Get from Tunxi (Huangshan City) to Yellow Mountain 2023/2024

Don't get confused by "Huangshan City" and "Huangshan Mountain".

Usually, when we talk about Huangshan (黄山),we may refer to two places – Huangshan City and Huangshan Mountain. Huangshan City is named after its world-famous Huangshan Mountain and local people always call the downtown area of Huangshan City Tunxi (屯溪). Huangshan Mountain, located in the suburb of Huangshan City, is a top attraction famous for the five wonders – odd-shaped pines, spectacular rocky peaks, sea of clouds, hot spring and winter snow. It is always known as Yellow Mountain and Mount Huang. Almost all the travels visit Huangshan for the incredibly beautiful landscape of Yellow Mountain. They usually stay one night in Tunxi because Tunxi offers a large amount of choices of hotels and restaurants. Moreover, it is quite close to Huangshan Tunxi Airport, just about 9 kilometers with 20 minutes’ driving.

Yellow Mountain

Greeting Guest Pine in Yellow Mountain

How to Get from Tunxi to Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain is located in Tangkou Town, about 60km away from Tunxi. It’s very convenient to get to Yellow Mountain from Tunxi. There are 4 entrances from which you can ascend Yellow Mountain, including Yugun Temple (云谷寺), Mercy Light Pavilion (慈光阁), Xiaolingjiao (小岭脚) and Songguan (松谷庵). Yungu Temple in Back Mountain and Mercy Light Pavilion in Front Mountain are two most-frequently used entrances. Usually, you cannot take a bus to reach the entrances directly. Instead, you need to get to the transfer centers in Tangkou first and then reach the entrances by park bus. If you want a more efficient journey without transferring to the bus station, you can rent a car or use the transfer service from a travel agency. Taking a taxi to Tangkou takes about 200RMB usually.

Tunxi to Yungu Temple and Mercy Light Pavilion Transfer

Tunxi to Tangkou: The distance between Tunxi and Tangkou is about 60km. If you travel with China Discovery, our driver and travel guide can pick you at the hotel and drive to Tangkou directly. The whole driving journey cost about only 50 minutes. Huangshan Bus Station (黄山客运总站), about 4km to Tunxi Old Street and about 7km to Huangshan Tunxi International Airport, operates frequent buses to Zhaixi Transfer Center (寨西换乘中心) in Tangkou every day. During 05:30 ~ 17:00, there is one daily bus departing from Huanghan Bus Station to Tangkou in every 10 minutes. Within 1 hour, you can reach the transfer center in Tangkou ordinarily. There are about 5 buses available from Tangkou to Tunxi as well. One bus departs in every 30 minutes during 15:00 ~ 17:00.

Tangkou to Yungu Temple and Mercy Light Pavilion: From the transfer centers in Tangkou, there are available buses to Yungu Temple and Mercy Light Pavilion during 06:30 ~ 17:30. The bus departs whenever it’s full. It is an about 20~30 minutes' trip. The buses running back to Tangkou from Yungu Temple and Mercy Light Pavilion are accessible until the cable car was closed.

Tunxi to Songuan Transfer

A few travelers choose to start a Yellow Mountain trip from Songguan, which is located at North Gate of Yellow Mountain. Firstly, you need to take a bus to Taiping Railway Station, and take a public bus to Xinguoxian Station later and catch a bus to Songguan then. During 07:50 ~ 16:00 there are about 8 buses running to Taiping from Tunxi, taking about 1.5 hours usually.

Tunxi to Xiaolingjiao Transfer

Seldom travelers choose to travel Yellow Mountain from Xiaolingjiao at west gate of Yellow Mountain. You can take a bus to Tangkou or Taiping first and then transfer to Xiaolingjiao. Xiaolingjiao runs park bus to Diaoqiaoan (钓桥庵), from which you need to hike at least 4 hours to the cable car station and get to nearest hotel by cable car. Therefore, it’s only recommended to hikers.

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Tunxi to Yellow Mountain Route Map

Tunxi to Yellow Mountain Route Map

Yungu Temple Transfer Center

Yungu Temple Transfer Center

Songguan Transfer Center

Songguan Transfer Center

How to Travel around Huangshan City

In addition to Yellow Mountain, there are many other attractions worthy of your exploration, like Huizhou ancient villages in Yixian and Shexian as well as some historic sites.

Tunxi: While accommodating in Tunxi, you are suggested to spend 1~2 hours visiting Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory where you can learn the traditional process of making ink stick and inkstone. Travelers are able to join in making ink stick if interested. Tunxi Old Street is a must to take a leisurely stroll, admire the exquisitely-designed architecture and taste some local food in the famed restaurants.

Yixian: Yixian County (黟县) is the home to the most popular Huizhou villages and UNESECO World Heritage Sites – Hongcun Village and Xidi Village. There are endless sights of the beautiful architectural views – milk-white walls, gray titles, red lanterns, etc. These painting-like views attract many students to sketch here. Moreover, some nearby villages are also impressive, including Nanping Village, Lu Village, Bishan Village, etc. In late March, all of them provide a wonderful sight of a sea of rape flowers. The old story in hidden the villages are quite interesting.

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Shexian: Shexian, the state capital of old Huizhou, is filled of historical sites. Huizhou Ancient City is one of the Four Greatest Ancient Cities together with Lijiang Ancient City, Pingyao Ancient City and Langzhong Ancient City. Huizhou Ancient City is a museum of Huizhou culture, so can get a brief understanding of Xinan Rationalism, Xinan Style Painting, Huizhou Style Seal Cutting and Huizhou Opera. If you want to learn more about the old stories about Huizhou, don’t miss Tangyue Memorial Archways. You could also enjoy a relaxing cruise journey on Xinan River.

Tunxi Old Street

Tunxi Old Street

Huizhou Anicent City

Xuguo Archway in Huizhou Anicent City

Travel with China Discovery

China Discovery is professional in offering you a high-value Huangshan tour. Traveling with us, you won't need to worry about the complicated transfer. Up your arrival, our local guide and driver will meet you the exit of the Huangshan North Railway Station and accompany you to your hotel and all attractions.

No matter you are interested in the natural wonders of Yellow Mountain or the rich Huizhou culture or the unique charming villages, we can customize a Huangshan tour according to your taste, needs and budget. Contact us to tailormake your own China tour!

China Discovery

Wilna's Group visited Tunxi Old Street

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