Huangshan Sightseeing - What to See in Huangshan Scenic Area ?

Huangshan Mountain, also called Yellow Mountain, located in Huangshan City, southern Anhui Province, is a UNSCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage as well as a famous sightseeing spot in China, which frequently occurs as inspiration in Chinese art and literature. It actually refers to a huge mountain range or a geopark with 72 peaks and lots of valleys, waterfalls and rich vegetation and wildlife, rather than a single mountain. Normally, Mount Huangshan is divided in to Back and Front Mountain areas, more specific, 6 major scenic regions including the Hot Spring, Jade Screen (Yuping), North Sea, Diaoqiao, Songgu, Yungu Scenic Areas. Among all scenery on Yellow Mountain, the six natural wonders are the essence and highlights all Huangshan travelers shouldn’t miss. They are spectacular peaks, rocks, sea of cloud, winter snows, twisted pines and comfy hot spring. This Huangshan Sightseeing Guide presents you the best scenic spots, most beautiful peaks and pine trees, sightseeing locations for you with details.

Best Scenic Spots and Nature Scenery to Sightsee in Huangshan Mountain

Well known as a mountain spot, Yellow Mountain has grandiose peaks and mountain landscape different from other Chinese mountains you’ve visited. The peak and mountain formation, pine trees in different styles are scattered along hiking paths in both Front and Back Mountains. You can also view natural phenomena of Sea of Cloud, Huangshan sunrise and sunset in good weather and time.

● Magnificent Peaks

Streatching for hundreds of miles, Huangshan Mountain consists of more than 72 peaks. The peculiarly-shaped high peaks at the top and surroundings are the most eye-catching and splendid scenery on the mounatin. The vertically standing granite peaks present differnt shapes and features for tourists. Peaks in the Back Mountain is more elegant while peaks in the Front Mountain is much more imposing and steep. Among all peaks, Lotus Peak (Lianhua Peak 莲花峰), Bright Summit (光明顶) and Celestial Capital Peak (Tiandu Peak 天都峰) are the 3 main and highest peaks with elevation of over 1,800m. Bright Summit is a good viewing place for sunrise and sunset all year round. Hiking trails to another two major peaks are extremely steep and thrilling. Besides, Lion Peak, Beginning to Believe Peak, Turtle Peak and Danxia Peak are also sublime peaks with extraordinary scenery. The most breathtaking West Sea Grand Canyon shows excellent geologic formation as well.

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West Sea Grand Canyon Dreamlike West Sea Grand Canyon

● Wondrous Pines

The massive grotesque ancient pine trees growing out from the rocks not only decorate the mountain more lovely, but also are a great embodiment of strong vitality for itself and the mountain. The bonsai style Huangshan pine is one of the favorite features of Yellow Mountain. Hikers can easily see elegant or stunted pines in variety of shapes and sizes along the hiking paths. Guest Greeting Pine (迎客松), located near Yu Pinglou Hotel in the Front Mountain, is the landmark and top famous Huangshan pine existing over 1,000 years. During the hiking trip, tourists may meet many other fantastic pine trees in funny poses like Black Tiger Pine, Family Pine, Harp Pine and etc. Top Pine Trees on Yellow Mountain >

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● Grotesque Rocks

After being listed as a world geopark, the main body of Huangshan Mountain was discovered to be made of granite. The various kinds of rock formations is the magic creation of nature. Except the peaks, the wonderful shaped rocks are also characteristic geomorphological landscape features on Mt. Huangshan. To understand the interesting rocks and names, tourists need introduction from tour guide, to view the rocks from different angles, and most importantly, with some imagination. There lots of diverse beautiful rock formations in diverse looks , some are giant, majestic, and some are little cute animal or human shapes. Best known rocks are the Stone Monkey Glazing at the Sea, Flying Over Rock, Dreaming Pen in the Flower, Immortal with Backpack, Turtle Cave, Narrow Cliff and plenty more absurd stones.

● Spectacular Sea of Cloud

The amazing Sea of Cloud floating among peaks turns the whole mountain a real fariyland. It’s an unforgetable view on the Yellow Mountain, especially when you look down the breathtaking cloud ocean, you will feel like standing in a heaven on earth. Shrounded by the widespread clouds, the vertical peaks and rocks is miraculous looming, drawing a quiet and dynamic Chinese painting. Tourists have great chances to view the Sea of Cloud after rainy days, winter is also a good time to see such spectacle, because it gets adequate moisture to form the misty clouds.

● Beautiful Winter Snows

Yellow Mountain is incredible beautiful at all seasons, and snowy and icy winter scenery is a different style that attracts numerous visitors. When temperature decreases sharply in winter, tha entire Huangshan scenic areas, peaks, rocks and pine trees will all be packed with crystal snows, beautiful rimes hanging on leaves, changing into a truly frozen world. If you want to catch the mystic Huangshan in winter, you will also obtain moments of serenity, less crowded tourists and cheaper accommodation cost. Surely, there are some hiking tips for Huangshan winter hiking trips. Yellow Mountain in Winter >

● Relaxing Hot Spring

After long days’ hiking trip on Huangshan Mountain, it’s a leisurable and delightful experience to relax your tired legs and recover in a hot spring. The natural spa, that’s what you need most, especially during freezing winter. Dipping in the warm thermal spring and enjoying gorgeous winter landscape around is unbelievable things you could do together. The ancient hot spring, which is located at the base of Mt. Huangshan, is one of the top three hot springs in China, rising from the rare cinnabar spring. They provides offers multiple functional pools including wine, milk, flower and medicinal materials. Huangshan Hot Springs & Resorts >

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Huangshan Pine Trees Guest Greeting Pine in Huangshan Mountain
What to See in Huangshan Scenic Area Stone Monkey Glazing at the Sea in Winter
Celestial Capital Peak in Huangshan Mountain Snow-covered Celestial Capital Peak in Winter
Huangshan Hot Spring Take A Pleasant Bath in Hot Spring

How to Plan A Huangshan Mountain Hiking Tour

In order to view the major scenic sites and seize the fabulous natural wonders, you need to figure out several principle infomration and key points, such as the available transportation to Yellow Mountain, the best time for Huangshan hiking, ideas to plan a good itinerary covering major spots, recommended accommodation on the top and so on.

Currently, you can take high speed bullet trains (High Speed Bullet Trains to Huangshan) and flight from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and else cities to Huangshan first ( Flights to Huangshan) and then transfer to Yellow Mountain by bus. It’s suitable to visit Huangshan all through the year, March to November is the flat and peak seaons, December to next January is the off season. You are highly suggested to avoid China’s national holiday and weekends when large groups of crowds comes.

How to plan your Huangshan Mountain hiking journey? If you are going to visit it in one day, you need to start early, take the cable car up, visit the West Sea Grand Canyon and classic highlights. If you intend to stay overnight at the top, you can lodge in Beihai, Xihai or other hotels and see sunrise or sunset. If you are fit enough and want an in-depth exploration, you can spend 3 days or longer to visit all highlights of Front and Back Mountain. With more days, you can extend trip to more other attractions in Huangshan, such as ancient villages of Hongcun, Xidi and else. Top 8 Most Beautiful Ancient Villages in Huangshan >

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