Things to Do in Suzhou

Confused what to see, do and experience in Suzhou? Known as the "City of Gardens", "Silk of Land", Suzhou has several kinds of attractions and activities listed below to show you all the highlights.

1) Gardens;
2) Museums;
3) Silk Factory;
4) Kunju Opera;
5) Water Towns.

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Suzhou Attraction Map

Stoll Leisurely along Pingjiang Road

No.1: Stoll Leisurely along Pingjiang Road

Type: Ancient Street

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-2 hours

For an authentic taste of the city life in old Suzhou, a stroll along Pingjiang Road is a great way experience the unique lifestyle. Close to Humble Administrator’s Garden and Suzhou Museum, the canal-side Pingjiang Road is the old town of Suzhou, like a picture of What China used to be. There are lovely sights, cafes, little shops, bars and the feeling that you have stepped back in time. Besides, the Pingtan Museum and Kunqu Opera Museum are along the road.

If you are interested in traditional Chinese opera, you could join the locals and appreciate the brilliant performance. If you find a more relaxing way to enjoy the leisure life here, just have a punt-style boat trip.

Cruise Suzhou Ancient Grand Canal

No.2: Cruise Suzhou Ancient Grand Canal

Type: Bodies of Water

Recommended Length of Visit:1 hour

Suzhou Ancient Grand Canal is an important part of the Grand Canal that was built in 486 BC with the aim of linking the Yangtze with Yellow River and is the World Heritage Site as the World longest and oldest canal. The Grand Canal in Suzhou serves the most convenient traffic web that covers the whole city.

Taking a cruise along Suzhou Grand Canal at Xinshiqiao Dock, you could over several historic tower gates and old bridges in different styles and the prosperous old Shantang Street. It is also the best way to see the ancient residences along the banks and truly get a good idea what is going on in the old town.

Enjoy Kunqu at Museum of Opera & Theater

No.3: Enjoy Kunqu Opera Culture & Performance

Type: Museum, Theater

Recommended Length of Visit: 2-3 hours

Traditional Suzhou Opera, known as Kunju, is renowned as the oldest form of Chinese opera, with a history of about 600 years. The Museum of Opera and Theater, housed in a beautiful Ming Dynasty theater of latticed wood, is a fascinating and highly visual museum. It displays halls are filled with example of old musical instruments, delicate hand-copied books of scores and lyrics, masks, and costumes. Other exhibits include a life-size orchestra and vivid photograph of dramatists and actors. The adjacent teahouse stages daily shows of Kun-style opera and music.

Watch Garden Show

No.4: Watch Garden Show

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

In Suzhou, visiting the classical garden at night is another scene which is totally different from the nightlife in Beijing or Shanghai. Master of the Nets Garden is the only one that opens at night till 10 pm. Lanterns light up, highlighting the contours of the pavilions, terraces and corridors of the garden. The performers dressed in local ancient costumes stage various shows, such as Kunqu Opera, folk singing, dancing and instrumental playing. These performances are staged in different pavilions or halls, so you could enjoy different one when you move. Enjoy the wonderful night here!

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