Things to Do in Xiamen

What to see and do in Xiamen? A LOT! Xiamen, the Garden City on the sea, is a beautiful & ideal destination flowing with many famous tourist attractions that never let you down.

1) Explore the history and cultural relics like Hulishan Fortress, South Putuo Temple in Xiamen City;  
2) Be immerse in the intriguing scenery, varied-style of architectures on Gulangyu Island;
3) Have a homestay visit in Yongding & Nanjing Earth Buildings;
4) In-depth tour to the most outstanding area for biodiversity conservation on Mount Wuyi.
5) And many more featured activities with lots of fun are waiting for you...

Xiamen Attraction Map

No.1: Cruise around Xiamen

Type: Cruise

Recommended Length: 1-2 hours

Xiamen is a coastal city with a long history of sea transportation. Taking a cruise around Xiamen is one of the best ways to appreciate this beautiful & elegant coastal city. Usually, there are three kinds of cruise that you may be interested in:
1) Xiamen – Hong Kong cruise: from Xiamen to Hong Kong at 17:00 every Wednesday; from Hong Kong to Xiamen at 14:00 every Tuesday;
2) Xiamen – Jinmen cruise: ships run service at 08:30 – 17:30 every day. It takes about 75 minutes.
3) Xiamen Island – Gulangyu Island ferry boat: ships head to Gulangyu Island every 10 minutes from 7 am to 7 pm. The trip to the island is free of charge, and the return boat ticket is 8 Yuan. The journey only takes 5 minutes.

If you are interested in any other cruise routes, just feel free let your travel consultant know, they are here ready to help!

No.2: Play Golf

Type: Entertainment

Sites: Xiamen Oriental Country Golf Club, Xiamen Kaikou Golf Club

Playing golf in Xiamen will be the wonderful and unique experience for Ximan has pleasant weather and beautiful environment. The most popular Xiamen golf courses are Xiamen Oriental Country Golf Club and Xiamen Haikou Golf Club.
1) Xiamen Oriental Country Golf Club: Lying aside the sea and near the mountain, the golf club has an area of 609.5 acres. It has the international standardized 27 holes contest ground, 108 pars, measuring 7,105 yards, composed by the gentle slope, vast falling-ball area and the stunning seaside scenery.
2) Xiamen Kaikou Golf Club: Covering an area of 642.5 acres, the club is encircled by a 10-kilometer (6.2 acres) long enclosure wall, which was built like the Great Wall. There are 36 fairways of international standard that measures 13,990 yards. Two 18-hole golf courses with different style are there for golfers.

- 5 Days Xiamen Golf Tour

Recommended Xiamen Tours

Top 3 Xiamen tours chosen by most customers to explore Xiamen in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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Play Golf in Xiamen
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