Things to Do in Xiamen

What to see and do in Xiamen? A LOT! Xiamen, the Garden City on the sea, is a beautiful & ideal destination flowing with many famous tourist attractions that never let you down.

1) Explore the history and cultural relics like Hulishan Fortress, South Putuo Temple in Xiamen City;  
2) Be immerse in the intriguing scenery, varied-style of architectures on Gulangyu Island;
3) Have a homestay visit in Yongding & Nanjing Earth Buildings;
4) In-depth tour to the most outstanding area for biodiversity conservation on Mount Wuyi.
5) And many more featured activities with lots of fun are waiting for you...

Xiamen Attraction Map

Shuzhuang Garden

No.1: Shuzhuang Garden

Type: Gardens

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-1.5 hours

Gulangyu is a paradise not too far…and the most famous scenic spot Shuzhuang Garden is there. This private villa, first constructed in 1913 by Lin Erjia, is known for its well-conceived layout and borrowed scenes. The garden faces the sea and backs on to Sunlight Rock, including hills, the sea, bridges, forests and flowers.

Shuzhuang Garden can be divided into two parts - Garden Hiding the Sea and Garden Making-up Hills. Tourists will be surely attracted by the garden’s fascinating scenery. Besides, there are 44 meandering bridges. Walking on the bridges, tourists will feel as if they stepped on waves.

Gulangyu Piano Museum

No.2: Gulangyu Piano Museum

Type: Specialty Museums

Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hour

Xiamen Piano Museum, the China’s only museum dedicated to pianos, is located in Shuzhuang Garden’s Tide-Viewing Tower on Gulangyu Island (also Piano Island). There are 40 more old pianos displayed in the museum, among which are rare and valuable gold-plating piano in the world, the oldest four-corner piano in the world and the oldest and biggest vertical piano, antique hand-power piano etc.

It showcases the history and culture of piano music. Visitors and expert musicians alike will be charmed by the artistry involved in the pianos themselves and come away enlightened about the history and beauty of piano music.

Sunlight Rock Scenic Area

No.3: Sunlight Rock Scenic Area

Type: Landmark/Point of Interest

Sites: Sunlight Rock, Piano Garden, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall

The Sunlight Rock Scenic Area consists of many tourist attractions, like Sunlight Rock, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall and Piano Garden.

As the saying goes “It will be a trip to Xiamen in vain without climbing Sunlight Rock”, Sunlight Rock is the must-go in Xiamen. It consists of two huge rocks, one horizontal and the other vertical. The two rocks leaning on with each other, with an elevation of 92.68 meters, form the highest spot of Gulang Island.

Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall is in honor of Zheng Chenggong, the national hero in Ming & Qing Dynasty. He recovered Taiwan, and his troops were stationed here, leaving behind a lot of stories.

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