommended Trip Length: 1-2 days

Jinhua - Not Just Delicious Ham, Meet Famous “Yiwu”, A Booming Commodity Economy

Zhejiang Destinations - Jinhua City

Hengdian World Studio

Zhejiang Destinations - Jinhua City

Yiwu International Trade City

Jinhua (金华), with more than 2000-year-old history, although historic sites might hardly be found in the city, it still has convenient transportation, plenty of delicious food and accommodation options, and a rich life atmosphere. It is suitable as a transit stop to the surrounding scenic spots such as Yiwu, Lanxi (Zhuge Eight-diagrams Village), Hengdian World Studio, Wuyi, Dongyang, etc.

Yiwu (义乌), about 56km northeast from Jinhua, is world-famous for its small commodity market. The bustling trade market, the businessmen who travel frequently from Jiangsu and Zhejiang by high-speed train, and the Middle Eastern businessmen who live here are just like few business cards of the city. Wandering around the Yiwu International Trade City, you may lose yourself in the “sea of commodity”!

  • Location: middle part of Zhejiang, China; about 170km from Hangzhou
  • Highlights: Yiwu International Trade City, Hengdian World Studio, Zhuge Eight-diagrams Village, Dongbai Mountain…
  • Best Time to Visit: all year around
  • Recommended Trip Length: 1-2 days

Lishui - Kingdom of Corridor Bridge & Magnificent Rice Terrace, Dream Place for Photograph Lover

Zhejiang Destinations - Lishui City

Yunhe Rice Terrace

Zhejiang Destinations - Lishui City

Rulong Corridor Bridge (Qingyuan)

Lishui (丽水) is no stranger to travelers who want to climb the first and second highest peaks in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. This area, deep in the interior of Zhejiang, takes up one-sixth of the land, and the mountains divide it into countless independent "kingdoms". Lishui has the most complete forest landscape in Zhejiang. There are winding roads, spectacular terraced fields, ethnic villages near the waterfalls where the She people live, and rocky mountains and emerald rivers spread all over the Oujiang River. There is also the oldest existing wooden arcade bridge recorded in Chinese historical materials, as well as the lively ancient villages and ancient buildings of She nationality, therefore Lishui is also being praised as the “Kingdom of Corridor Bridges”.

Due to the immature facilities and inconvenient transportation, Lishui is not a place for a weekend trip. But there are still countless photographers, artists and directors willing to spend weeks or even months exploring and setting foot in this ancient land with the love of nature and the yearning for rustic life.

  • Location: south part of Zhejiang, China; about 260km from Hangzhou
  • Highlights: Yunhe Rice Terrace, Guyan Huaxiang Village, Sendo Scenic Area, Nanjianyan Scenic Area…
  • Best Time to Visit: spring, summer and autumn
  • Recommended Trip Length: over 3 days

Wenzhou - Hot Destinations for Photographer, Guarded by Nanxi River and Yandang Mountain

Zhejiang Destinations - Wenzhou City

Nanxi River

Zhejiang Destinations - Wenzhou City

Yandang Mountain

Wenzhou (温州) is located in the southeast of Zhejiang Province, on the the south bank of the Oujiang River. It was called Ou Yue and Lucheng in ancient times, and has a profound history of more than 1600 years. Enjoying the reputation of the "mountains and rivers in the southeast are the best in the world", attractions in Wenzhou are a complete collection of mountains, rivers, seas, lakes, islands, springs, etc. natural and cultural landscape enhancing each other’s beauty. The most worthwhile scenic spots in and around Wenzhou city are Jiangxin Island, Wuma Street, Daluo Mountain, Qidu Island, Impression Nantang, etc.

Besides, Wenzhou is also guarded by majestic mountains and graceful rivers. For photography lovers, Yandang Mountain and Nanxi River are two cannot miss sites. Yandang Mountain is one of the top ten famous mountains in China. The mountain is named after the sentence “There is a lake covered with reeds on the top of the mountain, where geese settle down in autumn”. It is the most popular name card for Wenzhou tourism, among which Dalongqiu Waterfall, Lingfeng Night View and Lingyan Flying Peak are three must-visit scenic spots. The Nanxi River is famous for its unique features of "beautiful water, strange rocks, numerous waterfalls, ancient villages and beautiful shoals". It is the only national scenic spot in China that is famous for pastoral landscape scenery. Tourists can take a boat and enjoy the astonishing landscape scroll, admire the misty clouds and flying waterfalls at Yanxiaku and stroll in the old villages and feel the local unsophisticated folk customs.

  • Location: southeast part of Zhejiang, China; about 300km from Hangzhou
  • Highlights: Jiangxin Island, Wuma Street, Yandang Mountain, Nanxi River, Qidu Island…
  • Best Time to Visit: spring, summer and autumn
  • Recommended Trip Length: 2 days

How to Plan a Zhejiang Tour

Zhejiang Province abundant with amazing lakes, water towns, mountains, temples, islands, rivers, etc. making it an ideal tourist destination like a poetic painting! Usually, Hangzhou, Putuoshan, Ningbo and the elegant water towns in Jiaxing like Wuzhen and Xitang are the most popular places to visit in Zhejiang, and it takes about 5~7 day to savor all those highlights. A 3-4 days Hangzhou & Wuzhen tour is very popular. Also, some visitors also spend 1~2 days to other attractive places like Huzhou with refreshing Moganshan resort and Anji adventure, Zhoushan with beautiful islets, Yiwu - Yiwu International Trading Market and Hengdian as Hollywood in China, Shaoxing - Lu Xun's Hometown, etc.

☛ 3 Days Best Hangzhou Tour with Wuzhen Water Town

☛ 6 Days Zhejiang Highlights Tour from Hangzhou

☛ 2 Days Putuoshan Buddhism Tour

As Zhejiang is very close to Shanghai, Suzhou and Huangshan, plenty of visitors prefer a richer extension trip to those destinations before or after Zhejiang discovery. And the 5 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Tour is the favorite one for international travelers!

☛ 5 Days Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Highlights Tour

☛ 9 Days East China & Mt. Huang Tour by High Speed Train

If time allows, we also highly recommend you extend your Zhejiang tour to more wonderful destinations in China to savor more highlights in one go, like Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, Yangtze River, Zhangjiajie, etc. If you have any idea or other places to visit, please feel free to contact us to help plan or customize your personal Zhejiang Tour in 2023/2024!

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